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Template: ♄ - Leia
Template: ♄ - Leia Kid - Baby Anakin

Youngest kid of Leia. Younger sibling of Jacen and Jaina. Can sometimes be triplets with both siblings.

Always from a highly placed or famous family with a penchant for causing drama for everyone else. Baby Anakin is usually the only sensible one in their entire family.

Really, really hates traitors. Tends to have complicated emotions about older siblings, depending on exactly what they've done. Usually admires and loves older siblings when smol, but this can turn sour when Jacen and Jaina's Least Valid competition starts.

Template: δ - Fate

The best girl.

The Fate template-galaxy and her satellites is represented by the symbol δ on the characters page. Fate is split into several sub-templates. This template is a holder for characters who are unsorted or don't belong to a defined subtemplate.

-Dislikes her culture. Either does the exact opposite of what she's told is Good, or goes for malicious compliance.
-Default chaotic neutral, with some chaotic good and some chaotic evil alts, and a few rare lawful good alts.
-Fight for freedom and against fate
-Will not betray allies
-Sadistic and ruthless
-Defies template attractors




Glint is, as a sub-template, usually raised without parents in a society with social room for someone eccentric or 'crazy,' who willingly takes on responsibilities to protect others and then grows into her role - especially as a protector of the odd and insane. Glint has temporal clusters but one character tends to go through them in sequence; unlike other sub-templates, Glints don't split into separate character accounts, and then tend to grow more slowly through their character arc. The main temporal clusters are 'Glint' and 'Sheogorath.'




Template: δ Fate ~ Anakin

Attractors are mostly as normal for Fate template (

Standard Arc and Clusters ↴
Generally starts out seriously trying to be good, pro-social, or what someone they care about might want them to be. This is the Early cluster.

They then proceed to have a meltdown or reach a breaking point, and generally proceed to go for violent conquest. This is the Warlord cluster.

They eventually hit rock bottom and are redeemed by someone they care deeply for, deciding to retire - and then coming out of retirement because fuck, the world needs fixing, doesn't it. This is the Hero cluster.

Sometimes something weird happens to the Hero or Warlord clusters, resulting in a version without any memory of being either. This can be a clone, or a Fate with amnesia. This is the Mirror cluster.

There's odder Anakin's, sometimes. Usually older, sometimes wiser, always more aware. These are the Tapestry-Burners, who see their world for what it is and strive to change it, whatever way they see fit. Tapestry-Burners almost always have meta-knowledge, but some don't.

Template: δ Fate ~ Anathema

Some attractor overlap with main template (

The more blatantly ADHD of the Fate alts.

Perfect (name subject to change): baby Anathema with good parents. Cluster name reference to P!nk's "Fuckin' Perfect"

Attractors and Personality
-Sadistic and masochistic
-Extremely hedonistic
-Moral code based around hedonism and utilitarianism
-ADHD or similar neurotype, aggressively and openly so
-Names herself after an element of a special interest/ hyperfixation
-Prefers magic with lore/ patterns/ moving parts she can hyperfixate on
-Immensely bouncy and wiggly
-Goose-ish at times
-Less chaotic than other sub-templates; likes Patterns and also Wildness. Still no respect for social mores
-Likes analyzing things

Template: δ Fate ~ Dragon

A subtemplate of the main Fate template:

Dragons are very unusual for Fates. Brisingr is a founding/ central member. Dragons are nonhuman and act it, or at least have an intensely strange psyche generally unlike most humans. They struggle to take most concerns seriously, often pursuing short term hedonism. They can weave long term plots, but it can be hard to tell they're doing this, because they'll get distracted so often.

Dragons usually have feline-esque body language. They like nice stuff and have a *very* strong tendency to hoard interesting things. Their behaviors and mentality often parse as immature to humans.

Template: δ Fate ~ Glint-Sheogorath

description pending

Template: δ Fate ~ Hisame

A subtemplate of the main Fate template. Has two main clusters, Heaven and Hell, which usually come in pairs in a setting/ world (though not always in the same continuity). Heaven are energetic and cheerful and murderous. Hell clusters are intensely traumatized and often the bad end version of a Heaven alt.

