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Template: Fairy Godmother
Template: Yarnbox

Prefixes (Groups)
α: Alpha pack (Antediluvian)
β: Byrne family
δ: Dursleys
ε: Ectobiology issues
η: Hale family
θ: Theological entities
κ: Kyrios resources
λ: Liber's cult
μ: Mystery Incorporated
ν: Not attached
ξ: Cass & co.
σ: Scott's allies
τ: Titus & setup
υ: Until Dawn crew
φ: Follower templates
χ: Chimera experiments
Ψ: Sy's kin

Suffixes (Metadata)
&: Blend. This template is a blend of two other templates.
$: Shared. This template is shared with another glowfic author.

Almighty: https://glowfic.com/tags/1024
Buffyverse (Angel Investigations, Sunnydale): https://glowfic.com/tags/4420
Cordyceps: https://glowfic.com/tags/152
Diastole: https://glowfic.com/tags/201
Frequency: https://glowfic.com/tags/1513
Fringe: https://glowfic.com/tags/299
The Lost Room: https://glowfic.com/tags/4283
The Magicians: https://glowfic.com/tags/3532
Nemeton: https://glowfic.com/tags/171
Parasomnia: https://glowfic.com/tags/1184
Planescape: https://glowfic.com/tags/1086
Vortex: https://glowfic.com/tags/183

Covenants: https://glowfic.com/tags/4252
Goodcheer: https://glowfic.com/tags/4253
Horizon: https://glowfic.com/tags/4255
Innangarðr: https://glowfic.com/tags/4250
Kintsugi: https://glowfic.com/tags/4259
Martyrs: https://glowfic.com/tags/4251
Pins & Needles: https://glowfic.com/tags/4248
Reflection: https://glowfic.com/tags/4260
Wells: https://glowfic.com/tags/4239

Covenants: https://glowfic.com/tags/4252
[Five Worlds]: https://glowfic.com/tags/4255
Goodcheer: https://glowfic.com/tags/4253
Innangarðr: https://glowfic.com/tags/4250
Kintsugi: https://glowfic.com/tags/4259
Martyrs: https://glowfic.com/tags/4251
Pins & Needles: https://glowfic.com/tags/4248
Reflection: https://glowfic.com/tags/4260
Wells: https://glowfic.com/tags/4239

Template: α Antediluvian

Burned idealist, who wants to destroy the idealists he admires.

Dreamer Phase: Antediluvians often start out with altruistic ambitions. They want to bring peace, establish functional alliances and institutions, promote equality, and several other such things. They fail. A professional and personal betrayal typically occur, usually leaving them blind.

Burned Phase: Burned Antediluvians collect around themselves a crew, pack, or gang of people to strike fear and build a reputation as dangerous, violent, powerful enemies. Their primary focus, though, is finding idealists who remind them of themselves, and proving to them that they should not be that way. They work to burn others the way they were burned. Being healed, from the physical and/or mental damage they have endured, triggers a phase shift.

Mentor Phase: Mentor Antediluvians retain their newfound cynicism, but they have much more optimism for the future. They believe that good things can happen, because people are better together than they are alone- though they still view most people as inherently selfish, cruel, and dangerous. They work to teach others a balanced view.

Template: α Darach

A former ambassador between the strange and the mundane. Betrayal, followed by attempted murder. But she's something else now- better, stronger, as monstrous as they are- and she'll make them pay.

Julia Phase: To start, Darachs are fairly ordinary magic users of their particular kind. They have an otherwise ordinary life. A personal betrayal that leaves them for dead, permanently changing their face into something that looks like a disfigured human one, until a powerful source of magic they make a deal with saves them, triggers a phase shift.

Jennifer Phase:Magically powerful and motivated by revenge, Darachs take on a new identity, typically "Jennifer Blake", using magic to disguise their appearance into something they consider classically but not too dramatically beautiful. They work to revenge those that harmed them, and are willing to hurt others to do it.

