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In Which Korvosans Rally & The Dead Envy The Living
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Cressida Kroft CR 10

XP 9,600

Female human aristocrat 1/fighter 9/cleric-inquisitor-paladin 1

LG Medium humanoid (human)

Init +0; Senses Perception +19



AC 22, touch 10, flat-footed 22 (+10 armor, +2 shield) (+1 dodge if the only character threatening an opponent)

hp 118 (1d8+10d10+55)

Fort +13, Ref +3, Will +14 (+2 vs. fear, +2 resistance vs. mind-affecting spells, spell-likes, Su)



Speed 30 ft. (30 ft. in armor)

Melee mwk longsword +15/+10 (1d8+4/19-20), or mwk longsword +15/+10 (1d8+5/19-20),

or mwk longsword (power attack) +12/+7 (1d8+10/19-20), or mwk longsword +12/+7 (1d8+14/19-20),

or dagger +12/+7 (1d4+2/19-20)

Ranged mwk composite longbow +12/+7 (1d8+3/x3),

or thrown weapon +10/+5

Special Attacks channel positive energy 5/day (DC 13, 1d6), judgment 1/day, smite evil 1/day (+2 attack and AC, +1 damage), weapon training (heavy blades +2, bows +1)

Spell-Like Abilities (CL 1st, concentration +6)

8/day – caging strike, touch of law

at will – detect evil, lorekeeper

Cleric spells (CL 1st, concentration +6)

1st – open domain slot, open slot (x3)

orisons – open slot (x3)

D domain spell; Domains knowledge, law

Inquisitor spells (CL 1st, concentration +6)

1st (3/day) – alarm, heightened awareness

orisons – detect magic, guidance, read magic, sift

Inquisition imprisonment



Cressida Kroft prefers to fight at range if possible, only taking the risk of hand-to-hand combat when it can't be avoided - either because arrows would be too lethal, or because they wouldn't be lethal enough. And when she has allies with fewer hitpoints than her, she'll almost always try and take the hits for them.

Kroft likes to use her net or bolas to soften a target before engaging them in melee.

She keeps wands of cure light wounds and protection from evil in her spring loaded wrist sheathes.

She uses her shrink item'd barricades and bonfire to control the battlefield or provide cover from ranged attacks.

Against enemies that she has outmatched, Cressida fights defensively and tries to arrange a surrender. She uses combat maneuvers heavily, and will attempt to pin the poor sod and apply her manacles. When Cressida has allies with which to flank a foeman, she uses Dirty Fighting to avoid provoking attacks of opportunity with her combat maneuvers. Otherwise, she'll try and take away their weapons so they can't resist.

Against enemies that outmatch her, or are close enough to raise her concern, Cressida prefers to fight with numerous powerful allies, using specialty equipment acquired for the purpose and following a plan that's been gamed out and drilled extensively. When that's not possible, she tries to make up the difference with consumable items (if she thinks they'll make the difference); applying her oil of magic weapon to bypass DR, or drinking a potion of silence to thwart spellcasters that rely on verbal components, or poisoning her weapons with blue whinnis.



Str 14 Dex 11 Con 20 Int 22 Wis 20 Cha 15

Base Atk 10; CMB +12 (14 trip & disarm) (+2 if using a heavy blade to trip or disarm (hey, but nandwich, earlier didn't (shut UP Altronus shut up shut up shut up))); CMD 22 (24 vs trip & disarm)

Feats Artful Dodge, Dirty Fighting, Improved Disarm, Improved Trip, Iron Will, Lunge, Mobility, Persuasive, Power Attack, Quick Draw, Spring Attack, Whirlwind Attack

Skills Appraise (3 ranks) +12, Craft (alchemy) (1 rank) +10, Diplomacy (11 ranks) +19, Handle Animal (1 rank) +6, Heal (1 rank) +9, Intimidate (11 ranks) +20, Knowledge (local, history, nature) (5 ranks) +14, Knowledge (arcana, geography, religion) (1 rank) +10, Perception (11 ranks) +19, Profession (11 ranks) +19, Ride (1 rank) +1, Sense Motive (11 ranks) +20, Stealth (11 ranks) +11, Use Magic Device (10 ranks) +12

