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Jun 20, 2019 3:37 AM
An alt of Link gets a different, sexier kind of quest

It was another boring day on another boring construction site. Hot, sweaty, loud, and generally unpleasant, but not difficult - and the pay's alright.

Except as she waits at the bus stop at shift's end - a completely baffling wall of translucent text appears before her.

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Laura Grover

"The Erogamer"

LVL: 1 (0 / 200)



DOM: 12 / 170

SUB: 15 / 350


BOD: 14 (+)

LST: 19 (+)

SED: 9  (+)

FUK: 8  (+)

PRV: 16 (+)

ERO: 10 (+)


Stat Points: 5

Money: $900


Status Effects: 27-year-old virgin

Description: Laura Grover is a high school dropout working a dead-end job with no real goal in life. She works hard but not passionately, and until now was taking the path of least resistance through life. Though inexperienced in both sex and love, her subconscious yearning for a deeper (ahem) purpose has opened her to the possibilities of the Erogame.



Erogamer's Body (Lvl MAX): The biological ability to live your life as an erogame. Venereal disease doesn't exist for you, or periods or pregnancies or yeast infections. Arbitrarily large appendages can fit inside any of your orifices. You heal from all marks with a good night's sleep, ready for the next day's adventures. Other aspects of this skill depend on the BOD stat.

Erogamer's Mind (Lvl MAX): The mental flexibility to live your life as an erogame. You're more able to accept the realities of your new world. You'll also bounce back from painful, upsetting and bizarre sexual experiences with relative ease. Rape can be anything from a recoverable trauma to a Tuesday afternoon, but it won't ruin your life. Other aspects of this skill depend on the FUK, SED, LST, and PRV stats.

Erogamer's World (Lvl MAX): The consent of reality to live your life as an erogame. People are never too preoccupied to consider sex or romance, not while you're around. Bystanders won't ignore what you do, but they're unlikely to actually stop you. Those who do decide to involve themselves are drawn into the logic of the Erogame. If you go far enough that an authority sees no choice but to intervene… they won't treat you as a simple criminal. Other aspects of this skill depend on the ERO stat.



Nothing to see here, officer: You will fail to draw the attention of law enforcement for doing anything sex-related, as long as it's mostly consensual. You may still get arrested or fined for violating laws that aren't about your ero activities, but if that happens you will find that whoever arrested you is perhaps... persuadable... to release you.


Info // Status Effects

27-year-old virgin: Merely existing in the age of the Internet has already raised your PRV stat above 10. Still, until you choose to lose your virginity, the Erogame will not force you to give it up... no matter how long it takes.


Info // Character Stats

LVL / Level: The quantified totality of your potency as an erogame character. The effect of this characteristic goes beyond just the 5 extra stat points you get per level, and the additional perk point you receive every 5th level.

BOD / Body: Your physical attractiveness, and other biological capabilities. At higher levels, your body becomes able to enact more exotic erogame events.

LST / Lust: The intensity of your sexual urges, and how easy it is to get you going.

SED / Seduction: Your ability to seduce others, to pique their interest and arouse their desire.

FUK / Fucking: Your ability to perform in bed and give others pleasure… or other sensations.

PRV / Perversion: Your descent into the world of naughtiness, fetish, deviance, and corruption.

ERO / Erogame Logic: The extent to which the world will bend---or can be bent by you---to create romantic and sexual situations in defiance of probability. Or at higher levels, physics.

DOM / Dominant Energy: Based off SED and FUK, fueling skills that invoke your dominance, sadism, or mastery.

SUB / Submissive Energy: Based off LST and PRV, fueling skills that invoke your submission, masochism, or service.


Info // Character Stats // Level

At LVL 1, and 0% progress toward the next level, you're at the very start of your new life.

You can increase your level by completing the quests the Erogame offers you, or by causing romantic and sexual events to happen to you or around you. The more difficult the challenge, the greater the rewards.


Info // Character Stats // Body

A BOD of 14 makes you a reasonably attractive woman, especially for your age. You're far from all you could be, though, and your body is yet a joy only you have experienced.

You can increase this stat through exhibitionism, and other acts that invoke the pure beauty and power of your physical form.


Info // Character Stats // Lust

A libido as high as yours isn't a gift to be squandered, but all your LST of 19 has gotten you so far is a lot of dirty thoughts and masturbating as frequently as a teenage boy. It could be much better channelled, if you really put your mind to it.

You gain in this stat while experiencing sexual urges that are unusually intense or that go on unusually long.


