Facecast Toothless
Setting How To Train Your Dragon (AU)

A night fury, physically almost identical to Toothless, but with the intelligence, telepathy, and similar magic of a dragon of Alagasia, complete with a soul gem.

He is a generally reserved, though passionate and kind individual. Not much of a born leader, but unwilling to follow the lead of anyone he does not trust. He is straightforward, and speaks his mind when he chooses to speak. Gain his trust, and he will follow you to the ends of the earth, and fight by your side to the death. Break that trust, and you will discover why a common phrase in his homeland is "hell hath no fury like a dragon scorned."

Tore is a fast and agile flyer. Some of his most treasured memories are of flying amongst the clouds, and racing through the sea stacks of his home. In terms of abilities, he has a powerful and accurate plasma breath attack, which is his weapon of choice in high speed aerial and ground attack combat. Night furies also commonly show affinity with various lightning abilities, though Tore has yet to master any of these. To counter this lacking, he has delved into his innate magic more than the majority of his peers, developing various magical buffs and augments that he can reliably call upon, a rarity amongst dragons whose magic, though extremely powerful, is so instinctual and unpredictable that it is effectively useless for practical purposes.