Pedra Casal Lachanessa
Look, Sometimes You Need To Summon Your Unholy Minions At A Fancy Party
Nickname(s) Chelish Queen
Template Gorgon Queen
Facecast N/A
Setting Golarion

Pedra's mother arrived in Cheliax with an adorable little daughter, a nobleman's jewelry, and an elaborate story that involved being exiled Taldane nobility, which people pretended to believe for long enough to get their hands on the jewelry.

Unlike her mother, Pedra was not executed for being an incorrigible thief and confidence trickster. Instead she got into Westcrown wizard's academy at a young age, and proceeded to use every tool at her disposal to be the one whipping instead of the one whipped. She specializes in Enchantment magic, has Int, Wis, and Cha all at 16, and regularly outperforms her Int on tests thanks to hard work, thinkoopmh, and a willingness to use Wisdom and Charisma to solve problems. Her greatest fear is of eternal torture as a paving stone in Hell, which she copes with by loyally serving Cheliax for greater power; her second-greatest fear is of being ordinary and not special and amazing at all, which she copes with by being exiled Taldane nobility.

- - -

Everyone knows someone we'd be better off without,
But best not mention names, for we don't know who's about.
But why commit a murder and risk the fires of hell,
When black widows in the privy can do it just as well?
- "Black Widows in the Privy," Julia Ecklar.