Template: α Ennis
Template: α Kali
Template: α Marin
Template: β Bentley
Template: β Tristan
Template: β, δ Briar

Not a very loyal, loving sibling

Template: δ Vernon
Template: δ, φ Dudley

Follows Skyes

Template: ε David

Son of Serpent
Father of Serpent

Template: ε Serpent ~ Nelson
Template: ε,μ Serpent ~ Džalas

Son of David
Father of David

Template: ε,μ Serpent ~ Jackson/Džalas

True: "Some possess venom that is potent enough to cause painful injury or death to humans...[other] snakes either swallow prey alive or kill by constriction."
-Adopted, biological mother died immediately before birth.
-Big man on campus. Convinced that a rich father and a fancy car make him important.
-Sore loser.
-May turn into something he regrets, with power can't control.
-Vizier whose ambitions place him near the top.
-Snake aesthetic
-Works with money

Blind: "reduced eyes...decreased visual capabilities...a fossorial nature, either living underground or within logs...their main food sources...are tracked down by following chemical cues left by these invertebrates to create trails."
-Raised by birth parents
-One of several brothers
-Named after his father
-Lacks in ambition, to his father's chagrin, preferring to seek truth or justice.
-Achieves worldly power despite his best efforts.

Template: η Braeden

A skeptic who reluctantly becomes a believer. Mercenary who's not letting this Masquerade keep her out.

Template: η Cora
Template: η Deaton

Protector and friend of the Hale family- sometimes part of it. A veterinarian, or otherwise an expert in healing and dogs. Surprisingly knowledgeable about whatever secrets the setting holds.

Template: η Derek

A history buff and good athlete. Frequently gets his family killed. Marked by grief, full of misdirected rage, and not nearly as good a teacher as he could be. Defined by relationship to self-sacrifice and guilt.

Template: η Laura
Template: η Mal

Live as an animal for a good portion of their childhood.

Template: η Talia


Template: η, λ Peter

Youngest, weakest, underestimated. Seeks power. Willing to kill family and friends to get it, willing to drink it in like a plant in sunlight otherwise.

Template: θ Kir ~ Kir
Template: θ Kir ~ Toshiko
Template: θ Null
Template: θ Pax
Template: κ Chris ~ First

First and foremost a disappointment to their father. Follows Kyrios.

Screennames: Conjunctions and prepositions
Keywords: Things that are inherited (from their parents, by their children)

Template: κ Chris ~ Second (Perry)

Secondborn child in a magical family. They are born into a Masquerade. Magic is their culture and in their blood, a fact of which they are quite proud.

Chris is born between an older sibling of great destiny, and a younger sibling of immense power.

Template: κ Hawk $

Hawkeye (Blessed-Unfated): Superhero. Fights aliens, monsters, and criminals; becomes renowned for skill, prowess, and often rises despite being nothing special.

Kahf-ra (Blessed-Fated): Reincarnating badass, do not all look alike. Has an eternal lover and nemesis, who are either immortal or also reincarnating.

Amara (Cursed-Fated): Suspiciously similar bloodline of doppelgangers. Has an eternal lover and nemesis, who are either immortal or also reincarnating.

Celestine Allison/Benedict Alaric

?Bentley? (Cursed-Unfated): Ordinary. Succumbs to aliens, monsters, and criminals; becomes renowned for skill, prowess, and often rises despite being nothing special.

Part of the noble tradition of maintaining the masquerade (and frequently, hunting the monsters that plague society, even if they're people), although they don't always know it. Want to change systems for the better and will follow those who know how to do so. Always questioning received wisdom, although a bit too ruthless when mercy might be more appropriate.

Cluster A: Perfect emissary, in the dark; guarded but generous.
Cluster B: Perfect scion, knows the family secret; hidebound but honorable.
Cluster 1C: Perfect hunter, knows the family secret; predatory but protective.
Cluster 2: Perfect commander.

Template: κ Kate

Kate: Younger child. Child of Aurelius and Gerard. Afraid of everything, but they will never, ever show it. Violent, aggressive, and cheeky.

