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Release 2020-01-16
New features

  • Authors can now write notes-to-self on posts. They can be written or edited in the post editor with other post data and they will be displayed in the New Reply form on the post page. They are displayed only to the person who wrote them, not readers or other authors; author-facing and reader-facing notes are both planned but not included in this release.
  • Indexes are now more fully featured: post descriptions can be edited, posts can be removed from the index or index section, and posts and sections can be reordered within their index or section.


  • Continuities are ordered correctly in the post editor dropdown.
  • Uploading an image in place of an external URL for an icon now correctly updates the UI with the uploaded icon's information.
  • Fixed typos and a broken link in our DMCA page.
  • The Accept Terms prompt no longer appears on the Forgot Password page.

Development work

  • Added missing fields to the /users and /boards/:id/posts API endpoints.
  • Made API documentation generation more consistent.
  • Fixed broken development seed data.
  • Many new tests.
  • Standardized uniqueness validations.

Full Github changelog here: changelog

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