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the Su template has a little book in Milliways...
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He finds Milliways after Itama dies, after Hashirama's no longer talking to him because Tobirama broke up his friendship with that Uchiha (saving him, not that Tobirama's brother is grateful).

It's clearly not the same dimension as his home.

He's far, far from the clan compound, on a mission alone in enemy territory, and he has no one to call to.

He sleeps in the backyard, forages for his food, visits the infirmary, and talks to Bar.

He's... More tempted than he should be, to leave and never, ever return. To stay years and years, even, until he's older and people won't see some kid they can ignore as they send him off to fight...

But Tobirama has his duty.

So he talks to Bar, and she says she can identify his alts, and she can give them a book.

He thinks long and hard about what to put in it, eventually settling on:

My name is Senju Tobirama. If Bar has given you this book, she has identified you as an alternate universe version of me. I cannot stay long, here, but if I ever find this place again - especially as an adult - I intend to stay longer, and collaborate with my alts if I can. The book can be updated, so if your status changes you can alter details, though if it's been years I would recommend a new page, for record purposes.

To this end, please leave the following information: Name, Alias, Species, Occupation, Age, Stage of Development, Notable Life Events, Notable Traits, World of Origin, Current World, World Synopsis (include powers, technology, political overview, and note if your world is a variant on another), Notable Family, Notable Allies, Notable Enemies, Messages to Alts, Requests from Alts, Other Not Specified, Image (Bar will provide you means)

Name: Senju Tobirama (Family name then given name)

Alias: None

Species: Human 

Occupation: Shinobi (see 'World Synopsis' below)

Age: Ten Earth standard years

Stage of Development: Pre-pubescent

Notable Life Events: I've been a shinobi for four years. I lost two younger brothers within the last year. I had a falling out with my brother because he befriended an enemy one month ago. My father is planning to send me to another nation as a hostage for four years, in return for a marriage and alliance contract for my older brother (I plan to learn their magic). 

Notable Traits: I am albino. I have poor vision. I have water natured chakra. 

World of Origin: Rinne (my name for it)

World Synopsis: My world's main magic system is chakra. Chakra users are monks, shinobi, or samurai. The properties of chakra are as such... My world is politically in a Warring States period, after the fall of an Empire. Recommended reading about my world is...

Current World: Rinne

Notable Family: Senju Hashirama (older brother; he's got an annoying personality...). Senju Itama (younger brother; deceased). Senju Kawarama (younger brother; deceased)...

Notable Allies: I have no allies outside my clan

Notable Enemies: Uchiha Madara, who is...

Messages to Alts: I believe my magic system is more flexible than average, and, given enough time, I should be able to solve many problems.

Requests from Alts: I need a way to bring back the dead, to change my apparent age, immortality, and ways to end wars

Other Not Specified: I haven't thought of it

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On the next page is another entry. The handwriting is neater than Tobirama's, almost looking printed except for a few small errors.

Name: Mira Sowka (Given name then family name)

Alias: Fractal (cape name)

Species: Human; parahuman

Occupation: Hero

Age: 43 standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Middle aged adult

Notable Life Events: I got my powers at age ten, when I triggered after my family was killed. I worked as a Ward in the Protectorate for eight years, until they considered me of age.

Notable Traits: I am albino. I have poor vision. My power allows me to analyze other powers and use pieces of them.

World of Origin: Heartbroken, 2015 (An Earth Bet)

World Synopsis: My world was a standard Earth until a superhuman later named Scion appeared in 1982 C.E.... In 2013, an event known as Golden Morning occurred... The cape Heartbreaker used his power to control every cape he could reach to coordinate the fight against Scion... Earth Bets appear to share Scion, but do not appear to all have the same Heartbreaker, and the handful that have reached Golden Morning had a different order of events.

Current World: Heartbroken

Notable Family: Kohaku Sowka (adopted son). Cherish Sowka (adopted daughter). Kazimierz Sowka (older sister, deceased). Iwona Sowka (younger sister, deceased). Karolina Sowka (younger sister, deceased).

Notable Allies: Nereus Uzun (also known as Heartbreaker)...

Notable Enemies: Deceased. Historically...

Messages to Alts: Useful books from our world are... Also, if you have a Scion or powers matching the description above, the recommended course of action is...

Requests from Alts: Our world is politically unstable, and in need of provisions and effort spent restoring it. Additionally, a means of detangling people from mind control...

Other Not Specified: I don't think the Entities operate by magic, but I haven't been able to find any documentation on how they do work.

Image: ...

Image Description: ...


Next is another entry. The handwriting's smaller and neater than Tobirama's, but still looks like a child's hand. 

Name: Sue Uccelo (given name then family name)

Alias: None.

Species: Human

Occupation: I'm a kid

Age: Seven standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Child

Notable Life Events: My sister got in a plane crash and then starved to death and turned into a wendigo. She ate our parents. I live with my cousin now. Also I'm being hunted by a super wendigo.

