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Template: Anya

Based on Anya from Buffy. Very, very autistic. Just because she doesn't express her feelings very effectively doesn't mean she doesn't have them.

Template: Ari

A big blonde puppy. Loves sex, violence, and magic. Strong moral compass, but has trouble with anything more complicated than "stab the bad guy". Raised by an evil witch using them either for immortality or a tykebomb.

Template: David

Harry Dresden's morally dubious twin and/or daemon. Not evil, per se; just pragmatic and bitter. Sometimes a giant wolf.

Template: Deekin

A little guy! Adorable. Sweet. Kind of unconcerned with conventional morality.

Template: Eli

Ari's twin. Flat affect. Likes sex and violence and magic, but isn't as overt about it as Ari. Good at reading people, but has trouble with affective empathy.

Template: Enserric

"You're asking a sword for advice? Here's some advice: Don't do that."

A powerful magical sword inhabited by the prodigious intellect of a dead wizard. Or an AI, or something; either way, bound to an object and not best pleased. Bitingly sarcastic, self-interested in the extreme. Would kind of like to have a body again. From Neverwinter Nights.

Template: Harry

Harry Dresden, from the Dresden Files. Big on fire and other showy kinds of magic. Tall. Emphatically bisexual. Very, very repressed. Kind of afraid of women. (Yes, even when they're also a woman.)

Template: Joe

Self-inserts and characters I'm kin with.

Template: Leo

Natural-born minion. Associated with shadow and secrets. Youngest of seven girls, often to great mystical effect; when at all possible, fucks himself over by being trans. Kinsey 8. Attached at the hip to the local Zan.

Template: Mort

Terrible luck, worse decisionmaking. Has a panoply of mental disorders. Straight, implausibly enough.

Template: Sally

Fond of making magic items, generally heavily pierced and/or tattooed, friends with Ari. Sometimes a golem.

Template: Tessa

A magic-user of significant power but more significant cowardice. Often several thousand years old, but has rarely had any significant impact on the world around her. Hates her local Zan like burning.

Template: Tintin

A journalist-turned-adventurer. Looks younger than he is; not actually that old. No sense of self-preservation.

Template: YHWH

A bitter middle-aged (or much, much older) woman who has seen some shit. Original instance was God, The Almighty, The Alpha And Omega; later instances tend to be high-school librarians.

Template: Zan

A prodigious asshole. Associated with blood and fire. Almost as attached to Leo as Leo is to them; much less willing to show it.

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