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[Group: Rowan] Template divergence of Juliets.
(Circumstance alt of Sarah Nelson/Salvatore from the Vampire Diaries.)

Seras are Juliets that were taken away from the Salvatores as a baby and hidden with the Nelsons, a upper middle class couple that eventually decide they don't want to be parents and send the baby to live with their distant cousin, Terri Nelson.

Terri is a terrible parent/aunt. Is most circumstance Sera is taken away by CPS, and put into the foster system, when they are five years old. But in some worlds that doesn't happen and the Sera lives with Terri until they run away as a teenager.

The clusters aren't super cluster-y and they tend to mix a bit, but:

Champions are Seras that have a Cause and morals that they stick to and go out of their way to make other's lives better. Vampire Slayer Sera is probably the best example. Maybe Rey too. Don't like killing people and will go out of their way to avoid it.

Wanderer Seras are... they have no native morals apart from "Not Terri-aunt's". They can easily shift into another cluster. They tend to be kind of listless and not a lot of drive to Do Things that aren't just survival. Will kill people, but only if they attack her first.

Exile Seras are are sort of Stage Two Cluster? They were either a Wanderer or a Champion cluster and moved into the Exile after Big Shit went down. Mostly trauma. They're more sadistic than normal. How zero qualms about killing.

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