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Quasi-self inserts and characters of Chaos's headmate, Decima, run by her, in the Ruby sub-template. Main template is https://glowfic.com/templates/1215.

-Dom + sadist with one night stands
-Sub + masochist with long term relationships
-Default chaotic neutral
-Falls in love easily and likes flings
-Does not trust easily
-Adopted daughter of alts of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly

Vicious: Early version of this sub-template. Anti-social, angry, scared, and wants nothing to do with other humans. Example: River Tam.
Buzz: Later version of this sub-template. Fun-loving, falls in love easily, promiscuous, silly, very Chaotic Neutral, usually a productive member of society in as goose-ish a manner as possible. Has some unresolved issues from her childhood, sometimes, but not as many as most post-trauma clusters. Example: Burning Ruby Tiger Decima; Villanelle; The Wicked Libertine.

Jul 12, 2020 12:12 PM
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