Angie Starr
ef2 (15)
Template Jamie
Facecast Elle Fanning
Setting Scholomance

Potentially for the mega continuity. Movement affinity. Artificer track. Dancer.
From the Montreal enclave. Mother was the current leader's little sister, ran off shortly after graduating and then died when her twin children were five. Luckily the twins were unaware of magic enough that they survived until their uncle could be contacted to collect them.
Horribly claustraphobic. Almost didn't agree to even come to scholomance, preferring to take her chances in freedom, eventually did because her twin brother begged her to.
Is probably going to have a panic attack at the wrong moment at some point and die.
In the meantime she's going to live as much as possible and make sure her brother is positioned to survive. Is cheerful and friendly (and quietly ruthless) and tiny.