Facecast Type Name Writer
Jared S. Gilmore Template Eric Wizard of Woah!
"Ethan Koetsier's wooden mug". And Timothy Olyphant. Template Jonathan Unbitwise
(none yet) Character Peliniya atheistcanuck
[undergoing revision] Template Tobi Rotifer
a barnacle Character Seej apprenticebard
A book, or other information bearer as setting-appropriate. Template Manual Unbitwise
a dragon Template Margaret NormalAnomaly
A hare Template Jennifer Walters NormalAnomaly
a Welsh Pony Template Gossamer Diagrapher
Aaliyah Template Death Red
Aaliyah Character The Witch-Queen of Lemuria Red
Aaliyah Haughton Template MC seylerius
Aaran Thomas Template υ Prime Anya
Aaron Ashmore Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Aaron Ashmore Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Aaron Ashmore, Fukuda Saki, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Taylor Momsen Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Aaron Ashmore, Taylor Momsen Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Aaron Ashmore, Taylor Momsen Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Aaron Bernards Template α Titus Anya
Aaron Bruckner Template Death Red
Aaron Bruckner Template Ignis Tabs
Aaron Eckhart Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Aaron Johnson Template Junior Tricky
Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Aaron Stanford Template EquiliTam Guilty
Aaron Stanford Template Brock Wizard of Woah!
Aaron Taylor Johnson Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Aaron Taylor Johnson, Tommy Martinez Template Arya Curious Discoverer
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Template Arya Curious Discoverer
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Template σ Hawk Kaylin
Aaron Taylor-Johnson Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Albert Nobbs Template Roo Adelene
Aaron Tveit Template Serg Kappa
Aasif Mandvi Template NPC Lotus
Aayla Secura Template Azry Tabs
Abbie Cobb Character Girl Fallowsthorn
Abbie Cornish Template κ Astrid Anya
Abbie Cornish Template Jaromira MaggieoftheOwls
Abbie Cornish Template Zaneta Wizard of Woah!
Abe Paymans Template Oakley Fortooate
Abi Fox Template Maedhros lintamande
Abigail Breslin Template Niet ChaosMagic
Abigail Breslin Template Jisa Swimmer963
Abigail Breslin Template Altpoof Timepoof
Abigail Spencer Template Kaitlyn Unbitwise
Acaba Mio Template Minor Inannas Ring Characters ChaosMagic
Adah Sharma Template Linaea Piper asterisms
Adair Tishler Template Altpoof Timepoof
Adair Tishler (with fringe) Character Lucy Wilson phi
Adair Tishler (without fringe) Character Lydia Wilson phi
Adam Ayash. Template Damiens. Bobbi
Adam Baldwin Template Crane Guilty
Adam Baldwin Character Brandon Greens Rockeye
Adam Baldwin Character Canin SparrowSea
Adam Brody Template Adam Curious Discoverer
Adam Brody Template Zane Timepoof
Adam Croasdell Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Adam Demos Template Phil Marri
Adam DiMarco Template ρ Disciple Jarnvidr
Adam Driver Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Adam Driver Template Bryce Adjacency, The Rotifer
Adam Driver Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Adam G Sevani Template Alain Guilty
Adam Gregory Template Jericho Guilty
Adam Harrington Template φ Mystic Anya
Adam Harrington Template Support Ruby
Adam Harrington Character Miracleman Wizard of Woah!
Adam Long Character Hopper Grant kattykat
Adam Pascal Character Vinyuni MaggieoftheOwls
Adam Rosenberg Template ρ Briar Jarnvidr
Adam Scott Template Tobi Rotifer
Adamo Ruggiero Template Teo Guilty
Adela Bartkova Template Minor Characters Adelene
Adela Popescu, Angie Everheart, Anna Lutoskin, Bella Thorne Template Liath Evenstar
Adelaide Clemens Template The Protégé anikosmonauta
Adelaide Kane Character Marine 'Rin' Zolotov Hellevi
Adelaide Kane Template ρ Cora Jarnvidr
Adelaide Kane Template Ges Kappa
Adelaide Kane Template Beth Tabs
Adeline Rudolph Character Agatha Night Hellevi
Adesuwa Aighewi Character Jasmine Fallowsthorn
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaj Template Sten Tabs
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Character Sten apprenticebard
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Template Sten Tabs
Adeyto Rex Angeli Template Su ~ Tobirama ChaosMagic
Adeyto Rex Angeli Template Faust MaggieoftheOwls
Adeyto Rex Angeli Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Aditi Rao Hydari Template Princess phi
Adria Arjona Template Retired - Will Graham ErinFlight
Adria Arjona Template Felicity rusalkii
Adria Arjona Template Elaida Noche silverandivory
Adria Arjona Character Abigail Meeks tau
Adrian Grenier Template Christian MaggieoftheOwls
Adrian Holmes Template ρ Sheriff Jarnvidr
Adrian Pasdar Template Minor Fullmetal Alchemist Characters ChaosMagic
Adrian Pasdar Template Piotr Kappa
Adriana (Black Survival) Template Adriana Evenstar
Adriana Lima Template ξ Morgana Kaylin
Adrianne Palicki Template Zev Aestrix
Adrianne Palicki Template Nine Diaeresis
Adrianne Palicki Template Midsommar ErinFlight
Adrianne Palicki, Austin Butler Template Nine Diaeresis
Adrianne Palicki; Lee Won Geun Template Nine Diaeresis
Adrien Brody Template Lazarus Kappa
Adrien Grenier Template Christian MaggieoftheOwls
Aeriel Miranda Template κ Sybil Anya
Aeriel Miranda Template James Kappa
Aesuwa Aighewi Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Agnieszka Czyzowska Template Ω Ana Sage/Nemesis
Ahn Sohee Template Toni Hellevi
Ai Kato Character Ling Wen Alicorn
Ai Kato Character Fikerui Sianna MaggieoftheOwls
Ai Kato Character Austera Kei Red
Ai Kato Template dareni WarmestLight
Ai Takabe Template Jim Guilty
Ai Takahashi Template Sakura ChaosMagic
Aibu Saki Template Suzy JiSK
Aibu Saki Template Emily TransrealClouden
Aidan Turner Template Minor Arda Characters ChaosMagic
Aidan Turner Template Steven Kappa
Aimee Garcia Character Thellim Iarwain
Aimee Teegarden Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Aimee Teegarden Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Aimee Teegarden Template Anise MaggieoftheOwls
Airi Suzuki Template χ NPCs Anya
Airi Suzuki Template Nine Diaeresis
Aisha Dee Character Holly / Crystal Alicorn
Aisha Dee Template Rosalind Hellevi
Aisha Hinds Template Toni Hellevi
Aishwarya Rai Template NPC Guilty
Aishwarya Rai Template Jess Marri
Aishwarya Rai Template Elezi Tabs
Aishwarya Rai Template Clare westwind
Aisling Franciosi Template Ω Lya Sage/Nemesis
Aiyana A Lewis Template Anemone apprenticebard
Aiyana A. Lewis Template Vanessa Ephemeral
Aiysha Hart Template Easter Curious Discoverer
Aiysha Hart Character Thune of Rekaria NormalAnomaly
AJ Cook Template Anfael MaggieoftheOwls
Aj Vaage Template Patrick Curious Discoverer
Aja Bair Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Aja Bair Template Fate ~ Lionheart Decima
Aja Bair Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Ako Masuki Character Riya Okunelai Kappa
Ako Masuki Template Yuna Tabs
Ako Masuki Template Yuna Tabs
Alaina Huffman Template Wrath Guilty
Alaina Huffman/Seth Green Template Wrath Guilty
Alaina Huffman; The Mummy Template Wrath Guilty
Alan Dale Character Derrin Iarwain
Alan Dawa Dolma Template Fate ~ Dragon Decima
Alan Dawa Dolma Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Alan Dawa Dolma, Xiao Zhan Template Fate ~ Glint-Sheogorath Decima
Alan Rickman Character Severus Snape Kaylin
Alan Rickman Template Wilbur MaggieoftheOwls
Alan Rickman Character Severus Snape Red
Alan Van Sprang Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Alana Mansour Template Harmonizer Dicehoarder
Albert Flint Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Alden Ehrenreich Character Adrian Travers MaggieoftheOwls
Aldis Hodge Character Amaranth apprenticebard
Aldis Hodge Template Kolya Kappa
Aldis Hodge Template Sherlock Kappa
Aldis Hodge Template Samantha Tregiah
Alex Gardner Template Ω Cloud Sage/Nemesis
Alex Høgh Andersen Template υ Prime Anya
alex landi Template Jason Flareonflare
Alex Lawther Template Kvothe celer
Alex McKee Template Sky root
Alex McKee Template Ψ Noct Sage/Nemesis
Alex Meraz Template σ Hawk Kaylin
Alex Meraz Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Alex Meraz Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Alex Meraz Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Alex Pettyfer Template Shaka Antares
Alex Pettyfer Template Ga*el Kappa
Alex Pettyfer Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Alex Pettyfer Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Alex Pettyfer Template RWW teceler
Alex Pettyfer Template Mahan WarmestLight
Alex Pettyfer, Dakota Goyo Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Alex Pettyfer, Eliza Taylor Template RWW teceler
Alex Pettyfer, Keanu Reeves Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Alex Saxon Character Uther Pendragon Kaylin
Alex Saxon Template Author Sage/Nemesis
Alex Saxon Template Seren SparrowSea
Alex Saxon Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Alex steele Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Alex steele Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Alex steele Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Alex Turner Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Alex Turner, Noah Schnapp Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Alexa Davalos Template Kingfisher Kappa
Alexander Gould Template Bruce Banner NormalAnomaly
Alexander Gould Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Alexander Gould, Xavier Samuel Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Alexander Koch Template Henri Guilty
Alexander Koch Template Benjamin Rockeye
Alexander Ludwig. Template Sanders. Bobbi
Alexander Siddig Template Tintin andaisq
Alexander Siddig Template Ar-Pharazôn Calima
Alexander Siddig in Atlantis Template Raafi Adelene
Alexander Skarsgård Template Val Sage/Nemesis
Alexander Vlahos Template Δ Brandon Sage/Nemesis
Alexandra Breckenridge Template Em ChaosMagic
Alexandra Breckenridge, Dakota Blue Richards Template Em ChaosMagic
Alexandra Daddario Template Alli Marri
Alexandra Davies Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Alexandra Dowling Template Author Sage/Nemesis
Alexandra Moen Template υ Omega Anya
Alexandra Snake Character Nisa Kefni Sonata
Alexis Bledel Template Rory anthusiasm
Alexis Bledel Template Daniel Hellevi
Alexis Bledel Template Anise MaggieoftheOwls
Alexis Denisof Character Wesley Wyndam-Pryce apprenticebard
Alexis Denisof Template 'Chelledad Guilty
Alexis Denisof Template NPC Lotus
Alexis Dennisof Template 'Chelledad Guilty
Alexis Jordan Template Elanor st753m
Alexis Mackenzie Template Vitta strictlyquadrilateral
Alexis Petit Template Secret Stowaway Aabcehmu
Alfie Enoch Template Florence Tabris Tabs
Alfre Woodard Template ρ River Jarnvidr
Ali Larter Character Ysandre de la Courcel Marri
Ali Larter Template Tobias Red
Ali Larter Template Ω Natasha Sage/Nemesis
Alia Bhatt Template Tau Guilty
Alia Shawkat Template Devan moth
Alice Braga Template Ahrotahn Sonata
Alice Cornish Template Gabriel root
Alice Englert Character Juniper Ekmagnolia Lielac
Alice Evans Template φ Mystic Anya
Alice Eve Template Deazual Guilty
Alice Parkinson Template Amaris. Bobbi
Alicia Coppola Template ρ Talia Jarnvidr
Alicia Silverstone Template κ Liv/Liv Anya
Alicia Silverstone Template Ψ Sam/Sam Sage/Nemesis
Alicia Vikander Template Clariel Kappa
Alicia Vikander Template Daria rusalkii
Alicia Vikander Template Azry Tabs
Alicia Vikander Template Kale teceler
Alina Kovalenko Template Liri MaggieoftheOwls
Alisa Ahman Template Finrod nory
Alisha Boe Template Canan ChaosMagic
Alisha Wainwright Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Alisha Wainwright Template Linna nextworldover
Alison Carroll Template NPC Guilty
Alison Mosshart Template Lilith Sonata
Allison Brie Template Unity Dicehoarder
Allison Mack Character Atlanta Freya
Ally Maki Character Shi Qingxuan Alicorn
Alon Aboutboul Character Indilzar Calima
Alona Tal Template Phil Hellevi
Alona Tal Character Tsyari Nathridzanya Kappa
Alona Tal Character Alcallah far Rannsi vai ten Drask Uraeh MaggieoftheOwls
Alycia Debnam Carey Template ell WarmestLight
Alyda Grace Template Ivory strictlyquadrilateral
Alyson Hannigan Character Willow Rosenberg apprenticebard
Alyson Hannigan Template Linna nextworldover
Alyson Hannigan Character Willow Rosenberg Red
Alyson Hannigan Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Alyson Hannigan Template Cassie zamboni-whisperer
Alyssa Milano Template Ivy Tabs
Alyssa Miller Template Daphne MaggieoftheOwls
Alyvia Alyn, Alice Grove Template Moira Wizard of Woah!
Amami Yuki Character Himura Setsuko Evenstar
Amanda Arcuri Template Thekla Tabs
Amanda Junegren, Jenna Coleman Template Erin Sage/Nemesis
Amanda Righetti Template Anna Diaeresis
Amanda Seyfried Character Leliana apprenticebard
Amanda Seyfried Character Aedyt Corlett Kappa
Amanda Seyfried Template Jean Lotus
Amanda Seyfried Template Sunny MaggieoftheOwls
Amanda Seyfried Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Amanda Seyfried, Viviane Porto, Natalie Martinez, Chen Kun Template Jean Lotus
Amanda Stenberg Character Simone of the Roamers Wizard of Woah!
Amanda Tapping Template SG Peeps Hellevi
Amanda Tapping Template Laura Red
Amandla Stenberg Template Chi ChaosMagic
Amandla Stenberg Template Sara ChaosMagic
Amandla Stenberg Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Amandla Stenberg Template Jay Guilty
Amandla Stenberg Template β Drake Kaylin
Amber Benson Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Amber Heard Template ο Klaus Anya
Amber Heard Template Eliza MaggieoftheOwls
Amber Heard Template Eliza MaggieoftheOwls
Amber Liu Template Su ChaosMagic
Amber Liu Template Su ~ Tobirama ChaosMagic
Amber Liu Character Tazz NormalAnomaly
Amber Liu, Kanata Hongo Template Su ChaosMagic
Amber Milam Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Amber Milam, Jordana Beatty Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Amber Milam, Levi Miller Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Amber Tamblyn Character Erica Lynn Davis Marri
Amelia Dolore Template Esther Lark asterisms
Amelia Dolore Template Kazi root
Amelia Rose Blaire Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Amelia Rose Blaire Character Elizabeth Kiers Rockeye
Amelia Warner Template Gregor Kappa
American Red Squirrel Character Eskay Ezra
Amina Rizk Character Mariam Soliman sphinx
Amita Suman Template Belladonna Fortissimo asterisms
Amita Suman Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Amita Suman Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Amita Suman, Aja Bair Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Amy Acker Character Winifred Burkle apprenticebard
Amy Acker Template Banner Kappa
Amy Adams Character Elisavet Nikolaidou Ajzira
Amy Adams Template Stella Ajzira
Amy Adams Character Leena Tabs
Amy Bailey Character Rilah Redstone Rockeye
Amy Brenneman Character Varassana Kineva nextworldover
Amy Gumenick Template Anna MaggieoftheOwls
Amy Lee Template FFX Cast Tabs
Amybeth McNulty Template Wildling Tabs
An Injuotoko Tentacle Template Various Shok'ush Ephemeral
An Yixuan Template Luthien QTesseract
Ana de Armas Template ρ Psykhe Anya
Anais Mali Template Love argona
Analeigh Tipton Template Link Rockeye
Anastasia Rose Template Scyelen Ephemeral
Andie MacDowell Template χ NPCs Anya
Andre Klitzke Template Rei ChaosMagic
Andrej Pejic Template Finrod lintamande
Andreja Pejec Template Kanimir MaggieoftheOwls
Andreja Pejic Template Kanimir MaggieoftheOwls
Andrew Garfield Template Leia kids ~ Jacen ChaosMagic
Andrew Lee Potts Character Cal Interri Ajzira
Andrew Matarazzo Template ρ Disciple Jarnvidr
Aneurin Barnard Template Ernest Curious Discoverer
Aneurin Barnard Template Bryce Adjacency, The Rotifer
Angel Coulby Template Vine st753m
Angela Basset Character Rixs Freya
Angela Chase (Claire Danes) Template Lotus (Alfirin) Lethriloth
Angela Lansbury Template Liams. Bobbi
Angelina Jolie Template Finwë lintamande
Angelina Jolie Character Thuringwethil lintamande
Angie Harmon Template Mal ChaosMagic
Angie Harmon Template Toni Hellevi
Angie Harmon Template Victoria Tregiah
Angélica Celaya Template ρ Doppelgänger Anya
Angélica Celaya Template α Doppelgänger σ Jarnvidr
Anika Noni-Rose Character Met Lea-Ven NormalAnomaly
Animated Mulan Chinese Emperor Character His Imperial Majesty celer
anita linda Character Kiyamal Ta'ana Swimmer963
Anja Leuenberger Template Aisling strictlyquadrilateral
Anna friel Character Jessica Jess Curious Discoverer
Anna Paquin Template Fate ~ Hisame Decima
Anna Popplewell Character Susan Pevensie andaisq
Anna Popplewell Template Susan Pevensie Diagrapher
Anna Popplewell Template Murevo Guilty
Anna Popplewell Template ρ Guinevere Kaylin
Anna Sophia Robb Template Whistle Tricky
Anna Walton Template Kaito Antares
Annabel Scholey Template Vellitt Boe ChaosMagic
Annabel Scholey Template NPC Guilty
AnnaLee Suicide Template κ Kay Kaylin
Annalise Basso Template Walta Rockeye
Anne Hathaway Template Dominique Kappa
Anne Hathaway Template Edie MaggieoftheOwls
Anne Hathaway Template EmilEdie MaggieoftheOwls
Annie Clark Template Thistle Tabs
Annie Ilonzeh Template Miranda anthusiasm
Annie Ilonzeh Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Annie Ilonzeh Template Izabella Guilty
Annie Ilonzeh Template James Kappa
anok yai Template Maedhros lintamande
Anoop Desai Template Kent Tower Rockeye
Anoushka Shankar Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Ansel Elgort Template Ω Han Sage/Nemesis
Anthony Head Character Rupert Giles apprenticebard
Anthony Head, Jonathan Rhys Meyers Template υ Omega Anya
Anthony Mackie Template Adarin Aestrix
Anthony Mackie Template Ares Decima
Anthony Mackie Template z NPC Neva
Anthony Michael Hall Template Mort andaisq
Anthony Stewart Head Template Kingfisher Kappa
Anthony Stewart Head Character Rupert Giles Rotifer
Antje Traue Template Capria teceler
Anton Yelchin Template Kamil Lotus
Antonia Thomas Character Devika Kaur Freya
Antonia Thomas Template Rosalind Hellevi
Antonia Thomas Template Ga*el Kappa
Antonia Thomas Template Reuben Lotus
Antonio Borges Template Ω Samuel Sage/Nemesis
Anya Chalotra Template α Clary Anya
April Wilkner Template Deimos root
Arak Amornsupasiri Template Madara ChaosMagic
Aramis Knight Template υ Omega Anya
Aramis Knight Template Su ChaosMagic
Aramis Knight and Drew Roy Template James Red
Arden Cho Template Lan Zhan argona
Arden Cho Template ι Celestial + Kira Jarnvidr
Arden Cho Template Matilda Kappa
Arden Cho Template Lan Zhan MaggieoftheOwls
Arden Cho Template Ning Red
Ari Fitz Template Arken sphinx
Aria Shahghasemi Template φ Mystic Anya
Ariana Grande Template Rei ChaosMagic
Ario Bayu Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Arjay Smith Template Emmie ChaosMagic
Arlen Claret Template Amras lintamande
Arlen Claret Template Amrod lintamande
Arlen Escarpeta Template Rex Guilty
Armie Hammer Template σ Warden Anya
Armie Hammer Template Illya Tabs
Armie Hammer Template Shine Tregiah
Aron Template NPC Guilty
Art by Drunkfu Character Team Kimba Ephemeral
Arthur Aguiar Template Dauntless Red
Aryana Engineer Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Aryana Engineer Template novasmol Guilty
Aryana Engineer, Trent Sullivan Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Asa Butterfield Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Asa Butterfield, Kevin Zegers Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Asel Sagatova Template ε Viper Kaylin
Ash Stymest Template røt root
Ash Stymest (& Guests) Character Asher Graham root
Asher Book Character Justin Ketner MaggieoftheOwls
Ashleigh Murray Character Susan Hathaway Diamechanism
Ashleigh Murray Template Oshin Tabs
Ashley Madekwe Template Yvette Aestrix
Ashley Madekwe Template Jay Guilty
Ashley Tisdale Template Sharpie Blazing Darkness
Asja Kadrić Template NPC Guilty
Astrid Bergès-Frisbey Template Elspeth Alicorn
Atui Deng Template Emu Lotus
Aubrey Joseph Template Draconis apprenticebard
Aubrey Plaza Template Enserric andaisq
Aubrey Plaza Character Servant Girl Emilia Hellevi
Audra McDonald Template Kendra ChaosMagic
Audrey Tautou Template Nicole teceler
Auli'i Cravalho Template δ Hope Kaylin
Aurora Perrineau Character Marjorie Alice Fowler WarmestLight
Austin Butler Template Nine Diaeresis
Austin Butler Template Eden Tabris Tabs
Austin Butler, Adrianne Palicki Template Nine Diaeresis
Austin Nichols Template Cooper ChaosMagic
Avan Jogia Template υ Prime Anya
Avan Jogia Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Avan Jogia Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Avan Jogia Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Avan Jogia Template Tide Curious Discoverer
Avan Jogia Character Staven Frelennye Swimmer963
Ayame Gouriki Template Talia Guilty
Ayashi No Ceres Template Skylight Antares
Aymeric de Borel Character Aymeric de Borel Red
Ayumi Kinoshita Template A2 Diaeresis
Ayumi Kinoshita Template η Petrova σ Jarnvidr
Azula Template Zan andaisq
Baba Toru Template Owen Tregiah
Bae Joo-Hyun "Irene" Template Fay hearts
Bae Joo-hyun (Irene) Template Fay hearts
Bahareh Afshar Template Salomon Family Lotus
Bai Ling Template Dett Freya
Bai Lu Character Hua Cheng Alicorn
Bai Yu Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Bailee Madison Template Lian kid ~ Sofia ChaosMagic
Bailee Madison Template Jennifer Walters NormalAnomaly
Bailee Madison, Will Shadley, Jeremy Sumpter Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Bambadjan Bamba Template The Good Place Lotus
Bao-Dur Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Barbara Gordon in Batgirl of Burnside Template Gwen empyrealAeon
Barbie Ferreira Template Nina Zenik Tabs
Bart Vanderheyden Character Rastax (┬) Swimmer963
Bartek Boroweic Template Nerdanel lintamande
Basil of Baker Street Template Sherlock Holmes NormalAnomaly
Bella Ramsey Character Awan Wizard of Woah!
