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Late notes from 2023-10-22 (small changes after the last release)

  • Fixed switching aliases in the post + reply editors after the new NPC box feature broke it
  • Fixed a crash on the users "output" page
  • Added a button to filter to NPCs on a user's characters page
  • Changed how characters with no icon appear in character icon view

Release 2023-12-10

Minor update this time!

Development Work

  • We added automated tests to our page rendering. Pages may still break from time to time, but it should be a lot harder for us to accidentally break things here now!
  • Upgraded to Rails 7 (including related dependency updates, like upgrading our JavaScript minifier from uglifier to terser)
  • Added some admin tools, which should make it easier to split posts, regenerate flat posts, and even migrate characters between user accounts
  • Started tagging releases on the GitHub page
  • A bunch of other dependency updates since the last deploy

Full GitHub changelog here: changelog

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