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Release 2022-07-09

Third time's the charm for this release!


  • There is now a script to allow admins to transfer characters, along with their associated galleries and icons, to a different user account.


  • Added a missing icon for the new Full Accounts Only privacy setting which was causing crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when previewing new replies or viewing a post's delete history.
  • Fixed a bug with post blocking and bumped the cache to pick up the fix.
  • Fixed a bug where restoring a deleted reply did not restore it with its original created_at timestamp.
  • Your Daily Output is now grouped by post and ordered (other than top posts) rather than ordered randomly by the database.
  • Fixed a bug causing emails about new replies with icons to crash.

Development Work

  • Upgraded rails-html-sanitizer gem.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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