Jarnvidr's Characters
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Template: 1. Braeden

A skeptic who reluctantly becomes a believer. Single-mindedly hunts down clue relating to any Masquerade or conspiracy she comes across.

Template: 1. Darach

A former ambassador between the strange and the mundane. Betrayal, followed by attempted murder. But she's something else now- better, stronger, as monstrous as they are- and she'll make them pay.

Template: 1. Gerard

The acting head of the family. Marries into their grand tradition, but enforces it with an iron fist. Prefers power to principles, and revenge to responsibility.

Template: 1. Lydia

Smart. History of mental illness, notably paternal grandmother. Bad relationship with father, related to same. Divorced parents. Psychic, especially in ways connected to death- related to mental illness.

Cluster A: Lydias pretend to be dumber than they are. They remember their grandmothers well, and inherit their powers.
Cluster B: Lysanders pride themselves on their intelligence. Their grandmothers left them with painful memories, and their powers come from another source.

Template: 1. Noble

Born to an ancient family with noble traditions of maintaining the masquerade (and frequently, hunting the monsters that plague society, even if they're people), although they don't always know it. Want to change systems for the better and will follow those who know how to do so.

Cluster A: Perfect emissary, in the dark; guarded but generous.
Cluster B: Perfect scion, knows the family secret; hidebound but honorable.
Cluster C: Perfect hunter, knows the family secret; predatory but protective.
Unclustered: Any one-offs where they lack the family backstory will be noticeably off-center for the template.

Template: 1. Scott

De facto leader. Empathetic, compassionate, idealistic. Makes peace by sheer force of will.

Template: 1. Stiles

Sarcastic, neurotic, joke machine. Coldly pragmatic but also impetuously immature. Selfish. Protective of their circle of people.

Template: 1. Victoria

Allisonmom. Willing to go to great lengths to avenge real and imagined slights. At her most effective (but also most vulnerable) when protecting her people.

Phase 1: Moves from place to place, always finding a way to survive. Manipulative, flighty, cunning.
Phase 2: Protects her family so that the darkness of the world will not touch them. Trades cunning for pragmatism.

Template: 2. David

Full of rage. Kind of an asshole. Aspires to become law enforcement; fails on account of personality flaws.

Template: 2. Deaton

Protector and friend of the Hale family- sometimes part of it. A veterinarian, or otherwise an expert in healing and dogs. Surprisingly knowledgeable about whatever secrets the setting holds.

Template: 2. Derek

A history buff and mediocre athlete. Frequently gets his family killed. Marked by grief, full of misdirected rage, and not nearly as good a teacher as he could be.

Template: 2. Deucalion

Blind, which only made his senses stronger. Burned idealist, who wants to destroy the idealists he admires, whether they be lovers or students.

Template: 2. Estherson
Template: 2. Fred
Template: 2. Gordon

Lawyer, spy, cop...

Template: 2. Hartley
Template: 2. Hudson

Early trauma results in someone who comes across as friendly, sociable, and kind, but underneath is simmering with resentment at the people who've hurt them, and has an obsessive streak besides. Likes to watch people and quote plays.
Often found near an Isaac.

Template: 2. Prue/Perry/P?

Unfavorite. Displaced in time. Views saving Heir as high priority.

Cluster A: Revolutionary/cop, contentious relationship with surviving parent

Cluster B:

Template: 2. Ric

Born in a body that doesn't work. Takes the first chance they can to change it. Sarcastic, bitter, a rake/seductress waiting to pounce.

Template: 2. Severus
Template: 2. Sheriff

Stilesdad. Sheriff. Serious, sad. Grew up with an abusive father.

Template: 3. Briar

Boring. Plain. Wants a normal, happy life, but knows that they're not good enough to earn it. Fairy tales are for pretty people.

Template: 3. Chameleon

Running away from a past that doesn't do them any favors, and running to a future that doesn't have much to offer. Might as well be invisible.

Template: 3. Claudia
Template: 3. Dudley
Template: 3. Kira

Bubbly, enthusiastic, dorky. Inherited some kind of mythical destiny from their mom, probably.
Tend to be an uncommon type of magical being, especially those with an unusual link between the body and the spirit.

Template: 3. Malia

Live as an animal for a good portion of their childhood.