Notable Traits: I'm not albino. My vision's really good. I do well in school, but the stuff's boring.

World of Origin: Boogey, 2012 (it's an Earth)

Current World: Boogey

World Synopsis: Stuff that people believe comes true, if enough people believe it, and kids are best at this, so there's a ton of monsters. There used to be gods but most of them got kicked out of the world. There's mages, and wendigos, and boogeymen, and angels and demons, and eldritch abominations, and aliens, and werewolves and vampires...

Notable Family: Cecilia Uccelo (older sister, wendigo). Makena Uccelo (mother, deceased). Frederick Uccelo (father, deceased). Shisui Uccelo (cousin)

Notable Allies: Nausicaa Uzun (she's my age, she's got a Boogeyman named Kurama), Silvia Lowell (she's a bit younger, she's friends with a werewolf and does magic), Lianne Arrington (she's my age, she's a demigoddess of bravery and friends with a vampire), Emma Arrington (she's Lianne's older sister, also a demigoddess of bravery but doesn't have a monster), Mary Sachs (she's probably gonna be a serial killer when she's older. She's got an angel), Kendra Valcourt (she's a bit older, has an eldritch abomination living in her head).

Notable Enemies: the super wendigo trying to eat me. I guess also my friends' enemies - the Primal Fear (Nausicaa's), the Locksmith (Kendra's), the demons (Mary's), the flesh-thieves (Silvia's and Lianne's).

Messages to Alts: you guys don't sound much like me so far and Cecilia doesn't sound like Hashirama/ Kazimierz but I guess alts aren't all alike. Also there needs to be a thing for if people are hanging around and where

Requests from Alts: if anyone has a way of fixing a wendigo that'd be great. Also my world's probably ending. At this point we should just evacuate, but there's some stuff that might help...

Other Not Specified: has anyone figured out why Earth and why humans

Where am I: I'm gonna try coaxing Cecilia into Milliways to see if the infirmary can do anything, or if the infirmary staff feel like going home with me. I'll be here for a few days - I'm camping in the backyard - to see if I can find help. (Update: Cecilia will not come into Milliways and the infirmary person doesn't wanna go into my world and isn't sure he'd be able to help anyways) (Update 2: I've run out of money and gone home. No luck finding people).

Update 3: Nausicaa can imagine herself a Milliways doorway if she tries really hard so me or a friend's gonna come frequently. We'll let Bar know to let our alts know when we're around. 

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And then:

Kind: Xena (subject to renaming)

Name: Xena of Amphipolis (given name, village of origin)

Alias: Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations

Species: Human; demigod

Occupation: Traveler; ex-warlord

Age: 28 standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Adult

Notable Life Events: After raiders attacked our village, I took up the sword to defend my people, age fourteen. I quickly grew in power, and I established an army to maintain peace. And then I grew ambitious, and began to spread my reach. I realized I was doing more harm than good after my younger sister destroyed my empire and died attempting to stop me. I set out on a journey to redeem myself, encountering my allies listed below...

Notable Traits: I am the granddaughter of a goddess. I am stronger than average. I age slower. I am not albino, and have perfect human vision.

World of Origin: Legendary (Name subject to change; I believe an Earth, 505 B.C.E. by the Gregorian calendar Mira and Sue used)

Current World: Legendary

World Synopsis: The world contains gods and monsters, consistent with those considered mythological in publications from Mira's world... Our particular region appears to be what Mira would consider 'Grecian'...

Notable Family: Athenais of Amphipolis (younger sister, deceased). Heliodoros (father, demigod, unknown state). Kallistrate (paternal grandmother, goddess). 

Notable Allies: Amanda of Poteidaia (one of our alts, human), Lyssa of Poteidaia (a demigod), Lykos of Poteidaia (a demigod and wolf), who entered with me. (Details are...)

Notable Enemies: Ares (Lyssa's father), ...

Messages to Alts: conquering the world to bring peace and an end to death isn't worth it without far more of an advantage than you're likely to have in-world. Also, I suspect we may come in different kinds - Bar confirmed Amanda and I are two different variants on the same person, and Amanda and I are very different. As such, I have added a 'Kind' field to the template.

Requests from Alts: a way to bring back the dead and the power to fight gods would be appreciated but our world isn't in a crisis situation

Other Not Specified: some of our allies appear to repeat. We should encourage them to make their own such books. Or find a consistent room to rent.

Where am I: I will be spending some time in Milliways. Gives me a chance to train up Lyssa and Amanda...

Update 1: We have gone home.

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Kind: Amanda

Name: Amanda of Poteidaia (given name, place of origin)

Alias: None yet

Species: Human

Occupation: Traveler

Age: 18 standard Earth years

Stage of Development: young adult

Notable Life Events: a group attempted to destroy our village. Xena stopped them. I've been traveling with her and Lyssa ever since.

Notable Traits: None

World of Origin: Legendary (505 B.C.E.)

Current World: Legendary

World Synopsis: ...

