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May 25, 2020 11:31 AM
villain kid z meets repressed lev
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Having Z pressed up against him sends the hot tingly shiver of being touched through his entire body; Z's mouth is warm and wet and Kaleva groans against it. Kaleva doesn't seem to know what he's doing with his hands: he jumps between Z's hair and his back and his sides and his butt, as if he knows he wants to do something but is totally unclear about how any part of this process works. 

Z can also probably feel that he's super-hard.


...yeah, he can definitely feel that.

He grabs Kaleva's hair with one hand and around his waist with the other – see how this works? – and grinds up against him a little more purposefully.


Kaleva clutches onto Z's shirt like a dying man onto a liferaft, spreads his legs a bit wider so Z can get a better angle, and moans into his mouth. 


Oh, good.

He’s going to pin him up against the wall, now, and kiss him and grab at him and move like they’re both engaged in something considerably more intimate.

It feels a little bit dangerous, how hungry he is.


Kaleva groans when he's pinned against the wall and thrusts back against Z and throws his head back and makes panting noises. Everywhere Z touches him feels amazing. The pulsing sense of pleasure centered around his groin builds and builds every time Z grinds against him. Kaleva keeps thinking it has to stop, it can't possibly feel any better, but it gets more and more intense until finally it feels so good his mind entirely blanks out.

A few seconds later he's blinking, unsure of what just happened, and his pants are wet.


He pulls back.

His gaze flicks down, and then back up at Kaleva’s face.


No! No pulling back. Cuddles.

Kaleva is definitely going to have some feelings about what just happened at some point but right now he's floating in the afterglow of his first conscious orgasm of his entire life.


...okay? This is...weird.’s not bad, he guesses. He’ll let him do this to him. Maybe it’s a mainland thing.


He wraps up Z very tightly in a hug and rests his cheek against Z's cheek. 

"You're great," he says dreamily.


Aaa? Aaaaaaaaaaa?!

This is definitely a mainland thing and it’s weird and it’s...not bad which in itself is really really weird what does he do. What if it’s a trap.


...if it’s a trap then he can deal with it. That’s kind of fun, actually. It’s just the kind of enjoying it part that’s throwing him off.

He continues to...allow...this.


Kaleva starts petting Z's hair. "Your hair is so soft."

It does not seem like he has any intentions of letting go any time soon.



He ducks out of Kaleva’s grip.


Shortly thereafter, he recovers an acceptable amount of his chill.

“See you around.”

He exits the supply closet before he can fall victim to any more cuddles with strangers.


By coincidence, Z recovering an acceptable amount of his chill means that Kaleva has no chill whatsoever.

He sinks down until he's sitting in the fetal position and quietly has a panic attack.

By the time he's done with his panic attack, his pants are dry enough that he can hurry back to his dorm room, change, lie on the bed, and have another panic attack for the rest of the night. 


Z, meanwhile, returns to dinner and eats until he’s almost sick, stuffs more apples and a brownie in his bag and returns to his room.

When he’s back, while his roommate is still away, he picks through his hoard compulsively, throws out anything that’s turned to real garbage and adds everything he stole today. He has...maybe two weeks’ worth if he swings it right, doesn’t mind being a little hungry, if he can keep it hidden from everyone else...

He goes through the whole box five times and never stops to think that it might be related to anything that’s happened to him today.


In the morning, Kaleva briefly gets out of bed, sends a message to his teachers that he's sick and won't be able to come in today, and then spends the rest of the morning having a panic attack in bed.



It’s probably a coincidence that he doesn’t show up to class.

He does look for him at lunch, though.


By lunch, Kaleva has had more than sixteen hours of continuous panic attack, which has burned out even his ability to have panic attacks. He is not, however, ready to face other people. So he makes a lunch out of the snacks in his bedroom and tries to fit together what just happened with his understanding of the world.

Until yesterday, Kaleva had had the concepts of "sex," which involves a penis being inserted into a vagina until ejaculation and results in babies, and "wet dreams," which involve shadowy images of shirtless men and happen when you're asleep. What had happened with Z is clearly neither of those things. It obviously can't be sex, because you can only have sex with women. It is some kind of... weird conscious wet dream that involves another person?

Whatever it is, it is clearly evil, because he had never heard about it in Auradon until a villain kid did it to him, and so he should never do it again.

Except he had liked it. 

Was that a sign that Kaleva himself is evil? Or is it some kind of villainous wile that he should dismiss and not think any more of it, a temptation he should fight?

Kaleva is acutely conscious of the fact that his thoughts about what in goodness's name happened keep wandering to thoughts about how nice it would be if it happened again


Z is doing some concept management of his own.

The stuff he did with Kaleva was fun, up until the things at the end that Kaleva did to him which were sort of confusing and made him want to cry a little. And he’s the kind of person who gets into these things just for fun, because he feels like it, maybe just a little because it would really piss off the whole cult he grew up in...but he went looking for him when he couldn’t find him, and if that kind of thing keeps happening he’s going to end up with a two-person gang.

...Does Kaleva want in on a gang? He gave him something, but it’s something he could get for free. He complimented him and touched him in a weird affectionate way. That would make a lot more sense. But he’s not from the Isle — do they have gangs here? And if Z has Kaleva in his gang will he be a target?

It’s better to have a small, weird gang than no gang. And Z likes weird, anyway.

Next time he sees him, he’ll feel it out.


Kaleva decides to do what he always does when he's confused about something, which is go to the library!

Unfortunately, the books about sex are restricted to people who have a permission slip from a teacher and a legitimate reason to read about it, neither of which Kaleva has. Fortunately, Kaleva is small and quiet and unobtrusive and no one pays any attention to him at the best of times, and it has literally never occurred to any of the staff at Auradon Prep that Kaleva would break a rule.

After some research Kaleva discovers the following facts:

1. The thing he did is called 'sodomy.'

2. It is very definitely evil.

3. There are a bunch of other things under the umbrella of 'sodomy'. Many of them seem anatomically improbable. 

4. There are line drawings of the anatomically improbable things.

5. The line drawings are very fun to look at. 

6. He really really wants to do sodomy again.


Guess who’s sitting right outside the exit to the library?

That’s right, Kaleva. You can never leave again.


Kaleva is going to make a good faith effort to avoid doing sodomy. However, everyone has to leave the library sometime. No one could possibly fault him for leaving the library. Therefore, if he leaves the library right now, anything that happens is totally Z's fault.

(This would be a more convincing line of argument if, having just learned about oral sex ten minutes ago, his brain weren't constantly throwing up mental pictures of Z doing it to him.)


He catches Lev’s pants leg and closes his book.

“I want you to get something for me,” he says, without preamble.


"Uh, what?"

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