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Feb 26, 2021 4:14 AM
Marin lands on the Outer Wilds
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"Please do."


"PHLOX: I’m curious: Is sending a being’s memories back in time the same as sending the being itself back in time?
PHLOX: As an example, if we were to send my memories back in time, is that the same as sending “me” back in time (not my physical body, but my essence)?
DAZ: I imagine they’re two different actions.
CASSAVA: Wouldn’t both actions be effectively the same?
DAZ: Suppose that time was being rewritten. I believe this is different than receiving memories from what is effectively the future.
CASSAVA: But isn’t the end result identical in either case?"

Syl lets that sit for a few seconds. "I'll grab the scroll it was written on so we can reference it later but we still haven't been up the stairs. There might be something important written there."

Syl jets down from the higher platform and makes for the stairs. They'll pass by Marin if Marin doesn't start moving first."


She’s not concerned with the philosophical implications if they’re saving the world. If the stakes were lower, perhaps she’d given the question more consideration (certainly, her brother would be happy to debate the issue), but they had urgent priorities. Such as: stairs. Marin casts a spell on Syl to improve their speed, since it’s more important that one of them gets a chance to explore than that she personally sees everything.

Marin follows behind at her normal pace, taking care to observe their environment (the sky, the air, etc.) in case new clues about this catastrophe present themselves.


Syl quickly reaches another wall of text and begins to read. "RAMIE: I’ve installed the masks inside the Ash Twin Project, Phlox. They look beautiful (although I do feel as though I’m being observed!).
RAMIE: It’s comforting to know the statues will not pair until the project succeeds. Otherwise, I imagine the experience would be hard to endure!
PHLOX: Ideally, they’ll only need to activate once the project succeeds; as a safety measure, however, the statues will also activate in the event of equipment failure.
RAMIE: They will? Why is that?
PHLOX: If anything goes wrong with the Ash Twin Project, the statues (and their masks) will make us aware of the situation and enable us to fix it. Otherwise, it would be possible for us to remain permanently unaware of the problem.
RAMIE: I hadn’t thought of that! What a profoundly horrific fate that would be."

Just after Syl finishes speaking the sky above them goes dark, then it flashes then it goes dark again.

"This is the end isn't it?"



"See you again soon."

Marin still plans to conserve her magic for use in more powerful spells, but it still goes against her instincts to do nothing as the world falls apart a second time.


Syl starts to say something but there's no time.


And Marin's memories of the last loop play in reverse until she's once more at the beginning.

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