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Release 2020-02-01

This time: performance improvements, and some slight stability improvements! If you notice anything strange going on on the site, or if any pages feel slower than normal, please let us know.

Development work

  • Timeout configurations have been tweaked, to try to prevent a cascading effect that our old configurations had.
  • Additional logging has been added for slow queries, rendering, and overall page loads. Memory usage logging has also been tweaked.
  • Various queries have been collapsed to use subqueries and prevent intermediate loading, hopefully saving us significantly on CPU time and memory usage!
  • Additional feature specs have been added for character lists and post/reply preview pages.
  • Character list rendering has been rejiggered – local testing showed significantly reduced memory usage.
  • Some other method rejiggering has been done to make the codebase easier to read.

Full GitHub changelog here: changelog

Update, 2020-02-02

  • Reduced memory usage on gallery pages (especially when viewing the galleries of an icon)
  • Updated a database index to remove a slow query

Additional GitHub changelog: changelog

Update 2, 2020-02-02

  • Reduced verbosity of memory logging (when there's no change)
  • Added additional Heroku metrics

Additional GitHub changelog: changelog

Posted on Feb 01, 2020 2:17 PM by Tregiah