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Sadistic and manipulative. Obsessed with beauty, body modification, and the beauty in suffering.

Raised by his serial black widow mom who wants him to be one as well, Das grows up to be more of a serial torturer than a killer. If he reaches adulthood on an unaltered path, he will trust literally no one, ever, unless they are so completely in his power they can't escape. A young Das can, however, be pulled off this path - he will in fact attempt to get himself off of it but always fails without help.

Raised by his abusive rich (and often noble) biological father instead, Daemon grows up to be a good-hearted artist who wants to make the world better and help people less fortunate. Disgusted by the rich/nobility, Daemon is a huge romantic who gets himself into all sorts of messes because of it. While his sadistic tendencies are somewhat repressed, he still finds suffering beautiful and is oriented around beauty - and innocence - in general.

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