May 26, 2022 10:05 AM
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down here on my knees
ultimate oblivion modpack: kemonomimi edition
Fulmination 399 3 7:10 AM
Has Warnings a rough and tumble free for all
kaz ellie and fate inej cause problems on purpose (and on accident)
Fulmination 1358 4 7:09 AM
I write because I must
repository of krissan works of fiction/ nonfiction/ art
Manual of Chaos 1 1 9:07 AM
Breakfast and Brumes: A Conversation
A breakfast conversation between Boston and Buda on the problem of immaterial mals
megacontinuity: scholomance 27 3 6:04 AM
crisis of faith
keltham in Osirion; Project Lawful does a pivot
planecrash 515 46 12:03 AM
Has Warnings cave novel [open]
it is broadly agreed that writing was the first krissan invention (but reading was the most important)
Sandboxes 15 1 9:28 AM
Has Warnings Call For Submissions [Open]
Heart recieves multiverse fiction
Sandboxes 64 2 2:20 AM
If You Go Down To The Woods Today Sandboxes 71 1 3:52 AM
Has Warnings Down By Bluebell Creek Sandboxes 151 2 12:41 AM
Has Warnings Proceedings of TILES [Open]
towertopia reviews and/or censors interdimensional fiction!
Sandboxes 32 3 2:17 AM
New multiversal media mountain
group chat of periversers reacts to media from other worlds
Sandboxes 4 4 1:19 AM
Has Warnings [Open] gentle-humor illustrative-satire-pointmaking small-bites setting-exploratory-noncanon-fun medianverse-fiction-trendjumping
A Rusan tags interdimensinal media
Sandboxes 5 4 12:32 AM
Never lose hope
Musoka gets yoinked into the Survivorverse
Sandboxes 205 1 12:13 AM
Has Warnings Church of Truth International Archive [open]
carolingian tag-wrangling
Sandboxes 15 1 12:06 AM
Has Warnings before a midnight breaks in storm
Villarosa IN SPACE
The Tyrant of Villarosa 94 2 12:25 AM
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