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The best girl, me
Anakin Sub-Template: https://glowfic.com/templates/1940
Ruby Sub-Template: https://glowfic.com/templates/1537

-Dislikes her culture. Either does the exact opposite of what she's told is Good, or goes for malicious compliance.
-Default chaotic neutral, with some chaotic good and some chaotic evil alts, and a few rare lawful good alts.
-Fight for freedom and against fate
-Will not betray allies
-Sadistic and ruthless
-Defies template attractors

Main and Unsorted
The Main sub-template has attractors unmodified from above.
Main Clusters
Ancient CEAlts who are usually at least centuries old and who avoid the plot arcs that the Post-Nonsense cluster members go through. Generally an evolution of Time For Violence cluster. Ancient CE alts are better at suppressing their impulses, at working within structures, and at behaving - if it gets them what they want. They're fundamentally one of the most settled clusters.

Chaotic Leave Me AloneGenerally very traumatized alts, who've been through a lot. Can slip into Lawful Evil cluster fairly easily, but are default more willing to be pro-social, and have more emotions than the Lawful Evil cluster.

Fourth Wall BreakingAlts who are aware of the fourth wall. Fairly rare. Personality wise, they have a lot in common with the Post-Nonsense cluster. Generally less inclined to violence, and more self aware.

Fuck My AltsMost Decima alts, regardless of alignment, won't interfere with their own alts. These alts ignore that, and generally actively dislike at least one or several of their alts.

Hedonism FTWDecima alts who appreciate the fine things in life - and are fairly easy to get along with, so long as you don't try to restrain them. Bad at taking anything seriously. Extremely inclined towards pleasure-seeking, but generally not randomly violent.


Lawful EvilAlts who, generally due to trauma, have stopped really processing emotions and become fairly dogmatic and prone to lashing out violently.

Lying About AlignmentGenerally chaotic evil or villainous Decima alts who decided it'd be funny to pretend to be lawful good, heroic, or pro-social. More willing and inclined to lie than average.

MirrorDecima alts who're clones, children, or amnesiac versions of other Decima alts. Usually oppose their original's goals and alignment. Usually dislike their other alts.

Post-NonsenseAlts who have had significant plot happen to them, generally driving them through multiple contradictory clusters over time. Post-Nonsense Decima alts are far more self aware than typical, and are more usually at least somewhat pro-social.

ResponsibleDecima alts who have a job, and, for whatever reason, find this task important and worthy. Generally some of the best at working within systems.

Spitefully GoodAlts whose spite morality ended up targeted towards an evil culture or person. Spitefully Good alts generally find they enjoy being pro-social, which helps them maintain that alignment.

Time For ViolenceAlts whose main or only outlet for entertainment and emotions is violence. Generally chaotic evil, and generally harder to work with and more unstable than average.

UnknownWe're not sure what's up with these ones.

Glint is, as a sub-template, usually raised without parents in a society with social room for someone eccentric or 'crazy,' who willingly takes on responsibilities to protect others and then grows into her role - especially as a protector of the odd and insane. Glint has temporal clusters but one character tends to go through them in sequence; unlike other sub-templates, Glints don't split into separate character accounts, and then tend to grow more slowly through their character arc. The main temporal clusters are 'Glint' and 'Sheogorath.'

Jan 25, 2021 9:31 PM
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