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Template: Alex

The Righteous.
A Tian.

Hard-shelled but soft-hearted, Alex is a musician and a poet, but generally doesn't let people know it, hiding his curiosity and thoughtful nature behind his temper and love of a good fight.

Comes in Twin, Ichigo, Ilek, Jace, Stormsinger, and Xanxus clusters.

Alex struggles with hyperemotion, particularly anger, and when he falls he falls fast and hard - into fights and love alike. He hates harming those he doesn't believe deserves it, and if forced to do so will break in various interesting ways, depending on cluster (though some clusters come pre-broken). He's very protective of the people he loves, and of people he takes under his protection - which often includes anyone he encounters who he decides needs it. Determined, righteous, and strong of will, if he sees an injustice he is first in line to fight it, and will keep going until he is literally incapable of continuing.


Twin - Usually with Jamie. More focused on 'his people' than most Alexes, in response to Jamie's deep loyalty. Often more responsible than other Alexes, due to needing to be the responsible one of the pair.
Ichigo - Older sibling (either overall or just of those he knows about). Protector of the weak, particularly his younger siblings. Often more capable of leadership than other Alexes.
Ilek - Younger sibling, usually in the Tian set. Quieter yet more independent, used to comparing himself unfavourably to his older siblings.
Jace - Alex with no siblings, otherwise as normal. Harder-shelled than most Alexes - excepting Xanxus, of course.
Stormsinger - Usually bodiless, often very old compared to other Alexes. Much more open about their insatiable curiosity.
Xanxus - Either soulless or raised in an environment where having compassion was punished enough to make him suppress it. Often believes in the idea that might makes right - but also that harming the weak for fun is pathetic. Usually raised as an only child.

Template: Amalia

Das sister, who got attached to one of her stepdads as a child.
Comes in 'killed mom before she killed step-dad' and 'killed mom after she killed step-dad'. The former is fairly well adjusted, if more inclined to murder as a solution than most people. The latter is obsessed with men who look and act like her step-dad, to a murderous extent.

Template: Ana

Pacifist, somewhat timid, loves plants.

Template: Ashara
Template: Author
Template: Balerion
Template: Bao
Template: Brae
Template: Brandon

The Passionate.

Brandon does nothing by halves. No matter the emotion driving him, whether or not he's in the right, he puts his all into the course of action he chooses. He is a shooting star, burning bright, burning fast, and frequently, burning out.
Usually attached to Brae and Ashara templates.

Template: Brandonkids - Cids

Ashara/Brandon kids

Template: Brandonkids - Dragoons

Brae/Brandon kids

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Template: Caine

The Dutiful.

Calculated and usually cool-headed, a Caine puts on a front to keep others at a distance. Caines are avid readers and clever tacticians, and are typically considered child prodigies in their youths. Those who break through their shields can expect a loyal friend for life and beyond.
Caine is always homosexual and biromantic, and is always a man.

Template: Candace
Template: Catelyn
Template: Cloud


Template: Colin

Ana's brother. Sometimes one of Jack's possessees.

Template: Das

Sadistic and manipulative. Obsessed with beauty, and the beauty in suffering.

Das - Raised by serial black widow mom, wants him to be one as well, grows up to be more of a serial torturer than killer, he doesn't actually like killing. Trusts literally no one, ever, unless they are so completely in his power they can't escape.

Daemon - raised by abusive rich (and often noble) bio-dad, grows up to be a good-hearted artist who wants to make the world better and help people less fortunate. Disgusted by the rich/nobility. A huge romantic who gets himself into all sorts of messes with that. Sadistic tendencies kinda repressed, still finds suffering beautiful and is oriented around beauty - and innocence - in general.

Template: Dino/Alin
Template: Drogo
Template: Elia

Fiery, principled, and charismatic. Often frail, especially when they're young, but advanced medicine or magic can heal them.

Template: Erin

Warm and resilient, Erins have a natural determination that often leads them to positions of great responsibility. That is, if they can live to adulthood, which is not a guarantee. Erins often have a strong bond with a large, usually reptillian animal companion.
Erins are always some degree of bisexual-leaning-homosexual-and-romantic, and are always women.

Template: Erinmom
Template: Gabriel

A Tian.
Quietly brilliant. Diligent and responsible. Everyone's big sibling. Often ends up ruling, despite usually not being the eldest. Would rather be a scholar or a knight, however. Don't shorten their name without permission.

Template: Han
Template: Idris

Balanced on the edge of the dark and light side, in Star Wars terms. A well-raised Idris believes in the inherent worth of all beings, and their right to life and freedom, and is willing to kill to ensure she and others have them.
Can be brought up to not believe everyone has equal rights to life and freedom, however. Will usually figure out this is wrong, eventually.

Template: Ista

Terrifying Mom Friend.
Consent and permission are very important to them. The sort of person who minds their own business unless you make it their business to mind yours.
Always immortal. Usually non-human.
Genderfluid - usually some flavour of neutral but sometimes not.

Template: Jalex

All the vices and only a few of the virtues of the Jamie and Alex templates.
Sadomasochist, Chaotic Evil. Jamie's (lack of) moral compass, Alex's temper. DNGAF. The most disaster child of all.
Likes hunting prey, fear, and inspiring emotions in others. Also enjoys possessing people.

