Template: Miroki

Shared traits: cute, innocent-seeming, sometimes a bit shy-seeming, introvert, moral non-realist, hedonist, schemer, scope-insensitive, personal, perceptive, responsive, empathic, careful, sadistic, predator, patient, mercurial, adaptive

⦁ Miroki's dearest fantasy is to understand others fully and for the other to feel incredibly connected with and trusting of them...and to be able to use that knowledge, familiarity, and trust to shatter the other's self into a thousand screaming shards. Bonus points for shattering those that are the purest, best, or shine the brightest. Miroki is sometimes (but not nearly always) quite patient in this, and may genuinely be a very wholesome and uplifting companion to someone until the treacherous turn.

⦁ Prefers suffering to be psychological, profound, and lasting. It isn't necessarily a negative if there's a physical element to implemention of their schemes, but seeing people bleed, etc isn't their thing.

⦁ Apathetic towards the fate of randoms to an extreme - does not care whether they live or die, and does not enjoy their suffering. Connection (at the very least communication or physical interaction) is essential for another to exist as anything more than an unnamed variable to Miroki. This does not mean that you should allow your pets or children anywhere near Miroki - that is probably a Very Bad Idea.

⦁ Does not have strong drives to affect their surroundings at a large scale, and has very limited use for resources except for their own nourishment and pleasure. They are unlikely to go to great lengths to acquire significantly excess resources (and if they appear to be doing so, there is likely another motive at play).

⦁ Miroki's circle of care includes only themself. They often form very close, deep, and enduring relationships with others, but view these as sources of short- and long- term pleasure and amusement, rather than, y'know, sentient beings whose welfare they terminally value or anything like that.

⦁ Miroki is relatively risk-averse with regard to their future freedom and flexibility of movement; while they are greatly inclined to aforementioned predatory behaviors, they are much less likely to act on these inclinations if they involve substantial tisk to themselves. Thus, many of Miroki's more nefarious traits may be very muted in settings which are very perceptive and punishing of these actions.

Aug 24, 2019 7:14 AM
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