Anakin Skywalker
01.05 - amused
Nickname(s) Anakin Vendar
Template Fate ~ Anakin
Facecast Jennifer Connelly
Setting Star Wars

He lives in the darkness, he's calling my name
He's keeping me up, keeping me up
I'm wide awake
He feeds on my ego, he swallows my pain
So figure it out, figure it out
Stay awake

This is all I know
And I can feel it grow
I'm restless, oh I'm restless
It's hard for me to breathe
When all I do is feel so heartless
Am I heartless
-Vulture, Vulture by Of Monsters and Men

Force Ghost Anakin Skywalker. Post-canon Vader.

Fundamentally the same person as Darth Vader ( and prequels Anakin Skywalker (, just at different points in the timeline or in different clusters. Timeline divergence of Redeemed Anakin Skywalker (

Secondary facecasts:
Ni Ni - for when possessing an Anathema-clone
Hayden Christensen - for bodyswaps with canakin

Currently keeping one gallery active at a time whenever Anakin's being ongoingly written.