Belle Shouse Template α Ava Anya
Ben Barnes Template ο Klara Anya
Ben Barnes Template ο Klava Anya
Ben Barnes Template Curufin lintamande
Ben Barnes Template Sara Sage/Nemesis
Ben Barnes, Lucas Jade Zumann Template ο Klara Anya
Ben Kingsley Template Grandfather Jonas Curious Discoverer
Ben Levin Template σ Seb Anya
Ben Whishaw Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Ben Whishaw Template β Darcy Kaylin
Ben Whishaw Character Eric Jones Red
Ben Whishaw Character Damian James strictlyquadrilateral
Ben Whishaw. Template Marcus. Bobbi
Benedict Cumberbatch Character Dr. Stephen Strange Numendil
Benicio Del Toro Template Suzy JiSK
Benjamin Ahlblad. Template Damiens. Bobbi
Benjamin Wadsworth Template ρ Riddle Anya
Benson Jack Anthony Template Lian kid ~ Blaise ChaosMagic
Benson Jack Anthony Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Bernadette Peters Template Starchild Blazing Darkness
Berta Vazquez Template ο Kaleb Anya
Beth Broderick Character Lady Treesa Ashkevron Swimmer963
Beth Gibbons Character Nightengale (┬) Swimmer963
Beth Riesgraf Template Escher Guilty
Bethany Joy Galeotti Template γ Nate Kaylin
Betty Sun 孙俪 Template Vivian Marri
Bex Taylor Klaus Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Bex Taylor-Klaus Template Harmonizer Dicehoarder
Bex Taylor-Klaus Character Jane Lynn face
Bex Taylor-Klaus Template α Raven Kaylin
Bhavana Template Minor Inannas Ring Characters ChaosMagic
Bhumika Arora Template Isama Alicorn
Bianca Lawson Template α Marin Jarnvidr
Bill Paxton Template χ NPCs Anya
Bill Skarsgard Template χ NPCs Anya
Bill Skarsgard Template Theo JiSK
Bill Skarsgård Template Val Sage/Nemesis
Billie Eilish Template Haunt Tabs
Billie Lourd Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Billie Piper Template Anders Tabs
Billy Burke Template Charlie Alicorn
Billy Burke Template FFX Cast Tabs
Billy Unger Character Ben Wizard of Woah!
Bindu Madhavi Character Zarân atheistcanuck
Black cats Template Minerva McGonagall NormalAnomaly
Blake Jenner Template Ezekiel Bobbi
Blake Lively Template Adrian Hellevi
Blazing Darkness Template Jadey (Jida-Soup) Blazing Darkness
Blythe Danner Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Blythe Danner Character Ari Enna-Branse NormalAnomaly
Bo Mitchell Template τ IED Jarnvidr
Bo-Yeong Park Template Lark strictlyquadrilateral
Bob Blake Template Corundum Wizard of Woah!
Bob Morley Template ρ Riddle Anya
Bob Morley Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Bob Morley Template Serg Kappa
Bob Morley Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Bonnie Wright Character Ginny Weasley NormalAnomaly
Bonnie Wright Template Empty House Twin Screwtape
Bonzi Buddy Template Yhn Interrupted by a cheesemaker
Booboo Stewart Template Naruto ~ Hashirama ChaosMagic
Booboo Stewart Template α Cat Kaylin
Booboo Stewart Template Jay westwind
Boyd Holbrook Template Ω Lann Sage/Nemesis
Brad Garrett Template Salomon Family Lotus
Brad Pitt Character Michael Reed andaisq
Brad Pitt Template Ω Lann Sage/Nemesis
Bradley James Template Ari andaisq
Brandon Soo Hoo Template α Etcetera σ Jarnvidr
Brandon Soo Hoo Template Daniel Lielac
Brant Daugherty Template Goalie Tregiah
Brant Daugherty Template Theo Tregiah
Brant Daugherty Template Tyler Tregiah
Brant Daugherty / Gal Gadot Template Thea Tregiah
Brant Dougherty Template Veritas Hellevi
Brazilian Boa Constrictor Character Brazilian Boa Constrictor Red
Breanna Yde Template Ves apprenticebard
Brenda Song Template Willow Red
Brenda Villa Template NPC Lotus
Brendan Walters, Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack Template Silver ~ Outgoing ChaosMagic
Brenna D'Amico Template Descendants Hellevi
Brett Dalton Template α DMM Jarnvidr
Brian Patrick Wade Template ρ Ennis Jarnvidr
Brianna Hildebrand Template Lust Guilty
Bridged Reagan Template Valeria Antares
Bridget Regan Template Valeria Antares
Bridget Regan Template Kushina ChaosMagic
Bridget Regan Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Bridget Regan Template Nerdanel lintamande
Bridget Regan Character Nerdanel teceler
Brie Larson Character Charity Carpenter enzika
Brie Larson Template Anne Marri
Brigette Lundy-Paine Template α Jack Anya
Brighton Sharbino Character Aether Wizard of Woah!
Brigitte Lin Character Huifen nory
Brit Marling Template Valanda WarmestLight
Britt Robertson Template Sylvia Freya
Brittant Byrnes Template Karin ChaosMagic
Brittany Byrnes Template Karin ChaosMagic
Brittany Ishibashi Template Lorna empyrealAeon
Brittany O'Grady Template α Juliet Anya
Brittany O'Grady Template α Sera Anya
Brittany O'Grady & Gugu Mbatha-Raw Template α Juliet Anya
Brittany O'Grady & Luke Broadlick Template ρ Sineya Anya
Brittany O'Grady & Luke Broadlick & Jessica Parker Kennedy Template ρ Sineya Anya
Brittany O'Grady, McKenna Roberts Template α Sera Anya
Brittany Robertson Template Florence Tabris Tabs
Bryce Clyde Jenkins Character Jeffy Ezra
Bryce Clyde Jenkins Character Kevin Reed Marri
Bryce Dallas Howard Template Colette Aestrix
Bryce Dallas Howard Template α Victoria Jarnvidr
Bulbasaur Character Basauw NormalAnomaly
cailee spaeny Character Marian Daly Swimmer963
Cait Blanchett Template Aeva Guilty
Caitlin McHugh Template ο Aurelius Anya
Caitlin Stasey Character Kyeskei Mekto Kel
Caitlin Stasey Template Hazel MaggieoftheOwls
Caitriona Balfe Template Meciel enzika
Caleb Ruminer Template Hero Red
Cam Gigandet Template Rachel Tregiah
Cameron Boyce Template Descendants Hellevi
Cameron Boyce Template Carlos westwind
Cameron Monaghan Template Janus Hellevi
Cameron Monaghan Character Bard Stefen Swimmer963
Cameron Monoghan Character Professor Metallix! Wizard of Woah!
Camilla Belle Template θ Darach Jarnvidr
Camille Template Clarity Evenstar
Camille Chen Template Victoria Tregiah
Camren Bicondova Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Camren Bicondova, Elle Fanning Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Candice Accola Template Maya Tregiah
Cao Yuchen Template Untamed Misc. argona
Cao Yuchen Template Untamed Characters st753m
Cara Delevigne Template Lucy Tabs
Cara Delevingne, Jenna Boyd Template υ Prime Anya
Cara Gee Template ρ Riddle Anya
Carey Mulligan Template α Cat Kaylin
Carl Anderson Template Jida Blazing Darkness
Carla Gugino Template Nemesis Tabs
Carlos Pena Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Carlos PenaVega Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Carlton Loth. Template Alexander. Bobbi
Carmelo Gómez Template Simon Arete/Stars
Caroline Dhavernas Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Carrie Ann Moss Character Edie Eisenhardt Lehnsherr MaggieoftheOwls
Carrie Fisher Template Leia ChaosMagic
Carrie Fisher Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Casper Zafer Template Thrawn Aestrix
Casper Zafer Template φ Mystic Anya
Cassadee Pope Template Jess Tregiah
Cassadee Pope Template Maya Tregiah
Cassandra Sawtell Template Lilaina Lielac
Cassi Thompson Template Franklyn Curious Discoverer
Cassidy Freeman Character Xiara Samendir Aestrix
Cassidy Freeman Template Cordelia Kappa
Cassie Ventura Template Midsommar ErinFlight
Cassie Ventura Character Chell Johnson Red
Cassie Ventura Character Ronda Swimmer963
Cassieopia Template Mu Guilty
Cassiopeia Template Mu Guilty
Cate Blanchett Template Metzger enyo-eris
Cate Blanchett Template Aeva Guilty
Cate Blanchett Template Ariadne Hellevi
Caterina Scorsone Character Reagan 'Rae' Graham Hellevi
Catherine Bell Template Minor Characters Adelene
Catherine Keener Template [Lilaina's Parents] Lielac
Cazion Fhey Template Zero keys
Celeste Cid Template ρ Doppelgänger Anya
Celina Jade Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Cesar Domboy Character Keren MaggieoftheOwls
Chad Ellison Character Overgrowth Wizard of Woah!
Chad Michael Murray Template Adrian Hellevi
Chadwick Boseman Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Chadwick Boseman Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Chadwick Boseman Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Chadwick Boseman Template Tide Curious Discoverer
Chaerin Lee. Template Summers. Bobbi
Chai Hansen Template Valor Sage/Nemesis
Chai Hansen Template Eden Tabris Tabs
Chandler Canterbury Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Chandler Canterbury Template Alan Wizard of Woah!
Chandler Canterbury Template Alan Wizard of Woah!
Chandler Riggs Template Zan andaisq
Chandler Riggs Character Crawler Wizard of Woah!
Chandra Wilson Template Lotta Guilty
Chao Tzuyu Template Ves apprenticebard
Charisma Carpenter Character Cordelia Chase Red
Charity Wakefield Template α Raven Kaylin
Charles Dance Character Cornelius McPherson phi
Charles Michael Davis Template φ Mystic Anya
Charles Michael Davis Character Andronikos Revel Diaeresis
Charlie Carver Template υ Ethan Jarnvidr
Charlie Cox Template Kamil Lotus
Charlie Hunnam Template Robert Sage/Nemesis
Charlie Hunnam Template Lilith Sonata
Charlie Rowe Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Charlize Theron Template Retired - Hannibal Lecter ErinFlight
Charlotte Spencer Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Charo Ronquillo Template Iskar Briar
Chase Stokes Template Alphabet Soup Blazing Darkness
Chelsea Gilligan Template Alphabet Soup Blazing Darkness
Chelsea Gilligan, Chase Stokes Template Alphabet Soup Blazing Darkness
Chen Feiyu Template Mo Ran MaggieoftheOwls
Chen Kun Template σ Mahariel Anya
Chen Kun Template Jean Lotus
Chen Sha Sha Template Lacey MaggieoftheOwls
Chen Zhuoxuan Template Untamed Characters st753m
Cheyenne Maya Carty Template Precious Shining Aabcehmu
Chiaki Ozaki Character Ami Mizuno NormalAnomaly
Chiara Scelsi Template Jon Sage/Nemesis
Chiharu Okunugi Template Melody anthusiasm
Chiharu Okunugi Template Hiroko Tabs
Chikaru Okunugi Template Mehdi argona
China Anne McClain Template ο Hope Anya
China Anne McClain Template Gluttony Guilty
China Anne McClain Template Descendants Hellevi
China Anne McClain Template Wildling Tabs
Chip Esten Template Scott Marri
Chloe Bennet Template Maira Curious Discoverer
Chloe Bennet Template Skye/Daisy Hellevi
Chloe Bennet Template James Kappa
Chloe Bennett Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Chloe Moretz Template Sara anthusiasm
Chloë Grace Moretz Template Dana Curious Discoverer
Choi Jin Hyuk Template Shion Antares
Choi Minki Template Soreiyu ChaosMagic
Choi Minki Character Delshad Freya
Choi Minki Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Choi Minku Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Choi Siwon Template Chainsaw Kappa
Chou Tzu-yu Template Ves apprenticebard
Chou Tzuyu Template Ves apprenticebard
Chris Evans Template Clarie ChaosMagic
Chris Evans Template Cap Kappa
Chris Evans Character Capt. Steve Rogers Numendil
Chris Evans Template Marlo sphinx
Chris Evans Template Stiofán Tabs
Chris Evans Character Steve Rogers teceler
Chris Hemsworth Template υ Omega Anya
Chris Hemsworth Template Leia kids ~ Baby Anakin ChaosMagic
Chris Hemsworth Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Chris Hemsworth Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Chris Hemsworth Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Chris Hemsworth Template Thor Kappa
Chris Pine Character Jonathan of Conté Kappa
Chris Pine Template Joneses keysie
Chris Pine Template Phil Marri
Chris Rankin Character Percy Weasley Red
Chris Wood Template φ Mystic Anya
Chris Zylka Template τ IED Jarnvidr
Chrissy Costanza Template Maya Tregiah
Christian Alexander Template NPC Guilty
Christian Bale Template Grandfather Jonas Curious Discoverer
Christian Bale Template Chainsaw Kappa
Christian Kane Template Maran Kappa
Christian Slater Template ρ Momos Anya
Christiane Seidel Character Melody Swimmer963
Christie Burke Template Alex Alicorn
Christina Aguilera Template Jenny Marri
Christina Chong Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Christina Hendricks Template Jess Marri
Christina Hendricks Template Nina Zenik Tabs
Christina Milian Template Willow Red
Christina Ricci Template ο Kol Anya
Christina Ricci Template Toni Hellevi
Christina Ricci Template Steven Kappa
Christina Ricci Template Amalia Sage/Nemesis
Christine Adams Template Jay Guilty
Christine Adams/Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Template Jay Guilty
Christopher Judge Template υ Omega Anya
Christopher Lee Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Christopher Sean Template Gabe Curious Discoverer
Christopher Sean, Kellan Lutz Template Gabe Curious Discoverer
Chyler Leigh Character Ikrifiss fir Midera al Alezi MaggieoftheOwls
Ciara Baxendale Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Cillian Murphy Template Das Sage/Nemesis
Cillian Murphy Template Vanyel Ashkevron Swimmer963
City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Mirga Gražinyte-Tyla cond. Template Narrator Interrupted by a cheesemaker
Claire Foy Character Elena Bothari-Jesek Alicorn
Claire Foy Template Azhe apprenticebard
Claire Holt Template Sabrina Kuuskytkolme
Claire Holt, Maisie Richardson Sellers Template φ Mystic Anya
Clark Gregg Character Phil Coulson teceler
Claudia Black Template φ Mystic Anya
Claudia Black Template Rose - Gabe's Mom Curious Discoverer
Claudia Black Template Grendynes Rockeye
Claudia Kim Template Leia kids ~ Baby Anakin ChaosMagic
Clemence Poesy Template Mu Antares
Clint Eastwood Template Law Red
Clinton Moxam Template The OTHER type of Simon Arete/Stars
Clive Russell Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Clive Standen Template π Ambrose Kaylin
Clive Standen, Kyle Allen Template υ Omega Anya
Cobie Smulders Template Griffin Alicorn
Coco Gauff Template Teddy Fortooate
Cody Christian Template θ God-King Jarnvidr
Cody Christian Template Matt Tregiah
Cody Saintgnue Template υ Brett Jarnvidr
Cole Sprouse Template Ψ Jasper Sage/Nemesis
Colin Farrell Template The OTHER type of Simon Arete/Stars
Colin Farrell Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Colin Morgan Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Colin O'Donoghue Template Veron Aestrix
Colin O'Donoghue Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
colin salmon Character Dale (┴) Swimmer963
colin salmon Template leareth family Swimmer963
Colm Feore Template Hargreeves Guilty
Colton Haynes Template α Serpent Jarnvidr
Colton Haynes Template ι Pax Jarnvidr
Comic scans Character Deadpool loki-zen
Constance Wu Template Zan andaisq
Corbin Bleu Template Temperance Curious Discoverer
Corbin Bleu, Nathalie Emmanuel and Josh Dallas Template Temperance Curious Discoverer
Courteney Cox Character Dr Agnes Zielinski Swimmer963
Courtney Cox Template Tara Rockeye
Courtney Eaton Template Louis Sage/Nemesis
Courtney Hope Character Jesse Faden Kappa
Courtney Love Template Sanders. Bobbi
Craig Horner Template Daniel Lielac
Crispin Glover Template ρ Ikol Anya
Crystal Liu Template Adarin Aestrix
Crystal Reed Template τ Petrova Anya
Crystal Reed Template Ezra Curious Discoverer
Crystal Reed Template η Petrova σ Jarnvidr
Crystal Reed Template Rayne Kappa
CT-4040 Cutup Template Galvan Tai
CT-5555 Fives Template Dune Tai
Cutebold Template Lurker Adelene
Cutebold Template Minor Characters Adelene
Cykeem White Template Elgar Tabs
Cynthia Addai-Robinson Template Penhaligon Guilty
D'Arcy Carden Character Janet Alicorn
D.J Cotrona Template Leareth Swimmer963
Daan Van Der Deen Template Prince Freundhein
Daisy Ridley Template Leia ChaosMagic
Daisy Ridley Template Kato Curious Discoverer
Daisy Ridley Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Daito Shunsuke Template β Darcy Kaylin
Dajalynn Sanchez Template Oshin Tabs
Dakota Blue Richards Template ρ Ikol Anya
Dakota Blue Richards Template Em ChaosMagic
Dakota Blue Richards Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Dakota Blue Richards Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Dakota Blue Richards Template Autumn NormalAnomaly
Dakota Blue Richards Template Minerva McGonagall NormalAnomaly
Dakota Blue Richards (Skins) Template Minerva McGonagall NormalAnomaly
Dakota Fanning Template Gloss Diagrapher
Dakota Fanning Template Retired - Glen ErinFlight
Dakota Fanning Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Dakota Fanning Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Dakota Goyo Template τ Silvanus Anya
Dakota Goyo Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Dakota Goyo Template Joneses keysie
Dame Maggie Smith Template Minerva McGonagall NormalAnomaly
Damon Daunno Character Nicodemus "Nic" Silver Ragged Claws
Dan Avidan Template Jida Blazing Darkness