Notable Family: Therasia of Poteidaia (mother, living). Anthea of Poteidaia (older sister, living). Caius of Poteidaia (twin brother, living).

Notable Allies: Xena of Amphipolis. Lyssa of Poteidaia (a demigod), Lykos of Poteidaia (a demigod and wolf), who entered with me. (Details are...)

Notable Enemies: none specific to me and not from association with Xena

Messages to Alts: I know we're the type to get stuck in our own heads sometimes. It's cheesy, but it's really important to have friends you can reach out to. We're dangerous when we're isolated.

Requests from Alts: same as Xena

Other Not Specified: not really! I entered with Xena, though, and am her traveling companion

Where am I: see Xena's entry

Image: ...

Image Description: ...


Kind: Su (suspected same as Sue Uccelo)

Name: Sura (given name)

Alias: She-Ra, Princess of Power

Species: Human

Occupation: general in the Rebellion, Princess

Age: Sixteen standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Teenager

Notable Life Events: When I was seven my sister Chira defected, killing a massive amount of Horde soldiers. I was told she'd died. When I was sixteen I discovered a sword in the woods, was captured by the Rebellion, and ultimately defected from the Horde to the Rebellion after being informed my fate was to save Etheria and learning Chira still lived.

Notable Traits: I was born in a male body, but my sword causes a magical transformation, which includes a female body. I really don't care about gender.

World of Origin: Etheria

Current World: Etheria

World Synopsis: The part of Etheria I'm aware of consists of the lands conquered by the Horde, and the handful of remaining strongholds of free resistance, ruled by the Princesses...

Notable Family: Chira (older sister, living, adopted). Sakura (younger sister, living, adopted, remains allied with the Horde). Shadow Weaver (adopted mother).

Notable Allies: Glimmer. Bow. The Princesses...

Notable Enemies: Sakura, Shadow Weaver, Hordak...

Messages to Alts: It seems a major division between the different Kinds is family.

Requests from Alts: We're losing to the Horde, and I think Sakura's managed interdimensional travel or is close. We need military aid and famine relief.

Other Not Specified: My sword is the Sword of Grayskull, a piece of First Ones technology.

Where am I: I'm going to work security for a while to buy some books on First Ones technology from Bar.

Update: I've gone home, after meeting Jessica (presumably the next entry)

Image: ...

Image Description: ...[Includes two, one in boy form, one in female form]


Kind: Jessica

Name: Jessica Jones (given name, family name)

Alias: none

Species: Human (superhuman)

Occupation: Detective

Age: Thirty-four standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Adult

Notable Life Events: My parents died in a car crash when I was a kid. I don't remember them. I was adopted by an asshole. I learned about the supernatural, and that I have a talent against demons and monsters. I became a demon hunter. I ran into a very charming asshole who mind controlled me and forced me to kill for him. I broke free. I thought he was dead for a while, but he showed back up, so I turned him to ash.

Notable Traits: super strength, super reflexes, super senses, trans female

World of Origin: Hellmouth (an Earth, 1994)

Current World: Hellmouth

World Synopsis: Earth is as far as I can tell bizarrely normal given the supernatural activity. It's surrounded by hell dimensions, which demons come from. Demons run the gamut of psychologies, but most of the ones who interact with humans are hostile assholes. There's also magic, which fucks with your head to use, and a sort of supernatural destiny called the "Slayer" that passes to a teenage girl after the last dies.

Notable Family: Lianne Arrington (adoptive sister, same age). Emma Arrington (adoptive sister, older). Shannon Arrington (adoptive mother).

Notable Allies: I have a few contacts in the demon-hunting and supernatural communities...

Notable Enemies: Killgrave (deceased)

Messages to Alts: get some fucking mental defenses I'm not fucking kidding

Requests from Alts: Our world is periodically threatened by apocalypses so we could use some help, but it inexplicably hasn't ended yet, so that can be assumed to be the usual state.

Other Not Specified: why have none of you dumbasses noticed how bizarrely similar the Earths are despite different masquerades and magics

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Image Description: ...


Kind: Tomomi

Name: Tomomi James Nakano (Given name, middle name, family name)

Alias: James

Species: Human (superhuman)

Occupation: Hero

Age: Sixteen standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Teenager

Notable Life Events: I was cloned from my mother's genetic material, and raised by a secret organization trying to take over the world. At three, I was rescued by my mother's boyfriend. My mother died a year ago.

Notable Traits: exact replica of my mother. Super strength, speed, agility, memory, and intelligence (primarily learning speed). Non- to semi-verbal.

World of Origin: Voluspa (an Earth, 2028)

Current World: Voluspa

World Synopsis: we've had notable and publicly known super powers for around a century. This seems to have mostly started impacting history with the start of the Cold War, though there were some divergences prior. The first famous superhero was my mother, Miku Nakano, Captain America, who was turned into a super soldier during World War Two. Some history and technology books are...

