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Template: α Ava

[Group: Knights] Original character.

Ava isn't breakable. Ava is soft and loving, but also fragile and hard. Suffers badly from a variety of mental illnesses, which left untreated can lead her to be placed in a hospital. Sometimes the mental illnesses can also be accompanied by visions and/or empathy. Usually a powerful psychic. They cause her a lot of pain and anguish, they're not Nice. But if she is able to get herself up and running she will see them as a gift and use them to help people. Isn't willing to give them up, even if they will eventually kill her.

Has an attractor of being possessed. This is very consentual if the possessor is a Klara. She would rather be alive and possessed than suffering alone or dead.

Template: α Titus

[Group: Knights] Original character.

Original instance was a traumatised son of the Doctor... and also a inter-dimensional terrorist. Has since picked up Many other alt bad-dads. Is a genius prodigy and usually somehow ends up travelling in time. Accidentally or otherwise.

Template: β Clare
[Group: Claries] Idol cluster.

Idol cluster: raised (ish) by a Joss and a Robert. Joss peaces out from parenting and leaves the Clary with Robert. Usually has an Alex. Robert's parenting skills vary with each instance. Has more responsibilities than normal and is repressed by outside forces. Defining alt is Clare from Refraindre.

Alex subcluster: raised with an Alex sibling.
Jamie subcluster: raised with a twin!Jamie. Usually grouped with an older Alex sibling.
Solo subcluster: no siblings. Usually in and out of foster homes. Frequently romantically attached to a Rand.
Xan subcluster: raised with a Xan-cluster Alex sibling.
Jon subcluster: grew up with a Jon/Jan.
Leucosia phase: is launched into a music career when she is around seventeen. Usually meets and is married to a Carter, unhappily, and has twins with him. Fully delves into the drugs, sex and rock and roll culture.
Template: β Fray

[Group: Claries] Wanderer cluster. Circumstance alt of Clary Fray from the Mortal Instruments.
Wanderer cluster: raised by a Joss and a Remus/Luke. Biological father, Val, not in the picture. Defining alt is Clary from the Mortal Instruments.
Template: β Garroway

[Group: Claries] Hero cluster. Claries raised by Luke/Remus.
Contain Hero and General stages.

Template: β Lily
[Group: Claries] Changeling cluster.
•  Lily subcluster: adopted Claries. All adopted and raised by a different person. They're usually sweet and innocent, and want good things for the people they love. They're the softest Clary cluster.
•  Leia subcluster: raised by Elia. Contain a righteous fury and a strong sense of justice and moral pride. They're patriots and want to make the world right, by whatever means necessary.
•  Vikare subcluster: martially trained, with a great innate power that they have to keep under control. Current instances are Force users or Dragon Age mages.
Template: β Ly
[Group: Claries] Dragon cluster.

Dragon cluster: Usually boy Claries that have no outside influence guiding them and are thus more selfish and baseline. Defining alt is Ly Potter from Harry Potter.

Template: β Lyra
[Group: Claries] Princess cluster.

• Princess cluster: Robert's parenting is less rigid and the Claries have less personal responsibility. Are usually raised in privilege and mostly by a Renly. Defining alt is Lyra from Ashes.

Template: β Seph
[Group: Claries] Ruler cluster Clary.

Ruler cluster: Main influence is Val. Raised with the belief that she can change the world, have anything she wants and ingrained with the responsibility that would entail. Defining alt is Belotenia from Beltane.

Template: γ Juliet
[Group: Rowan] Circumstance alt of Sarah Nelson/Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries.

Is the first cluster in the Rowan template. Other Rowans include; Sera, Sineya, Thalia. Though Juliets also have their own clusters, because they're so extra.

Salvatore cluster: grow up in the usual manner. Has Zach for a father and Stefan and Damon for Uncles.

Regan cluster: raised with the same sort of influences as a Salvatore but Very Differently.

Akhlys sub-cluster: a Juliet that has experienced technical difficulties.