Template: 3. Marin

Ambassador between the magical world and the mundane. True Neutral.

Template: 3. Rex

Since a young age, Rexes have recognized that their destiny is superiority. So when they're offered a chance to become something great, and the only cost is their sibling's life, they take it.
It's only when they realize they're not the favorite that they start to regret it.

Template: 3. Satomi
Template: 3. Scott-Derek
Template: 3. Talia

First generation Hale. Leader of her community, and peacemaker. Surrounded by allies and enemies.
Declares Laura, her eldest, as her successor.

Template: 3. The Fox
Template: 3. Titus

Firstborn. Turned against his parents by someone with an agenda.

Cluster A: Holtz-parent, hates his parents for crimes they committed against him; raised to hate and destroy parents
Cluster B: Gideon-parent, believes he is preventing something evil; the trauma of the kidnapping and the lingering effects turn him against his family

Template: 4. Adrian
Template: 4. Fenris
Template: 4. Hayden
Template: 4. Kore
Template: 4. Mason
Template: 4. Melissa

Scottmom. Perpetually harried nurse. Single and ready to mingle.

Template: 4. Mike

Margo, Madge, Marge, Mukta, Max, Megara, Marjory

Good-looking and silver-tongued, Mike loves women, hates commitment, and sees himself in the Oval Office someday down the line.

Mike is a man of action. He's always the first to volunteer, the first to make a suggestion. With a narcissistic streak, there's no denying that he likes the attention that comes with being the man who stands up and can get things done.

Romantic, funny, and brave; dishonest, uncharitable, and incurious.

Template: 4. Rafe
Template: 4. Reed
Template: 4. River

Adventure archaeologist. Professor. Father of Derek, Cora, and Laura. Husband of Talia.

Aradia, Gwydion, Hekate, Lorelei, Merlin, Oberon, Peregrine, Phoenix, Sabrina, Sage, Shadow

Template: 4. Sam
Template: 4. Ted

Eccentric, spendthrift, recluse, debtor. An insolvent inventor who inherited the mantle from Blue Beetle I, without any associated mythic destiny. He's going to be a hero, if it takes all his money to do it.

Template: 5. Ennis
Template: 5. Et
Template: 5. Parrish
Template: Argent

Second generation Argent. Eldest child. Honor and responsibility temper their compassion.
Stalwart defender of the family tradition until it costs them dearly.

Template: Cal
Template: Cass
Template: Han
Template: Holtz
Template: III. Henry

High school sports coach. After their spouse dies, things go poorly. Got up to some weird stuff in college.

Template: III. Jasmine
Template: III. Josh

Rich kid of rich parents. Interested in the movie industry, like his father. Addictive personality.
Usually comes with sisters, Hannah and Beth.(twins).

Template: II. Isaac

Abused by their parent. Not a woobie. Will fuck you up if you make them think.
Abusive parent is usually a Logos.
Often found around a Hudson, also a victim of the Logos.

Template: III. Walcott
Template: II. Jackson

Big man on campus. In high school. Convinced that a rich, lawyer father and a fancy car make him important. Sore loser.
Very likely to turn into something he regrets, especially something he can't control. Reptilian aesthetic.
A David who gets adopted after his birth parents die.

Template: II. Janny

Usually found with a Jackson and Lydia. Socially adept but misanthropic. Mean sense of humor, mostly interested in pursuing their own academic interests rather than interpersonal drama. Good at rooting out secrets, love to gossip.

Template: II. Kate

Second generation Argent. Youngest child, by far. More radical, more violent than Chris. Manipulates Derek, often the cause of his trauma and tragedies.

Template: I. Ithron

Imaginative dreamer. Drawn to nerdy hobbies like D&D. Artistic. Prone to being taken over by powerful forces that leave their mark.

Template: IV. Kali
Template: Liv
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Template: Peter

First generation Hale. Youngest, weakest, underestimated. Seeks power. Willing to kill family and friends to get it, willing to drink it in like a plant in sunlight otherwise.

Template: Yarnbox- Accessories
Template: Yarnbox- Ben?

Protective older brother. Defends his younger sibling from their shitty dad. Poor, good with cars and just waiting to enlist.

Template: Yarnbox- Retired
Template: Yarnbox- Storms
Template: Yarnbox- Worlds