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We now have a news feature! Changelogs will go here for the foreseeable future instead of the #constellation channel on the Glowfic Discord.

Release 2019-06-04
New features

  • We now have site News, which can be accessed from the bottom menu bar. Site releases will be announced here, and site users will have an Unread News notification available.
  • The Edit Gallery page now has multiple wrapping columns for editing its icons instead of a single column.
  • User accounts can now be deactivated.


  • Times Used on the icon view page will no longer count uses in posts you cannot see.
  • The text on the Terms of Service interstitial button has been rephrased to read more naturally.
  • Posts will no longer fail to save when adding an author who already has the cameo role in that continuity.
  • Tag info pages will not crash.
  • Usernames are correctly escaped on the Daily Report.
  • Reply search page renders users without errors.
  • Site messages are no longer filtered from your inbox.

Development work

  • We upgraded to Bootstrap 4.3.1 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2019-8331.
  • We upgraded to Rails 5.2.3 which is not vulnerable to vulnerability CVE-2019-5419.
  • We upgraded to Ruby 2.6.3 with Rubygems 3.0.3
  • We are now running the latest version of 30+ gems which for all of our sakes I will not itemize here
  • We fixed our CSS whitespace to conform to lint guidelines and moved all the colors to their own file.
  • We consolidated old icon editing code.
  • We replaced database query code with the latest format.
  • We cleaned up our ordering code.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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