Notable Family: Miku Nakano (Captain America, mother, deceased). James Buchanan Barnes (Bucky, Winter Soldier, father, alive). No siblings.

Notable Allies: a number, especially among my team, the Young Avengers...

Notable Enemies: also a number; most recently the Mother parasite...

Messages to Alts: So far we haven't had overlapping names, but we might want to consider taking on nicknames in case that happens.

Requests from Alts: Ways of restoring the dead

Where am I: I will be staying in Milliways briefly, while I read through some of Bar's library.

Update: One of my teammates, America Chavez, can open portals to Milliways. I can't always get a hold of her, but I should be by frequently. I am currently not in Milliways.

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Image Description: ...


Kind: Su

Name: Sue Uccelo (given name, family name)

Alias: None native; Sycamore for disambiguation purposes

Species: Human (wizard)

Occupation: Student

Age: Seventeen standard Earth years

Stage of Development: Teenager

Notable Life Events: I'm adopted. I got an invitation to go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry when I was eleven. I met my girlfriend there. When I was sixteen my second sister vanished. I found out she was kidnapped by the Death Eaters and decided to infiltrate them.

Notable Traits: I'm a magical person, pure-blooded (which in our world means recently descended only from magical people). If there's anyone else from a world like mine, my wand is sycamore and phoenix feather. I've invented a few spells.

World of Origin: Hogwarts (an Earth, 1969)

Current World: Hogwarts

World Synopsis: Our world has a masquerade, and otherwise seems to be largely identical to other Earths with masquerades up to the present date. Only some people can use magic, which is mostly hereditary but sometimes crops up in people descended from muggles (non-magical people). We've had the masquerade for over five hundred years, but magic's existed as long as recorded history. There are magical creatures like dragons and centaurs that the muggles also don't know about except as mythological beings. Our world has some problems with prejudices... Some reliable books on history and magic are...

Notable Family: Chika Uccelo (oldest sister, adopted). Lianne Uccelo (second sister, adopted). Makena Uccelo (mother, adopted). My birth parents are...

Notable Allies: Skye Yaxley (Lianne's girlfriend). Juliet Selwyn (my girlfriend). Emma Arrington (Lianne's birth sister).

Notable Enemies: Voldemort.

Messages to Alts: Just. Keep a really close eye on your morality. And that you're not hurting the people you care about.

Requests from Alts: Military help. Advice on breaking a masquerade safely.

Where am I: I'm unable to stay very long. I'm pretty much working security long enough to save up for lost books on magic then leaving.

Update 1: I went home.

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Kind: Maeghin

Name: Maeghin

Alias: None

Species: Breton

Occupation: Guard

Age: Forty one standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: middle adulthood

Notable Life Events: when I was younger my people were conquered, and then our conquerer was overthrown by a different set of conquerers. I joined a resistance group named the Forsworn. Recently, our leader managed to restore our people to the rule of our homeland.

Notable Traits: I specialize in Destruction magic (fire element).

World of Origin: Nirn (4E 402)

Current World: Nirn

World Synopsis: Nirn is definitely not an Earth. We have multiple different sapient species, including humans, several varieties of elves, bretons, khajiit, and argonians. There are several planes of existence surrounding ours... Recently, dragons started coming back to life...

Notable Family: Enora (younger sister, alive). Three other brothers, deceased, named...

Notable Allies: Aithne (leader of the Forsworn). Lianda (the dragonborn). Ena (Lianda's sister; more tentatively an ally).

Notable Enemies: the Imperials and Stormcloaks. The dragonpriests. Alduin, a dragon.

Messages to Alts: I'd second that we do poorly when isolated. Try to make friends.

Requests from Alts: military aid

Where am I: back in Nirn

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The next entry is in incredibly neat, calligraphic script.

Kind: Mira (same as Mira Sowka and Senju Tobirama)

Name: Chimiraija

Alias: many. If I meet another of my name, we will select among our names then.

Species: Dragon

Occupation: Dragon

Age: Due to assorted irregularities with the passage of time, this is difficult to estimate accurately. However, I would place myself at over a thousand standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: I am currently in the early-mid phase of my fifth shed

Notable Life Events: In my first shed I fought in a great war between the dragons of the root, the storm, the sun, and the moon. I died for that war, and entered my second shed. In my second through fourth sheds I wandered, and I died for curiosity. In my fifth, I have decided to form a hoard, to collect the knowledge of the worlds.

Notable Traits: I am a dragon of the storm. My nature is rain and lightning. I am an albino. I summon the dead.

World of Origin: Renewal, the nine hundredth year of the eleventh documented cycle

Current World: Renewal, though I'll be staying in Milliways

World Synopsis: Things move in cycles in my world. The elements of the heavens and earth are reborn from themselves upon death (called a shed, among dragons). The mortals reincarnate. The world itself ends and is reborn (a cycle). Magics are many, but all rely upon destroying so we may create. I am trying to break the cycle of destruction, and am considering a necromancer for it.