Dan Stevens Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Dana Davis Template Kanim Alicorn
Danai Gurira Character Sabine Voltolini Kaylin
Dane DeHaan Template Zan andaisq
Dane Dehaan Template Florence Tabris Tabs
Dane DeHaan Template Florence Tabris Tabs
Dane DeHaan, Petrus A. Christensen Template υ Omega Anya
Dania Ramirez Template Sierra anikosmonauta
Dania Ramírez Template Sierra anikosmonauta
Daniel Craig Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Daniel Dae Kim Template Cordelia Kappa
Daniel Di Tomasso Template Chevron Blazing Darkness
Daniel Gilles Template ο Aurelius Anya
Daniel Gillies Template Revan Aestrix
Daniel Gillies Template ο Aurelius Anya
Daniel Gillies, Genevieve Padalecki Template Revan Aestrix
Daniel Henney Character Kyeo Sebe Luk Alicorn
Daniel Henney Template σ Seb Anya
Daniel Henney Template Tobias Red
Daniel Henney Character Roy Mustang Tricky
Daniel Hyunoo Lachapelle Template κ Max Anya
Daniel José Molina Character Anaro Theri sphinx
Daniel Logan Template Ψ Jinx Sage/Nemesis
Daniel Logan Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Daniel Radcliffe Character Harry Potter NormalAnomaly
Daniel Radcliffe Template Zahn TransrealClouden
Daniel Sharman Template Bell Alicorn
Daniel Sharman Template ο Kaleb Anya
Daniel Sharman Template ο Kol Anya
Daniel Sharman Template ρ Isaac Jarnvidr
Daniel Sunjata Template Lebbick Guilty
Daniel Sunjata Template Tantalus Guilty
Daniel Zovatto Template Mateo SparrowSea
Daniel Zovatto Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Danielle Campbell Template φ Mystic Anya
Danielle Campbell Template Catienne Khaar Tabs
Danielle Rose Russell Template ο Hope Anya
Danielle Rose Russell, Summer Fontana Template ο Hope Anya
Danila Kovalev Template Celegorm lintamande
Danila Kovalev Character Teleko Theri sphinx
Danila Polyakov Character Casimir Kivi jacktrash
Dann Lennard Liebrenz Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Danny Glover Template Charlie Alicorn
Danny Pudi Template Abed Curious Discoverer
Daphne Baas Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Darby Stanchfield Template Alli Marri
Daria Sidorchuk Template Ariadne strictlyquadrilateral
Darren Criss Template σ Wolf Kaylin
Dascha Polanco Template Bambi Tabs
Dave Franco Template ρ Sheriff Jarnvidr
Daveed Diggs Template Asher westwind
David Anders Template Prime Red
David Boreanaz Template ρ Hyperion Anya
David Boreanaz Template Angel apprenticebard
David Boreanaz Template Chainsaw Kappa
David Boreanaz Character Liam O'Reilly Red
David Bowie Template Leon Freya
David Bradley Character Argus Filch Red
David Castañeda Template υ Prime Anya
David Chiang Template Walker Ajzira
David Chiang Template β Drake Kaylin
David Chiang/Jade Willoughby Template β Drake Kaylin
David Collings, Rupert Grint, Joey Luthman, Holliday Grainger Template Elements Lotus
David Draiman Template Minor Characters Adelene
David Giuntoli Template Hero Fallowsthorn
David Hewlett Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
David Krumholtz Template Lev westwind
David Mazouz Template Leo andaisq
David Mazouz Template ο Aurelius Anya
David Mazouz Template Louis Sage/Nemesis
David McCallum, Tate Berney, Mark Hamill Template Elements Lotus
David Morrissey Template φ Mystic Anya
David Oakes Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
David Oakes, Gregory Smith, Toby Regbo Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
David Prowse Character Darth Vader Freya
David Rosenberg Template Zack Antares
David Tennant Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
David Tennant Character Annatar Tyrathalis
David Tennant Character The Doctor XiBeta
David Thewlis Character Remus Lupin NormalAnomaly
David Usher Template Henry Curious Discoverer
David Usher Template Hall Kappa
David Wenham Character Eamonn mac Conor Marri
Davika Hoorne Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Davika Hoorne, Ryo Nishikido Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Dean O'Gorman Template φ Thedas Anya
Dean O'Gorman Template Minor Arda Characters ChaosMagic
Dean O'Gorman/Edward Atterton Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Dean-Charles Chapman Template Valor Sage/Nemesis
Debbie Harry Template Felicity andaisq
Debby Ryan Template Juniper Red
Debby Ryan Template Willow Red
Deborah Ann Woll Template Lenore Kappa
Deborah Ann Woll Template Miroki Miroki
Deepika Padukone Template Nyx Guilty
Dejan Loyola Character Kaylobesayn Alicorn
Dejan Loyola Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Demi Rose Template Cameron Ephemeral
Demi Rose / Emile Hirsch Template Cameron Ephemeral
Dennis Oh Template Felicity rusalkii
Dennis Oh Template Tadashi Tabs
Dennis Quaid Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Desire Character Desire of the Endless Curious Discoverer
Dev Patel Template Ashwin Lavellan Tabs
Devery Jacobs Character Featherfire k'Treva Swimmer963
Devika Rani Character Inaaya Khadpo sphinx
Devin Oliver Template Mu Antares
Devon Aoki Template Ribbon Decima
Devon Bostick Template Nova Guilty
Devon Bostick/India Eisley Template Nova Guilty
Devon Bostick/Matthew Knight Template Nova Guilty
Devon Terrel Template τ Silvanus Anya
Diane Guerrero Template α Doppelgänger σ Jarnvidr
Diane Kruger Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Diane Kruger Template φ Swan Kaylin
Diane Lane Character Eleanor Miller Marri
Dianne Doan Template Descendants Hellevi
Dichen Lachman Template Daisy Tabs
Dichen Lachman Character Lia WarmestLight
Dichen Lachmann Template Daisy Tabs
Diego Luna Template Jim Curious Discoverer
Dina Eastwood Character Helorm Iarwain
Dioni Tabbers Template Grace Rotifer
Dita von Teese Template Chevron Blazing Darkness
Dmitry Martynov Template α Titus Anya
Domhnall Gleeson Template Alek possum
Dominic 'Taz' Alexander Character Teshir Tabs
Dominic Purcell Template NPC Guilty
Dominic Rains Template Salomon Family Lotus
Dominic Sherwood Template α Clary Anya
Dominic Sherwood & Natalie Alyn Lind Template α Clary Anya
Dominic Sherwood, Tomaso Sanelli Template α Clary Anya
Don Cheadle Template z NPC Neva
Donald Glover Template χ NPCs Anya
Donald Glover Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Donald Glover Template ε Rand Kaylin
Donald Sutherland Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Dora Madison Burge Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Doris Dowling. Character Henrietta Peach Bobbi
Doug Payne Character Curuvi Theri sphinx
Douglas Booth Template Shion Antares
Douglas Booth Template χ NPCs Anya
Douglas Smith Template κ Max Anya
Dove Cameron Character Ariadne Banphrionsa Hellevi
Dove Cameron Template Descendants Hellevi
Drew Barrymore Template Chris Kappa
Drew Fuller Template ρ Bearer Jarnvidr
Drew Roy Template James Red
Drew Van Acker Template υ Omega Anya
Drew Van Acker Template Anders Tabs
Drian Bautista Character Sibling anikosmonauta
Du Juan Character Jun Wu Alicorn
Dudley O'Shaughnessy Template φ Thedas Anya
Dudley O'Shaughnessy Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Dylan Fosket Character Moondance k'Treva Swimmer963
Dylan O'Brien Template Alex Alicorn
Dylan O'Brien Template Leo andaisq
Dylan O'Brien Template α Etcetera σ Jarnvidr
Dylan O'Brien, Emma Watson Template Self Inserts ChaosMagic
Dylan Schmid Template Paul of Everywhere Wizard of Woah!
Dylan Sprayberry Template τ IED Jarnvidr
Dylan Sprouse Template α Ava Anya
Dylan Sprouse Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Dylan Sprouse, Haley Joel Osmont Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Dylan Xue Template Tengfei argona
E-Young Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Eaddy Mays Template α Victoria Jarnvidr
Earth Vangwithayakul Template Finno nory
Eartha Kitt Template Jamie. Bobbi
Eartha Kitt Template Fate ~ Glint-Sheogorath Decima
Ebonee Noel Template Elgar Tabs
Ed Speleers Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Ed Speleers, Christian Michael Cooper Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Ed Westwick Template Ezra Curious Discoverer
Eddie Redmayne Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Eddie Redmayne Template η Listener σ Jarnvidr
Eddie Spears Template Joker Kappa
Eddie Spears Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Eden Fines Template Ariadne strictlyquadrilateral
Edie Rose Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
Eduards Kraule Template Mattie strictlyquadrilateral
Edward Atterton Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Edward Hardwicke Template John Watson NormalAnomaly
Eevee Template Jay Guilty
Eiza Gonzalez Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Eka Darville Template Reuben Lotus
eka darville Template Leareth Swimmer963
Elderly Colin Morgan Template β Merlin Kaylin
Eleanor Tomlinson Template σ Eliza/Fox Kaylin
Eleanor Tomlinson Template Ms. Frizzle NormalAnomaly
Eleanor Tomlinson Template Wildling Tabs
Eli Goree Template φ Mystic Anya
Eli Southern Template Flooded Blazing Darkness
Elijah Wood Template Russell nextworldover
Elijah Wood Template Bryce Adjacency, The Rotifer
Elisabeth Sladen Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
Eliza Coupe Template Tobi Rotifer
Eliza Dushku Character Faith Lehane apprenticebard
Eliza Dushku Template Chainsaw Kappa
Eliza Dushku Template Jennifer Walters NormalAnomaly
Eliza Taylor Template RWW teceler
Elizabeth Anne Allen Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Elizabeth Banks Template Rita Guilty
Elizabeth Banks as Effie Trinket Character Estrella anikosmonauta
Elizabeth Debicki Template Jezebel Guilty
Elizabeth Debicki/Thandie Newton Template Jezebel Guilty
Elizabeth Henstridge Character Jemma Simmons teceler
Elizabeth Mary Winstead Template Z root
Elizabeth Mitchell Template Sophia teceler
Elizabeth Olsen Template z NPC Neva
Elizabeth Olsen Template Erica nextworldover
Elizabeth Olson Character Scarlet Witch NormalAnomaly
Ella Lee Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Ella-Rae Smith Template α Titus Anya
Elle Fanning Template Gossamer Diagrapher
Elle Fanning Character Aftran Kel
Elle Fanning Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Elle Fanning Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Elle Fanning, Ed Speelers Template Silver ~ Outgoing ChaosMagic
Elle Fanning, Ed Speelers Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Elle Fanning, Niels Schneider Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Elle Fanning, Russell Crowe Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Ellen Hollman Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Ellen Page Template Landon Sharpe Guilty
Ellen Page Template James Kappa
Ellie Bamber Template ο Kaleb Anya
Ellie Bamber Character Eleniel Silmarië Numendil
Ellie Darcey-Alden Template Lily Nymtheriel
Ellie Goulding Template Beth Tabs
Elliot Knight Template Joker Kappa
Elliot Knight Template Dino/Alin Sage/Nemesis
Elliot Page Template Sasha sphinx
Elliot Sailors Template Isama Alicorn
Elliott Sailors. Character Doris Hoover Hooper Bobbi
Elly Jackson Template Melior Blazing Darkness
Ellyn Jade Template Ludi strictlyquadrilateral
Elodie Yung Template Zari Lotus
Elodie Yung Template Elia Sage/Nemesis
Emeraude Toubia Template Skylight Antares
Emeraude Toubia Template ρ Spectre Anya
Emeraude Toubia Template Zevran Tabs
Emeraude Toubia Character Donna WarmestLight
Emi Takei Template Chi ChaosMagic
Emi Takei Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Emi Takei Template Lian-Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Emi Takei, Skyler Samuels, Tiffany Hines Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Emi Takei, Takeru Satoh Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Emil Anderson Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Emile Hirsch / Demi Rose Template Cameron Ephemeral
Emilia Clarke Template Adarin Aestrix
Emilia Clarke Character Vii Curious Discoverer
Emilia Clarke Template Idris Sage/Nemesis
Emilia Clarke Template Rarity Sonata
Emilie Autumn Template NPC Guilty
Emilie de Ravin Template Rebecca Alicorn
Emilie de Ravin Character Belle Marri
Emilie de Ravin Template Catienne Khaar Tabs
Emilie Dequenne Template Val Kappa
Emily Alyn Lind Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Emily Alyn Lind, Skyler Samuels Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Emily Blunt Character Karrin Murphy enzika
Emily Blunt Template Mab enzika
Emily Browning Template ρ Psykhe Anya
Emily Deschanel Character Annabelle McAlistair Kel
Emily Rose Template Tuwiuwok Hellevi
Emily VanCamp Template Jovian TransrealClouden
Emiri Miyasaka Template Ev Tregiah
Emma Caulfield Template Anya andaisq
Emma Lahana Template Tuwiuwok Hellevi
Emma Mackey Character Jaroslawa 'Ross' Stilinski Hellevi
Emma Pritchard Template Angie the Wolf-Girl Wizard of Woah!
Emma Pritchard Template Angie the Wolf-Girl Wizard of Woah!
Emma Stone Template μ Ivy Kaylin
Emma Stone Template M*n Red
Emma Stone, Ruth Wilson Template υ Omega Anya
Emma Watson Template δ Katherine Kaylin
Emma Watson Template ψ Kayling Kaylin
Emma Watson Character Hermione Granger NormalAnomaly
Emma Watson Character Hermione Granger Red
Emma Watson Template z/ HP - Hermione Granger Rotifer
Emmanuelle Chriqui Template Toni Hellevi
Emmy Raver-Lampman Template Pride Guilty
Emmy Rossum Template Clarissa anthusiasm
Emmy Rossum Template NPC Guilty
Emmy Rossum Template Nimire Kappa
Emmy Rossum Template Mia Klein Forks Kel
Eric Balfour Template Tuwiuwok Hellevi
Eric Johnson Template θ God-King Jarnvidr
Eric Northman Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Erica Dasher Template ρ Briar Jarnvidr
Erica Gimpel Template NPC Guilty
Erika Angel Character Felice Nador face
Erika Linder Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Erika Linder Template Jean Lotus
Esha Gupta. Character Fran Papeeta Bobbi
Esme Creed-Miles Template ρ Winter Solider Anya
Essie Davis Template Margaret InfraredArmy
Esti Ginzburg Template Ga*el Kappa
Esti Ginzburg in Twelve Template Janet Adelene
Ethan Peck Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Eurasian Lynx Template Star Adelene
Eva Green Template Louise Antares
Evan Peters Template Sophia Curious Discoverer
Evan Peters Template Zeke Kappa
Evangeline Ingram Template Eva Evenstar
Evangeline Lilly Template Eagle Diaeresis
Evangeline Lilly Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Evanna Lynch Template Luna clover
Evanna Lynch Template Luna TransrealClouden
Eve Harlow, Gaspard Ulliel Template Sheogorath-Jyggalag ChaosMagic
Evelyn Brochu Template Mari rusalkii
Evelyne Brochu Template Mari rusalkii
Evenstar Template Eva Evenstar
Evgenia Mandzhieva Template Walker Ajzira
Evrae Template Rita Guilty
Ewan McGregor Template Aragorn ChaosMagic
Ewan McGregor Template Cordelia Kappa
Ewan McGregor Template Ω Bill Sage/Nemesis
Ewan Mcgregor Character Philip Lovegood TransrealClouden
Ezra Miller Template Devan moth
Ezra Miller Template Sasha sphinx
Ezra Scarlet Template Wrath Guilty
Facundo Arana Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Fady Elsayed Template α Serpent Jarnvidr
Famke Janssen Template LanMum Guilty
Famke Janssen Template Toni Hellevi
Famke Janssen Template φ Accessories Jarnvidr
Fanpro #1450 Template Mother Starlight Sonata
Farhan Akhtar Template Steven Kappa
Faye Kingslee Template She Who Conquered Death Guilty
Felicity Jones Template Ellie Diaeresis
Felicity Jones Template α Raven Kaylin
Felicity Jones Template Lissa Swimmer963
Felicity Jones/Charity Wakefield Template α Raven Kaylin
Felisha Terrell Template υ Kali Jarnvidr
Felix Mallard Template υ Prime Anya
Feng Cong Template Untamed Misc. argona
Feng Cong Template z NPC Neva
Feng Cong Template Untamed Characters st753m
Feng Mingjing Template Untamed Misc. argona
Feng Mingjing Template Untamed Characters st753m
Fiona Shaw Character Petunia Dursley Red
Flandre Scarlet Template Flandre Evenstar
Florence Faivre Character Juliette Andromeda Mao lintamande
Forrest Goodluck Template Naruto ~ Hashirama ChaosMagic
Fran Kranz Template Za* Rotifer
Frances Conroy Template ζ Spider Kaylin
Francia Raisa Template Jenny Marri
Francisco Lachowski Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Francisco Randez Template Desmond Tabs
Frank Dillane Template α Jack Anya
Frank Dillane, Giuseppe Cristiano Template α Jack Anya
François Verkerk Template κ Kay Kaylin
Freddie Boath Template z/ HP - Neville Longbottom Rotifer
Freddie Boath, Shawn Ashmore Template Martin Wizard of Woah!
Freddie Boath, Shawn Ashmore Template Stan Wizard of Woah!
