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Release 2020-09-27

  • Blocking a user with the setting "Prevent you from seeing everything of theirs" now hides posts they have joined that are open to anyone, in addition to the existing behavior that hid posts they have joined that are locked to their authors.
  • Tag search now supports partial matches instead of just exact match.


  • Post import is no longer crashing when trying to parse the post status.
  • History of deleted replies page is no longer crashing when trying to calculate edit history. (Since it is a delete history page, it is also no longer trying to calculate edit history.)
  • You can now assign parent settings as expected; previously the setting was being incorrectly marked as the parent of itself.
  • Added padding around the unread link on mobile devices to make it easier to click.
  • Mass updates to posts and replies that happen in background jobs, such as bulk character or icon replacements, will now preserve context of the user who triggered the action when viewing edit history. (This will only fix the bug for bulk updates begun after this release, for now; time traveling tech support has not yet determined the best way to try to backfill older records.)
  • News posts now include a permalink in the top right for easy linking.

Development work

  • Upgraded to websocket-extensions 0.1.5 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2020-7663.
  • Consolidated some tagging code.
  • Cleaned up some test code.
  • Fixed some slow queries in the user profile page and post API.
  • Sped up our pagination helper code.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

Posted on Sep 27, 2020 10:15 PM by Marri