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Burned idealist, who wants to destroy the idealists he admires.

Dreamer Phase: Antediluvians often start out with altruistic ambitions. They want to bring peace, establish functional alliances and institutions, promote equality, and several other such things. They fail. A professional and personal betrayal typically occur, usually leaving them blind.

Burned Phase: Burned Antediluvians collect around themselves a crew, pack, or gang of people to strike fear and build a reputation as dangerous, violent, powerful enemies. Their primary focus, though, is finding idealists who remind them of themselves, and proving to them that they should not be that way. They work to burn others the way they were burned. Being healed, from the physical and/or mental damage they have endured, triggers a phase shift.

Mentor Phase: Mentor Antediluvians retain their newfound cynicism, but they have much more optimism for the future. They believe that good things can happen, because people are better together than they are alone- though they still view most people as inherently selfish, cruel, and dangerous. They work to teach others a balanced view.

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