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A Tian, usually the youngest of their set.
Perceptive. Good at peopling. Not the best at balancing family and duty - often expects family to handle itself. Paperwork ninja.
Loves magic, particularly runes/seals/etc.

(Efficient, The Paperwork Ninja, loves developing magic, especially the kind that involves runes or other writing, speedy, often has teleportation and/or superspeed. Charismatic, friendly, prefers to fix a system from within rather than without, aims for the top because of that - also ambitious. Wants to rule, wants to help, wants to protect.
In combat, he is an extremely efficient killer, uses that teleportation and/or superspeed and reflexes to great effect.
A bit of a doofus around people he genuinely adores. Doting parent and partner, somewhat neglectful sibling.)

Jun 09, 2023 6:36 AM
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