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Release 2019-10-07
New features

  • Users' Characters pages now have a quicksearch box.
  • When uploading icons, any images larger than 400x400 will be scaled down.


  • Site crawlers are now explicitly instructed not to follow our mark-unread-at links and, if linked there anyway, are disallowed from indexing them.
  • The Under Construction search pages for templates and galleries no longer require login to view.
  • Fixed icon validations to ensure you own the uploaded image, now with no unindexed database query.
  • Replace Character page no longer auto-selects all check boxes.
  • URLs for image uploads now randomize the URL per image instead of per page load, so uploading an image twice and deleting one on the same page load will no longer delete both icons. Except this is round 2: The Version That Does Not Pad URLs To Unmanageable Sizes.

Development work

  • Upgraded various gems.
  • Fixed various linter warnings.
  • Seed data for developers has been expanded.
  • Updated our old Rails defaults file to use newer defaults.
  • Removed unused browser and resque-web gems.
  • Reformatted Unread page code to use more Rails-like syntax.
  • Tidied up some assets and join code to be more readable.
  • Fixed broken test requirement.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

Posted on Oct 07, 2019 5:41 PM by Marri