Rai sub-cluster: reincarnating Juliet instance with all her previous lives memories.

Template: γ Sera
[Group: Rowan] Template divergence of Juliets.
(Circumstance alt of Sarah Nelson/Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries.)

Seras are Juliets that were taken away from the Salvatores as a baby and hidden with the Nelsons, a upper middle class couple that eventually decide they don't want to be parents and send the baby to live with their distant cousin, Terri Nelson.

Terri is a terrible parent/aunt. Is most circumstance Sera is taken away by CPS, and put into the foster system, when they are five years old. But in some worlds that doesn't happen and the Sera lives with Terri until they run away as a teenager.

The clusters aren't super cluster-y and they tend to mix a bit, but:

Champions are Seras that have a Cause and morals that they stick to and go out of their way to make other's lives better. Vampire Slayer Sera is probably the best example. Maybe Rey too. Don't like killing people and will go out of their way to avoid it.

Wanderer Seras are... they have no native morals apart from "Not Terri-aunt's". They can easily shift into another cluster. They tend to be kind of listless and not a lot of drive to Do Things that aren't just survival. Will kill people, but only if they attack her first.

Exile Seras are are sort of Stage Two Cluster? They were either a Wanderer or a Champion cluster and moved into the Exile after Big Shit went down. Mostly trauma. They're more sadistic than normal. How zero qualms about killing.
Template: δ Jack/Zed

[Group: Trinity] Jack is not a tragic figure.

Even when they're the only survivor of a tragedy that kills their whole family. They're smart, stoic and will help you when you're down. But really don't want to rock the boat.

Usually alt as something adjacently human; werewolf, vampire, half-demon. Pick your poison. They certainly didn't get a choice.

Often the youngest child of a Rowan.

Template: δ Skye
[Group: Nightbook] An original character. Original instance is a Vampire Noir Detective.
Skylar cluster
- default/proto typical Skye circumstances. Has a little variation in genre and timeframe.
Cinder cluster
- mostly smol Skyes that have a little more worldly responsibility. Usually have some sort of magic.
KY cluster
- Skyes that have a martial background and/or some level of brain washing. Usually non-human. Robots, cyborgs, dragons.
SY cluster
- different from KYs in that they don't have any martial training. Same level of brain washing, making them loyal to Bad People. Also tend to be disembodied, Artificial Intelligences and the sort.
Template: ε Alena

Clary facedouble template. Based on Alena Sanderson from the episode 'Lost Johns' Cave' of the Magnus Archive horror podcast.

Template: ε Constantine
[Group: Gotham] John Constantine from Hellblazer, the show Constantine and a bunch of DC comics.
Evil Good - always does the right thing, but, like, in the least comfortable way. call them in for big, big problems, and then spend a year wondering if it was really worth it. their approval fills you with shame.
Template: ε Joss/Fray

[Group: Idris] Clarymum. Disaster bisexual that really really doesn't want to be stuck in one place her whole life. Kind of a shit person.

Template: ε Klara

[Group: the Originals] Circumstance alt of Henrik Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries.

Twin to Kol. Sibling to Freya, Finn, Aurelius, Klaus and Bex (and sometimes even Henrik). Daughter to Mikael and Esther. Niece to Dahlia and aunt to Hope(/Jack/Titus).

Is usually dead, having done something desperately stupid in an attempt to bring back/ help someone they love. But death is not the end. Being ghosts are the most common circumstance for a Klara. They do not like lying, and tend to be very forthcoming with the truth, as they believe that people should be able to make informed decisions about their lives. Is not impressed with her siblings, but isn't going to abandon them with the going gets tough. They will make the hard choices. Even if that means hurting people. They learnt their lesson. Loves music, teaching and all things magic.

"Klara is a good egg. She's like a goth in a family of preps/jocks but also they are all vampires. Good energy."
- Járnviðr — 18/07/2020

Template: ε Mnemoth
[Group: Westeros] Vaguely based on Mnemoth from Hellblazer and kinda also John Amherst from the Magnus Archives.