Template: κ Kyrios

The acting head of the family. Wants to live forever.

Argent- General; carries on spouse's tradition of saving people, hunting things. An outsider to their grand tradition, but enforces it with an iron fist. Lives, poisoned by what he became.

McAlistair- Inventor; profits off someone else's labor. Invents a system of oppression. Dies, poisoned by his wife.

Halliwell: Patriarch. Surviving his magical spouse, this cluster teaches his children and grandchildren in the traditions of the family. Reincarnates, due to his marriage.

Lambert: Hustler. Learning to manipulate, trick, and steal from a girlfriend, those in this cluster are eventually outmaneuvered by an immortal who finds him amusing. Immortal, dies by seeking a quarry that is well-defended.

Template: κ Victoria

Willing to go to great lengths to avenge real and imagined slights. At her most effective (but also most vulnerable) when protecting her people.

Phase 1: Moves from place to place, always finding a way to survive. Manipulative, flighty, cunning.
Phase 2: Protects her family so that the darkness of reality will not touch them. Trades cunning for pragmatism.

Template: λ Hudson

Early trauma results in someone who comes across as friendly, sociable, and kind, but underneath is simmering with resentment at the people who've hurt them, and has an obsessive streak besides. Likes to watch people and quote plays.
Somewhat in love with their childhood best friend.

Template: λ Liber

A little too sexually liberated. Hedonistic, self-indulgent. Likely to attract a cult of personality.

Template: λ, μ Danny/Margo

Māhealani/, Margo/Almas/Farid

Socially adept but misanthropic. Mostly interested in pursuing their own academic interests rather than interpersonal drama. Not your trophy.

Template: ν Alchemist

Screennames: Alliteration


Template: ν Fred
Template: ν Listener $

Group: Changeling

Smart. History of mental illness, notably paternal grandmother. Bad relationship with father, related to same. Divorced parents. Psychic, especially in ways connected to death- related to mental illness.

Lydias pretend to be dumber than they are. They remember their grandmothers well, and inherit their powers.

Template: ν Parrish
Template: ν Quentin

Depressed nerd who can't quote cope with reality. Wants to be the Chosen One, and will end up finding his way into the story- even though destiny and fate aren't on his side.

Template: ξ CassCal
Template: ξ Jane
Template: σ Exile $
Template: σ Isaac

Loves his abuser. Not a woobie. Will fuck you up if you make him think. Often found near a Hudson (tyrian), Ava (storm), or Kol (storm).

Template: σ Liam
Template: σ Melissa
Template: σ Rafe
Template: σ Ric

Born in a body that doesn't work. Takes the first chance they can to change it. Sarcastic, bitter, a rake/seductress waiting to pounce.

Template: σ Scott

De facto leader. Empathetic, compassionate, idealistic. Makes peace by sheer force of will.

Template: τ River

Adventure archaeologist. Professor. Married to a terrifying force of power, whimsy, and inspiration.


Template: τ Titus $
Template: υ Disciple

Of God. Here to serve.

Template: υ Josh
Template: υ Mike
Template: υ Walker

Final girl, scream queen, or apocalypse maiden. Walking dead, vengeful ghost, or bloodsucking fiend. As long as they're the last one standing. If they have to turn into a monster to do it, they will.

Template: φ Diviner

Follows Bells, Adams

Template: φ Hodge &

Follower of Val (vivids). Blend of Alchemist and Peter.

Template: φ Qetsiyah/Zefirah

Petrova, Silvanus

— No characters yet —
Template: χ (Chimeras) Chameleon



Template: χ (Chimeras) God-King
Template: χ (Chimeras) Hayden
Template: χ (Chimeras) Mason
Template: χ (Chimeras) Riley
Template: χ Gecko
Template: Ψ Claudia
Template: Ψ Sheriff

Stilesdad. Sheriff. Grew up with an abusive father.

Template: Ψ, μ Sy $

Sarcastic, neurotic, joke machine. Coldly pragmatic but also impetuously immature. Selfish. Protective of their circle of people.