Notable Family: Kishirase (older sibling, dragon of the root). Hitamaza (younger sibling, dragon of the storm). Jiwaraya (younger sibling, dragon of the root).

Notable Allies: Many. Among them...

Notable Enemies: Few. The griefs of the war have not followed me through my sheds, and few have quarrel with a draconic librarian.

Messages to Alts: I have rented a cave system here. The location is...

Requests from Alts: Knowledge, books

Where am I: In Milliways, in a cave system in the backyard.

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Kind: Su

Name: Asuka Nakano (given name, family name)

Alias: None native. Guess Remex for disambiguation

Species: Vampire

Occupation: Student

Age: Seventeen standard Earth years

Developmental stage: Frozen at teenager

Notable Life Events: My sister was turned into a vampire. She killed our family and turned me into a vampire. She then got upset that I wasn't acting like her memories, and shoved a soul back into my body. 

Notable Traits: I'm a souled vampire, which mostly means my life sucks. I have speed, strength, and a craving for blood.

World of Origin: possibly Hellmouth

Current World: same as origin

World Synopsis: I haven't found any discrepancies with Jessica's description. She missed some details on vampires...

Notable Family: Chika Nakano (older sister, vampire). Miku Nakano (mother, deceased). ...

Notable Allies: Sara Kyle (the Slayer, possibly my girlfriend)

Notable Enemies: Many. Why are so many assholes obsessed with the apocalypse.

Messages to Alts: We seem to have life events in common, beyond just family members. We should try to name major points, so we can warn those of our kind who wander in before they happen.

Requests from Alts: Ways to fix a Hellmouth vampire (en-souling them if no other fix can be found). Ways to bring back the dead.

Where am I: I'll be in Milliways a while, since I don't age

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Image Description: ...


Kind: Jessica

Name: Uchiha Shikanou (clan, given)

Alias: None native. Let's go with 'Shadow' if there's another Shikanou.

Species: Human

Occupation: Shinobi

Age: Twelve standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Start of puberty

Notable Life Events: My family died when I was seven, after my asshole older sister killed them and then decided to use an illusion to torture me for the hell of it. I was adopted by yet another asshole. I graduated the Academy at twelve and became a shinobi. I proceeded to move out, because apparently fucking twelve year olds are adults.

Notable Traits: I have a bloodline, the Sharingan. It lets me see things in slow motion, lets me copy native magic, lets me see through most illusions, and gives me a perfect memory. I have earth natured chakra. I'm trans female.

World of Origin: Jutsu (I think it's a Rinne, but not the one Tobirama is from)

Current World: Jutsu

World Synopsis: It's like Rinne up to Tobirama's time. Afterwards, I think when my world's Tobirama was thirty, the Senju and Uchiha clans decided to stop fucking killing each other for dumbshit reasons and formed a Hidden Village (kind of a shinobi union). Fast forward forty-eight years and three dumbass wars, and you get baby me. We're technically at peace right now, which means the Hidden Villages are being less open about murdering each other. I included a separate, more detailed summary and some further reading (see 'Messages to Alts').

Notable Family: Uchiha Itachi (asshole sister, tragically not yet deceased). Uchiha Mikoto (birth mom, deceased). Uchiha Fugaku (birth father, deceased). Totomi Shana (adoptive mother). Totomi Rian (adoptive sister, same age). Totomi Emi (adoptive sister, older).

Notable Allies: Uzumaki Naruto (teammate, same age). Haruno Sakura (teammate, same age). Inuzuka Sesshi (teacher, older)

Notable Enemies: Itachi

Messages to Alts: Tobirama - and anyone else from ninja world, especially prior to my time - ask Bar for the Ninja Planet Book. Also, for further reading...

Requests from Alts: Bring back the dead (do we even need to keep saying this). Help unfucking a world, diplomatically. Mental protections, I don't think I've hit all of the Jessica kind's bullshit yet.

Where am I: Hanging out with Chimiraija until I get better mental protections. 

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Update: Senju Tobirama (entry #1). It's been seven years since the last time I found Milliways. Frustratingly, despite the heads of both the Uchiha and Senju having passed to my brother and his supposed friend, Madara, we remain at war.

Alias: Thunder, if we find another Tobirama

Age: Seventeen standard earth years (Update: Nineteen standard earth years upon my return)

Developmental Stage: Late teenager

Notable Life Events: My father died since the last time I updated, and my brother became clan head. I've invented several techniques, for which the following books were useful...

Notable Family: Uzumaki Mito (Hashirama's wife)

Messages to Alts: Thank you, Shikanou, for the 'Ninja Planet Book.' I've updated it with more information from my time, possibly specific to Rinne, and a thorough evaluation of my techniques.

Maeghin - you look like Madara. Maeghin, or others of his kind: please try to meet with me, or at least leave a letter analyzing how you'd go about convincing your alt to pursue peace. I believe his younger brother is a major driver behind the war... His story, to my knowledge, is...