The Abyss cluster also exists. Abyss clusters are mirrored Hisame's and very, very weird. They don't have a coherent cluster set of traits yet.

Template: δ - Fate ~ Kitten


Subby sadists, capable of interacting with society productively but not very happy about that. Amoral with immoral hedonistic impulses. Very much inclined to adopt a sideways moral code based on "whatever makes my Special People happy." Prone to eldritchy or weird powersets, especially if associated with cats.

Template: δ Fate ~ Lionheart

Some attractor overlap with main template (

Lionhearts are Fates with a functioning moral code, who strive to do good in the world - often due to a formative experience with someone expecting them to be exceptionally evil. They're more thoughtful and slower to act than most Fates, but also far more steadfast and stubborn once they do commit.

Template: δ Fate ~ Ruby

Main template is

-Dom + sadist with one night stands
-Sub + masochist with long term relationships
-Default chaotic neutral
-Falls in love easily and likes flings
-Does not trust easily
-Adopted daughter of alts of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly

Vicious: Early version of this sub-template. Anti-social, angry, scared, and wants nothing to do with other humans. Example: River Tam.

Dear Daughter: Alt early version of the sub-template. Generally has amnesia and is raised by a competent parent. Example: A-Yuan

Buzz: Later version of this sub-template. Fun-loving, falls in love easily, promiscuous, silly, very Chaotic Neutral, usually a productive member of society in as goose-ish a manner as possible. Has some unresolved issues from her childhood, sometimes, but not as many as most post-trauma clusters. Example: Burning Ruby Tiger Decima; Villanelle; The Wicked Libertine.

Template: δ Satellite - Ares

Slightly better dad than Palpatine. Slightly.

A satellite to the Fate template-galaxy.

Template: δ Satellite - Scarlet

The Most Loyal Companion

Always a suspiciously sapient magical animal, generally attached to some Fate or another.

A satellite to the Fate template-galaxy.

Template: δ Satellite - Six Shooter

This is all Rotifer's fault

A satellite to the Fate template-galaxy.

Template: δ/θ - Luck

A Lily/ Fate template blend. Includes several characters who used to be classified as Fate-Anakin (Lachesis/ Anna Riddle, Loki/ Ikol, Loki). Will pop up as members of both the Lily and Fate templates to those who can sense that meta-data.

Nightmare: the most assholish of the Lucks. Generally pretty old, pretty inclined to dying and being reborn different. Possessed of chronic backstabbing disorder, with no real loyalty to alts. Pretty often a Hisame/ Palpatine blend specifically. Type members are o.g. Luck and Ikol (Loki 'break-me-in-two').
Fever: They're Just Weird. Powerful tricksters who don't take anything seriously. Generally a Dragon/Lily (if more benign) or Kitten/Emperor-station Palpatine (if less benign) blend. Type members are Coyote (Kitten/ Palpatine) and Sheogorath (Dragon/ Lily)
Dream: The most normal people here. Usually actually functioning members of society, though that society is pretty often 'a revolution.' Usually a Ruby/ Lily blend. Type member is Laughter.
Wake: Lucks who are reborn Nightmares, or else Fever clusters who've had A Character Arc:tm: and realized the costs of their prior actions. Often a Bellona/ young Lily or Anathema/ post-emperor Palpatine blend. Type character is young Loki ('so-we-can-both-dance', a Bellona/ young Lily).

Template: δ/θ Satellite - The Collective

Clone cluster - massive amount of clones of some kind or another who have since differentiated but remain linked, often psychically. Usually satellite to the Fate template-galaxy.
-Lotus subcluster - large number of clones created by forced assimilation.

Handmaiden - smaller number of individuals who have chosen to give up their identities to join the collective. Often a Lily satellite.

Pack - mid-sized to large number of individuals born into a telepathic collective.

Template: δ/σ - Feral

A Fate/ Shmi template blend. Original member is Ryuko.

Template: θ - Lily Palpatine

Palpatine: Official Worst Dad.
Lily: Official Best Mom. (Or, what if we gave The Power Of Love to Palpatine.)

