Kaylin's Characters
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Template: α Cat

Young man with a troubled past and possibly an equally troubled present. Cat is a trouble magnet with Eternal Hero Syndrome. This template has at least two clusters and a tendency to fracture into multiple instances within a single world. He does not come in girl but does come in trans guy and nonbinary. (Common warnings include child abuse, brainwashing, child soldiers, violence, identity issues and other badbrains.)

Template: α Raven

A young woman (usually) in pursuit of knowledge. Allergic to Masquerades and other restrictions on knowledge in general and magic in particular.

Template: β Darcy

Nerd, likes making things. One instance makes hats that can kill a man.

Template: β Drake

Declines to be described, or gendered, except through negatives. Not human, not white, not straight, not male or female, not good or evil. Liminality? They laugh at boundaries. Template attractor towards shapeshifting and things that will let them fly. Default pronouns: they/them. Clusters are earth/air/fire (plus ash which is fire-to-air).

Template: β Merlin

Underpaid, overworked, and in over his head. Frequently a teacher, and nearly always ends up in a mentor role somehow.

Template: β Ozymandias

The endless quest for immortality. Warning labels on threads featuring an Oz are likely to include child abuse, brainwashing, gaslighting, rape/dubcon, religious fundamentalism, and mind control.

Template: γ Cole

Tiny, bi, will fight you. One instance was stuck in Faerie for 500 years.

Template: γ Eteri

She's beauty, she's grace, she'll punch you in the face. Usually magical. Has a twin brother who is currently not templating.

Template: γ Hilda

Not the Chosen One. But then, who needs some dumb prophecy to tell them what they're meant to do with their life?

Template: γ Nate

Corthbox character. One instance reverse-engineered the Flash's superspeed formula from a few scraps of paper. His alts aren't impressed.

Template: δ Arthur

The king of legend. Born to rule, destined for glory, defeated at the last. Great king, good man, terrible father.

Template: δ Dion

Ooo, shiny.

Template: δ Hope

Smol adorable nerds.

Template: δ Katherine

Scared of her own shadow, often literally.

Template: δ Lynx

Ziari, the original instance of this template, is the protagonist of No Land Without A Lord, and I've adopted him because he's basically a cross between Cat and Drake. He's a shapeshifter with some gender issues, some sexuality issues, and a lot of issues in general.

Template: ε Mac

Follower template attached to Coles as a childhood friend. Template attractors for major trauma.

Template: ε Rand

Corthbox character, commonly found following in the footsteps of a hero.

Template: ε Viper

Someone wanted the perfect killer. They got a little more than they bargained for.

Template: ζ Orm

Follower template attached to Arthurs. Not all Arthurs have a Mordred, but all Mordreds have an Arthur, either for an uncle, a father, or a brother.

Template: ζ Spider

A study in contrasts, but a partnership that has stood the test of time. Spider are two characters who come as a pair, and can generally be found at the centre of a spy network. A is generally, but not always, older than F, and their exact relationship is otherwise variable.

Template: θ Lancelot

The greatest knight in all the realm. Or, you know, the equivalent. Fated to never be raised by their biological parents, never get the girl, and follow the Arthur template around like a lost puppy. Except the puppy can totally kick your ass. One instance dropped out of magic school to be a superhero.

Template: κ Ector

Default adoptive parent for an Arthur who needs adopting.

Template: κ Kay

Sometimes Ector has a biological child as well as an adopted Arthur. Kay has a tendency to be genderqueer in some form, and is kind of a nerd.

Template: λ Galehaut

Follower template attached to Lancelots as a hopelessly unrequited lover.

Template: μ Ivy
Template: ξ Morgana
Template: π Ambrose

Mostly alts posthumously, but I can occasionally get one to show up by dint of threading early enough in a setting's timeline that he hasn't died yet.

Template: π Morgause
Template: ρ Guinevere

This character is likely to be dead by the time much Plot gets going, in most worlds, but there's at least one alive so she might as well get a template. Follower template attached to Arthur.

(Common warnings: character death, spoilers, adultery.)

Template: ρ Igraine

Arthur's mother. I will endeavor to keep as many instances out of fridges as I can, but the original gets fridged.

Template: σ Eliza/Fox

Girls just wanna have fun. Eliza is a character invented for the precursor to the story which became Quintessence, at which point she was known only as Fox. She's highly sexual, probably not entirely straight in any given instance, and a prankster. Now comes in "bisexual guy" as well as "bisexual girl". (Warning for mentions of: sex, prostitution, probably dubcon at some point. I cannot write smut.)

Template: σ Hawk

'this "Speedy" fellow sure is obnoxious' --Unbitwise

Template: σ Wolf

Wild card with a temper. Comes in wolf, and apparently also in dog, but the original was (mostly) human.

Template: τ Millie

Ascended NPC. Child of aristocratic parents or the equivalent. Likes having ice powers.

Template: τ Sabine
Template: φ Swan

A follower template attached to Oz, with some exceptions.

Template: χ Setting

These are the settings I can run or partly run. These accounts are used for minor characters who don't have their own accounts.

Template: ψ Kayling

Various self-inserts. Kaylinlings. Kaylings.

No Template