Template: ♄ - Leia
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Name Cluster Nickname Screenname Facecast Setting
Azalea fighting-for-a-new-world Naomi Scott Automata
Ennea all-I-have-known Daisy Ridley Drakenguard
Galena Carver shines-like-silver Daisy Ridley Gunnerkrigg Court
Her Radiant Majesty the Empress of the Samira Dynasty, Daughter of the Sun and Moon, Sage-Queen of All Under Heaven, Lord of Ten Thousand Years tomorrow-never-came Naomi Scott Exalted, Samira Dynasty
Irina Grimjer see-a-world-reborn Daisy Ridley Grishaverse
Lalaith make-the-flowers-grow Daisy Ridley Arda
Leia Skywalker-Organa about-to-dawn Daisy Ridley Star Wars
Maedhros the-darkest-nights-will-end Daisy Ridley Arda

Posts with Template Instances
Thread Continuity Authors Replies Last Updated
Complete Has Warnings a ruckus to be reckoned with [1 2 3 ... 60 61 62] Fulmination murder girlfriends ~ grishaverse 1541 by Decima
Complete Has Warnings it would be a shame to waste this [1 2 3 ... 50 51 52] Fulmination murder girlfriends ~ Star Wars 1283 by Decima
Abandoned Has Warnings just let me hear your voice [1 2 3 4] Fulmination murder girlfriends ~ outtakes 79 by Decima