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The vapors of industry and magic
Margaret in Neuroi World
Sandboxes 528 1 10:53 PM
New multiple zoning violations
Louie is Done with all the [bleep]ing Mad Scientists in her [bleep]ing apartment building
Sandboxes 18 1 10:51 PM
! don't you mess with a little girl's dreams
Boogey Nausicaa imagines herself a hero
Sandboxes 534 2 9:35 PM
family reunion of one
for certain definitions of 'family', 'reunion' and 'one'. (Young graysondad meets other Graysondads)
Curiosities and Discoveries 120 1 9:25 PM
Welcome! Welcome! Sorry for the mess!
Actana silver first summons. They don't got as planned.
Curiosities and Discoveries 91 1 9:24 PM
! are we all we are
inanna's ring!sasuke wakes up in narutoverse
Sandboxes 2313 2 9:00 PM
that i am stuck in this human form
A Luehmani and a Rianchimaru in Boyfriend Dungeon
Sandboxes 370 1 8:37 PM
poor wandering one
A Lian gets dropped on the Merry Band
Sandboxes 910 1 8:36 PM
! walk and talk like a machine
a Margaret in Whateley
Sandboxes 443 1 6:38 PM
ain't no grave gonna hold my body down
Ari finds an exceptionally strange cat
Sandboxes 121 10 5:27 PM
! ye who now will bless the poor
if you kill santa, you become santa, and imrainai killed santa
Sandboxes 152 1 4:33 PM
a book can be a star
the Su template has a little book in Milliways...
Manual of Chaos 40 1 2:24 PM
! dareth shiral
Dragon Age Ari lands in vampireworld
Sandboxes 649 29 11:35 AM
of fair and weighty will
Annatar in the Game of Thrones
Sandboxes 62 14 9:31 AM
! oh brother where art thou
the ot4 are all brothers
with you wanting me 34 4 9:09 AM
! raise a little hell of your own
A Serg makes an ill-advised deal for power
Sandboxes 1085 61 9:04 AM
! moment of totality
Anikyu and Lan and Nova in Eclipse Phase
Starlit Elegy 356 9 9:00 AM
badger badger badger badger
Bruce and Jennifer in Redwall
Sandboxes 27 2 8:54 AM
the stars are free
Foresight and Cherish in the Honor Harrington universe
Sandboxes 110 4 8:52 AM
in this handmade heaven
A Margaret in a transdimensional transhumanist beauty salon
Sandboxes 159 4 8:49 AM
! what I want and who I want to be
A Margaret in Actualization
Sandboxes 86 2 8:48 AM
! If You Give an Eldritch Abomination a Sacrifice...
A Decima summons Eldritch Ira to the Naruto-verse
Faustian Caliphate 386 4 8:40 AM
Elementary, my dear Melissa
A Mal falls through a portal into Periodicity
Faustian Caliphate 257 5 8:36 AM
! stranger among those who are men
an eldritch abomination and a Nova walk into a bar
Faustian Caliphate 81 4 8:30 AM
! all I can do is cry on my own
magical girl Sasuke's adventures in PMMM
Hope Itself 189 11 8:25 AM
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