Info // Character Stats // Seduction

A SED of 9 reflects your inexperience. Slightly below average; you could be much worse, but you also could be much, much better. Some practice would be welcome, and it's sure to be rewarding - to you and to everyone else you may ever meet.

You can increase this stat by arousing the romantic interest or sexual desire of others, and successfully pursuing them or being caught.


Info // Character Stats // Fucking

Your FUK of 8 makes you... Not literally the worst in bed, you still have ears and eyes to notice when your (so far hypothetical) partners aren't enjoying what you're doing. Still, practice makes perfect, and... You're a fair ways from perfect. You can imagine perfect, though, and it's not impossible. Difficult. But not impossible.

How do you increase this stat? Take a fucking guess.


Info // Character Stats // Perversion

Living in the twenty-first century with internet access is sufficient to make your PRV above-average. Still, a 16 represents more than slight curiosity about what sorts of things lie beyond the veil of mystery some people call "kink." Where curiosity meets action, you'll find pleasures you've scarcely contemplated, let alone fantasized about.

You can increase this stat by looking for opportunities to get even kinkier. 


Info // Character Stats // Erogame Logic 

At an ERO of 10, your life has become an erogame taking place in a mostly realistic setting. What happens to you might seem unlikely to others, but it won't break their belief in a sane universe… yet. Witnesses will reach for explanations other than the Erogame, but they'll still notice the unusual events.

If you keep pushing probability to its limits, then probability will learn to be a bit more flexible down there, relax and take it in and not protest so much.


Info // Character Stats // Dominant and Submissive Energy

If this were a different game, you'd have mana and hit points.


And they'd refill just from you sitting around on your ass doing nothing.







What the heck. Far from all I could be? Who does this - game(?) - think they are? And what's wrong with masturbating a lot? 'Not literally the worst in bed'? Oh, that's almost a challenge, going that near an insult. I'll have to prove it wrong.

Also, what the hell. These kinds of things don't just happen.

One thing at a time. She counts to twenty, multiplies 12 and 11 to get... 121. Reads a street sign and remembers what she had for lunch. It doesn't feel like she's having a stroke or anything like that. So... How do you close menus in games? Backspace? How do you backspace in real life?

"Backspace. Exit. Quit. Close."


The game window fails to close. It's there, hanging in front of Laura's face, the small "plus" buttons next to each stat blinking slightly.


Well... It wants her to add things to her 'stats'. The least unsettling one is BOD, and she could always be more in shape if nothing else...

Tap tap tap tap tap.


With that, the stat box with the text is gone.

The changes are... noticeable, to say the least. What little body fat she had is now either gone or more evenly distributed. Her muscles, from the physical labor she's accustomed to doing, now look leaner and more elegant, closer to what a female fitness model might look like.

Her breasts are definitely bigger, and her ass rounder and more shapely.

Quest available: It's hot today

Your coworkers will surely appreciate the effort you went through by... raising your BOD stats five times. Regardless of the means, show it off tomorrow by going to work without a bra.

Success: +100xp
Failure: Why are you even playing?
Accept: Y/N

Quest available: Work From Home

Look up a new way to masturbate online you've never done before.

Success: +100xp, +1 FUK
Failure: 'Vanilla' status, 1 day
Accept: Y/N


She can feel it. Whatever is really going on, it made her hotter!

Okay, I'll play along.

She taps 'Y' twice. She looks herself over, runs her hands around - the bra is a bit tight now, actually...

She could show herself off. She should, she never bothered before, but now that she actually thinks about it being attractive near other people is appealing... Maybe she should get a head start, she does have a bag for her bra to go in. She looks around, looking for a bathroom or at least a convenient patch of shrubbery... There's a nice line of bushes not ten feet from the bus stop. Convenient.

She steps behind them comes back out with no bra and wearing a T-shirt that's just slightly too small. It's not obvious from a distance, the bralessness, but you could probably tell if you looked. It's... Some mixture of embarassing and thrilling

You looking at this, whoever's running this? I'm doing it. Come at me.


Tapping the 'Y' button seems to also make the quest windows go away.

And if the two men conveniently arriving just now are anything to go by, whoever's running this is looking at it. They're laughing at something one of them said but they look at Laura and nod a greeting... and then one of them gazes at her chest for a bit longer than strictly necessary before quickly turning back to his friend.


She smiles serenely at them. She could- She could stretch for them? But that's a bit far for right now. One step at a time.

(Her nipples have gotten hard between slight stimulation against her T-shirt and getting a bit turned on at her own daring...)

