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Hello Constellation users! We have a request from Eliezer/Iarwain to build out a new account type, which will be read-only, to allow him to share his glowfic more widely with his fans. This account type will use a different secret registration code and will not allow the account to write posts or replies, send DMs, or create characters, templates, or icons. They will be able to read posts as normal and use all the reader features such as favoriting and unread tracking.

Because we expect releasing this will result in a fairly large influx of new users and that may change how folks think about our Only Registered Users Can View This Post privacy setting, we wanted to alert folks in advance and ask for opinions on how you will feel affected by the change. (Note that any new privacy setting mentioned below would only be released with an admin tool written and tested in advance for us devs to easily migrate you upon request.) Please, please vote! We want to hear from you. Voting and feedback are available in Discord or via anonymous Google form.

Additional thoughts/comments/questions/concerns? Please let us know!

Posted on by Marri