Special armor check penalty -3, monster lore (+5 to knowledge checks to identify the abilities and weaknesses of creatures), stern gaze (+1 intimidate, sense motive)

Combat Gear +1 arrow-catching living steel quickdraw shield, oil of hold portal, oil of magic weapon**, potion of cure light wounds, potion of delay poison, potion of expeditious retreat**potion of gaseous form, potion of silencewand of Abadar’s truthtelling (26 charges), wand of protection from evil (21 charges), wand of cure light wounds (14 charges), heightened continual flame locket (4th-circle), shrink item'd bonfire (6 days remaining), shrink item'd pedestrian barricade (x2, 6 days remaining), shrink item'd rowboat (6 days remaining), bolas (x2), net, blue whinnis (4 doses), tanglefoot bag, smokestick;

Other Gear +1 fullplate, +1 spellstoring mithral longsword***, +1 adaptive phase locking longbow***, mwk longsword, mwk composite longbow (+2 Str) with 20 arrows, dagger, bag of holding type I, belt of mighty constitution +2, headband of mental prowess +2 (intelligence and wisdom, keyed to Stealth), mind sentinel medallion*, ring of mind shielding*, ring of sustenance, bandolier, marbles, manacles, signal horn, spring loaded wrist sheathes (x2)

Bag of Holding wand of detect magic (34 charges), 200 arrows, bear traps (4), bullseye lantern, chalk, cloth sacks, crowbar, drill, grappling hook, greatclub, hammer, inkpen, keys**, lamp oil, parchment, paper, pencils, rations, reference library, rope, sack of flour, sealing wax, signet ring**, shovel, steel mirror, twine, everything else she logically should be carrying but which doesn't come to mind, not a polearm though she doesn't want to risk puncturing the bag of holding, I guess she could saw the point off a lucerne hammer, and sand the sharp edges, actually she'll just have a custom case for a glaive-guisarme with latches she feels confident in, 100 gp, 1000 gp*

*items marked with an asterisk are on loan from the Korvosan Guard

**these items don’t exist because they were expended last night and not yet replaced

***these items are not part of her regular loadout and were commandeered last night


The setting doc says that the Arkonas are a notorious band of criminals, with sorcerous powers. I bet he's an arcane trickster or maybe a barbarian.


If he's not a monk, he's Two-Weapon-Fighting and has 6-10 BAB.


If we leave the high-level NPCs alone, odds are they only fight each other. If we get involved, all bets there are off.


I think we should maybe have a clear idea of what we're trying to accomplish by shooting someone before we decide to shoot them.

What's best for Korvosa here?


Governor Mallard. I recognized your foul stench when I was brought onboard...




I should have expected to find you holding my leash.


:eyeroll: (affectionate)

No, but really, what's the outcome that we're steering for here?


The outcome I'm steering for this round is saving the adventurer person who saved our healer. 

What's Perry the Platypus's flat-footed touch?



The answer to that question is generally ten.

Percell Peltherianon's non-touch flat-footed AC is 14, in case that comes up.


She's not entirely sure how she feels about this.

She is - incredibly grateful for the help, and for just - the reassurance that she's not alone in this.

And she wants to help her goddess. (She thinks that They're a goddess, though she doesn't know how far to trust that - maybe her mind is just jumbled and filling in details it came up with itself.) If they're on her side against Rovagug the evidence of her eyes says they need more power in their corner, and in addition she believes it for inarticulable and not-particularly-trusted reasons.

But getting useful magic powers that she'll lose for acting in ways she otherwise might think best feels potentially corrosive. She's seen priests of Abadar who've lost their Law balancing Good with Evil while they try to earn it back. It seems tremendously frustrating and silly. 

She hopes her goddess is LG, so she has leeway to drift LN or NG... oh no.


Pop quiz! 