Freddie Fox Character Nyle Arens Red
Freddie Highmore Template Ari andaisq
Freddie Highmore Template Alistair SparrowSea
Freema Agyeman and Alfie Enoch Template Sadde Red
Freida Pinto Template σ Nia Anya
Freida Pinto Template Easter Curious Discoverer
Freida Pinto Template σ Nia Anya
Freya Tingleyin Template Lee Freya
Frida Kahlo. Template Jamie. Bobbi
Froy Gutierrez Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Fukuda Saki Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Gabriella Pession Template Elizabeth ChaosMagic
Gabrielle Kneiry Template Tamaris Guilty
Gage Golightly Template θ Ric Jarnvidr
Gage Golighty Template θ Ric Jarnvidr
Gaius Charles Template Esch/Raef Guilty
Gaius Charles Template Raef Guilty
Gakupo Template Realist Evenstar
Gakuto Oshiro Template Ista Sage/Nemesis
Gal Gadot Template Zari Lotus
Gal Gadot Template Thea Tregiah
Gal Gadot Template Tyler Tregiah
Garrett Hedlund Template α Titus Anya
Garrett Hedlund, Jacob Tremblay Template α Titus Anya
Garrus Vakarian Template NPC Guilty
Gaspard Ulliel Template ρ Ikol Anya
Gaspard Ulliel Template Sheogorath-Jyggalag ChaosMagic
Gaspard Ulliel, Eve Harlow Template Sheogorath-Jyggalag ChaosMagic
Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka Template Willy Wonka Dicehoarder
Genevieve Padalecki Template Revan Aestrix
Genki Ookawa Template Rai Dicehoarder
George Clooney Template Timothy Lotus
George Eads Character Flash Kaylin
George Finn Template λ Galehaut Kaylin
George Newbern Character William Miller Marri
Georgia Moffet Template Brianna Arete/Stars
Georgie Henley Character Lucy Pevensie andaisq
Georgie Henley Template Lucy Diagrapher
Georgie Henley Template Faith Lotus
Georgina Haig Template Chi ChaosMagic
Gethin Anthony Template Renly Sage/Nemesis
Ghlaghghee Template Cricket Alicorn
Giacomo Gianniotti Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Gianna Jun Template Zev Aestrix
Gianna Jun Template Charlotte anthusiasm
Gianna Jun Template Polar Blazing Darkness
Gianna Jun Template Ω Lya Sage/Nemesis
Gianna Jun Template Lena teceler
Gianna Jun and Denis Oh Template Sadde Red
Gianna Jun and Dennis Oh Template Sadde Red
Gideon Emery Template θ Antediluvian Jarnvidr
Gideon Emery Template Ezar Kappa
Gillian Anderson Template Val Sage/Nemesis
Gina Carano Character Enola | Adder (┬) Swimmer963
Gina Rodriguez Template α Scott Jarnvidr
Gina Torres Template Peggy ChaosMagic
Gina Torres Template ι Pax Jarnvidr
Gina Torres Template Chris Kappa
Gina Torres Template Tamara Marri
Ginnifer Goodwin Template Mirage Guilty
Ginnifer Goodwin Template Bryce Adjacency, The Rotifer
Giovanni Bonamy. Template Patricks. Bobbi
Giuseppe Cristiano Template α Jack Anya
GLaDOS Template Margaret NormalAnomaly
Glass squid Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Glenn Carter Template Flooded Blazing Darkness
Glenn McCuen Template η Walker Jarnvidr
Gloria Foster Template Deshanna Tabs
Go Ara Template δ Hope Kaylin
Goapele Template Zari Lotus
Godfrey Gao Template υ Omega Anya
Godfrey Gao Template Ev Tregiah
Golshifteh Farahani Template Naima apprenticebard
Golshifteh Farahani Template Maira Curious Discoverer
Golshifteh Farahani Template Tialle Kappa
Golshifteh Farahani Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Gong Li Template Elizabeth ChaosMagic
Gonzalo Martin Template Diaz Tabs
Gonzalo Martin/Rodrigo Santoro Template Diaz Tabs
Gordon Ramsay Template Adrien Lotus
Grace Dever Template Lian kid ~ Lucia ChaosMagic
Grace Ip Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Grace Park Template Amber Freya
Graham Character Devastator Drone Freya
Graham Phillips Template χ Unthreaded Jarnvidr
Grass! Hi! Character Grass Thatwasademo
green-crowned brilliant hummingbird Template Iri WarmestLight
Greenpond Template Temperance Curious Discoverer
Gregg Sulkin Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Griffin Gluck Template Evan Wizard of Woah!
Gross Template Eddie Tabs
Gugu Mbatha-Raw Template ρ Sineya Anya
Gugu Mbatha-Raw Character Cassea (┴) Swimmer963
Gugu Mbatha-Raw Template leareth family Swimmer963
Guo Cheng Character Lan Jingyi Decima
Guo Cheng Template Untamed Characters st753m
Gwendoline Christie Template Law Red
gwyneth paltrow Character Jane Donahue celer
Gwyneth Paltrow Template Virginia Kappa
Gwyneth Paltrow Character Caitlin Graves Kaylin
Ha Jungwoo Character Count Fujiwara argona
Ha Lin Template Ves apprenticebard
Hadley Fraser Template Alphabet Soup Blazing Darkness
Hakaze Kusaribe Template Yvette Aestrix
Hal Ozsan Template NPC Lotus
Hale Appleman Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Haley Atwell Character Peggy Carter teceler
Haley Webb Template θ Darach Jarnvidr
Halle Berry Template Eri MaggieoftheOwls
Han Eu-Ddeum 한으뜸 Template Mehdi argona
Hank Azaria Template TripletsDad Curious Discoverer
Hannah John-Kamen Template σ Seo Anya
Hannah John-Kamen Template Ellie Diaeresis
Hannah John-Kamen Template Lorie Tabs
Hannah Murray Character Corrinne Wallace Alicorn
Hannah Tointon Template Raven Blazing Darkness
Hansol Vernon Chwe Template Birdhouse - Hikari Blazing Darkness
Hansol Vernon Chwe Template Birdhouse - Yami Blazing Darkness
Harold Perrineau Template Robert Sage/Nemesis
Harold Perrineau Jr. Template Minor Characters Adelene
Harrison Ford Template Hackett Guilty
Harrison Ford Template Ω Han Sage/Nemesis
Harry Hamlin Template Percy Curious Discoverer
Harry Lloyd Template Adarin Aestrix
Harry Melling Character Dudley Dursley Red
Harry Shum Jr Template Maya Tregiah
Harry Shum Jr. Template James Red
Harshvardhan Kapoor Template β Drake Kaylin
Haruka Ayase Template Louise Antares
Haruma Miura Template Leia kids ~ Jacen ChaosMagic
Haruma Miura Template Aaron Kappa
Haruma Miura Template JokerSherlock Kappa
Haruma Miura Template Miles Kappa
Haruma Miura Template Ω Zack Sage/Nemesis
Harvey Guillen Template Martin westwind
Hayden Christensen Template κ Ananke Anya
Hayden Christensen Template Rand Sage/Nemesis
Hayden Christensen Character Anakin Skywalker SparrowSea
Hayden Christensen, Ty Panitz Template κ Ananke Anya
Hayden Panettiere Template η Walker Jarnvidr
Hayden Panettiere Template Kingsley Rotifer
Hayley Atwell Template Peggy ChaosMagic
Hayley Atwell Template Six Shooter Decima
Hayley Atwell Template Sherlock Kappa
Hayley Atwell Template Tony Kappa
Hayley Kiyoko, Madeleine Madden Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Hazuki Nagisa Template Tintin andaisq
He Peng Template Untamed Misc. argona
He Peng Template Untamed Characters st753m
Heath Ledger Template Joker Kappa
Heather Peace Template Theo JiSK
Heather Stephens Template φ Mystic Anya
Hedy Lamarr Template Sunbursts asterisms
Helen Mirren Template Wynne Tabs
Helena Bonham Carter. Character Lucinda Apricot Bobbi
Hellkite Igniter Template Space Dragons Freya
Henry Cavill Template ρ Dawn Anya
Henry Cavill Template Dauntless Red
Henry Cavill Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Henry Cavill. Template Trevors. Bobbi
Henry Czerny Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Her game avatar Template Max Curious Discoverer
Hera Hilmar Template ρ Winter Solider Anya
Hera Hjartardottir Template Eris Guilty
herself! Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
Hettienne Park Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Hettienne Park Template Cordelia Kappa
Hiep Thi Le. Template Liams. Bobbi
Hilarie Burton Template ρ Doppelgänger Anya
himself Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
Himself! Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
Hiro Mizushima Template α Cat Kaylin
Hiroshi Tamaki Template Das Sage/Nemesis
Ho Ngoc Ha Template Jamie-Tasha Bobbi
Holland Roden Template Yvette Aestrix
Holland Roden Template η Listener σ Jarnvidr
Holland Roden Template Charles MaggieoftheOwls
Holliday Grainger Template Imrainai apprenticebard
Holliday Grainger Template Imrainai-like apprenticebard
Hong Jong-Hyun Template τ Damon Anya
honk Character <honk> Unbitwise
howard charles in the musketeers Template Minor Characters Adelene
http://www.hollow-art.com/base/ayame-gouriki Template #2 - Cynthia RoboticLIN
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/dalaran/nymtheriel Character Nymtheriel Nymtheriel
https://www.glowfic.com/favorites Character -- Narrator -- scribblingtiresias
Hu Ge Template Ta ChaosMagic
Hugh Dancy Template Retired - Will Graham ErinFlight
Hugh Dancy Template Gregor Kappa
Hugh Jackman Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Hugh Jackman Template Wolverine Kappa
Hugh Jackman Template Wahisietel Lielac
Hugh Keays-Byrne Template NPC Guilty
Hugh Laurie Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Hugo Weaving Character Elrond Peredhel lintamande
Hunter Parrish Template Retired - Alex ErinFlight
Iain De Caestecker Template υ Prime Anya
Iain Glen Template κ Ananke Anya
Ian Anthony Dale Template William Tregiah
Ian Bohen Template Stephen Curious Discoverer
Ian Bohen Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Ian Bohen Template Karthian Kappa
Ian Hart Character Quirinus Quirrell Red
Ian McDiarmid Template Palpatine Decima
Ian McKellan Template ρ Ikol Anya
Ian McKellen Template ρ Ikol Anya
Ian McKellen Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Ian McKellen Character Olórin (Gandalf) Numendil
Ian McKellen Character Gandalf teceler
Ian McShane Template Descendants Hellevi
Ian Somerhalder Template τ Damon Anya
Ian Somerhalder Template Adrian Hellevi
Ian Somerhalder Template Rayne Kappa
Idris Elba Template Lian kid ~ Alesan ChaosMagic
Ileana D'Cruz Template Orchid Lielac
Im Jin-ah Template ο Kol Anya
Imaan Hammam Template σ Mahariel Anya
Imada Mio Character L'Arachel apprenticebard
Imogen Poots Template Gann Aestrix
Imogen Poots Template Azry Tabs
Imogen Poots Template Nemesis Tabs
Inaba Manaka Template Sayori Freundhein
India Eisley Template Nova Guilty
India Eisley Template StevenChainsaw Kappa
Indiana Evans Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Ira Chernova Template υ Prime Anya
Irene Bedard Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Isaac Hampstead Wright Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Isabel Clifton Template Johanna HarmonyBlu
Isabel Meyers Template Hannah Wizard of Woah!
Isabel Myers Template Hannah Wizard of Woah!
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Glint-Sheogorath Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Hisame Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Lionheart Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Isabelle Fuhrman Template Toni Hellevi
Isabelle Fuhrman, Jennifer Connelly Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Isabelle Leong Character Jade Stream Decima
Isaiah Mustafa Template NPC Guilty
Ivan Bessonov Template Oakley Fortooate
Ivan Mok Template Cir Alicorn
Ivanna Sakhno. Template Natasha. Bobbi
Ivory Aquino Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Ivy Levan Template Ariadne Hellevi
J. August Richards Template χ NPCs Anya
J. Darwish Character Franco Martinez Bobbi
J. R. Bourne Template ρ Bearer Jarnvidr
Jack Chick's tract drawing Character God NormalAnomaly
Jack Coleman Template φ Mystic Anya
Jack Falahee Character Atur Namazzo Curious Discoverer
Jack Falahee Template Kato Curious Discoverer
Jack Gleeson Template Mu Antares
Jack Pililaau Template Ψ Eli Sage/Nemesis
Jack Pililaau Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Jack Pililaau & Lady Tom Hanks Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Jack White. Template Amaris. Bobbi
Jackie Chan Template Ares Decima
Jackson Bond, Skeet Ulrich Template Ω Colin Sage/Nemesis
Jackson Rathbone Template Trickster Kappa
Jaco van den Hoven Template Aeson/Regulus Sage/Nemesis
Jaco van den Hoven Template Mordred sphinx
Jacob Anderson Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Jacob Anderson Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Jacob Artist Template ο Klava Anya
Jacob Latimore Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Jacob Latimore Template 2B Diaeresis
Jacob Latimore, Madeleine Madden Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Jacob Rica Template Lian kid ~ Blaise ChaosMagic
Jacob Rica Template Madara ChaosMagic
Jacob Tremblay Template α Titus Anya
Jacqueline Oiseult Template James Red
Jacques Pougnet. Template Natasha. Bobbi
Jadah Marie Template υ Omega Anya
Jade Willoughby Template β Drake Kaylin
Jaimie Alexander Template Ekaterin Kappa
Jaimie Alexander Template θ Lancelot Kaylin
Jake Abel Template Nathan W Hellevi
Jake Abel Template θ Kate Jarnvidr
Jake Cherry Template ρ Ikol Anya
Jake Gyllenhaal Template StevenChainsaw Kappa
Jake Gyllenhaall Template Wildling Tabs
Jake T. Austin Template α Doppelgänger σ Jarnvidr
Jakob Davies Template Joey the Wolf-Boy Wizard of Woah!
James Franco Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
James Marsters Character Spike apprenticebard
James Marsters Character William Pratt Red
James McAvoy Template Charles MaggieoftheOwls
James Phelps Character Fred Weasley Red
James Phelps Template Zahn TransrealClouden
James Rolleston Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
James Rolleston Template α Cat Kaylin
James Yaegashi Template χ NPCs Anya
Jamia Nash, Oluchi Patricia Onweagba-Orlandi Template Fate ~ Dragon Decima
Jamie Bell Template υ Prime Anya
Jamie Bell Character Alex Lustig TransrealClouden
Jamie Campbell Bower Template Glory MaggieoftheOwls
Jamie Campbell Bower Template Nameless Sage/Nemesis
Jamie Campbell Bower Template Lesath silverandivory
Jamie Chung Template Nadia Aestrix
Jamie Chung Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Jamie Chung Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Jamie Chung Template Fate ~ Lionheart Decima
Jamie Chung Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Jamie Dornan Template Tag Rotifer
Jamie Lee Curtis Character Bard Breda Swimmer963
Jamie Madrox (Marvel Comics) Template ο Kol Anya
Jane Levy Template Dandelion MaggieoftheOwls
Jane Levy Character Lindsey root
Jane Levy, Maggie Elizabeth Jones Template Aurene Aestrix
Janel Parrish Template Veritas Hellevi
Janelle Monae Template Ebony purrtrandrussell
Jang Woo Young Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Janina Gavankar Template Tau Guilty
Janina Gavankar Character Queen Karis Swimmer963
Janina Gavankar, Mahesh Jadu Template υ Prime Anya
Janina Gavankar/Alia Bhatt Template Tau Guilty
Janistar Phomphadungcheep Character Song Qiutong argona
Jaqueline Joe Template Amber Freya
Jared Gilmore Template Lex Luthor Flareonflare
Jared Gilmore Character Henry Mills Marri
Jared S. Gilmore Template Eric Wizard of Woah!
Jasika Nicole Character Jordan Fallowsthorn
Jason Dohring Template Echolls Hellevi
Jason Isaacs Character Isidore d'Aiglemort Marri
Jason Momoa Template Minor Characters Adelene
Jason Momoa Template Drex Guilty
Jason Momoa Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Jason Momoa Character Gladiolus Amicita Tabs
Jason Ralph Template θ Quentin Jarnvidr
Javier Bardem Template FFX Cast Tabs
Jay Ryan Template Donal teceler
Jayce (League of Legends) Template Realist Evenstar
Jayma Mays Template Kaylee Rotifer
Jayne Wisener Character Johanna Oakley phi
Jean-Pierre Léaud Character Élie Cotonnet Calima
Jedidiah Goodacre Template Descendants Hellevi
Jeff Bridges Character Obadiah Stane Kappa
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Template Jossdad Guilty
Jeffrey Licon Template Avarice Guilty
Jellyfish Character Mindflayers Red
Jeneba Tarmoh Template Teddy Fortooate
Jenna Coleman Template τ Page Jarnvidr
Jenna Coleman Template Erin Sage/Nemesis
Jenna Louise Colman Template Constanza MaggieoftheOwls
Jenna Ortega Template Anne Marri
Jenna Ushkowitz Template Serpents. Bobbi
Jennifer An Template Lian kid ~ Rune ChaosMagic
Jennifer Connelly Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Jennifer Connelly Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Jennifer Hagan Template NPC Guilty
Jennifer Lawrence Template Didyme MaggieoftheOwls
Jennifer Rhodes Character Krisana Caivet Rockeye
Jenny Boyd Template φ Mystic Anya
Jenny Slate Template Headliner Tabs
Jeno Liu Liyang Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Jensen Ackles Template Kingfisher Kappa
Jeon Boram Template Beth Tabs
Jeon Ji-yoon Template Simon Arete/Stars
Jeon Soyeon Template Mai argona
Jeremy Brett Template Sherlock Holmes NormalAnomaly
Jeremy Dooley Character Raf SparrowSea
Jeremy Irons Character Barda Fallowsthorn
Jeremy Irons Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
Jeremy Irvine Template Nico phi
Jeremy Ray Taylor Template χ NPCs Anya
Jeremy Ray Valdez Template Leareth Swimmer963
Jeremy Renner Character Clint Barton teceler
Jeremy Sumpter Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Jeremy Sumpter Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Jeremy Sumpter, Will Shadley Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Jessica Brown Findlay Template Matilda Kappa
Jessica Brown Findlay Template β Darcy Kaylin
Jessica Chastain Template Mary Rivers Tricky
Jessica Henwick Template Su ~ Jessica ChaosMagic
Jessica Lowdes Template Meghan Curious Discoverer
Jessica Lowndes Template Aribeth Aestrix
Jessica Lowndes Template Meghan Curious Discoverer
Jessica Lucas Template Gluttony Guilty
Jessica Parker Kennedy Template ρ Momos Anya
Jessica Parker Kennedy Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Jessica Parker Kennedy Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Jessica Parker Kennedy Template Su ChaosMagic
Jessica Parker Kennedy Template Arla Guilty
Jessica Plummer Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Jessica Rothe Template Echolls Hellevi
Jessica Stroup Template Soph Alicorn
Jessica Szohr Template Viandra Aestrix
Jessica Szohr Template Dandelion MaggieoftheOwls
Jessie Mei Li Template κ Sybil Anya
Jessie Mei Li Template Leia kids ~ Jaina ChaosMagic
Jet Li Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Jewel Staite Character Katrina Heron MaggieoftheOwls
Ji Li Template Untamed Misc. argona
Ji Li Template Song SparrowSea
Ji Li Template Iarlaith st753m
Jian Renzi Character Mo Lisao MaggieoftheOwls
Jill Remez Template The Good Place Lotus
Jill Wagner Template θ Kate Jarnvidr
Jim Beaver Template κ Ector Kaylin
Jim Beaver Character David Hunter Red
Jim Broadbent Character Digory Kirke Diagrapher
Jimmy Bennett Template Kiba ChaosMagic
Jing Tian Character Wei Tuyu MaggieoftheOwls
Jinx Template Jinx Evenstar
Jinx (League of Legends) Template Jinx Evenstar
Joan Smalls Template Fingon lintamande
Joanna Lumley, Tatum McCann, Claire Julien Template Elements Lotus
Joaquin Phoenix Template Leareth-Ruby Ruby
Jodelle Ferland Template κ Lana Anya
Joe Flanigan Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Joel Edgerton Character Drustan mab Necthana Marri
Joel Nathan Evans Template Kiba ChaosMagic
Joey Batey Template χ Unthreaded Jarnvidr
Joey Honsa Template φ Accessories Jarnvidr
Joey Luthman Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
John Boyega Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
John Cho Template Su ChaosMagic
John Cleese Character Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington Red
John Hamm Template Valentine root
John Hurt Template β Merlin Kaylin
John Hurt Character Garrick Ollivander Red
John Hurt Template z/ HP - z/ Harry Potter Characters Rotifer
John Krasinski Template φ Thedas Anya
John Patrick Amedori Template Landon Sharpe Guilty
John Rhys-Davies Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
John Simm Template Retired - The Master ErinFlight
John Wesley Shipp Template θ Liber Jarnvidr
John Wesley Shipp Template χ Unthreaded Jarnvidr
Jon Foster Template β Merlin Kaylin
Jon Hamm Template NPC Lotus
Jon Hamm Template Valentine root
Jonah Hill Character Danny Wilson phi
Jonathan Ke Quan Template Corundum Wizard of Woah!
