Guardian Stones

Adventures in Skyrim! Featuring Sugira, who has really had more than enough of dimesion travel, thanks; Idhris, destined killer of fire-breathing lizards; Vex, The Best Thief in Skyrim; Gaemir, The Other Best Thief in Skyrim; and many more!

The Lady
Idhris backstory, featuring mostly Faendal and Amyril, with a brief cameo by Talos.
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The Thief
Gaemir and Vex and the Thieves Guild
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The Serpent
Sugira, Idhris and Alesar vs Alduin
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The Mage
The College of Winterhold, featuring mostly Sugira, Vex, Karsten, and Asta
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The Shadow
The Dark Brotherhood, featuring Shadow and Aleeka.
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Miscellany and Sidestories
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