Unlike most glowfic characters, Lily-Palpatines don't have clear or straightforward clusters. Instead, they have tracks, with various stations representing how they develop. Everyone starts out at the Baby station, and the main tracks branch from there. Some tracks branch again later down the line, but are generally treated as sub-tracks. They can sometimes move between tracks, though it's rare.
The main tracks are Lily, Palpatine, and Travere.
Non-Track and Special Stations:


Main Stations:



Older information, being edited
Tracks and Stations
Lily does clustering a bit oddly compared to other heartsbloods. They currently have two tracks, Lily and Palpatine. Usually, a baby Lily Palpatine will move toward one track or another fairly early in childhood. The tracks have the same stations, roughly, but diverge over time, and it gets harder and harder for a character to change tracks - until, when they reach the Emperor station, there's no going back.

Baby Station
Baby station Lily Palpatines have a world of possibilities before them. They're born very strong in dark-coded magic if that's possible. They always stand out even as infants though, one way or another, and they often have biological parents who fear them and single them out for abuse. They're pre-track and have the highest flexibility of all the stations. This station always ends before puberty, sometimes before they're past the point of childhood amnesia.

Young Station
Young Lilies and Young Palpatines have taken the first step along their tracks. This station usually starts in early childhood, and always starts before puberty, and usually ends by the end of puberty. Lily Palpatines in societies with a relatively early coming of age can exit this station fairly early, and late comings of age can delay exiting this station.

Both tracks tend to have few or no childhood friends. Lily track will usually have some friendly acquaintances, though, and any siblings will be supportive. Palpatine track tends to have no friends and unsupportive siblings.

Their parenting situation usually determines their track, though non-parental authority figures can nudge them towards the edge of a track. Abusive parents fairly consistently produce Palpatines; good parents fairly consistently produce Lilies. Absent and incompetent parents produce children somewhere in the middle, though sans external intervention they tend to veer towards Palpatine.

They're not very firmed in their path at this point. Both start out prone to petty crimes, especially compulsive theft, with very low impulse control and poor emotional regulation. They get into fights, and might get into legal trouble. Palpatine track are more likely to have consequences of their actions erased by wealthy parents, and any consequences that get through are often excessive. Lily track are more likely to be faced with actual, proportionate consequences.

Lily develops a sense of other respecting people's internal state in slow fits and starts over this period. Palpatine develops the same ability to figure out internal states, but quickly learns that its main purpose is protecting themselves from a world they see as hostile and chaotic.

This station progresses to Apprentice around the point where they're passing into adulthood.

Chancellors are pretty firmly evil but still have a tiny kernel of who they used to be.

Emperors are Lilies who've gone too far down the Palpatine track to ever turn around, having betrayed the last vestiges of Being Lily. Mostly very, very old.

Template: θ - Lily Palpatine ~ Mirrors

Weird things happen, sometimes.

ANL mirrors are grouped into character accounts by alliance; two sharing the same one doesn't imply they're the same person.

The Handmaidens aren't fully Lilies, but are rather minor characters who've given up their identities in her service.

Template: σ - Shmi

Started as circumstance alt of Shmi Skywalker

Template: ψ - Settings
— No characters yet —
Template: ω - Goose


Template: ω - Jacky

Sexy evil temptress. Ideologically committed to "the world should contain more murder."

The key difference between Jacky and the more determinedly violent Fates like Hisame is: Hisame is a little bit unhinged. Jacky is no longer connected to the doorframe.

Chrysalis: The original cluster. Founding members are Jacky Westing and Jack Slash. Reckless mass murderers who are also incredibly charming and good at (and inclined to) lying. They dedicate their entire existences to increasing the amount of murder in the world.
Gremlin: Kinda sorta capable of existing in a society. At least a violent one. Gremlins are more loners than Chrysalises, and are more openly unhinged, though they're still good liars. Founding/ central member is Jackass.
Divine: Deities of some kind of violence or another. Are very much capable of existing in a wider society that has a context for them, and are benevolent to the followers who meet their exacting criteria. Founding/ central member is Hircine.

Template: ω - Jade
Template: ω - Jane Su
Template: ω - Mace
Template: ω - Pandora

Too curious for her, but mostly everyone else's, own good.

Template: ω - Ridis
Template: ω - Tyrant

Extremely moral, if your morality is "art."