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Release 2019-07-28
New features

  • Continuities, subcontinuities, characters, galleries, icons, templates, users, and news posts now have OpenGraph data declarations to improve link previews in e.g. Discord.
  • The error Your Change Has Been Rejected now displays an actual error page. It will also detect if you were writing a reply and cache your changes until you next open any page of the post. (This is not a normal reply draft; will not persist on refresh or page change, and if you hit the error twice it only keeps the latest one.)
  • Our method of calculating which posts are unread has been rebuilt to prioritize post read history over the Mark Continuity Unread information. This means you can now see unread information on a post you didn't begin reading until after marking the continuity read, and you can now mark a post unread at a time before you marked the continuity read.


  • Links are now permitted in icon credits.
  • Character facecasts no longer permit leading or trailing spaces, preventing accidental near-duplicates.
  • Viewing all posts for a specific tag will now correctly order the posts by the time of their last update.
  • Fixed n+1 query on post lists.
  • Content warnings and labels do not apply to characters, so the Characters tab no longer displays on their profile page.
  • You can no longer create new (empty, near-inaccessible) gallery groups from the character editor.
  • The characters page is now paginated when grouped by template instead of just when ungrouped.

Development work

  • Fixed all HTML validation errors found by HTMLProofer.
  • Database associations handled by Rails now correctly declare their expected behavior on deletion.
  • Added view tests for the Users and User Search pages.
  • Upgraded or added code quality analysis libraries and documented them in the README.
  • Fixed our broken Code Climate installation and updated it to automatically run quality checks on every pull request.
  • Code to handle galleryless icons has been consolidated with the gallery code.
  • We upgraded to JQuery-Rails 4.3.4 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability SNYK-RUBY-JQUERYRAILS-450225.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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