Instead she waits for the bus with them and finds a corner of it and discreetly tries things once on board. How does she get that 'stats screen' back? It seems important to know this stuff. Maybe she should play a video game, to get used to how video games do this stuff?


The two men... definitely glance. And maybe stare a bit at her obviously hardened nipples.

ERO Achievement: Remove your bra within fifteen minutes of starting the game and receiving your first quest. +1 PRV, +1 BOD.

This window seems to go away on its own, though.


They can look. She miiight even be deliberately bouncing a bit when the bus hits a pothole or turns, slightly flaunting her toned muscle, too... Being deliberately sexy - having an excuse to flaunt it, and even if she doesn't really know how beyond 'guys like breasts, right?', is hot.

Though she should probably worry about how it just up and changed her... And why it gave her a free pass on the police as long as she's doing something sexy. That's a bit... Weird.

Whispering, "Quests? Stats? Perks?"


When she says 'Quests' the quests reappear:

Active Quests
  • It's hot today
  • Work from home

When she says 'Stats':


DOM: 12 / 170

SUB: 15 / 350


BOD: 20

LST: 19

SED: 9

FUK: 8

PRV: 17

ERO: 10

When she says 'Perks'... a very, very long list of names appears.

And the bus chooses just now to swerve suddenly and cause her to lose balance and fall on top of a guy sitting down.

Quest available: Bon voyage!

Jacob Lewis was having a normal commute back home when a hot, big-titted woman fell on him, making this his lucky day. Make him come before he arrives to improve his trip even further.

Success: +1,000xp, +1 PRV, +1 ERO
Failure: The knowledge that even when someone finds you attractive and you're in public you can't make a guy come
Accept: Y/N


"Oh! Sorry about that."

She sits back up and eyes the quest. That's... She wants to try it on some level, but still, it's a bit much.

They're in public. She already has two sex-related things in her list. Sure, the back corner of the bus is kind of secluded, but the first time she does this, with a stranger on a moving bus? ...No.

She taps 'N' and makes a show of straightening her hair to cover the motion. "Heh. Bumpy ride."


"You can fall on me anytime, sugar," the man says, smiling a not-so-innocent smile.



And now, somehow, showing herself off has flipped right over from 'thrilling' to 'mortifying'. She goes to another part of the bus and tries to distract herself until her stop.

...Distracting herself turns out to mean 'fantasizing', apparently. That's the high libido showing.

Quest available: Let's Get This Show On The Road

Masturbate while taking public transport. It must be possible for at least one other person to see you. This quest has no time limits.

Success: +500xp, +1 PRV
Failure: 'Cramped seats' status, 2 days
Accept: Y/N


Are you not paying attention, game? I'm feeling embarrassed now, this is a gentler alternative to the last one but geez give me some space. I'm already going to go to work braless tomorrow. Probably. I don't know how this works.



The Erogame doesn't bother her again for he rest of the trip.


In that case she manages to actually think for a few minutes.

That first screen said "live your life as an erogame". So, that's some kind of sex-themed game? Her life is all about sex now without so much as an 'are you ok with this?'

...Well, it's not like her construction job is deeply meaningful and fulfilling. But why sex of all things? Masturbating does feel good, watching porn is fun, but... The game is trying to involve other people. Directly, not just her being hot in their direction. That's vaguely terrifying. She's good at making friends but after one utterly disastrous flirting attempt as a Sophomore that ended up getting her suspended for a week she's never even considered doing that again.

She can try the 'new way to masturbate thing'. That's less frightening, since she'll be alone in her own little apartment.

She looks up 'Ways for women to masturbate' on her rickety old laptop and trawls through the results, looking for something that sounds hot. Use lube... Use a vibrator (maybe she should get one)... Edging... Ice packs or hot packs? Huh... Pillow humping? ...Watching porn while she does it doesn't count as new... Ooh, the shower head is supposed to feel good. She never even thought about that, but she can see it.

She doesn't have lube or a vibrator or ice packs but she can do the pillow thing right now. Or the shower head thing. And, honestly, a shower sounds nice anyway and she feels like being naked and seeing the changes on her body in a bit more detail right about now.

So she strips down in the bathroom and looks herself over in the mirror while waiting for the shower to get nice and warm. Yeah, her breasts are - not only bigger now, but somehow rounder and firmer-looking. She hops in place and giggles. No wonder all those guys were looking. Her muscles aren't as bulky as before, more sleek and toned. More feminine. Well, as long as it doesn't actually make her weaker, she's fine with that. Turns around and looks at her butt... Damn, girl. Maybe she should show that off, too.

