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Late update notes (2024-01-13)

  • Upgraded Ruby, bumped some Rails configs
  • Blocked a spammy IP address

Release 2024-01-23


  • Fixed an issue where some table lists' displayed timestamps were using an incorrect timezone. (This didn't seem to affect most post lists - just continuities + other things!)
  • Added a hovertext (or small text on mobile) to the continuity names displayed on post lists (such as "Opened Posts" or "Recently Updated") clarifying the thread's subcontinuity when available.
  • Changed the label of the "Nickname" text field when editing an NPC to "Original posts".
  • Unblocked the "Screenname" text field when editing NPCs.
  • When creating an NPC from within a thread, that thread's setting(s) will be applied to the NPC.
  • Split character nicknames from aliases on character pages.
  • Made it possible to save the "Author's Notes" text field when it's empty.

Development Work

  • Dependency updates - including boostrap (a UI component library we use), TinyMCE (for the post + reply editor), and sassc (the compiler for our CSS styles). If you see something weird, let us know!
  • Updated several bits of JavaScript (e.g. using let/const instead of var). Again, if you see something weird, let us know!
  • Cleaned up the code for the post scraper.
  • Development environment improvements - thanks miniBill!
  • Development test fixing
  • API improvements - thanks Vona!

Full GitHub changelog here: changelog

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