Requests from Alts: Same as last time, in addition to contact with those of Maeghin/Madara's kind.

Where am I: I'll be with Chimiraija for at least a year my-time.

Update: I've met Chimiraija, Boogey Su (now alias'd as Small One), Su's Wendigo, and the Madara and Su from Panem (following entries). I entered Small One's world, to assist against their apocalypse, and have returned to mine. I have gone home. I think I should have enough math to pursue interdimensional travel soon...

Image Update: ...

Image Description Update: ...


Update: Sue Uccelo (entry #3). It's only been a couple of weeks since my post, but a bunch has happened.

Alias: Small One (it's what sister called me as a wendigo)

Notable Events: Cecilia starved to death, since I couldn't find someone to fix her. Apparently when wendigos choose to starve to death they become another type of monster. We haven't named that type. She's smart now, just sad, and has raven powers. The Primal Fear came after Nausicaa, and the Great Wendigo came after me, and all my friends' big bads all came after them all together, and then the world tried to end. Tobirama fought them off. We might evacuate soon, at least our town, cause stuff's still going wrong. Tobirama's gonna try to find space on his planet. He looked up maps, and it's big. Or at least a neighboring dimension.

Notable Allies: Nausicaa wants to be called Imagine if we find more of her.

Requests from Alts: We really just need a place to evacuate to now. The masquerade broke.

Where am I: ducking in and out of Milliways still. Ask Chimiraija for me.


Kind: Madi (renamed from Maeghin, given our examples are 'Madara', 'Maddy', and 'Maeghin')

Name: Maddy Underwood

Alias: Firejay

Species: Human

Occupation: Rebellion general

Age: Sixteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Teenager

Notable Life Events: One year ago my little sister was selected for the Hunger Games (see world summary). I volunteered to go in her place. I won. I decided to help kickstart a rebellion.

Notable Traits: Normal human here

World of Origin: Panem (possibly an Earth, past 2100)

Current World: Panem

World Synopsis: Panem is a post-apocalyptic planet, likely an Earth. A lot of the world's underwater. The country of Panem is divided into twelve districts...

Notable Family: Elizabeth Underwood (Izzy, younger sister). Three others, dead of disease, named...

Notable Allies: Asuka Nakano (Panem version), Ash Senna (deceased, in my Hunger Games; believed to be a Hashirama, which means I need to find her Tobirama)

Notable Enemies: President Snow...

Messages to Alts: We need to put more effort into finding same-world alts

Tobirama - I seem to have missed you, but I think for Madara...

Requests from Alts: I'm going nowhere until I have military aid and a way to resurrect the dead.

Where am I: With Chimiraija or in Milliways' main room

Image: ...

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Kind: Su

Name: Asuka Nakano

Alias: Pinion

Species: Human

Occupation: Rebellion fighter

Age: Fourteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Teenager

Notable Life Events: I was selected for this year's Hunger Games, which were interrupted by the rebellion. My sister was selected seven years ago, and won.

Notable Traits: Normal human

World of Origin: Panem

Current World: Panem

World Synopsis: See previous page.

Notable Family: Chika Nakano (older sister). Miku Nakano (mother, deceased).

Notable Allies: Calla Thorne (girlfriend???, fellow nominee from my district), Decima (birth name Mary Sachs but she'll stab you if you call her that, mentor, past winner of the Games)

Notable Enemies: President Snow...

Messages to Alts: Should we make a separate book for allies? Some of them are obviously repeating

Requests from Alts: Same as Firejay

Where am I: With Chimiraija or in Milliways' main room

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Kind: Amanda

Name: Amanda Hunden

Alias: Starshine

Species: Human?

Occupation: Magical, Dreamer

Age: Eighteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Late adolescence

Notable Life Events: About two years ago I got yanked from my world - apparently a totally normal Earth - and into the Dreamlands, where I've been living ever since.

Notable Traits: Magical person. My attacks are light-themed, and my outfit is star-themed.

World of Origin: Dreamlands (seems to be a shell around an Earth? 2010)

Current World: Dreamlands

World Synopsis: Lovecraftian magical girls. No, really. Earth's normal - more 'normal' than a lot of the Earths here, actually - magic's not possible there, monsters aren't possible there. There's sort of these other layers of reality, kind of parallel or overlaid on Earth? And the farther you get, the weirder things become, and the more that's possible. Magicals are people with bits of other realities tangled around our core essence. It allows us to use other realities' possibilities, except on Earth. Also, everyone from Earth can learn to dream-walk, and eventually Dream, which is kind of like reality-warping...

Notable Family: Trisha Hunden (mother). Hannah Hunden (older sister). Caleb Hunden (twin brother).

Notable Enemies: None

Messages to Alts: We should also try to check worlds close to our own - assuming that's how it works.

