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Jun 01, 2020 8:56 PM
An alt of Link gets a different, sexier kind of quest
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He shudders. "Yes, that's good. Now you can suck, too -"


"Oh, you mean like this?" She tries it. Lips shut over it and sucking in, until she releases a moment later with a wet sound.

(Still stroking with one hand. The other has gone into her pants without her really noticing it...)


He nods. "Yeah," he says, breathing raggedly. "Yeah, like that."


"Good to know I'm learning."

He's really liking this. Great! She keeps it up. Stroking and licking and sucking - moving her head up and down his cock while sucking - wow, giving a blowjob is hotter than she expected, Norm's muscle and his smell and the hard length of it and how much he's obviously enjoying it...

"I'm gonna have to take care of myself after this. You're hot."

And back to work... He liked the tongue thing right there...


And whenever she tries to get more and more of Norm's shaft into her mouth, she'll find out that she can. Even though she logically oughtn't be able to, with something that massive, it seems to just... fit.

...maybe that "Erogamer's Body" skill has something to do with it?

Paying attention to what works and what doesn't while giving Norman a blowjob has increased your FUK by 1!

And now she's getting more of an... intuition for it. She knows what to do, or at least some.


...Convenient. Let's go with that and not get distracted okay?

Since she can fit so much... She can just... Keep taking more? Almost all the way down to the base, listening to this intuition - and Norm, still, of course.


"Oh shit," he groans, and his hand instinctively reaches behind Laura's head to grab her hair. Not very strongly, but it's there.

And she has the rather insistent intuition that she should let him.


Ooooh is he gonna cum?? She lets him grab her hair. She keeps sucking.


"I'm - I'm gonna - do you -" He can't finish the sentence but he's clearly close.


She nods and grins around it - as much as she even can, caught up in the act. Tongue thing, come on Norm, you can cum in her mouth she wants you to feel great...


He does, shooting his load directly into her mouth, groaning loudly and pushing her against his hip. She can feel it hit her tongue and throat, one spurt after the other, warm and - and sweet and tasty? It tastes like grapes.


She did it! Without somehow screwing everything up!

She had no expectations on how it'd taste, but that's a pleasant surprise so she'll drink it all down, still sucking slightly until spurts turn to dribbles and dribbles dry up. (You're supposed to do that anyway, right? Porn says so at least.)

And then, flushed and still shirtless, grin up at Norm.

A skill has been created by a special action! Consuming the sexual fluids you extracted from another has created the skill The Nectar.
Quest completed: Teambuilding Exercises

Goal: Give Norman a better idea of what reality's like to fuel his fantasies. +200xp, increased relations with Norman Hayes
Hidden Goal #1:
Give Norman an orgasm. +100xp, greatly increased relations with Norman Hayes
Hidden Goal #2:
Do it at work. +1 PRV

You have lost the status "27-year-old virgin". Your status is now "Technical virgin".
Your level has increased by 1!

He runs his hand through her hair and also grins down at her, panting heavily. "Wow. That was. Wow."


"So glad to know I didn't disappoint. Just wanted to do something nice. You liked it, huh? Now I'm hot and bothered... Lunch is almost over. Too bad. You could have returned the favor." Wink.

She stands up and goes to get her shirt on.

...Is she going to keep getting PRV points for being eager? She's a little worried about that stat. Eh, she can probably deal with it. And, okay, now she really needs to look at those 'skills' once she's alone.


Norman nods. "If - if you want, later, I can - return the favor."


"Oooh, sounds fun. Later, though. I'll be looking forward to it. We've got work to do for now, ya know?"


He nods. "Yes. Ah. Thank you, uh." He blinks a few times then says, "You're very pretty."

And he hurries away.


"You're handsome!"

Giving Norm an orgasm was not as viscerally pleasurable as masturbating - but it's satisfying. She watches him go with a little smile before saying, "Info, skills?"

Info // Skills

Erogamer's Body: Lvl MAX
Erogamer's Mind: Lvl MAX
Erogamer's World: Lvl MAX
Strip Tease: Lvl 1 (0 / 3)
The Nectar: Lvl 1 (0 / 3)


"...Info, strip tease. Info the nectar."

Info // Skills

Strip Tease: Lvl 1 (0 / 3). Active. 10 D|S / minute.

A skill to remove clothes seductively, always hinting at more than what appears, making the viewer more and more impatient to see the end. While this skill is active and you are continuing to remove clothing, you receive a +5% bonus to SED and BOD and any observers watching you react as though their LST were 5% higher. Effects may vary depending on whether the skill was fueled by Dominant or Submissive Energy.


The Nectar: Lvl 1 (0 / 3). Passive.

You gain benefits from consuming sexual fluids you have personally extracted from others. (With the Mad Inventor perk: sexual fluids extracted via machines of your own creation that you personally operate.) Every person's precious bodily fluids convey different potencies, hinted at by tastes and sensations you may learn to identify. Mixing synergetic sexual fluids yields greater results, but the fluids must be mixed in situ.

Known nectars:

  Flavor Effect A Effect B Effect C
Norman Hayes Grapes ? +2 LST when doing or thinking of doing anything sexual with a risk of getting caught, 12 hours. ???

Five percent isn't that much. Maybe it'll go up later? And she's gotten two of these, so maybe there will be more if she tries things. They're totally all going to have to do with sex, though, aren't they? Hmm...

Consuming sexual fluids. 'Extracted'. Way to make it sound creepy, erogame. And the way this is phrased it pretty clearly expects her to have sex with multiple people at once sooner or later. On the one hand: Ooooh... On the other hand: Aaaah. Sex this, sex that, sex the other thing. It's fun, it really is, but it's vaguely worrying that her life will never be about anything else again.

(She ignores the nagging thought that her life was pointless and boring without the erogame. She had hobbies! Like... Food. Jogging. Soccer!)

...'Mad Inventor'. These 'perks' sound honestly pretty powerful. And she's supposed to get one at level 5?

"Info, level?"

Laura Grover

"The Erogamer"

LVL: 3 (600 / 1,000)



DOM: 12 / 210

SUB: 215 / 380


BOD: 20 (+)

LST: 20 (+)

SED: 10 (+)

FUK: 11 (+)

PRV: 19 (+)

ERO: 11 (+)


Stat Points: 10

Money: $897


Status Effects: Technical Virgin

Description: Laura Grover is a high school dropout working a dead-end job with no real goal in life. She works hard but not passionately, and until now was taking the path of least resistance through life. Though inexperienced in both sex and love, her subconscious yearning for a deeper (ahem) purpose has opened her to the possibilities of the Erogame.


Two levels and a half in... Less than a full day since this started. Okay, she can wait a little longer. She could use stat points again, get hotter again... But nah. She already did that once and is kind of amazed nobody noticed - or at least that nobody said anything about it.

She whispers, "Erogame, please don't offer me any more quests 'till the work day's done. Payday's tomorrow and I don't wanna get fired before then," and goes back to work.

Busy mode engaged. Notifications will be hidden until the end of today's work shift.
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