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A Tian.

Cheerful, kind, and friendly, Jamie will often go out of their way for strangers to a certain point, and far beyond that point for their loved ones. They go cold as ice when you push their boundaries, though.

Comes in Wild, Heir, Experiment, and Prisoner clusters.

Fairly selfish except for with the people they care about, Jamies are friendly enough to offset this, and default to being helpful, so long as it's not too much of an imposition. Will go to seriously self-harming lengths for the ones they love, however.
Jamies have a hunger for adventure and interesting things. Jamies believe strongly in self-determination, and their greatest fear is being forced into a role they hate. They can take this for a time, but will eventually either run or break. They fear being powerless, to help themselves and their loved ones, and they fear being abandoned by those they love.
Seemingly paradoxically, Jamies are fine with devoting themselves to obeying or assisting someone else so long as they do it of their own free will.
Jamies are non-binary but usually use the pronouns associated with their sex. Jamies have context-based attraction patterns - if he's distracted by something interesting, he normally won't react to flirting anything but offhandedly. Jamie does tend to acquire an attraction to strength and power, and to sparring and/or fighting, but usually doesn't start out with it.
Jamies are varying levels of 'very intelligent' and have prodigious memories, but tend to downplay this to lesser or greater extents, preferring to be underestimated. They are also extremely hedonistic, and quietly very self-controlled.

Wild: base cluster, the original Jamies were this. Usually either majority self-raised or raised by permissive parent figures. Usually hides intelligence mostly because being known to be highly intelligent makes life more boring.
Heir: The heir of an important family, with a lot of responsibility on their shoulders which they can't shrug off. Tend to hide their intelligence significantly less than other clusters.
Experiment: Someone's failed experiment, often Val's. Often has hidden skills, is quite obviously skilled in the areas their creator demanded they be, and frequently deals with self-hatred due to having little control over whichever aspect makes them a 'failed' experiment.
Prisoner: Raised a slave or raised to be married to someone, and/or raised/owned by Das for a significant portion of their life. Most examples of this cluster spend a lot of time locked in their head, and come across as an air-head because of this.

Jamies are also greatly affected by whether they're pre-angelic, angelic, or post-angelic phase - that is to say, whether they've attached themselves to someone(s).

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