Requests from Alts: None really

Where am I: I'll be with Chimiraija briefly

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Kind: Jessica

Name: Jessica Jones (given name, family name)

Alias: None I'll admit to. How about Night for disambiguation

Species: Human (superhuman)

Occupation: Private investigator

Age: Thirty five standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Adult

Notable Life Events: I was in a car crash as a kid. My parents died. I woke up with superpowers. I got adopted by an asshole. I got out of there by going to college, where I ran into Killgrave. I broke free of Killgrave's control when he made me kill someone. I thought he was dead, he showed back up later, I broke his neck after some drama.

Notable Traits: Super strength, senses, and reflexes. Trans female.

World of Origin: Infinity (an Earth, 2016)

Current World: Infinity

World Synopsis: We're an Earth with superhumans and the like existing openly. The first super was Captain America, back in World War Two, but he was a dude named Steve Rogers. Still, a lot matches up with Voluspa. We have less of a history of openly operating mutants, and most supers weren't really doing jackshit until around 2003 to 2008. Some history books that aren't total shit are...

Notable Family: Shannon Arrington (adoptive mother. Asshole). Emma Arrington (adoptive older sister. Slightly less of an asshole). Lianne Arrington (adoptive sister, same age. Not an asshole).

Notable Allies: I've got a couple of contacts. Among them are Matt Murdock and Luke Cage...

Notable Enemies: Killgrave (deceased)

Messages to Alts: Shikanou, and any other Jessica who hasn't hit Killgrave yet, that's a theme for our kind. Do not fucking leave Milliways until you've got backup and mental defenses.

James, look up the Infinity Stones, those seem to have not managed to be a big deal in your world but you need to look out for them.

Requests from Alts: I did some digging on worlds like mine and Voluspa's, and if mine's on the trajectory I think it is we need serious military aid and an evacuation. Voluspa didn't have the bullshit with the Infinity Stones.

Where am I: Not leaving Milliways until I have a way to take down a reality-warper.

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Kind: Tobirama

Name: Snow

Alias: None

Species: Snow leopard (bakeneko)

Occupation: cat

Age: A hundred and two standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Two tails

Notable Life Events: I gained sapience two years ago, when I gazed on the full moon on my hundredth birthday. My tail split in two. I met a wolf a few months ago, who is quickly becoming my friend.

Notable Traits: Necromantic powers, vanishing into the snow, human speech. I am working on shapeshifting; currently I can stand upon two legs. White fur, though I'm unsure if I'm albino. Poor vision and hearing. Extra-sensory powers.

World of Origin: Makai

Current World: Makai

World Synopsis: Makai appears to have many similarities with the myths of a non-magical Earth's Japan; I'm currently investigating if other Earthen cultures' myths are true here. I unfortunately have not had much of an opportunity to acquire books, and am indeed dictating this entry...

Notable Family: None living

Notable Allies: A wolf (name unknown)

Notable Enemies: None

Messages to Alts: I have the means to return the dead to life, and no significant ties in my homeworld, so am available to help my alts.

Requests from Alts: Books!

Where am I: Either in Milliways main room, with Chimiraija, or following one of our alts into their world (ask Chimiraija where I am).

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Image Description: [depicts a white leopard with blue eyes and black markings]


Kind: Su

Name: Sulla Ulrich

Alias: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Paladin

Age: Twenty-one standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Adult

Notable Life Events: When I was seven, my mother vanished, presumed dead. My father died recently, and my older sister vanished. The Lady of Castle Ravenloft has been expressing interest in my younger sister recently.

Notable Traits: I'm adopted, as are both my siblings (this is common in my world). I have a soul (this is not common in my world).

World of Origin: Ravenloft

Current World: Ravenloft

World Synopsis: Ravenloft is a large valley that was pulled into the mists centuries ago. It's been cut off from the outside world ever since, though sometimes people - usually adventurers - are pulled through the mists, too. The Lady Emiliya von Zarovich rules Castle Ravenloft and therefore the valley. There's only three towns here. I'm from Barovia. The other two are... Only one in ten people in Ravenloft is born with a soul. Who gets a soul is random. Children with souls are adopted by parents with souls, and children without souls are given to parents without souls. People without souls have a limited expressive range, and often seem to grow more into an archetype than a person. The bartender, for instance, is soulless, and says the exact same thing with the exact same inflection whenever you ask him any question about Barovia. There's vampires and wolves in the woods...

Notable Family: Cecilia Ulrich (older sister). Kalyna Ulrich (younger sister). ...

Notable Allies: None

Notable Enemies: Possibly the Lady Emiliya, I don't like how she looks at my sister

Messages to Alts: We should be putting more effort into comparing magic types.

Requests from Alts: Information, a way to ensoul people, and evacuation or at least interdimensional trade.

Where am I: Staying with Chimiraija for now, to provide access back to my homeworld.

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Kind: Tomomi

Name: Tomoe Lovelace Nakano

Alias: Lovelace

Species: Human (Augment)

Occupation: Student

Age: Fifteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Teenager

Notable Life Events: I was cloned from my mother, the Augment Mikoto Nakano (who once ruled a significant chunk of the world). I was rescued by my mother and her allies as an infant.

