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Complete a girl's best friend
Ayako catches Mei up on the goings-on of Shanghai
megacontinuity: scholomance 14 4 10:21 AM
Has Warnings a lonesome road to walk
a very tired werewolf falls on the Burial Mounds
Sandboxes 198 1 7:45 AM
Has Warnings blood and darkness
The son of Hades attracts the attention of many beings from all paths of life and beyond
Aurora 1118 2 4:06 AM
Has Warnings don't mention it
our own scholomance, with blackjack and hookers
Sandboxes 287 123 12:03 AM
Complete Early morning drug deal
Kevin talks to the nurse, Marian
megacontinuity: scholomance 26 17 12:02 AM
[english] in which students arrive in their dorm rooms and make their way to orientation megacontinuity: scholomance 69 6 3:04 AM
[English] Now You See Me
if every conversation isn't 4d chess you need better friends
megacontinuity: scholomance 36 2 6:25 AM
[english] one kind of sonuvabitch or another
mal is looking for some weirdos for his crew
megacontinuity: scholomance 69 4 2:36 PM
[english] orientation conversations
approach other students! make friends! commit homicide! (it's probably a little early for that.)
megacontinuity: scholomance 27 3 4:12 PM
[english] small enclaves gotta stick together
lysander and daria and ghassan at dinner
megacontinuity: scholomance 17 5 8:06 PM
Has Warnings [english] sweet dreams [one tag per character]
in which the curfew bell rings and your character goes to bed and hopefully, eventually, to sleep
megacontinuity: scholomance 30 1 10:32 PM
Complete New Escort Duty
Bobby takes her job Very Seriously
megacontinuity: scholomance 7 7 1:21 AM
eyes of the fallen
force ghost anakin haunts the keres
Fulmination 105 48 11:21 AM
Has Warnings for each beloved hour
wangxian, except this time in pmmm
Heart's Dusk 501 1 8:56 PM
frequently, de profundis, we struggle ashore
Kyra takes a train and meets a Calypso
Sandboxes 225 2 1:12 AM
New From Alex to Zed megacontinuity: scholomance 4 4 10:08 PM
have an encounter with Destiny
The 400s hallway after dinner
megacontinuity: scholomance 14 13 7:23 AM
healing potions megacontinuity: scholomance 20 9 10:30 PM
Complete New His sword, which has been enchanted
Tomonori notices Bichen, and also that Lan Zhan is holding it
megacontinuity: scholomance 19 19 3:54 PM
New [homeroom] Room 1
Naima, Grimaldo, Jean, Rebecca, Bobbie, Julian, Masozi
megacontinuity: scholomance 54 54 1:09 AM
New [homeroom] Room 18-C
Wei Wuxian, Jiang Cheng, Huang, Kinsei, Octavia, Misaki, Xue Yang
megacontinuity: scholomance 12 12 1:56 AM
New [homeroom] Room 222
Owoye, Ghassan, El, Elizabeth, Annisa, Julia, Malak, Marcy, Lucy, Lissa
megacontinuity: scholomance 82 82 1:45 AM
New [homeroom] Room 30
Dennis, Ghyslaine, Orion, Wil, Ribo, Jeremy
megacontinuity: scholomance 27 27 1:20 AM
New [homeroom] Room 330
Daya, Camillo, Miguel, Anemone, Briar, Leander, Anastasia, Wendy
megacontinuity: scholomance 23 23 3:30 AM
New [homeroom] Room 409
Karen, Caio, Haozinne, Connie, Basira, Jaromira, Anastasia
megacontinuity: scholomance 32 32 1:39 AM
Total: 52