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Privacy Checkup!

There's been a few cases recently of people having security questions or concerns - people having their real names associated with their glowfic handles, the addition of new block options on the Constellation, the ongoing SSC pseudonym conversation, and so on. We know a lot of you haven't worried about the site in the past, but we do want to remind everyone that there are limits to security by obscurity and that things listed as public are in fact public, and can be accessed or scraped by folks on the broader internet at will. Plenty of sites already do this - Google is probably the best known but there's other search engines out there which index us, the Wayback Machine has copies of the site, etc - and on top of that we've recently received direct requests from at least two people to scrape the site periodically for backup reasons. If you'd like more details on what privacy options we have available for your posts, if you'd like help updating any of your existing work, or if you have more questions or concerns in general, please reach out! The devs are here to help.

Posted on Jul 04, 2020 11:55 PM by Marri