Notable Traits: Super intelligence (pattern recognition, learning speed, and recall most notably). Super strength and agility. Super but not instant healing. Non- to semi-verbal. I'm apparently also an alt of my mother, but she isn't an alt of the wider template (I got her into Milliways).

World of Origin: Warp (an Earth, 2274)

Current World: Warp

World Synopsis: We seem to have aliens most other earths don't, and some science most others don't. Notably, a form of faster-than-light travel known as 'Warp' works here... Some books on technology that will apply in other places with conventional physics are...

Notable Family: Mikoto Nakano (mother, genetically identical). Augusta Ada King (mother's right-hand,by adoption my second mother, might be same person as James' father).

Notable Allies: Nereus Uzun (friend, similarly aged). ...

Notable Enemies: None living. Admiral Marcus was an enemy of my mother's...

Messages to Alts: I think we should prioritize more research into the nature of alts and kinds, since something odd is going on here.

Requests from Alts: Interdimensional travel. Help forming an interplanetary government separate from the Federation, since the Federation refuses to engage in uplift or even admit planets uplifted by someone else.

Where am I: With my mother, staying with Chimiraija to do research.

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Kind: Xena

Name: Lena Organa

Alias: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Senator

Age: Eighteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Young adult

Notable Life Events: I succeeded my father to his post in the Imperial Senate. Recently, I've been working to undermine the empire, including trying to gain the plans to a rumored superweapon of theirs...

Notable Traits: Force-sensitive (see world summary)

World of Origin: Force

Current World: Force

World Synopsis: We're a galactic civilization; better overviews can be found in the following books...

Notable Family: Bail Organa (father). Breha Organa (mother). Unlike Xena, I lack any siblings...

Notable Allies: A few...

Notable Enemies: Many. ...

Messages to Alts: We have some technology even Warp doesn't...

Requests from Alts: Research on future instances of worlds like mine reveals some major upcoming events, including in many the destruction of my home planet, which I'll need military aid to avert...

Where am I: With Chimiraija

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Kind: Su

Name: Uchiha Sasuke (clan, given)

Alias: None; Kirin for disambiguation

Species: Human

Occupation: Shinobi

Age: Fifteen standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Teenager

Notable Life Events: My life was much like Shikanou's. I was never adopted, and raised myself after the Massacre. My genin teacher was a man named Hatake Kakashi. I was semi-forcibly recruited by a missing-nin named Orochimaru at thirteen. 

Notable Traits: Sharingan. Lightning natured chakra. Snake and hawk summoning contracts. 

World of Origin: Chakra

Current World: Chakra

World Synopsis: Chakra is the same as Rinne and Jutsu as far as I can tell, though with a few different people in recent years... I updated the Ninja Planet book with what's happened between Shikanou's time and mine.

Notable Family: Deceased

Notable Allies: None certain. Ueda Kyoku, the daimyo's daughter, has been expressing interest in me, and I think has plans regarding me...

Notable Enemies: Many. Itachi, Orochimaru, possibly the entire Hidden Leaf...

Messages to Alts: Shikanou, watch out for Orochimaru, I don't think you'd be as willing as I was, and given your kind's tendencies...

Requests from Alts: Same as Shikanou

Where am I: With Chimiraija and Senju Tobirama (of Rinne), discussing options for my world

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Update: Senju Tobirama (alias Thunder; entries #1, #14)

Age: Twenty two standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Adult

Updates: I've managed to nudge the founding of Konoha forward, several years earlier than in Shikanou and Sasuke's timelines, without Izuna's death. I can now turn more resources to interdimensional questions, and feel more comfortable spending time away.

Resources of Note: I can now travel to very nearby dimensions, though everywhere I've investigated so far has been devoid of life.

Where am I: Staying with Chimiraija


Kind: Madara

Name: Madni

Alias: None; Lion for disambiguation

Species: Were-lion (base species unknown)

Occupation: Outlaw

Age: Forty standard Earth years

Developmental Stage: Young adult

Notable Life Events: I grew up in a war between the lions and the wolves. Lost three of my younger sisters to it, and then I met my soulmate - a wolf. We're trying to end the war, now.

Notable Traits: Turning into a lion

World of Origin: Were

Current World: Were

World Synopsis: We're well post-apocalyptic. Some disease wiped out most people, turned the were-creatures mad. We're recovering - moon madness is less common than it used to be - but our technology level is probably around Earth's 1800s, and there's evidence we used to be an advanced society.

Notable Family: Ezna (younger sister). Three deceased sisters, named...

Notable Allies: My soulmate, Adhara (I think the same person as Pinion, Remex, and Sycamore's girlfriend, plus Xena's Lyssa and Snow's wolf. Definitely not a Hashirama).

Messages to Alts: We need to try and contact some of the people who've already left.

Requests from Alts: Resources to rebuild a world

Where am I: Staying with Chimiraija, alongside my soulmate, for the near future.

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