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Template: Alice

Quick-thinking, never plans ahead, almost always a spy for somebody. Uncommonly fond of knives.

Ravenclaw Primary, Slytherin Secondary

Template: Claire
Template: Emily

Emily as I write her is kinda manic almost all the time, she's very smart and tends to develop exotic skills sometimes without really knowing how she does what she does. She strongly believes in the concept of 'to thine own self be true' She's kinda socially awkward but more in a doesn't quite get other people way than a self-conscious way. She is also pretty willing to go with the flow in weird situations and enjoy them for all they're worth. She is strongly based on Emily from QC but I think my interpretation of her might amp up the manic side a bit more than the version we see in the comic.

Template: Jovian
Template: Luna

Luna is a quiet but confident girl who is just a little out of sync with the rest of the world.

Luna has a lot of similarities to Emily but she's much less manic. Luna also has a strong sense of justice, and a deep affinity for nature. Luna instances strongly prefer to have some sort of aesthetic magic but they'll grudgingly go along with being without magic if they have to. In the absence of magic they'll seek out magical things about the world, national parks, hallucinogenic drugs, meditation and new-age

Template: Riley

Riley is a very driven scientist with a tendency to be working on biology, she can function in a modern society if she has to but she much prefers to not be constrained by pesky things like ethics and institutional review boards. She is loosely based on Bonesaw from Worm and has also said that she has sympathy for GLaDOS but "I'd have to be lobotomized to carry out such a pointless series of tests" also "GLaDOS is so wasteful of experimental subjects, I always do my best to keep those alive."

Template: Sapphire

A very empathetic person, she tries to understand everyone she meets though she's not pushy about it if she meets private people. She is perhaps not incapable of hate but she's very convinced that everyone has reasons for what they're doing even if she might think they're bad reasons. This is partially due to the fact that she often has well meaning but terrible parents, though she has sometimes ended up with just flat out terrible ones in cases where she's adopted. She's technically an off-screen character in the story my Partyland setting is based off of but "The character I'm based off of is more than a little bit insane and I'm not sure how that could count as me anymore."

Template: Zahn

A relatively thoughtful person better with technology than people. Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw. Enjoys exploration, camping and sociology.

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