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Release 2023-10-21


  • The Account Settings page now has a setting that can set the Characters page to hide retired characters by default.
  • NPC Box feature implemented:
    • You can now create an "NPC" directly while writing a post by selecting "Choose Character", clicking "NPC", and choosing a name for them. They will be created when posting, previewing, or saving a draft.
    • You can select an existing NPC by going through that same procedure and finding an existing one; they are identified by name and by the first thread they appeared in. They also show up in the mini character selector just like regular characters.
    • NPCs don't show up in your Characters page.
    • On creation the NPC will only have access to the author avatar (or no icon), and whichever you choose will be their default icon.
    • You can click the NPC name on a post to go to their character page and add more details to them, or to promote them to a regular character.
    • You can demote a regular character to an NPC on their character page.


  • Various searches that used to be case-sensitive are now case-insensitive:
    • API: continuities, posts, tags/labels, templates, users;
    • UI: characters names, screennames, and nicknames, reply content exact search, continuities, tags/labels, users.
  • Searching within the "Site testing" continuity now works.
  • ToS prompt no longer breaks reply permalinks.
  • Timestamps now use your local timezone when logged out. Hovering over the timestamp shows UTC.

Development Work

  • Posts fetched from the continuity posts API are now ordered by post ID.
  • Test improvements.
  • Invalid HTML fixes.
  • Tracking whether you used the HTML editor or Rich Text editor when writing a post/reply.
  • Dependency upgrades; Heroku stack upgrade; Ruby 3.2; local icon uploads; database version upgrades.
  • Added Scout for performance monitoring (like NewRelic).
  • Moved the repo from Marri/glowfic to glowfic-constellation/glowfic.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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