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[Group: Claries] Idol cluster.

Idol cluster: raised (ish) by a Joss and a Robert. Joss peaces out from parenting and leaves the Clary with Robert. Usually has an Alex. Robert's parenting skills vary with each instance. Has more responsibilities than normal and is repressed by outside forces. Defining alt is Clare from Refraindre.

Alex subcluster: raised with an Alex sibling.
Jamie subcluster: raised with a twin!Jamie. Usually grouped with an older Alex sibling.
Solo subcluster: no siblings. Usually in and out of foster homes. Frequently romantically attached to a Rand.
Xan subcluster: raised with a Xan-cluster Alex sibling.
Jon subcluster: grew up with a Jon/Jan.
Leucosia phase: is launched into a music career when she is around seventeen. Usually meets and is married to a Carter, unhappily, and has twins with him. Fully delves into the drugs, sex and rock and roll culture.