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Jonathan Whitesell Template ρ Mnemoth Anya
JoongKi Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Jordan Barrett. Template Noah. Bobbi
Jordan Bennie Template Ezekiel Wizard of Woah!
Jordan Claire Robbins Template Epimetheus Guilty
Jordan Connor Character Keltham Iarwain
Jordan Fisher Template ρ Disciple Jarnvidr
Jordan Hayes Template Locus Kel
Jordan Rodrigues Template χ NPCs Anya
Jordana Beatty Template Mal ChaosMagic
Jordana Beatty, Amber Milam Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Jordana Beatty, Maxine "Max" Mayfield, Amy Adams Character Lilith Wizard of Woah!
Jordi Mollà Template Jon hearts
Jordi Mollà Character Jonathan Sims Kaylin
Jordi Webber Template υ Omega Anya
Jorge Diaz Template The Good Place Lotus
Jose Julian Template Leareth Swimmer963
Josefine Frida Pettersen Character Buffy 'Flynn' Summers Hellevi
Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fienne Template Fred westwind
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Template Isaac Curious Discoverer
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Character Robin John Blake Kappa
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Template Sims Lotus
Joseph Moragn Template ο Klaus Anya
Joseph Morgan Template Milo Antares
Joseph Morgan Template ο Klaus Anya
Josh Dallas Template Temperance Curious Discoverer
Josh Hutcherson Template Ω Ana Sage/Nemesis
Joshua Whitehouse, James Marsters Template υ Prime Anya
Juanpa Zurita Template δ Dion Kaylin
Judah Lewis Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Jude Law Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Jude Law Character Vere Tyrell Whiteraven Kaylin
Jude Law Template Coil Rotifer
Judi Dench Template Aelor WarmestLight
Julia Adamenko Character Emma Harris strictlyquadrilateral
Julia Jones Template Mi ChaosMagic
Julia Ormond Character Agatha Wizard of Woah!
Julia Ormond Character Winona Wizard of Woah!
Julia Stiles Template Ari andaisq
Julia Wróblewska, İpek Filiz Yazıcı Template κ Ananke Anya
Julian Perretta Template Jon Sage/Nemesis
Julian Richings Template Gravetender Evenstar
Juliana Marguilles Template Fëanor lintamande
julianna margulies Template Shavri Swimmer963
Julie Andrews Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Julie Benz Character Darla apprenticebard
Julie Christie & Michelle Forbes Template φ Thedas Anya
Julie McNiven Template Jade Tregiah
Julie Walters Character Molly Weasley Red
Juliet Landau Character Drusilla apprenticebard
Juliet Landau Template Mu Guilty
Jumping spider Template inquiry Ezra
Jumping spider Template novelty Ezra
Jung Ryeo-Won Template Bell Alicorn
Jung Yunho Template Rachel Tregiah
Jurnee Smollett-Bell Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Jurnee Smollett-Bell Template Fate ~ Lionheart Decima
Jurnee Smollett-Bell Template π Morgause Kaylin
Justin H Min Template 'Chelle Guilty
Justin Hartley Template James Red
Justin Hartley and Sienna Miller Template James Red
Jérôme Pradon Template Jida Blazing Darkness
Kacey Rohl Character Lillian Anderson strictlyquadrilateral
KaDee Strickland Template Tsunade ChaosMagic
Kai Wener Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Kaitlyn Dever Template Miroki Miroki
Kalani Queypo Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Kalani Queypo Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Kanata Hongo Template Su ChaosMagic
Kanata Hongo Template Su ~ Tobirama ChaosMagic
Kanata Hongo, John Cho, Kaylee Bryant Template Su ~ Tobirama ChaosMagic
Kanata Hongo, Larissa Wilson Template Su ChaosMagic
Kanna Hashimoto Template Natsuki Freundhein
Kaoru Character Tor Freya
Kare Hedebrant Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Karen David Template Bell Alicorn
Karen Fukuhara Template Mal ChaosMagic
Karen Gillan Character Amy Pond Diagrapher
Karen Gillan Template Amy Freundhein
Karen Gillan Template Emily MaggieoftheOwls
Kari Byron Template Mabli Guilty
Karl Urban Template υ Omega Anya
Karl Urban Template Aral Kappa
Karla Crome Template η Listener σ Jarnvidr
Karley Scott Collins Template Leia ChaosMagic
Kat Dennings Template υ Omega Anya
Kat Dennings Template Darcy Kappa
Kat Dennings Template Dandelion MaggieoftheOwls
Kat Dennings Template Blake strictlyquadrilateral
Kate Beckinsale Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Kate Bracken Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Kate Kane (Batwoman) Template ρ Momos Anya
Kate Moennig Character Jane Russell blackrain
Kate Mulgrew Template Macilnië Elf
Kate Upton Template April Kappa
Katerina Graham Template Revan Aestrix
Katherine Langford Template Lynne Kappa
Katherine Langford & Scarlett Johansson Character Rienfalath Kappa
Katherine McNamara Template Kite Kappa
Katheryn Winnick Template Idris Sage/Nemesis
Katheryn Winnick Template FFX Cast Tabs
Kathy Najimy Template Descendants Hellevi
Katie Findlay Template ο Klara Anya
Katie Findlay Template Sara Sage/Nemesis
Katie Holmes Template Salomon Family Lotus
Katie McGrath Character Morrigan apprenticebard
Katie McGrath Template Teysa JiSK
Katie McGrath Character Kelly Greene MaggieoftheOwls
Katie McGrath Template Jess Marri
Katie McGrath Template Bryce Adjacency, The Rotifer
Katie McGrath Template Einaria Tai
Katie McGrath Character Sulthar teceler
Kato Seishiro Template Lian kid ~ Alesan ChaosMagic
Katrina Law Template φ Thedas Anya
Katrina Law Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Katy O'Brian Template The Delinquent anikosmonauta
Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs Template ο Klara Anya
Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs Template Palpatine ~ Lily Decima
Kaya Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Kaya Scodelario Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Kaya Scodelario Template θ Hudson Jarnvidr
Kaylee Bryant Template Su ~ Manako ChaosMagic
Kaylee Bryant Template Phil Hellevi
Kazuki Kato Template Raezenoth Aestrix
Kazuki Kato Template Δ Brandon Sage/Nemesis
Keahu Kahuanui Template α DMM Jarnvidr
Keanu Reeves Template Gregor Kappa
Keanu Reeves Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Keegan Allen Template η Listener σ Jarnvidr
Keegan Allen Template θ Liber Jarnvidr
Keira Knightley Template Δ Ashara Sage/Nemesis
Keira Knightly Template Erik MaggieoftheOwls
Keisha Castle-Hughes Template Sara Sage/Nemesis
Keith Powers Template Jean Lotus
Keiynan Lonsdale Template α Scott Jarnvidr
Keke Palmer Template Miranda anthusiasm
Keke Palmer Template Della. Bobbi
Kellan Lutz Template Gabe Curious Discoverer
Kelly Hu Character Dahlia Tabs
Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstrike in X2 Template Minor Characters Adelene
kelly macdonald Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Kelly Marie Tran Template Daniel Lielac
Kelly Marie Tran Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Kelly Reilly Template Rosemary Sonata
Kelsey Asbille Template χ NPCs Anya
Ken Duken Template φ Thedas Anya
Ken Watanabe Template Aral Kappa
Kendall Cleveland Template Mearcstapa darkersolstice
Kenichi Matsuyama Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Kennedy McMann, Bella Thorne Template Elia Sage/Nemesis
Kenneth Branagh Character Gilderoy Lockhart Marri
Kenneth Branagh Character Gilderoy Lockhart NormalAnomaly
Kenta Sakurai Character Shirogane Takashi | "Shiro" Kaylin
Kenton Duty Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Keri Russell Character Carol Davis Marri
Kerry Washington Template Emma Marri
Kevin Bacon Template Klaus JiSK
Kevin Bacon Template Shaw MaggieoftheOwls
Kevin Jiang Character a-Yuan SparrowSea
Kevin Kline Template Maunus phi
Kevin Zegers Template Gann Aestrix
Kevin Zegers Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Khylin Rhambo Template τ Page Jarnvidr
Ki Hong Lee Template τ IED Jarnvidr
Kiernan Shipka Template Joy Guilty
Kiernan Shipka Template Ariadne Hellevi
Kiersey Clemons Template γ Hilda Kaylin
Kiersey Clemons Template Gabby Lielac
Kiersey Clemons Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Kiko Mizahara Character Nolita (┼) Swimmer963
Kiko Mizuhara Template α Skye Anya
Kiko Mizuhara Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
Kiko Mizuhura Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
Kim Bum Template Henry anthusiasm
Kim Bum Template Marlo sphinx
Kim Cattrall Template Mary Jane Curious Discoverer
Kim Hyun Joong Template Ω Samuel Sage/Nemesis
Kim Hyun Joong Template Azure st753m
Kim Jae Wook Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Kim Jaejoong Template Skylight Antares
Kim Jaejoong Template Jade (Caden/Jamie) Bobbi
Kim Jaejoong Template Light Red
Kim Jaejoong Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Kim Jaejoong. Template Cadens. Bobbi
Kim Jisoo Template Imrainai apprenticebard
Kim Jonghyun Template Matt Tregiah
Kim Mingyu Template Tsunade ChaosMagic
Kim Minhee Template Hideko argona
Kim sae-ron Template Isabella Engel Rpgkitten
Kim Seuk Hye Template Alizara st753m
Kim Soo-hyun Template Mu Antares
Kim Sori Template Yvette Aestrix
Kim Sori Template Wei Ying argona
Kim Sori Template Goose Decima
Kim Sori Template Wei Ying MaggieoftheOwls
Kim Taeri Template Sookhee argona
Kim Taeyeon Template α Ava Anya
Kim Taeyeon Template Psii argona
Kim Yun-Jin Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Kimiko Glenn Template NPC Lotus
Kiowa Gordon Template γ Cole Kaylin
Kiriyama Renn Template Juugo ChaosMagic
Kit Harington Character Amadeo Montalto Ajzira
Kit Harington Character Emil Seidel Ajzira
Kit Harington Template Kaito Antares
Kit Young Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
KJ Apa Template Kurama ChaosMagic
KJ Apa Template Wildling Tabs
KJ Apa Template Dante Tregiah
Koji Kikkawa Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Kris Kristofferson Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Kristen Bell Template Lucy Tabs
Kristen Connolly Template Claire TransrealClouden
Kristen Stewart Template Bell Alicorn
Kristen Stewart Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Kristin Chenoweth Template Descendants Hellevi
Kristin Kreuk Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Kristin Kreuk Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Kristin Kreuk Character The Lady of Oaths Curious Discoverer
Kristin Kreuk Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Kristin Kreuk Template Flora Timepoof
Kristine Sutherland Template χ NPCs Anya
Krysten Ritter Template Su ~ Jessica ChaosMagic
Krysten Ritter Template Chainsaw Kappa
Krystyna Janda Template Avalor Alicorn
Kuroki Meisa Template Souzan anthusiasm
Kuroki Meisa Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Kuroki Meisa Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Kuroki Meisa Template Ekuni teceler
Kurome from Akame Ga Kill Template Claudia Fay
Kwak Dong Yeon Template Sasha sphinx
Kwon Boa Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Kwon Boa, Lee Jun Ki Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Kyemah McEntyre Template Imrainai apprenticebard
Kyle Allen Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Kyle Gallner Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Kyle Schmid Template Tarro Kappa
Kylie Bunbury Template Rami Guilty
Kyra Sedgwick Template Adrien Lotus
Lachlan Watson Template Nathan-Isaac Hellevi
Lalisa Manoban Template α Clary Anya
Lalisa Manoban, Kaiya Saley Template α Clary Anya
Lana Condor Template June Sage/Nemesis
Lana Del Ray Template Janus Hellevi
Lana Parrilla Character Regina Mills Marri
Lana Parrilla. Template Winters. Bobbi
Lance Reddick Character Pevas (┴) Swimmer963
Landon Liboiron Template ρ Hyperion Anya
Landon Liboiron Template Anders Tabs
Lara Jean Chorostecki Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Lara Pulver Template NPC Lotus
Larissa Wilson Template Su ChaosMagic
Larissa Wilson, Yara Shahidi Template Su ChaosMagic
Lauren Boles Template NPC Lotus
Lauren Cohen Template Anda atheistcanuck
Lauren Graham Template Lorelei Gilmore anthusiasm
Lauren Lunde Template Sakura ChaosMagic
Lauren Lunde Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Lauren WK Template τ Millie Kaylin
Laurence Fishburne Template χ NPCs Anya
Laurence Fishburne Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Laurence Fishburne Template φ Nemeton NPCs Jarnvidr
Laurence Leboeuf Template Dagna Kappa
Lazrian (The Fairy Tale Dead) Character Lazrian Evenstar
Lea Michele Template Teo Guilty
Lee Hyori Template σ Seo Anya
Lee Hyun Jae Template Aeson/Regulus Sage/Nemesis
Lee Ji Eun Template Amber Freya
Lee Ji Eun Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Lee Ji-Eun Character Xie Lian Alicorn
Lee Ji-eun Template Skylight Antares
Lee Jun Ki Template Lian-Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Lee Jun Ki Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Lee Jun Ki Template Pavo WolffyLuna
Lee Min-ho Template Kaito Antares
Lee Pace Template David andaisq
Lee Pace Template Harry andaisq
Lee Soo Hyuk Template Chi ChaosMagic
Lee Thompson Young Template θ Lancelot Kaylin
Lee Won Geun Template Nine Diaeresis
Lee Yeuk-Tung Template Untamed Characters st753m
Leehom Wang Template Adarin Aestrix
Leila Hatami Template Zari Lotus
Lena Headey Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Lena Headey Template Aral Kappa
Lenny Kravitz Template Cordelia Kappa
Lenny Kravitz Template Jay Lotus
Leonard Nimoy, Tom Cavanagh Template υ Omega Anya
Leonardo DiCaprio Template κ Liv/Liv Anya
Leonardo DiCaprio Template Ψ Sam/Sam Sage/Nemesis
Leonardo DiCaprio Character Edward Elric Tricky
Leonardo DiCaprio, Cole & Dylan Sprouse Template κ Liv/Liv Anya
Leonardo DiCaprio, Cole & Dylan Sprouse Template Ψ Sam/Sam Sage/Nemesis
Lesley-Ann Brandt Template Chasya Guilty
Leven Rambin Template β Merlin Kaylin
Levi Conely Template Derrick Bobbi
Levi Miller Template NPC Lotus
Li BingBing Template Getsu ChaosMagic
Li Bingbing Template Getsu ChaosMagic
Li Linma Template Taz apprenticebard
Li Qian Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Li Qin Character Cangse-sanren MaggieoftheOwls
Liam Aiken Template David andaisq
Liam Aiken Template Harry andaisq
Liam Aiken Template Fëanor lintamande
Liam Hemsworth Template Darren Halliday NormalAnomaly
Liam Neeson Character Qui-Gon Jinn Rotifer
Liam Neeson Template The Wasteland Tabs
Liana Liberato Character Liz Lielac
Liara T'Soni Template Ari andaisq
Licoln Lewis Template Tidus Tabs
Liev Schreiber Character Detective Rudolph enzika
Lights Bokan Character Shreya Freya
lilac border collie Template Minor Characters Adelene
Lilla Crawford Template τ Millie Kaylin
Lillie Template Lillie QTesseract
Lily Collins Template α Etcetera σ Jarnvidr
Lily Collins Character Tanalin Kappa
Lily Mariye Template υ Satomi Jarnvidr
Lily Singh Template Jaswinder Shepard Tabs
Lin Maioke Template Rose anthusiasm
Lin Manuel Miranda Template Alexander Hamilton sphinx
Lin Manuel Miranda Character Alexander Hamilton Tricky
Lin Miaoke, Zhao Liying Template Lian kid ~ Lucia ChaosMagic
Lincoln Lewis Template Tidus Tabs
Linda Cardellini Template Lian kid ~ Lucia ChaosMagic
Linda Cardellini, Zhao Liying Template Lian kid ~ Lucia ChaosMagic
Linda Park Template Chi ChaosMagic
Linda Park Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Linden Ashby Template ρ Sheriff Jarnvidr
Lindsey Morgan Template Δ Brae Sage/Nemesis
Lisa Edelstein Template Lazarus Kappa
Lisa McAllister Template NPC Lotus
Literal coconut crab + starfish Character Landfarmer Cooperation Blueviolet-108 Ragged Claws
Liu Haikuan Template Lan Xichen argona
Liu Haikuan Character Lan Xichen MaggieoftheOwls
Liu Tingyu Template Vine st753m
Liu Yifei Template α Juliet Anya
Liu Yifei Template α Sera Anya
Liu Yifei Template Em ChaosMagic
Liv Tyler Template Empress Fallowsthorn
Liv Tyler Template Trickster Kappa
Liza Weil Template Paris anthusiasm
Lizard Template Airaradon Rpgkitten
Llover Boyy Template Taylors Bobbi
Logan Browning Template Tyris apprenticebard
Logan Browning Template Azry Tabs
Logan Lerman Template Sadde Red
Logan Lerman Template Danny Wizard of Woah!
Lorenzo Richelmy Template τ Jenna Anya
Louis Garrel Template η Alchemist Jarnvidr
Louis Hynes Template η Listener σ Jarnvidr
Louis Partridge Template Louis Sage/Nemesis
Louise McCarthy. Character Barbara die Weintraube Bobbi
Lu Han Template Yue Antares
Lu Jianmin Template Untamed Characters st753m
Luca Hollestelle Template ρ Ikol Anya
Luca Hollestelle Template Ima Curious Discoverer
Lucas Bryant Template Nathan W Hellevi
Lucas Grabeel Template Rye Blazing Darkness
Lucas Jade Zumann Template κ Lana Anya
Lucas Jade Zumann Template δ Dion Kaylin
Lucas Jade Zumann Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Lucas Till Template θ Pathos Jarnvidr
Lucas Till Template Katta Red
Luciane Buchanan Template Clarie ChaosMagic
Lucien Laviscount Template James Red
Lucky Blue Smith Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Lucky Blue Smith, Sebastian Jessen Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Lucy Boynton Template Wrath Guilty
Lucy Davis Template Rosalind Hellevi
Lucy Lawless Template Mjoll ChaosMagic
Lucy Lawless Template Su ~ Indra ChaosMagic
Lucy Lawless Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Lucy Liu Template Sherlock Kappa
Lucy Liu Template Tony Kappa
Ludi Lin Template Tyler Tregiah
Luke Baines Template Ascendant phi
Luke Broadlick Template α Sera Anya
Luke Broadlick Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Luke Broadlick Template Joker Kappa
Luke Cook Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Luke Evans Template υ Omega Anya
Luke Mitchell Template χ Unthreaded Jarnvidr
Luke Newberry Template NPC Lotus
Luke Norris Character Iain Wizard of Woah!