Between going braless, fantasizing, and looking herself over, she's quite turned on when she steps into the shower. She soaks in the warm water and rubs her fingers over her labia, her other hand playing with her nipples, just like normal. But after building up a nice core of warm sensation she pulls the shower head down on its long hose and positions it-


-Oh! That's an intense feeling. Almost painful. She has to take it away immediately... Maybe if she muffles it a bit? She holds a washrag over her labia and puts the shower head back. Mmm... Much better. Warmth and pressure and vibration and good

She moves the shower head around a bit, finding the best position for it. She works herself up for a while like this, shower head in one hand and alternating between her breasts and clit with the other... At some point she gets used to it enough to remove the rag, and that makes it even more intense and soon she's fingering herself, panting... She adds a second finger and finds an angle that's just right and holds it for a few seconds before coming hard, pressing the shower head up against herself and almost falling over from the pleasure, basking on one of her best orgasms in a while.

And then she lets the shower head fall from her hand and sits on the floor of the shower, basking. With a deep breath, she starts noticing the rest of the world again.

Quest completed: Work From Home

Goal: Look up a new way to masturbate online you've never done before. +100xp, +1 FUK
Hidden goal:
Actually masturbate to this new way. +50xp, +1 LST

Quest available: Who Cares About Knowledge Anyway?

Do not download and play an erogame. Life's more fun on the road.

Success: You learn everything the hard way
Failure: +100xp, a clue what this is all about
Time limit: 24 hours from quest acceptance time
Accept: Y/N


...'Failure' is what she actually wants from that one. What, does the game think knowing what the hell's going on is boring? Apparently, yes. Even though it'll give her XP for playing an erogame. (You want more XP in games, right? Right.) Well, it'll get her used to what's going on, hopefully.


And she searches on the internet for erogames, trying to find one that looks... Short-ish, but a good example of an erogame.


The internet contains a large and wonderful selection of erogames for all sexualities, kinks, amounts of romance, amounts of sex, game duration, seriousness of plot, depth of mechanics, and any other dimensions along which she might think an erogame varies.


...Bi, nothing weird, medium, medium, short, medium, medium. She wants something that the internet thinks is a core erogame, the first one an aspiring erogamer might play, erogames 101, so to speak. She'll ask around on forums if she can't tell just be searching.

There are a few sex-based online games - one where you're supposed to run through the levels and avoid the monsters, except you're really not supposed to do that, the monsters fuck you in nicely animated scenes and that's the whole point of a sex game. But that doesn't seem to really count as an erogame. Or maybe the quest didn't fail because she didn't download it.

She spends a lot of time reading plot synopses from Princess Trainer to Monster Girl Quest to Fate;Stay Night to Katawa Shoujo to the Sengoku Rance series to Sunrider Academy - wow there really is a lot of variety - and looking at art for the games before finally picking one.

These 'Sakura' series seems to be pretty prolific and reasonably popular. There's like ten of them. Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Cupid, Sakura Shrine Girls, Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Nova, Sakura Space, Sakura Fantasy, Sakura Gamer, Sakura Beach... 'Sakura Angels' is on sale 80% off. Though the reviews aren't great it seems popular and introductory and it's available in an online game store - in English, even.

...Okay, two hot angels living with a single guy to protect him from demons and an evil witch, the plot seems kind of flaky and shallow, but the game is about the sex right?

...Yep, that's some sex alright. The anime-style art is pretty new, but it still turns her on again.

...Oh huh, it's 1 AM. But she got through the game and even fapped again. It wasn't a very gamey game, it's a 'visual novel' apparently, but some of the scenes remind her of what the Erogame has already asked her to do... It was a nice little story, even if it was a bit simple. And there were some interesting sex things. But there seem to be a staggering variety of different kinds of erogame, and not necessarily any one kind that is the erogame. Maybe her Erogame will let her steer it. Well, one can hope.

She yawns and gets ready for bed.


When she purchases the game, another bit of text appears:


And after she's done:

Quest failed: Who Cares About Knowledge Anyway?

You just had to spoil the fun, didn't you? Well, now you know more about these mechanics. Be happy about that.


Your level has increased by 1!

"But I don't, really." Sigh. "Guess I picked the wrong erogame. Whatever. Info, mechanics? Tutorial. Menu. Settings." She doesn't really expect it to work, but it's worth trying.


None of those work, no.

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