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Release 2019-12-17
New features

  • Galleries now have a list view option.
  • Private and access list posts will now display this status in post lists.
  • The API now supports fetching all (public) posts a given user has written in.
  • You can now search continuities.
  • Post authors can now view a post's deleted replies and the reply author can restore them.


  • When filtering by icon in Search, subsequent searches will now correctly preserve the icon in the search form.
  • The flat post page will now correctly alternate background colors between the top post and its first reply for posts with descriptions.
  • Changing a posts status no longer marks it unread for the user who made the change (and congratulations to nextworldover on their first contribution!)
  • Fixed an n+1 query in the Daily Report.
  • Link previews no longer include nonpublic posts in their counts of Times Used.
  • Fixed a (probably worse than) n+1 query in post and subcontinuity editors.
  • Constellation Discord is now linked along with the general Glowfic one.
  • Fixed image spacing for Galleries link on character pages.
  • Character list page now uses much less memory.
  • Continuity authors are now stored consistently and use fewer database queries to calculate.

Development work

  • Upgraded various gems.
  • Upgraded to Puma 4.3.1 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2019-16770.
  • Upgraded to Loofah 2.3.1 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2019-15587.
  • Upgraded to rack-curs 1.0.5 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2019-18978.
  • Updated various test dependencies in our Travis CI config.
  • Improved file storage in our local Docker images.
  • Fixed our Travis and CodeClimate integration to start showing our code coverage percentage again.
  • Raised test coverage to 99.58%
  • Consolidated more common code into partials.
  • Cleaned up various CSS styles per our linter.
  • Added a background worker to our Docker config.
  • Post access lists are now cached.
  • Dev README updated.
  • Restores Rails schema file and loads from that instead of using a sql dump.
  • Altered our change history information to be stored as native JSON instead of serialized text (...once the migration completes).
  • Updated our Rubocop configs.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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