Is often a vampire. Has a Special Interest in bugs and snakes and other reptiles and spiders. Has a lot of obsessive issues. Can hyper-fixate on Someone and stalk them. Has a lot of intrusive thoughts, which he is more or less skilled at not acting on, depending on the instance.

Is always adopted, but who he's adopted to is what dictates what cluster he is.

Moth-cluster is adopted by the Amhersts. Upper-middle class working professionals who are the epitome of neglectful parents. He has everything he needs, except any sort of love or affection.

Template: ε Paris/Sirius

[Group: Hogwarts] Sirius Black but with extra sadism.

"That's just Sirius Black" - Járnviðr
"THat's just Sirius! I Can't Believe It's Not Sirius!" - also Járnviðr

Template: ε Raph

Bitter, angry, jealous, loyal.

Template: ε Theta

[Group: ???] Template blend of Ava and Klara. Originally called 'Klava'.

Template: ζ Ananke/Anakin

[Group: Gremlins] Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars. Ish. Clary/Jamie bab. Chosen One.

Template: ζ August/April

[Group: Gremlins] Child of Titus and Alex. Boxer, fighter.

Template: ζ Damian

Ibn al Xu'ffasch. Heir Apparent.

Template: ζ Enzo/Astrid

[Group: Gremlins] Ava/Dino bab.

Template: ζ Lana

[Group: Gremlins] Lana is probably the Antichrist.
Jalex bab. Twin to Louis.

Template: ζ Leda/Lethe

[Group: Gremlins] Sometime Clarie clone, most time Clarie bab.

Template: ζ Léo

[Group: Gremlin] Lana-Louis triplet

Template: ζ Liv/Liv

[Group: Gremlins] Clary bab. Do not feed after midnight.

Clary and Carter or Clary and Jamie kid, though also sometimes not related. Twin to Sam.
The younger and nicer twin. Has an affinity for flight and speed. Quick thinking, quick witted, and mischievous. Frequently disabled in some way that makes walking difficult.

Template: ζ Max

[Group: Gremlins] Youngest gremlin. Clary/Jalex bab.

Trans-boy. Can also be a Clary/Dino baby. Likes sport and school and his siblings and in general is the most 'normal' of his siblings, even when his actual genetic/magic makeup is anything but normal.

Template: ζ Sybil

[Group: Gremlins] Oldest of the Gremlins. Usually an Alex/Sera bab.
Always illegitimate, never the heir - even when she should be. Very gay, or rather, probably always into women. Tattoo artist. Will take up responsibility if there are no other options and do Well. The rest of her siblings, if she has them, are complete disasters but she's fond of them anyway. From a little distance.

Template: ζ Tháleia

[Group: Gremlins] Rand/Clary baby. Younger sibling to Nat.Is a bitch and you will hear about it.

Template: η Dawn

[Group: Cimmeria] Dawn Summers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Template: η Doppelgänger

[Group: Doppelgängers] CassCal. Original characters.

Cal: Is very morally grey. If it's possible to be soulless, she is.

Cass: Doppelganger/twin to the Cal cluster. A ray of sunshine. Has terrible taste in siblings and men. Token straight.

Template: η Hyperion

[Group: Cimmeria] Liam/Angelus/Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series.
Shitty human being, the most savage and evil vampires in the last three centuries and one of the greatest heroes the Buffyverse has.

Aspires to right all the wrongs he committed when he was a vampire, though he knows that he will never be able to do this. He seeks to set an example to others, fighting an unwinnable fight because it's the right thing to do.

Template: η Momos

[Group: Mystic] Original character.

Amoral, obsessive and possessive. Face stealer.

Template: η The Master

[Group: Cimmeria] The Master from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Template: θ Carter

Twitter bio states: "Father, husband, writer. Lover."

Template: θ Ikol
[Group: Marvel] Loki Laufeyson from Marvel Comics.
Most Loki clusters exist because of the actions of another Loki. They are ever changing.