Luke Pasqualino Template Steven Kappa
Luke Pasqualino Template ε Mac Kaylin
Luke Pasqualino Template Zevran Tabs
Luke Roberts Template Enserric andaisq
Luke Worrall Template Leon Freya
Luke Youngblood Template Lu anthusiasm
Luo Yunxi Template Cat argona
Lupita Nyong'o Template Imrainai apprenticebard
Lupita Nyong'o Character Nayoki of Kmbata Swimmer963
Lyanka Gryu Character Carmian phi
Lydia Makrides Template Bruce Banner NormalAnomaly
Lyndie Greenwood Template Luehmani WolffyLuna
Lyndsy Fonseca Template JokerSherlock Kappa
Lyndsy Fonseca Template Miles Kappa
Léo Legrand Template Jean Lotus
Mackenzie Aladjem Character Peninnah Alicorn
Mackenzie Foy Template κ Ananke Anya
Madchen Amick Template Zev Aestrix
Maddie Hasson Template α Constantine Anya
Madelain Petsch Template Wildling Tabs
Madelaine Petch Template Wildling Tabs
Madelaine Petsch Template Wildling Tabs
Madeleine Madden Template Legend ChaosMagic
Madeleine Madden Template Naruto ~ September ChaosMagic
Madeleine Mantock Template Sara ChaosMagic
Madeleine Mantock Template leareth family Swimmer963
Madeleine Mantock Character Veth Swimmer963
Madeleine Petch Template Wildling Tabs
Madeleine Petsch Template Janus Hellevi
Mads Mikkelsen Template Retired - Hannibal Lecter ErinFlight
Maggie Elizabeth Jones, Matteo Simone Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Maggie Smith Character Minerva McGonagall Red
Maggie Smith Template z/ HP - z/ Harry Potter Characters Rotifer
Mai Ezz Eldin Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Maisie Richardson-Sellers Template φ Mystic Anya
Maisie Richardson-Sellers Template Em ChaosMagic
Maisie Williams Template Ves apprenticebard
Makiko Esumi, Jo Odagiri Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Malcolm David Kelly Template Lian kid ~ Alesan ChaosMagic
Malese Jow Template Minor Inannas Ring Characters ChaosMagic
Malese Jow Template Takeko ChaosMagic
Malese Jow Template Ellie Diaeresis
Malina Weissman Character Parael Atekri apprenticebard
Mana Ashida Template Lian kid ~ Sofia ChaosMagic
Mandy Moore Template Sanlel Tulip
Manish Dayal Character Sarham Peng Alicorn
Manish Dayal Template Ezra Curious Discoverer
Manish Dayal Template α Etcetera σ Jarnvidr
Map Character Lands of Logic NormalAnomaly
Mara Wilson Template Matilda Kappa
Marc Blucas Template θ Riley Jarnvidr
Margaret Qualley Template ψ Retired Characters Anya
Margaret Qualley Template Ψ Jinx Sage/Nemesis
Margay Template Dusk Adelene
Margery Mason Character Trolley Witch Red
Maria Miguel Template Rabbit strictlyquadrilateral
Mariah Buzolin Template Erin Sage/Nemesis
Marie Digby Template α Raven Kaylin
Marion Cotillard Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Mariska Hargitay Template φ Thedas Anya
Mark Gatiss Template ζ Spider Kaylin
Mark Gatiss Character Russell Peasegood Marri
Mark Gatiss/Stephen Fry Template ζ Spider Kaylin
Mark Hamill Template Legend ChaosMagic
Mark Hamill Character Luke Skywalker Diaeresis
Mark Hamill Template Luke SparrowSea
Mark Hamill Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Mark Hamill, Sam Taylor Buck Template Legend ChaosMagic
Mark Indelicato Template Nero Guilty
Mark Lenard Template NPC Lotus
Mark Metcalf, Oliver Jackson-Cohen Template υ Omega Anya
Mark Ruffalo Template Banner Kappa
Mark Ruffalo Template Bruce Banner NormalAnomaly
Mark Strong Template η Alchemist Jarnvidr
Marlen Esparza Template Lucy Kuuskytkolme
Marsai Martin Template Kendra ChaosMagic
Marshall Altman Template Arthur JiSK
Marten Reed Character Martin Grey Ephemeral
Martin Freeman Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Martin Freeman Template χ NPCs Anya
Martin Freeman Template Kado Guilty
Martin Freeman Template NPC Guilty
Marton Csokas Character Anselm apprenticebard
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Template Molly enzika
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Template 'Chelle Guilty
Mary Elizabeth Winstead Template Z root
Mary Lambert Template Pink Rose MaggieoftheOwls
Mary-Louise Parker, Naomie Harris Template υ Omega Anya
Masahiko Nishimura Character Professor Oak Freya
Masaki Suda Template Ku ChaosMagic
Masamune Matsuoka Template Ari andaisq
Matt Benett Character Quael Aestrix
Matt Bomer Template Meghan Curious Discoverer
Matt Bomer Template Meghan Curious Discoverer
Matt Daddario Template Kieren Tabs
Matt Ryan Template α Constantine Anya
Matt Ryan & Caleb Ruminer Template α Constantine Anya
Matt Smith Template Leo Curious Discoverer
Matt Smith Template Doctor Diagrapher
Matthew Clavane Template α Jack Anya
Matthew Daddario Template Julian Curious Discoverer
Matthew Davis Template φ Mystic Anya
Matthew del Negro Template ρ Rafe Jarnvidr
Matthew Goode Template φ Swan Kaylin
Matthew Goode Template Ω Oberyn Sage/Nemesis
Matthew Goode Template William Tregiah
Matthew Grey Gubler Template Spencer Reid Wren
Matthew Knight Template Nova Guilty
Matthew Lewis Character Neville Longbottom Red
Matthew Mercer Template Eantro Screwtape
Matthew Night Template Nova Guilty
Max Adler Character Bradley Winters Red
Max Barczak Template α Cat Kaylin
Max Barczak and Booboo Stewart Template α Cat Kaylin
Max Carver Template φ Accessories Jarnvidr
Max Minghella Template ο Kol Anya
Max Minghella Template Nick westwind
Max Thieriot Template Envy Guilty
Maxim Knight Template β Merlin Kaylin
Maxine Mayfield Template Woven st753m
Maxine Mayfield Character Clara Swimmer963
McKenna Grace Template Zan andaisq
McKenna Roberts Template α Juliet Anya
McKenna Roberts Template α Sera Anya
McKenna Roberts & Brittany O'Grady Template α Juliet Anya
McKenna Roberts & Brittany O'Grady Template α Sera Anya
McKenna Roberts and Brittany O'Grady Template α Juliet Anya
McKenna Roberts, Brittany O'Grady & Gugu Mbatha-Raw Template α Juliet Anya
Meagan Tandy Template Yvette Aestrix
Meagan Tandy Template α Braeden Jarnvidr
Meaghan Rath Template Lora Hawke Tabs
Meera Syal Template NPC Lotus
Meg Myers Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Meg Myers, Lena Headey Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Megan Follows Template Sha ChaosMagic
Megan Fox Template David andaisq
Megan Fox Template Harry andaisq
Meghan Ory Template Arya Curious Discoverer
Meghan Ory Template Arya Curious Discoverer
Melanie Martinez Character Mackenzie Gothel sphinx
Melanie Paxson Template Descendants Hellevi
Melanie Scrofano Template τ Damon Anya
Melanie Scrofano & Ian Somerhalder Template τ Damon Anya
Melissa Benoist Template ρ Momos Anya
Melissa Benoist Character Korafen fir Rekessa ven Itezi al Midera MaggieoftheOwls
Melissa Fernandes & others Template Mehdi argona
Melissa Fernandes & too many others Template Mehdi argona
Melissa McCarthy Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Melissa Ponzio Template ρ Melissa Jarnvidr
Melissanthi Mahut Template Kassandra Tabs
Mena Massoud Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Meng Ziyi Template Wen Qing argona
Meng Ziyi Character Wen Qing SparrowSea
Meng Ziyi Template Untamed Characters st753m
Mercy (Overwatch) Template Gravetender Evenstar
Merle Dandridge Template Wisdom ChaosMagic
Meryl Streep Template Savil Swimmer963
Meryl Streep. Template Alexander. Bobbi
Mia Wasikowska Template Sophia Curious Discoverer
Michael Antonakos Template Alexios Tabs
Michael B. Jordan Template α Titus Anya
Michael Beihn Template SG Peeps Hellevi
Michael Cassidy Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Michael Cera Template Ike Kappa
Michael Copon Template Liams. Bobbi
Michael Copon Template Zac Lielac
Michael Ealy Template φ Thedas Anya
Michael Fassbender Template Jean Lotus
Michael Fassbender Template Erik MaggieoftheOwls
Michael Fjordbak Template Theo JiSK
Michael Gambon Template υ Prime Anya
Michael Gambon Character Albus Dumbledore Red
Michael Gambon Template z/ HP - z/ Harry Potter Characters Rotifer
Michael Hogan Template θ Pathos Jarnvidr
Michael Huisman Template Nick Streiss Rockeye
Michael Johnston Template η Kurt Jarnvidr
Michael Malarkey Template φ Mystic Anya
Michael Mando Template Gari WarmestLight
Michael Rosenbaum Template Lex Luthor Flareonflare
Michael Rosenbaum Character Lex Luthor MaggieoftheOwls
Michael Shanks Template Daniel Hellevi
Michael Sheen Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Michael Spears Template Ω Mercury Sage/Nemesis
Michael Tintiuc Character Onuphrius Philemon Kaylin
Michael Trevino Template τ Zelus Anya
Michael Trevino Template Jocelyn Costigan Guilty
Michael Vartan Template Tobias Red
Michaela Coel Template Avalor Alicorn
Micheal Copon. Template Liams. Bobbi
Michelle Dockery Template Alain Guilty
Michelle Dockery Template Althea Shirube
Michelle Fairley, Rose Leslie Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Michelle Gomez Template Retired - The Master ErinFlight
Michelle Hurd Template Tamara Marri
Michelle Monaghan Character Agent Peggy Carter Nymtheriel
Michelle Rodriguez Template Chained Martyr Guilty
Michelle Rodriguez Character Cass Cutler Marri
Michelle Rodriguez Template Peg zamboni-whisperer
Michelle Trachtenberg Template ρ Dawn Anya
Michelle Trachtenberg Template Adjutant Kappa
Michelle Trachtenberg Template Aril Kappa
Michelle Trachtenberg Template Sissy MaggieoftheOwls
Michelle Yeoh Template YHWH andaisq
Michelle Yeoh Template Vellitt Boe ChaosMagic
Michelle Yeoh Template Laura Red
Michelle Yeoh Template Alice TransrealClouden
Micruroides euryxanthus Character Arizona Coral Snake Red
midwestwhips.com Template Mother Starlight Sonata
Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack Template Silver ~ Outgoing ChaosMagic
Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack Template Batman (a little girl) Wizard of Woah!
Miika Bryce Whiskeyjack, Tonantzin Carmelo Template Palpatine ~ Lily Decima
Miika Whiskeyjack Template Knife Lotus
Mika Character Koti sam-gheda Tmasil Ajzira
Mikemon Template rachel Ezra
Mila Avital Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Miles Mcmillan Template Retired - Callen ErinFlight
Miles McMillan Template Isadore sphinx
Miles McMillan Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Milla Jovovich Template γ Cole Kaylin
Milla Jovovich Character Drone 287241 tau
Millie Spence Template Samira strictlyquadrilateral
Millie Spence Template Vivian strictlyquadrilateral
Milo Ventimiglia Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Milo Ventimiglia Template Rand Sage/Nemesis
Min Yoongi Template Napath scribblingtiresias
Ming Xi Template Mel nory
Ming-Na Wen Template σ Mahariel Anya
Ming-Na Wen Template Aral Kappa
Minka Kelly Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Miranda Otto Character Zelda Spellman Hellevi
Miranda Otto Template Eowyn rusalkii
Mireille Matthieu Template Marcus. Bobbi
Miriam Margolyes Character Pomona Sprout Red
misc Character Chicago Elves lintamande
Misc Template Emu Lotus
Misc Template Jean Lotus
Mischa Barton Template Jni Kappa
Misha Collins Character Castiel FrozenEcho
Missy Peregrym Template ρ Hyperion Anya
Mitch Hewer Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Mitch Hewer, Shirota Yuu Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Miura Haruma Template Tedekhi nory
Moeka Koizumi Template Lin asterisms
Molly Quinn Template Virginia Kappa
Molly Quinn. Character Reagan Loganchaor Bobbi
Monica Bellucci Template Ω Olivia Sage/Nemesis
Monty Template Non-Humans Guilty
Morena Baccarin Template Landon Sharpe Guilty
Morena Baccarin Template NPC Lotus
Morgan Freeman Template Palpatine Decima
Morgan Lily Template κ Astrid Anya
Mostly Mors from Miracleman Character Spaceman Bill Wizard of Woah!
Mr. Meeseeks Character Mr. Meeseeks Ezra
Mylene Jampanoi Template Tialle Kappa
Myst Online: Uru Live Template Ahrotahn Sonata
Mädchen Amick Template υ Omega Anya
N/A Template Eva Evenstar
N/A Template Setting Evenstar
n/a Template NPC Lotus
n/a Template World Lotus
n/a Template Zari Lotus
Nahla Aubry Template α Jack Anya
Naleye Junior Template Desmond Tabs
Nalini Krishan Template Venina Tai
Nana Kitade Template Rye Blazing Darkness
Nana Kitade, Lucas Grabeel Template Rye Blazing Darkness
Naomi Battrick Template Eleanor MaggieoftheOwls
Naomi Nishida Template α Skye Anya
Naomi Scott Template Imrainai apprenticebard
Naomi Scott Template Imrainai-like apprenticebard
Naomi Scott Template 2B Diaeresis
Naomi Scott Template α Scott Jarnvidr
Naomi Scott Template Caryo Kappa
Naomi Scott Template Lorie Tabs
Naomi Watts Character Pandora Lovegood TransrealClouden
Naomie Harris Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Naomie Harris Template ρ Igraine Kaylin
Nasim Fetrat Template Salomon Family Lotus
Nastya Zhidkova Template Retired - Ryou ErinFlight
Natalia Castellar Calvani Template υ Prime Anya
Natalie Alyn Lind Template α Clary Anya
Natalie Alyn Lind, Dominic Sherwood Template α Clary Anya
Natalie Alyn Lind, Rachel Ryals Template α Clary Anya
Natalie Alyn Lind, Sharon Stone Template α Clary Anya
Natalie Dormer Template Skylight Antares
Natalie Dormer Template Retired - Moriarty ErinFlight
Natalie Dormer Template Coil Rotifer
Natalie Morales Template Linsa atheistcanuck
Natalie Morales Template Hisao Interrupted by a cheesemaker
Natalie Portman Template Leia kids ~ Jaina ChaosMagic
Natalie Portman Template Elia Sage/Nemesis
Natalie Portman Template Catienne Khaar Tabs
Natalie Portman Template Amidala teceler
Natalya Rudakova Template NPC Guilty
Natasha Liu Bordizzo Template Treasure ChaosMagic
Natasha Ramachandran Template Belladonna Fortissimo asterisms
Nate Gill Character Dian WarmestLight
Nathalie Emmanuel Character Tarinda Alicorn
Nathalie Emmanuel Template Temperance Curious Discoverer
Nathan Filion Template Mal Lotus
Nathan Fillion Template χ NPCs Anya
Nathan Parsons Template φ Mystic Anya
Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Template Jay Guilty
Nathaniel Buzolic Template ο Kol Anya
Naveen Andrews Template TripletsDad Curious Discoverer
Nawoo Kim Template κ Sybil Anya
Nayanthara Character Amber Atreides Nemo
Nazanin Boniadi Template Rasa argona
Nebulaluben Template Minor Characters Adelene
Nell Tiger Free Template α Ava Anya
Nephania Template Circe Guilty
Nephania Template NPC Guilty
Ni Ni Template Mehdi argona
Ni Ni Template Untamed Misc. argona
Ni Ni Template Fate Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Dragon Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Glint-Sheogorath Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Hisame Decima
Ni Ni Template Fate ~ Ruby Decima
Ni Ni Template The Collective Decima
Niall Horan Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
nichelle nichols Character Nefreti Clepati lintamande
Nicholas Brendon Template Ivan Alicorn
Nicholas Pinnock Template β Merlin Kaylin
Nick Offerman Template χ NPCs Anya
Nicola Correia Damude Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
nicola peltz Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Nicolas Cage Character Max Benedict
Nicole Kidman Template Liriodendron Blazing Darkness
Nicole Kidman Template Satine sphinx
Nicole Maines Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Niels Schneider Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Niels Schneider, Romann Berrux Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Nijiro Murakami Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Nikki M. James Template Catherine Stone NormalAnomaly
Nikki Reed Template Rosalie Alicorn
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Template φ Thedas Anya
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Character Barquiel l'Envers Marri
Nils Verberne Character Oberon anikosmonauta
Nina Dobrev Template τ Petrova Anya
Nina Dobrev Template Daniel Hellevi
Nishi Munshi Template B ChaosMagic
Nishi Munshi Template Bina ChaosMagic
Nivek Ogre & others Character The Twin strictlyquadrilateral
Noah Bystrom Template Luna TransrealClouden
Noah Byström Template Luna TransrealClouden
Noah Centineo Template Toni Hellevi
Noah Gray Template Rai Dicehoarder
noah gray-cabey Template leareth family Swimmer963
Noel Clarke Template Mickey Freundhein
Noemie Lenoir Character Neha Fallowsthorn
none Character Maya Nymtheriel
None yet Template Lara Savidge WhiteMageFiona
Norah Jones Template ρ Sineya Anya
Norah Jones Template Miles Kappa
Noriko Aoyama Template Yuna Tabs
Noriko Ayoama Template Yuna Tabs
Normani Kordei Template Chi ChaosMagic
Normani Kordei Template Su ~ Tobirama ChaosMagic
Not a brass instrument, honest. Template Third Unbitwise
Nyané Lebajoa Template β Merlin Kaylin
Oded Fehr Template Aral Kappa
Oded Fehr Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Odette Yustman Template Ev Tregiah
Odeya Rush Template Zari Lotus
Ok Taec-Yeon Template τ Silvanus Anya
Okieriete Onaodowan Character Hercules Mulligan Tricky
Olga Kurylenko Template Masque Guilty
Olga Kurylenko Template Raeli Guilty
Oliver and James Phelps Character Robin anikosmonauta
Oliver Phelps Character George Weasley Red
Olivia Holt Template Tera teceler
Olivia Munn Template Ann Kuuskytkolme
Olivia Scriven Character Andrea Rodriguez NormalAnomaly
Olivia Thirlby Template Jida Blazing Darkness
Olivia Wilde Template Angelique Guilty
Olivia Wilde Character Melisande Shahrizai Marri
Olivia Wilde Template Dex Tabs
Olivia Williams Template Eleanor Rotifer
Olly Alexander Template Jadey (Jida-Soup) Blazing Darkness
Oluchi Patricia Onweagba-Orlandi Template Fate Decima
Oluchi Patricia Onweagba-Orlandi Template Fate ~ Anakin Decima
Oluchi Patricia Onweagba-Orlandi Template Fate ~ Anathema Decima
Oluchi Patricia Onweagba-Orlandi Template Fate ~ Dragon Decima
Orla Brady Template Miranda strictlyquadrilateral
Orlando Bloom Template γ Nate Kaylin
Orny Adams Template υ Finstock Jarnvidr
Oscar Isaac Template χ NPCs Anya
Oscar Isaac Template Karl Thekla Tabs
Oscar Isaac Template Star Wars NPC's Tabs
Otohiko Yakata Template Hero Red
Ozoi & Alucard Template Isabella Evenstar
Paget Brewster Character Mara Diagrapher
Paige Turco Template Messina Tregiah
Pallas Cat Template Dusk Adelene
Pan Haowen Template The Beast Guilty
Paomon Character ... Ezra
Paraskevas Boubourakas Template φ Thedas Anya
Parasoul Template Sophia Evenstar
Parham Rownaghi Template η Peter Jarnvidr
Park Bom Template Dandelion MaggieoftheOwls
Park Bom Template Lacey MaggieoftheOwls
Park Ji-Yeon Template Rose anthusiasm
Parminder Nagra Character Uma Kaur Freya
Parminder Nagra Template Hilary Kappa
Patricia Velasquez Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Patrick Treadway Character Josef Pieter Janssen Ezra
Patrick Wilson Template θ Pathos Jarnvidr
Patrick Wilson Template ζ Orm Kaylin
Patrícia Pillar Template Laura Red
Paul Bettany Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Paul Bettany Character Mordion Agenos Kaylin
Paul Fontanier Template Quendil argona
Paul Rudd Template [Lilaina's Parents] Lielac
Paul Wesley Template τ Silvanus Anya
Paul Wesley Template Emilio Curious Discoverer
Paulo Pascoal Template Ara strictlyquadrilateral
Pavel Melenchuk Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Pedro Pascal Template Ω Oberyn Sage/Nemesis
Pedro Perestrello Template Artagel Guilty
Penelope Cruz Template La Capitan Dicehoarder
Penn Badgley Template η Petrova σ Jarnvidr
Pernilla August Template Minor Star Wars Characters ChaosMagic
Peter Capaldi Character Dr Kent Nelson Kaylin
Peter Capaldi Template β Merlin Kaylin
Peter Shinkoda Template Adrien Lotus
Peter Stormare Character The Doctor Hellevi
Peter Sullivan Character Lord Withen Ashkevron Swimmer963
Peyton Alex Smith Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Peyton List Template ψ Retired Jarnvidr
Pharrell Williams Template Polar Blazing Darkness
Phoebe Bridgers Character Amalasuintha Stiller strictlyquadrilateral
Phoebe Tonkin Template φ Mystic Anya
Phoebe Tonkin Template Ayra argona
Phoebe Tonkin Template Percy Curious Discoverer
Photos by Quentin Arnaud Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Pierce Brosnan Character Howard Stark Kappa
Pizza Hut Template Pizza Evenstar
Pokemon TCG artwork Template Worlds and Side-Characters st753m
Pooja Mor Template Reine Guilty
presumably, Aga Blonska and Elen Thomas Template z/ Doctor Who Characters Rotifer
Priyanka Chopra Template Alli Marri
Q'orianka Kilcher Template Isa Lielac
Q'orianka Kilcher Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Qi Peixin Template Ling Decima
Qi Peixin Template Untamed Characters st753m
Quincy Fouse Template Nathan-Isaac Hellevi
Quinn Lord Template Riddles andaisq
Quinn Lord Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Quvenzhané Wallis Template Jill Pole Diagrapher
R5 Template Astro-Protocol-Droid Ruby
Rachael Leigh Cook Template Ekuni teceler
Rachael Taylor Template Lihona Tulip
Rachel Bilson Template φ Mystic Anya
Rachel Hurd-Wood Template Mimea Antares
Rachel Hurd-Wood Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Rachel Hurd-Wood Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Rachel Hurd-Wood, Dakota Fanning Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Rachel McAdams Template Zan andaisq
Rachel McAdams Template Joker Kappa
Rachel Nichols Template Lilaina Lielac
Rachel Nichols Template Romola Tabs
Rachel Rhodes Template Margaret NormalAnomaly
Rachel Ryals Template α Clary Anya
Rachel Ryals, Natalie Alyn Lind Template α Clary Anya
Rachel Ryals, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sharon Stone Template α Clary Anya
Rachel Weisz Template Lynn Aestrix
Rachelle Lefevre Template α Cat Kaylin
Rae Rodriguez Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Rae Rodriguez, Olivia Holt Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Raelee Hill Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Raffi Barsoumian Template Chevron Blazing Darkness
Rahul kohli Template Ernest Curious Discoverer
Rahul Kohli Template Kent Tabs
Rainie Yang Character Lee Riko Alicorn
Ralph Fiennes Template Edel Nymtheriel
Rami Malek Template Felix Curious Discoverer
Rami Malek Template Fenris Curious Discoverer
Rami Malek Template Thunder Curious Discoverer
Rami Malek Template Tide Curious Discoverer
Rami Malek Template α Doppelgänger σ Jarnvidr
Ramon Rodriguez Template Anesidora Guilty
Rand Miller Character Atrus Sonata
Ranveer Singh Template Arya Curious Discoverer
Ranveer Singh Template Robert Sage/Nemesis
Raphael Say Template Ram Bobbi
Raven Brawnwen Template Cameron Ephemeral
Raven Symone Template Emu Lotus
RDJ Template Tony Stark lintamande
Rebecca Hall Template Eights Kappa
Rebecca Leigh Longendyke Template Finrod nory
Rebecca Mader Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Reina Kousaka Template Eelesia Ephemeral
Reinaldo Berthoti Template Maedhros lintamande
Remilia Scarlet Template Isabella Evenstar
Ren Vokes Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Rena Andou Template Hailey seylerius
Rena Owen Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Rena Sofer Character Deborah Kowalski Marri
Rene Russo Template Easter Curious Discoverer
Renee O'Connor Template Su ~ Manako ChaosMagic
Renee O'Connor Character Ayla XiBeta
Renée Mittelstaedt Template Jon Sage/Nemesis
Renée Mittelstaedt, Amandla Stenberg Template Jon Sage/Nemesis
Rev. James Martin Character Father Forthill enzika
Rhydian Vaughn Template Bell Alicorn
Richard Armitage Character Njall Rangrsson apprenticebard
Richard Armitage Template Minor Arda Characters ChaosMagic
Richard Armitage Template Bothari Kappa
Richard Ayoade Template SG Peeps Hellevi
Richard Burgi Template χ NPCs Anya
Richard Dean Anderson Template χ NPCs Anya
Richard Feynman Character Rik Nam-Fen NormalAnomaly
Richard Gere Template Ges Kappa
Richard Griffiths Character Vernon Dursley Red
Richard Harmon Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Richard Harmon Template Severus Snape silverandivory
Richard Harris Character Albus Dumbledore NormalAnomaly
Richard Kahan Template Makari Aestrix
Richard Kahan Character Revenant Typhon Aestrix
Rick Malambri Template Ev Tregiah
Rick Worthy Template θ Antediluvian Jarnvidr
Ricky Schroder Template φ Leroy Jarnvidr
Ricky Whittle Template Kane Curious Discoverer
Ricky Whittle Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Riko Yishida Template α Skye Anya
Riko Yishida & Kiko Mizuhara Template α Skye Anya
Riko Yoshida Template Lian kid ~ Rune ChaosMagic
riley finn Character Ryan Beckworth lintamande
Riley Thomas Stewart, Evan Peters Template Maurice Wizard of Woah!
