Shirogane Takashi | "Shiro"
Nickname Shiro
Aliases Shirogane Takashi 銀貴
Facecast Kenta Sakurai
Setting Voltron

Top of his class at the Galaxy Garrison, Shiro was selected as the pilot for the ill-fated Kerberos mission. Along with the rest of the crew, he was captured by the Galra, who forced him to fight as a gladiator and replaced his right arm with a metal prosthesis powered by strange energy. On his return to Earth a year later, Shiro could remember little of this time, but he suffers from flashbacks and nightmares. Now, he pilots the Black Lion as the leader of Voltron.

(Note on name order: Shiro is Japanese; as such, his name is given surname-first—his given name is Takashi. In person, he usually introduces himself surname-last, as Takashi Shirogane, because he's spent a lot of time in the US surrounded by Westerners.)

Screenname adapted from a canon quote from s7e1.

{Shiro is a fusion of the Mac and Cole templates.}