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Release 2022-06-22


  • Posts with 4 or more authors will now display the remaining authors' usernames when you hover over the "and {number} others" link.
  • Added post and continuity search by acronym
  • Added confirmation request when logging out
  • Added preview metadata to stats page (for links in ex. discord)
  • Added read-only accounts
  • Relatedly, added a new privacy setting for all registered accounts, and converted the old registered accounts setting to only full acounts.
  • The title of the Replies Owed page now includes the number of posts you owe replies in (if any).
  • Text color selection is now available in the RTF editor.


  • Posts will now default to authors-locked earlier in the post creation flow. (You can of course still change the default.)
  • Multiauthor continuity search now excludes cameo appearances, as this was causing confusion around AND vs OR for the search. (It's AND.)
  • Ignored html tags for daily word count
  • Fixed mis-sized header for setting characters
  • Posts which are open to anyone will be visible to everyone, even users who have been blocked by a post author from viewing posts written by that post author. They will, however, still be hidden from users who have blocked themselves from seeing posts by one of the authors. Block behavior for author-locked posts has not changed.
  • When sanitizing HTML we now allow thead and tbody tags as well as colspan and rowspan attributes.
  • Flat posts will now update on more changes, such as deleting replies, changing character screen names, etc.

Development Work

  • Consolidated common code for formatting characters for dropdown menus.
  • Refactored some display code into smaller more specific classes.
  • Updated our linter configs and cleaned up various resulting lint complaints.
  • Migrated css linting to stylelint, and cleaned up our css a bit.
  • Upgraded Ruby from 2.6.8 to 2.7.5
  • Upgraded Rails from 5.2.6 to
  • Upgraded many, many, many additional dependencies. I don't love patch notes enough for this, check the changelog.
  • Test suite improvements: migrated from Travis CI to Github Actions, added some new tests, and improved some existing ones.
  • Removed chromium version lock in Docker, which has caused far more problems than it has ever solved.
  • Moved from the now-unmaintained redis-rails library to use the built in Rails Redis support, and added an additional Redis server to properly separate our cache from our background queueing.
  • Fixed broken Heroku/Github integration.
  • Fixed a bunch of n+1 queries.

Full Github changelog here

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