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[Group: Marvel] Loki Laufeyson from Marvel Comics.
Most Loki clusters exist because of the actions of another Loki. They are ever changing.

Siege: Chaotic Evil. Original comics Loki. Kinda camp.
Lyra: Chaotic Good. Mostly smol, reincarnated Lokis. Have no memories of being Siege Loki.
Agent: Chaotic Neutral/Good. Lyra-Siege blend. Actually murdered the Lyra-cluster in order to exist. Has a lot of Regret and is trying to do Better.
King: Chaotic Evil, but Bad End/Future Agent!Loki.
Bard: Chaotic Neutral. Good End Agent!Loki. Is more of the archetype of myth!Loki. Is the god of stories.
Prince: MCU!Loki. You know this one.

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