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[Group: the Originals] Circumstance alt of Henrik Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries.

Twin to Kol. Sibling to Freya, Finn, Aurelius, Klaus and Bex (and sometimes even Henrik). Daughter to Mikael and Esther. Niece to Dahlia and aunt to Hope(/Jack/Titus).

Is usually dead, having done something desperately stupid in an attempt to bring back/ help someone they love. But death is not the end. Being ghosts are the most common circumstance for a Klara. They do not like lying, and tend to be very forthcoming with the truth, as they believe that people should be able to make informed decisions about their lives. Is not impressed with her siblings, but isn't going to abandon them with the going gets tough. They will make the hard choices. Even if that means hurting people. They learnt their lesson. Loves music, teaching and all things magic.

"Klara is a good egg. She's like a goth in a family of preps/jocks but also they are all vampires. Good energy."
- Járnviðr — 18/07/2020

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