Riley Voelkel Template φ Mystic Anya
Rinko Kikuchi Template Ellie Diaeresis
River Phoenix Template κ Lorenzo Anya
River Phoenix Template Cato root
riz ahmed Template Manakel alexander
Riz Ahmed Template γ Nate Kaylin
Riz Ahmed Template Fenris Tabs
Rob Benedict Template υ Omega Anya
Rob Pralgo Template Jossdad Guilty
Rob Raco Template Δ Ashara Sage/Nemesis
Rob Raco Character Layne (┴) Swimmer963
Rob Raco Template The Wasteland Tabs
Rob Raco Template Valanda WarmestLight
Robbie Amell Template Jess Marri
Robbie Coltrane Character Rubeus Hagrid Red
Robbie Coltrane Template z/ HP - z/ Harry Potter Characters Rotifer
Robert Carlyle Template Adarin Aestrix
Robert Carlyle Template Dross Lotus
Robert Carlyle Character Mr. Gold / Rumplestiltskin Marri
Robert Carlyle; Leehom Wang Character Aydanci Evaret Alicorn
Robert Downey Jr Template Sherlock Kappa
Robert Downey Jr Template Tony Kappa
Robert Downey Jr Template Tony Stark NormalAnomaly
Robert Downey Jr. Template υ Omega Anya
Robert Manion Template Jida Blazing Darkness
Robert Pattinson Template Edward Alicorn
Robert Pattinson Template α Constantine Anya
Robert Pattinson Template Ned scribblingtiresias
Robert Sheehan Template Tav Ajzira
Robert Sheehan Template Retired - Ponder Stibbons ErinFlight
Robert Sheehan Template Avarice Guilty
Robert Sheehan Character Tycho root
Roberta Colindrez Character Mars Fletcher Ragged Claws
Robin Shou Template Sandarr ChaosMagic
Robin Shou Template Palpatine Decima
Robin Wright Template ρ Circe Anya
Robin Wright Character General Judeth Swimmer963
Robot!Björk Character Miriam Macedo Kuuskytkolme
Roger Garth Template apollo • eros • mercury root
Roger Garth. Template Jamie. Bobbi
Roma Christensen, Vanessa Marano Template Tabitha Wizard of Woah!
Roman Konovalov Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Romann Berrux Template Tav Ajzira
romann berrux Template Leareth Swimmer963
Romola Garai Character Adelaide Kryze Tabs
Romola Garai Template Tabs//Author Tabs
Ron Glass Template 2B Diaeresis
Ronen Rubenstein Template Ω Zack Sage/Nemesis
Rooney Mara Template υ Prime Anya
Rooney Mara Template Hailey seylerius
Rooney Mara Template Rachel Tregiah
Rory McCann Template Guy Curious Discoverer
Rosa Kato Template 2B Diaeresis
Rosario Dawson Template Aaron Kappa
Rosario Dawson Character Celestial Force of Nature Glorious Sky Kappa
Rosario Dawson Template Joker Kappa
Rosario Dawson Template JokerSherlock Kappa
Rosario Dawson Template Miles Kappa
Rosario Dawson Character Thane of the Inevitable Tide Kappa
Rosario Dawson Character Thane of the Invincible Mountain Kappa
Rosario Dawson Character Thane of the Untameable Storm Kappa
Rose Byrne Template Holy Red
Rose Leslie Character Rose Kaylin
Rose Leslie Template ε Viper Kaylin
Rose Leslie Template Felicity rusalkii
Rose McIver Template Arthur JiSK
Roseanne Barr Template Serpents. Bobbi
Ruben Cortada Template NPC Lotus
Ruby Jerins Template Nerys Freya
Ruby Rose Template Kamil Lotus
Rui Ninomiya Template Audrey Evenstar
Rui Ninomiya (Gatchaman CROWDS) Template Audrey Evenstar
Rui Weihang Character Wei Changze MaggieoftheOwls
Ruman Kazi Template The Good Place Lotus
Rupert Friend Template β Merlin Kaylin
Rupert Grint Template Ronald Weasley NormalAnomaly
Rupert Grint Character Ronald Bilius Weasley Red
Rupert Grint Template z/ HP - Ron Weasley Rotifer
Russell Crowe Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Russell Crowe Template ι Null Jarnvidr
Ruta Gedmintas Template α Constantine Anya
Rutger Hauer Character The Representative Wizard of Woah!
Ruth Negga Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Ruth Negga Template χ NPCs Anya
Ryan Kelley Template Yue Antares
Ryan Kelley Template η Parrish Jarnvidr
Ryan Kwanten Character Hollister Avenue Red
Ryan Newman Template Alli Marri
Ryan Potter Template ο Hope Anya
Ryan Potter Template ε Rand Kaylin
Ryan Reynolds Template Duane Kappa
Ryo Nishikido Template γ Joss/Fray Anya
Ryougi Shiki Template The Girl who Cut the Stars from the Sky ayashinshi.no.shinjutsushiki
Saiorse Ronan Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Sakura Heffron Template Lelye argona
Saleh Bakri Template Zahi teceler
Sally Hawkins Template Riley TransrealClouden
Salma Hayek Template Rúmil lintamande
Salomon Diaz Template Honey Aabcehmu
Sam Claflin Template Zev Aestrix
Sam Elliott Template Mage Wars Swimmer963
Sam Heughan Template Sawney Curious Discoverer
Sam Heughan. Template Bradleys. Bobbi
Sam Taylor Buck Template Legend ChaosMagic
Sam Tsui Template Retired - Alex ErinFlight
Sam Witwer Template Bucky Tabs
Samantha Ferris Template NPC Guilty
Samantha Logan Template ρ Doppelgänger Anya
Samuel L. Jackson Template χ NPCs Anya
Samuel L. Jackson Character Mace Windu Decima
Samuel L. Jackson Template Ezar Kappa
Samuel Larsen Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Samuel Larsen, Santiago Cabrera Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Samuel Larsen, Santiago Cabrera, Lucius Hoyos Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Sandra Hellberg Template Sabra teceler
Sandrine Holt Template Chell teceler
Santiago Cabrera Template γ Paris/Sirius Anya
Santiago Cabrera Template Steven Kappa
Santiago Cabrera Template θ Lancelot Kaylin
Santiago Cabrera Template Leareth Swimmer963
Saorise Ronan Character Naomi Ward Teller apprenticebard
Saorise Ronan Character Tiny apprenticebard
Sara Arjun; Lili Reinhart Character Exaltation Alicorn
Sara Canning Template τ Jenna Anya
Sara Paxton Character Genevive Stoller lintamande
Sarah (Aahoo Jahansouz) Shahi Character Elodia Torres ilzolende
Sarah Bolger Template ο Aurelius Anya
Sarah Hyland Template Amy Timepoof
Sarah Jones Template Pride Guilty
Sarah Michelle Gellar Template Lyn Ephemeral
Sarah Shahi Template Minor Characters Adelene
Sarah Shahi Template Ω Lya Sage/Nemesis
Sarah Vonderhaar Template Nameless Sage/Nemesis
Sasha Luss Template Ayra argona
Sasha Luss | Annemarie Kuus Template Ayra argona
Sasha Pieterse Template Veritas Hellevi
Saulu Pena Template Eight strictlyquadrilateral
Scarlett Johansson Character Revenant Typhon Aestrix
Scarlett Johansson Template Luar Kappa
Scarlett Johansson Template Tarro Kappa
Scarlett Johansson Template z NPC Neva
Scarlett Johansson Character Natasha Romanoff teceler
Scott Michael Foster Template dylan Ezra
Scott Speedman Character Waldemar Selig Marri
Scott Wilson Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
SCP Foundation logo Character Otolmens Iarwain
sean bean Character Dyre Halfdansson Yngling apprenticebard
sean bean Character Dyre Halfdansson Yngling apprenticebard
Sean Bean Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Sean Bean Template Michael enzika
Sean Bean Template Obi-Wan SparrowSea
Sean Murray Template α Serpent Jarnvidr
Sean Teale Template σ Warden Anya
Sean Teale Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Sebastian Jessen Template Caine Sage/Nemesis
Sebastian Roché Template φ Mystic Anya
Sebastian Stan Template ρ Winter Solider Anya
Sebastian Stan Template Aaron Kappa
Sebastian Stan Template JokerSherlock Kappa
Sebastian Stan Template Miles Kappa
Selena Gomez Template ρ Dawn Anya
Selena Gomez Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Selena Gomez Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Selena Gomez Template Naruto ~ September ChaosMagic
Selena Gomez Template Fate ~ Dragon Decima
Selena Gomez Template Goose Decima
Selena Gomez Character Lári lintamande
Selena Gomez Character Tarihimal MaggieoftheOwls
Sendhil Ramamurthy Template Cassius Curious Discoverer
Sendhil Ramamurthy Template Joker Kappa
Seth Gilliam Template η Deaton Jarnvidr
Seth Green Template χ NPCs Anya
Seth Green Template Wrath Guilty
Seth Green Template σ Eliza/Fox Kaylin
Seth Green/Alaina Huffman Template Wrath Guilty
Sexy Mind Flayers Character Vreth'kahn Ephemeral
Seychelle Gabriel Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Seychelle Gabriel Character Anantae Tasnacelinde MaggieoftheOwls
Seychelle Gabriel Character Annette Blanchet MaggieoftheOwls
Seychelle Gabriel Template [Unnamed Template] rusalkii
Seychelle Gabriel Template Δ Ashara Sage/Nemesis
Seychelle Gabriel Template Mica strictlyquadrilateral
Seychelle Gabriel, Taylor Lautner Template Silver ~ Outgoing ChaosMagic
Seychelle Gabriel, Taylor Lautner Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Seychelle Gabriel, Taylor Lautner, Elle Fanning, Ed Speelers Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Seychelle Gabrielle Template Jay Guilty
Shaco Template Edel Nymtheriel
Shahab Hosseini Template Salomon Family Lotus
Shahid Kapoor Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Shailene Woodley Template Emma Marri
Shalom Harlow Template λ Galehaut Kaylin
Shane West Template Murevo Guilty
Shannon Kane Character Kivahre Aestrix
Shannyn Sossamon Template Lust Guilty
Shawn Roberts Template Nastya Guilty
Shay Mitchell Template χ NPCs Anya
Shay Mitchell Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Shay Mitchell Template Fate Decima
Shay Mitchell Template Epimetheus Guilty
Shay Mitchell Template Aredhel lintamande
Shay Mitchell Template Nightwings Wren
Sheila Goold Character Katran Sonata
Shelley Hennig Template η Mal Jarnvidr
Shen Xiaohai Template Untamed Characters st753m
Shenae Grimes Template Asilia Tulip
Sherman Braithewaite. Template Sanders. Bobbi
Shiloh Fernandez Template Vincent Aestrix
Shin Dong-hee. Template Serpents. Bobbi
Shirota Yuu Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Shirota Yuu, Sukiicat Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Shohreh Aghdashloo Template σ Seo Anya
Shohreh Aghdashloo Template Tar-Míriel Calima
Shohreh Aghdashloo Template NPC Guilty
shohreh aghdashloo Character Paraduchess Lilia Ramona de Montero lintamande
Shun Oguri Template α Constantine Anya
Shunsuke Daito Template Retired - Kyoya ErinFlight
Sianoa Smit-McPhee Template χ NPCs Anya
Sienna Guillory Template Retired - Eve ErinFlight
Sienna Guillory Character Grainne mac Conor Marri
Sienna Miller Template James Red
Sierra Capri Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Silverrr Template Kaguya ChaosMagic
Silverrr Template Lucy MaggieoftheOwls
Silverrrr Template Myra Freya
Simon Baker Template Illyan Kappa
Simon Fisher-Becker Character The Fat Friar Red
Simone Kessell Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Simone Missick Character Mathrael Atekri apprenticebard
Sinqua Walls Template α Exile σ Jarnvidr
Skai Jackson Template Ves apprenticebard
Skandar Keynes Template Joe andaisq
Skandar Keynes Template Aragorn ChaosMagic
Skandar Keynes Template Edmund Diagrapher
Skandar Keynes Template α Raven Kaylin
Skeet Ulrich Template Ω Colin Sage/Nemesis
Skyler Maxon Template Franklyn Curious Discoverer
Skyler Samuels Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Sladen Peltier Template Naruto ~ Hashirama ChaosMagic
Slaine Troyard Template Eli andaisq
Smith Cho Template Lilaina Lielac
snek Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Snowy Owl Character Snowy Owl Red
Soccer Template Wishbone apprenticebard
Sofia Boutella Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Sofia Carson Template Descendants Hellevi
some purple and white yarn Template Echan WarmestLight
Sonam Kapoor Template Eliana Arete/Stars
Sonam Kapoor Template Nyx Guilty
Sonam Kapoor Template Jamie Sage/Nemesis
Sonequa Martin-Green Template Bell Alicorn
Sonoya Mizuno Template α Victoria Jarnvidr
Sophia Bush Template Ellie Diaeresis
Sophia Bush Template James Kappa
Sophia di Giorgio Template Mehdi argona
Sophia di Giorgio + misc. mediterranean monk seals Template Mehdi argona
Sophia Lillis Character Pennie Appleblossom WhiteMageFiona
Sophia Myles Template Illyan Kappa
Sophia Myles Template Ω Candace Sage/Nemesis
Sophie Charlotte and Marlon Teixeira Template Sadde Red
Sophie Okonedo Template Sha ChaosMagic
Sophie Okonedo Template Natalie sphinx
Sophie Skelton Template Sapphire TransrealClouden
Sophie Turner Template Mal ChaosMagic
Sophie Turner Character Tula | Aquagirl Kaylin
Sophie Vavasseur Character Arwen Wizard of Woah!
