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A Lily/ Fate template blend. Includes several characters who used to be classified as Fate-Anakin (Lachesis/ Anna Riddle, Loki/ Ikol, Loki). Will pop up as members of both the Lily and Fate templates to those who can sense that meta-data.

Nightmare: the most assholish of the Lucks. Generally pretty old, pretty inclined to dying and being reborn different. Possessed of chronic backstabbing disorder, with no real loyalty to alts. Pretty often a Hisame/ Palpatine blend specifically. Type members are o.g. Luck and Ikol (Loki 'break-me-in-two').
Fever: They're Just Weird. Powerful tricksters who don't take anything seriously. Generally a Dragon/Lily (if more benign) or Kitten/Emperor-station Palpatine (if less benign) blend. Type members are Coyote (Kitten/ Palpatine) and Sheogorath (Dragon/ Lily)
Dream: The most normal people here. Usually actually functioning members of society, though that society is pretty often 'a revolution.' Usually a Ruby/ Lily blend. Type member is Laughter.
Wake: Lucks who are reborn Nightmares, or else Fever clusters who've had A Character Arc:tm: and realized the costs of their prior actions. Often a Bellona/ young Lily or Anathema/ post-emperor Palpatine blend. Type character is young Loki ('so-we-can-both-dance', a Bellona/ young Lily).

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