Aevylmar's Characters
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Template: Aalia
Template: Arazni

She's not a good person. Don't mistake her for one.

Template: Avenger

A loose archetype, not a tight grouping of alts. The Avenger is bitter, vicious, proud, filled with rage both cold and hot, and desires to take grand vengeance on a sweeping collection of people who mostly deserve it, regardless of collateral damage who doesn't.

Template: Brass

Scattered shards of sharp metal held together by string. Loose template. Brittle but strong. The name isn't right.

Template: Catherine
Template: Cazaril

I don't actually think I can write the real Caz, but this is my broad template for cynical veteran soldiers never too tired for the one last charge against evil, hopefully conducted intelligently this time.

Template: Durante

His home's best general! His personal heroes include Alexander the Great, Sun Ce, and Napoleon, and he really, really wants to conquer the world, but is otherwise a really nice and charismatic guy.

Template: Eagle Fleet

A feudal future where spaceships are inheritable, usually along male lines. Kind of sucks.

Template: Eastern Empire

Various people from the Eastern Empire! Mostly the secret police, right now. Funny how that turns out.

Template: Edelrich
Template: Fonts

A category used for locations and minor characters in the Fonts setting.

Template: Geb
Template: Golarion Afterlives
Template: Golarion Characters

People from Aevylgolarion who don't have easy alts.

Template: Golarion Gods
Template: Golarion Locations

Places and organizations in Golarion.

Template: Gold Circuitry And Black Powder

If I say "it's sort of like eighteenth century Europe except on an alien world with magic technology," that probably doesn't get much through, does it?

Template: Gorgon Queen

Her family is dirt-poor and she is going to be a star and she has no particular ethics, morals, or qualms, barring the fact that she is occasionally capable of caring about individual people, if not people in sum. Once assassinated a woman in her sixties out of a forty-year-old grudge.

Template: Ilderia

The Tyrant's adopted daughter, and various people related to her. Implausibly charismatic and very capable.

Template: Iraqual
Template: Jinye

Desperately driven to improve on the non-optimal nature of societies. We can talk about not being evil, but you need to listen about not being inefficient. Being a mastermind is harder than it looks!

Template: Kagemusha
Template: Kastil

Old, tired, paranoid.

Template: Luminosa
Template: Mechanos
Template: Minerva

Some people hide in their fantasies. Minerva decided to armor herself in hers. She is currently a hive-minded robot army of superpowered duplicates of her original self, a state she considers "losing". Has tremendous power and good intentions and is not great at using them to save the world, but tries very hard.

Template: Mirran Republic
Template: Octaviani
Template: Paragon
Template: Prudence
Template: Reincarnation Setting

It needs a name.

Template: Rinara

A very sweet girl who happens to be the Trusted Left-Hand Woman for an evil overlord. Before that she was a very unpopular druid. Arguably the most Neutral Good character I have ever written in spite the fact that she has spent her entire life working for one force of darkness after another.

Template: Rogue

A smiling, charming swashbuckler with a deep well of self-loathing. Has been assigned a fate and has no intention of sticking with it.

General category.

Template: Sétach
Template: Siro

The dumbassest paladin in the entire Attani Empire.

Template: Solaris
Template: Survivorverse

Current working name for my superhero setting.

Template: Tahire
Template: Taipei Enclave

(Background for Taipei: Founded in the 1920s by Chinese modernists fleeing the civil war, who moved to Taiwan, set up an enclave, and Westernized like mad. Dominus Zhou Xuantang took power thirty-two years ago, executed a well-timed backstab against the London and New York enclaves, changed political support to Shanghai, then immediately started enthusiastically plotting against it. Their reputation is as infamously treacherous, intensely meritocratic, and prepared to sacrifice absolutely anything for the growth of their political and magical power.

Age order for the Scholokids:
Liu Guanzhu

Cai Baihan

Cai Xian > Qiú Yazhu > Wu Zhewei > Zhang Jinye > Zhou Taiyang.)

Template: The Marvel Universe
Template: The Mother of the Forest

She takes herself and her beliefs very seriously, which would be much better if she wasn't the Unabomber.

An abusive parent.

Template: Ti Ciraku
Template: Tiriac
Template: Traveler

He is not from here, he is from somewhere FUNCTIONAL. He wants to be BACK there. And he is OUT OF PATIENCE solving your problems for you when someone FUNCTIONAL would not even need to ASK.

Template: Tyrant

"World domination is such an ugly phrase. I prefer to call it world optimisation." - Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres.

Template: Weird Unnamed Setting #319
No Template