Template: Jamie

A Tian.

Cheerful, kind, and friendly, Jamie will often go out of their way for strangers to a certain point, and far beyond that point for their loved ones. They go cold as ice when you push their boundaries, though.

Comes in Angel, Gaemir, Jaim, Jasmine, and Jem subtemplates.

Fairly selfish except for with the people they care about, Jamies are friendly enough to offset this, and default to being helpful, so long as it's not too much of an imposition. Will go to seriously self-harming lengths for the ones they love, however.
Jamies have a hunger for adventure and interesting things. Jamies believe strongly in self-determination, and their greatest fear is being forced into a role they hate. They can take this for a time, but will eventually either run or break. They fear being powerless, to help themselves and their loved ones.
Seemingly paradoxically, Jamies are fine with devoting themselves to obeying or assisting someone else so long as they do it of their own free will.
Jamies are non-binary but usually use the pronouns associated with their sex. Jamies are attracted to strength and power - strength of mind, strength of will, strength of body - and whatever their sexuality otherwise, if a person can eff them up in combat they're attractive.

Angel: Usually twin or triplet Jamie, by blood or not, may still be the eldest but doesn't act like it. Devoted to their partner(s). Not in charge.
Gaemir: Lone Jamie, with no responsibilities they don't choose of their own free will. (Theoretically).
Jaim: Responsible Jamie, often eldest sibling. In Charge, usually more or less willingly. Devoted to their people. May have taken their causes as their own.
Jasmine: Trapped Jamie, probably expected to marry and bear children. Usually an only child.
Jem: A Jamie who is forced to be the responsible one. Frequently believes they are not good enough, especially in comparison to their loved ones

Mode - The above clusters may be modified by one or more modes.
Soulless: Lacks even the basic empathy of most Jamies - more possessive, more careless about the freedom and safety of those he does not care about. Still pleasant, can be helpful. It's not obvious on first glance, usually.
Pressed: AKA Revolutionary. This Jamie has been pushed to an edge and taken up a cause. Angrier than most Jamies ever get.
Altruist: Unusually altruistic, usually has taken and internalized the morals of someone else.
Masked: Screwed over in some way or another, masks way more than most Jamies. They are despairing but need to hide it.

Template: Jonathan
Template: Lannister
Template: Lya

Often attached to Rhae and/or Robert template. Association with wolves, blue roses, and horses. Sometimes Robin's mother. Sometimes Jamie's mother. Sometimes Jamie's siblings mother. Usually Brandon's sister.

Template: Mercury
Template: Minor Characters
Template: Nameless
Template: Noct

Rigel kid. Chronic insomniac and narcoleptic, frequently suffers a crippling injury as a child. Often has a grand destiny and Hates It.

Template: Oberyn

Aggressively, polyamorously pansexual. Very family focused. Will destroy everything you hold dear if you cross his loved ones. Doesn't believe in holding the child responsible for their parents' faults, however.

Template: Rand

Good at mental magic. Slippery. Good pilot. Betrayer.

Template: Remus/Luke
Template: Renly
Template: Rhae

Doomed Romance template. Born to rule. Believes in prophecy, and usually has one about them.

Template: Rigel

A Tian, usually the youngest of their set.
Perceptive. Good at peopling. Not the best at balancing family and duty - often expects family to handle itself. Paperwork ninja.
Loves magic, particularly runes/seals/etc.

(Efficient, The Paperwork Ninja, loves developing magic, especially the kind that involves runes or other writing, speedy, often has teleportation and/or superspeed. Charismatic, friendly, prefers to fix a system from within rather than without, aims for the top because of that - also ambitious. Wants to rule, wants to help, wants to protect.
In combat, he is an extremely efficient killer, uses that teleportation and/or superspeed and reflexes to great effect.
A bit of a doofus around people he genuinely adores. Doting parent and partner, somewhat neglectful sibling.)

Template: Robert

Conqueror. Usually ruler of something or other. Often runs a problematic military and has varyingly problematic personal habits. Pretty personable, though.
Family was descended from a ruling line before they became the current rulers.

Template: Robin

In baseline form, a Robin is a cheerful goofball with a heart of gold, romantic and outwardly optimistic, if prone to cynicism in the privacy of their own thoughts. Unfortunately one of their template attractors is a highly traumatic situation which commonly occurs in their late teens. After this their personality often flips, leaving them melacholic and maliciously mischievous, and burying their optimism and kindness under a burning determination to right the wrongs done to them and their loved ones. They can escape this attractor and remain baseline, and they can also be retrieved by loved ones and left a mix of the two states.
Robins are always pansexual panromantics, and are also fanatically devoted to those they come to love. They typically identify as their assigned gender.

Template: Sam

Usually Erin's companion. Usually a legged reptile of some kind. Often smarter than he seems.

Template: Samuel
Template: Sara

Obsessed with architecture. Loves enchanting/runes/etc.

Template: Settings
Template: Sniper
Template: Soren
Template: Stannis
Template: Teddy
Template: Tywin

Obsessed with power and legacy. Values his children and grandchildren for the prestige they bring him. Rules his lands and family with an iron fist.
Tywin cluster hated his father and his values as a child.
Valentine cluster loved them.

Template: Valor
Template: Zack
No Template