Siege: Chaotic Evil. Original comics Loki. Kinda camp.
Lyra: Chaotic Good. Mostly smol, reincarnated Lokis. Have no memories of being Siege Loki.
Agent: Chaotic Neutral/Good. Lyra-Siege blend. Actually murdered the Lyra-cluster in order to exist. Has a lot of Regret and is trying to do Better.
King: Chaotic Evil, but Bad End/Future Agent!Loki.
Bard: Chaotic Neutral. Good End Agent!Loki. Is more of the archetype of myth!Loki. Is the god of stories.
Prince: MCU!Loki. You know this one.
Template: θ Isaiah

[Group: Westeros] Arthur Dayne from a Song of Ice and Fire.
Sorta kinda not really.

Template: θ Pixie

Léo's Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Template: θ Riddle

[Group: Hogwarts] Tom Riddle Jr/Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

Template: θ Samanya

Semi-fictional author-character.

Template: θ Spectre

[Group: Nightbook] Original character.

Originally was a Shepard from Mass Effect and then decided to circumstance alt as Anita Blake.

Has so many anger issues.

Template: ι Mahariel

[Group: Wardens] Dalish elf Warden from Dragon Age: Origins.

One of very few words. Budding misanthrope. Child soldier. Is forced into service young, but eventually finds her place. Can be a great leader.

Is judging you.

Template: ι Seo

[Group: Hawke] Dragon Age II player character, Hawke. Circumstance alt of Caroline Forbes from the Vampire Diaries.

Template: ι Warden

[Group: Wardens] Alistair Theirin from the Dragon Age franchise.

Brave and selfless, though deeply insecure and quite co-dependant. Uses humour and self deprecation as a coping mechanism. Wants to do good in the world, make a difference. Is usually recruited by some sort of exclusive organisation to do this. eg. the Grey Wardens.

Template: κ Aurelius

[Group: the Originals] Elijah Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries and the Originals.

Seen as the "honourable" brother and wears this like a well tailored suit. As well as, actually. Has deeply repressed Issues and will do anything for his family. And I mean anything. Family is his life. Without them he would be nothing. Or so he thinks.

Template: κ Hope

[Group: Trinity] Hope Mikaelson from the Originals and Legacies.

Template: κ Klaus

[Group: the Originals] Niklaus Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries and the Originals.

Template: κ Kol
[Group: the Originals] Kol Mikaelson from the Vampire Diaries and the Originals.
Knox cluster
- original flavour Kol. tends to be immortal, have a Klara and the other Mikaelson siblings.
Koleb cluster
- Kol-Kaleb template blend. Kol possessing a Kaleb.
Kol-Isaac cluster
- Kol possessing Jarn's Isaac character. Is not really a blend but it's not not a blend.
Template: λ Kaleb

[Group: NOLA] Kaleb Westphall from the Originals.

Dutiful and righteous. Wants to make the world a better place. Eventually realises they need to break free from their duty in order to do the right thing.

Template: μ Damon

[Group: Salvatores] Damon Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries.

Template: μ Jenna

[Group: Mystic] Jenna Sommers from the Vampire Diaries.

Template: μ Petrova

[Group: Doppelgängers] Amara doppelgängers from the Vampire Diaries.

1: Amara
2: Maia
3: Tatia
4: Elena

Template: μ Silvanus

[Group: Doppelgängers] Silvanus doppelgangers from the Vampire Diaries.

Template: μ Zelus

[Group: Mystic] Tyler Lockwood from the Vampire Diaries. Retired template.

Template: ν Alpha

Storms that only get one-ish instance. Might on day evolve into their own template.

Template: ν Ascended Extra

The step below templated characters.

Template: ν Beta

Single instance characters that don't quite fit in my definition of Alpha.

Template: ν Gamma

Single instance characters that don't quite fit in my definition of Beta. Verging on NPCs.

Template: ξ Retired Characters
Template: σ NPC & Settings

NPC storms and settings, visible if you click into the template.

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Template: Ω 0677
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