Sophie Vavasseur, Luca Hollestelle Template ρ Ikol Anya
Sosuke Ikemasu Template Ψ Teddy Sage/Nemesis
Sota Fukushi Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Spence Moore II Template Tobi Rotifer
Spencer Locke Character Alex Dunmore Lielac
Stanley Tucci Template Trap Guilty
Star Guardian Jinx Template Jinx Evenstar
Star Slade Template Ellie Diaeresis
Star Trek Online Character Captain Zarikk Tyrathalis
Star Trek Online Character Commander Steven Toasty Tyrathalis
Stefan van Ray Template τ IED Jarnvidr
Stefanie Martini Template Lone Singer anikosmonauta
Stella Maeve Template υ Prime Anya
Stephan Haurholm Template Lucien root
Stephanie Beatriz Template τ Zelus Anya
Stephanie Beatriz Template Jocelyn Costigan Guilty
Stephanie Beatriz Template Kyniska Tabs
Stephanie Bennett Template ρ Bearer Jarnvidr
Stephanie Jacobsen Template α Raven Kaylin
Stephanie Lee Character Feng Xin Alicorn
stephen dillane Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Stephen Dillane Template Ω Stannis Sage/Nemesis
Stephen Dillane Character Jehoel Wizard of Woah!
Stephen Lang Template Mentor Tabs
Stephen Lunsford Template θ Hudson Jarnvidr
Stephen Sean Ford Template θ Hudson Jarnvidr
Stephen Thompson Template Makari Aestrix
Steve Berg Template The Good Place Lotus
Steven Brand Template υ Valack Jarnvidr
Steven R. McQueen Template φ Mystic Anya
Steven R. McQueen Template Chainsaw Kappa
Steven Strait Template α Titus Anya
Steven Strait Template ρ Psykhe Anya
Steven Strait Template Vine st753m
Storm Reid Template υ Omega Anya
Storm Reid Template Orochimaru ChaosMagic
Su Kyung Template σ Eliza/Fox Kaylin
Su Yaxin Template Wei Ying MaggieoftheOwls
Sui He Template Val Sage/Nemesis
Sukku Son Template Shisui ChaosMagic
Summer Bishil Template α DMM Jarnvidr
Summer Fontana Template ο Hope Anya
Summer Fontana Template Sapphire TransrealClouden
Summer Fontana, Sophie Skelton Template Sapphire TransrealClouden
Summer Glau Template Camellia Curious Discoverer
Summer Glau Template Fate Decima
Summer Glau Character Rosanna enzika
Summer Glau Template Eelesia Ephemeral
Sun Anke Template Untamed Misc. argona
Sun FeiFei Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Sun Feifei Template KanJar MaggieoftheOwls
Sung Kang Template Robert Sage/Nemesis
Suraj Sharma Template Rho Guilty
Susan Coffey Template Isansia Tulip
Susan Park Template The Good Place Lotus
Susan Walters Template φ Mystic Anya
Suzuka Ohgo, Kuroki Meisa Template Ekuni teceler
Sydney LaFaire Template Natalia Tabs
T.J. Mcgibbon (& Alyssa Gervasi) Template Lark strictlyquadrilateral
T.L. Forsberg Character Siisa'arelaaia st753m
T3 series droid Template Ω Mercury Sage/Nemesis
Tabrett Bethel Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Tae Takemi Template December Evenstar
Tahar Rahim, Claude Lelouch Template Leareth Swimmer963
Taissa Farmiga Template Ariadne Hellevi
Tak Sakaguchi Template Phobos root
Takeru Satoh Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Takeshi Kaneshiro Template Tenathayan Kappa
Takizawa Hideaki Template Sloth Guilty
Takizawa Hideaki? Template Arthur JiSK
Tali'Zorah Template NPC Guilty
Tali'Zorah nar Rayya vas Normandy Template Sally andaisq
Tama Template Tama Curious Discoverer
Tamannaah Bhatia Template Marena WolffyLuna
Tamara Duarte Template Tuwiuwok Hellevi
Tamara Mazarrasa Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Tamara Mazarrasa Template Z root
Tamara Smart Template κ Sybil Anya
Tamino-Amir Moharam Fouad Template Ψ Hades Sage/Nemesis
Tamlyn Tomita Template ι Celestial + Kira Jarnvidr
Tammin Sursok Template Veritas Hellevi
Tamsin Egerton Template ρ Circe Anya
Tang Tang Julia Template Dukes Bobbi
Tania Raymonde Template Vera Curious Discoverer
Tanya Degurechaff Template Isabella Evenstar
Tao Tsuchiya Template Sesh ChaosMagic
Taraneh Alidoosti Template Salomon Family Lotus
Tarita Teriipaia Template α Raven Kaylin
Tarjei Sandvik Moe Template Eli andaisq
Tarjei Sandvik Moe Template Ψ Brandonkids - Dragoons Sage/Nemesis
Tashi Rodriguez Template α Clary Anya
Tashi Rodriguez Template χ NPCs Anya
Tashi Rodriguez Character Caslyn argona
Tashi Rodriguez Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
Tashi Rodriguez (and Olive of oliveandrye) Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
Tataru Taru Character Tataru Taru Red
Tate Ellington Template ρ Hodge β Jarnvidr
Tati Gabrielle Character Prudence Night Hellevi
Tatiana Maslany Template Lainey Guilty
Taye Diggs Character Charles Reed Marri
Taylor Lautner Template Caranthir lintamande
Taylor Momsen Template Kurama ChaosMagic
Taylor Momsen Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Taylor Swift Character Lord Zash Diaeresis
Taylor Swift Template δ Katherine Kaylin
Tchai Ovna Template Set Pieces Guilty
Ted Danson Template Lord Curious Discoverer
Ted Danson Template The Good Place Lotus
Temuera Morrison Template δ Arthur Kaylin
Teresa Palmer Template Tessa andaisq
Teresa Palmer Template α Ava Anya
Teresa Palmer Template ο Klava Anya
Teresa Palmer Template Thor Kappa
Teresa Palmer Template Elodea MaggieoftheOwls
Teresa Palmer Template Gabriel Sage/Nemesis
Teresa Palmer Template Eden Tabris Tabs
Teri Hatcher Template Grandmother Jocasta Curious Discoverer
Tess Holliday Character Pepper Jones Tabs
Tessa Thompson Template Monday st753m
Teyonah Parris Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Thandie Newton Template Jezebel Guilty
Thane Krios Template Rho Guilty
The Delong Star Ruby Character Mezith nextworldover
the forum in Rome Character Justice WarmestLight
the internet Template Em -oH
the sorting hat Template z/ HP - z/ Harry Potter Characters Rotifer
The Toy Soldier as Jessica Law Character The Toy Soldier Kaylin
The Toy Soldier as Jessica Law Character The Toy Soldier strictlyquadrilateral
The Witness (2016 video game) Character . . . Unbitwise
Theo Alexander Template Prometheus Guilty
Theresa Fractale Template Adela ChaosMagic
Thing Template NPC Lotus
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Template Tintin andaisq
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Character Garfield Logan Kaylin
Thomas Dekker Character Lief Fallowsthorn
Thomas Doherty Template Descendants Hellevi
Thomas Doherty Template Zevran Tabs
Thomas McDonell Template ε Mac Kaylin
Thomas Sturridge Template Riddles andaisq
Thylane Blondeau Template Skylight Antares
Tiffany Hines Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Tilda Swinton Template β Ozymandias Kaylin
Tilda Swinton Template Lavinia MaggieoftheOwls
Tiles from DCSS Character Xom Thatwasademo
Time Winters Character Alvin Clement ("Doc Lemon") Sonata
Timothy Dalton Template ζ Orm Kaylin
Timothy Olyphant Template Jonathan Unbitwise
Timothy Olyphant, Jenna Dewan-Tatum Template Jonathan Unbitwise
Timothée Chalamet Template Amalia Sage/Nemesis
Tina Desai Template Rebecca Alicorn
Tina Desai Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Tina Desai, Fawad Khan Template Silver ~ Outgoing ChaosMagic
Tina Desai, Fawad Khan Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Tina Fey Template YHWH andaisq
Titan (moon) Template Enviroment enyo-eris
Titus Makin Jr. Template α Etcetera σ Jarnvidr
Tiya Sircar Template Iarnera Blazing Darkness
Tiya Sircar Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Toby Froud Template Ψ Teddy Sage/Nemesis
Toby Regbo Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Toby Regbo Template β Merlin Kaylin
Toby Regbo Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
Toby Regbo, David Oakes, Gregory Smith Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
Toby Regbo, David Oakes, Jeremy Irons Template Remus/Luke Sage/Nemesis
Toby Sebastian Template Henry Curious Discoverer
Todd Stashwick Template φ Mystic Anya
Tom Burke Template Minor Skyrim Characters ChaosMagic
Tom Ellis Template Tantalus Guilty
Tom Felton Template χ NPCs Anya
Tom Felton Character Draco Malfoy Red
Tom Hardy Template Robert Sage/Nemesis
Tom Hiddleston Template ρ Ikol Anya
Tom Hiddleston Template Sliske Lielac
Tom Hiddleston Template Lord Ruler Nemo
Tom Hiddleston Template Jon Sage/Nemesis
Tom Holland Template Alistair SparrowSea
Tom Hooper Template Shawil Urock
Tom Mison Template Ichabod Kappa
Tom Mison Template Anders Tabs
Tom Vaughan Template Minor Characters Adelene
Tom Welling Template Skylight Antares
Tom Welling Template A2 Diaeresis
Tom Welling Template η Petrova σ Jarnvidr
Tommy Martinez Template Kaz Tabs
Tomoya Hashimoto Template α Skye Anya
Tomoya Hashimoto & Riko Yishida & Kiko Mizuhara Template α Skye Anya
Tomoya Hashimoto, Lin Miaoke Template Silver ~ Shy ChaosMagic
Tonantzin Carmelo Template Ash ChaosMagic
Tonantzin Carmelo Template Palpatine ~ Lily Decima
Tony Thornburg Character Asura apprenticebard
Tony Yang Template ρ Momos Anya
Tony Yang Template υ Omega Anya
Tonya Crowe Template Miranda strictlyquadrilateral
torkel rogstad Template mairon alexander
Touhou's Gungnir Character Gungnir Evenstar
Tracie Thoms Template Minor Characters Adelene
Tracie Thoms Template Madara ChaosMagic
Tracie Thoms Character Brynlee Tabs
Travis Caldwell Template Anthony Tregiah
Trent Sullivan Template Naruto ChaosMagic
Tristan Wilds Template Minor Marvel Characters ChaosMagic
Troian Belissario Template Spencer Hellevi
Tsuzuku Template Y2K root
Tuba Büyüküstün Template α Ava Anya
Tuba Büyüküstün Template γ Eteri Kaylin
Tuppence Middleton Template υ Prime Anya
Tuppence Middleton and Logan Lerman Template Sadde Red
Tuppence Middleton, Logan Lerman Template Sadde Red
Ty Panitz Template κ Max Anya
Ty Simpkins. Character Adam Wizard of Woah!
tye sheridan Character Trainee Medren Swimmer963
Tyler Blackburn Template Gecko anikosmonauta
Tyler Blackburn Template Skye/Daisy Hellevi
Tyler Hoechlin Template Liam Curious Discoverer
Tyler Hoechlin Template η Derek Jarnvidr
Tyler Posey Template φ Thedas Anya
Tyler Posey Template Henry Curious Discoverer
Tyler Posey Character Neru Thuviar Curious Discoverer
Tyler Posey Template α Scott Jarnvidr
Tyler Posey Template Joker Kappa
Tyler Posey, Toby Sebastian Template Henry Curious Discoverer
Ujjwala Raut Character Yami "Shelob" Bandha Freya
Uzo Aduba Template Sally andaisq
Vadim Shatilov Template Arken sphinx
Valentina Cervi Template Retired - Bartimaeus characters ErinFlight
Valentina Cervi Template Pantheon of Eternal Douchebags And Bitches Hellevi
Valerie Adams Template Mirev Nymtheriel
Valery Kovtun Template ζ Orm Kaylin
Valery Kovtun Template Ω Rhae Sage/Nemesis
Valery Kovtun Character Starwind k'Treva Swimmer963
Vanessa Hudgens Template Robin Sage/Nemesis
Vanessa Hudgens Template Anara Tregiah
Vanessa Marano Template Mal ChaosMagic
Vanessa Marano Template Toni Hellevi
Vanessa Morgan Character Nilam Freya
Vanessa Morgan Template Mauve Descendants Hellevi
Vanessa Redgrave Template Zari Lotus
Various Template Liath Evenstar
various panthers Template Dama strictlyquadrilateral
various panthers Character Lyli strictlyquadrilateral
Various polar bears Template Sara Sage/Nemesis
various red pandas Template Nova Guilty
various snakes Character Nemesis NormalAnomaly
Vera Farmiga Character Trudy Mertens ilzolende
Veronika Vernadskaya Character Hælvi Hellevi
Victor Norlander Character Lornell Blazing Darkness
Victor Norlander Character Lornell . . . 2 Blazing Darkness
Victoria Moroles Template υ Hayden Jarnvidr
Victoria Pedretti Template Terisa Morgan Guilty
Victoria Platt Template Patience Curious Discoverer
Victoria Song Template α Juliet Anya
Vienna Teng Template Veronica Bobbi
Viggo Mortensen, Skandar Keynes Template Aragorn ChaosMagic
Ville Valo Template ΩΩ Minor Characters Sage/Nemesis
Vincent Kartheiser Template η Titus σ Jarnvidr
Violet Chachki Template Helena Bobbi
Wanda Badwal Template γ Hilda Kaylin
Wang Hao Xuan Template Xue Yang SparrowSea
Wang Likun Template Stella Ajzira
Wang Likun Character Rain Master Alicorn
Wang Rong Template Untamed Misc. argona
Wang Yibo Template Lan Zhan argona
Wang Yibo Template Lan Zhan MaggieoftheOwls
Wang Yibo Template Untamed Characters st753m
Wang Yifei Template Untamed Misc. argona
Wang Yizhe Character Mu Qing Alicorn
Wang Yizhou Template Untamed Characters st753m
Wang Zhuocheng Character Jiang Cheng MaggieoftheOwls
Wang Zhuocheng Template Azure st753m
Warwick Davis Character Filius Flitwick Red
Watanabe Daisuke Template Minor Naruto Characters ChaosMagic
Watanabe Daisuke Template η Petrova σ Jarnvidr
Wendy Raquel Robinson Template Descendants Hellevi
Wentworth Miller Template Dragon Age NPCs Tabs
Whoopi Goldberg Template Norma Red
Will Poulter Template Eustace Diagrapher
Will Shadley Template Alex Sage/Nemesis
Will Smith Template Serg Kappa
Will Tudor Template Faust MaggieoftheOwls
Will Tudor Template Aeson/Regulus Sage/Nemesis
Willa Holland Template Niet ChaosMagic
Willa Holland Character Aila ErinFlight
Willa Holland Template Retired - Will Graham ErinFlight
Willa Holland Template Retired Non-Templates ErinFlight
Willa Holland Template Kat Sonata
Willey Reveley Template GM Freya
Willey Reveley Template Narrator Interrupted by a cheesemaker
William Jackson Harper Template The Good Place Lotus
William Moseley Character Peter Pevensie andaisq
William Moseley Template Li-an ChaosMagic
William Moseley Template Peter Pevensie Diagrapher
William Moseley Template γ Cole Kaylin
Willy Cartier Template JokerSherlock Kappa
Willy Cartier Template δ Lynx Kaylin
Wilmer Valderrama Template υ Omega Anya
Winnie Harlow Template γ Eteri Kaylin
Winona Ryder Character Nicol Alicorn
Winona Ryder Template Earwig Blazing Darkness
Wyatt Cushman Template Ram Bobbi
wyrmling copper dragon Template Minor Characters Adelene
Xavier Samuel Template ρ Momos Anya
Xavier Samuel Template Alle MaggieoftheOwls
Xavier Samuel Template Dino/Alin Sage/Nemesis
Xavier Samuel Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Xavier Samuel, Dakota Fanning Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Xavier Samuel, Nell Tiger Free Template Jalex Sage/Nemesis
Xian Lim Template η Derek Jarnvidr
Xiao Zhan Template Wei Ying argona
Xiao Zhan Template Goose Decima
Xiao Zhan Template Wei Wuxian Neva
Xiao Zhan Template Alistair SparrowSea
Xiao Zhan Template Untamed Characters st753m
Xiao Zhan, Kazuya Kamenashi Template Wei Ying MaggieoftheOwls
Xolo Maridueña Character Marco Diaz Ezra
Xu Kai Template Leo andaisq
Xuan Lu Character Jiang Yanli MaggieoftheOwls
Xuan Lu Template Untamed Characters st753m
Xun Zhao Template Mikoto ChaosMagic
Xun Zhao Template Su ~ Tomoe ChaosMagic
Xyriel Manabat Template Li-an ChaosMagic
Xyriel Manabat Template Minor Inannas Ring Characters ChaosMagic
Xyriel Manabat Template Alice TransrealClouden
Xyriel Manabat Character Nemo Wizard of Woah!
Yamashita Tomohisa Template Malak Lethriloth
Yana Shmaylova Template Tanya Interrupted by a cheesemaker
Yang Mi Character Quan Yizhen Alicorn
Yang Yang Template Tengfei argona
Yara Shahidi Template Su ChaosMagic
Yato Template Revan Aestrix
Yin (Darker Than Black) Template Audrey Evenstar
Yin (Darker Than Black), Remilia Scarlet (Touhou), Diabla (Elsword) Template Clarity Evenstar
Yin/Remilia Scarlet Template Audrey Evenstar
Yjka Atoel Template James Red
Yoon Si Yoon Template Psii argona
Yoshizawa Ryo Template α Skye Anya
Youssef Sawmah Template α Clary Anya
Yu Bin Template Wen Ning argona
Yu Bin Character Wen Ning SparrowSea
Yu Bin Template Untamed Characters st753m
Yu Phoenix Template Z root
Yu Phoenix/Ryan Reynolds in red spandex Template Z root
Yuki Amami Template NPC Lotus
Yuki Shikanuma Template Minor Characters [Chaos] ChaosMagic
Yulia Saparniiazova Template Reluctant Champion Aabcehmu
Yusef Gatewood Template φ Mystic Anya
Yuu Aoi Template Sha ChaosMagic
Yvonne Strahovski Template Glory MaggieoftheOwls
Yvonne Strahovski Template Serena Joy westwind
Yūki Kimisawa Template χ NPCs Anya
Zachary Booth Template Velgarth Heralds Swimmer963
Zachary Booth. Template Cadens. Bobbi
Zachary Gibson Template Descendants Hellevi
Zagreus Template James Red
Zagreus Character 両面宿儺 Red
zaijian jaranilla Template Leareth Swimmer963
Zaijian Jaranilla Template Michael Wizard of Woah!
Zendaya Template Skylight Antares
Zendaya Coleman Template α Jack Anya
Zendaya Coleman, Nahla Aubry Template α Jack Anya
Zhang Jingtong Template Untamed Characters st753m
Zhang Ziyi (Young), Michelle Yeoh (Old) Template Diǎnrán Tai
Zheng Fanxing Template Untamed Misc. argona
Zheng Fanxing Character Lan Sizhui MaggieoftheOwls
Zhu Yilong Template Misc (Fandom) Ajzira
Zhu Zanjin Template Yao argona
Zhu Zanjin Character Meng Yao MaggieoftheOwls
Zhu Zanjin Template Meng Yao st753m
Ziyi Zhang Template Gregor Kappa
Zoe Saldana Template Mikoto ChaosMagic
Zoe Saldana Template Su ~ Tomoe ChaosMagic
Zoe Saldana Template Gamora Freundhein
Zoey Deutch Template Adela ChaosMagic
Zoie Palmer Template Peridot Diagrapher
Zooey Deschanel Template Lacey MaggieoftheOwls
Zooey Deschanel Template Rigel Sage/Nemesis
Zoë Kravitz Template Candace ilzolende
Zoë Saldana Template Gamora Freundhein
Zoë Wanamaker Character Rolanda Hooch Red
Zuleikha Robinson Character Esthfora Kappa
Zuleikha Robinson Template Home Kappa
Zuleikha Robinson Template keeper Kappa
Álvaro Rico Template η Mal Jarnvidr
錐生零 Template Death Red