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Sibling to the Das template, Amalia has a contentious relationship with her brother, the two clashing with each other where they aren't grudgingly defending each other from mutual enemies.

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Amalia tends to think men can be useful and entertaining, and consider women to be uninteresting, as general categories. Amaury thinks men can be useful and women are most useful for sex.
Amalia usually attaches herself to one or more men as a teenager-or-equivalent, seeking to please them above all others, or if they die, seeking to return them to life. Most often this is a father figure, but in some cases it can be a brother or simply a lover (rather than a lover in addition to the other things). Amalia is hedonistic and sadistic, and isn't interested in reasons why she shouldn't indulge those urges, outside of ensuring they don't come back to bite her too terribly.