You're a powerful outsider within a step of LG mediocre visibility of the material plane unless you're spending more there than you care to. A powerful LG fighter asks You to make her your cleric, inquisitor, or paladin.

Which do you pick?

Do you... pick the simultaneously cheapest and most effective option, the limitation of which is that you can only give it to people who ping LG, which is in this case seemingly no limitation at all?


She really hopes They didn't. 

Paladins are held to a higher standard than people who are judged Lawful Good, and Cressida Kroft hasn't always lived to even that gentler standard.

She serves in the military of a literal evil queen, and it's not like Eodred was much if any better. She works for a state that uses torture and mutilation as punishments for crimes and in times of war buys human scalps.

It's not even that she strongly expects to need the leeway to wiggle from LG, nor that she's concerned that she'll convince herself to do the wrong-but-LG thing out of a reluctance to lose her useful magic powers. It just seems criminal. People can trust paladins, because paladins have religious fervor and orders and gods that they wouldn't want to disappoint, because they've taken oaths, because they were from the start people who wanted to be paladins. If Someone made Cressida Kroft a paladin, that's bad for the legitimacy of paladins.

Cressida Kroft thinks it'd be wrong of her to alter her behavior in light of having become a paladin, except insofar as it's trivial enough to be directly worth continuing to have the powers of a 1st-level paladin.

Any real paladins who found out would be so justifiably upset.


I'll spend a grit, spend a ki point. 

Percival can take

1d20+5 = 8           1d8+1d6+4 = NA

1d20+5 = 16         1d8+1d6+4 = 15

and these daggers are to hit against his regular flat-footed:

1d20+5 = 13         1d4+1d6+3 = NA

1d20+5 = 15         1d4+1d6+3 = 8

1d20+5 = 25         2d4+1d6+6 = 15[1][2] 


1. I forgot to include his penalty for firing into melee (at level three, Altronus doesn't have Precise Shot) but it doesn't wind up making a difference so I'm not super fussed about it.

2. Also his Initiative should be two points lower, I was counting a +2 bonus for being a Gunslinger that Gunslingers don't get until level 3 (and Altronus didn't linger that long in that class)[3]

3. Also I should actually stat him up, at least for internal use, to avoid these mistakes[4]

4. I've been somewhat reluctant in part because while I haven't yet I can pretend that he's better at charop than his author. 


Rolling out from from beneath the table, an alien hunter strikes. 


His alchemical weapon shakes and roars like splitting stone, and a choking white smoke tears out of it, musty and sulfuric.

Through the veil of smoke passes a poignard - thrown to free a reloading hand - and then two more which both strike home.

And again the weapon reports and fills the enclosed room with deafening noise and blinding smoke. 

Percell Peltherianon falls.


The noise further startles the startled horses.

(Fortunately, they're fairly resolute.)


Percell has -10 hitpoints out of 13 Con, and is very glad to have put his Favored Class bonus in hitpoints.


That's the third most interesting thing to happen in the last three seconds.

Fighters as strong as Percell Peltherianon won't fall to any old stiff breeze; if it can happen to him, it can happen to near anyone.


38 points of damage, hm.

That's not utterly terrible and only oh-point-seventy-six damage behind what I'd expect on average, the crit makes up for the missed first shot... but if I'd rolled a little higher - or had +2 to hit this round - it'd have been 50ish damage at least.


Lyvina, can you get in here and tell your god to bless me?


We've leveled up so fast with so little downtime. I really need to finish crafting my second pistol, or my DPR will fall even further off...


Not that I'm complaining, mind, about how we're on track to hit LV 20 before three weeks are out.


Ḑ̸͑̍̕O̸̞͖͕̙̿Ç̶̯̦͔̓̽̎Ư̴̞̯̯̲̿M̵̖̑Ę̵̅͆̆N̴̫̬̰͂T̷̡͂̋ ̸̡͕̣͚̰̣͂̄̚͝#̶̣͒̀̉́̚:̷̮͇̬́͐̋͠ 17967-8054-32-2115481 transcript of ̵p̶̡͈͙̊s̵̥̍̍̌́̚͝ē̴͚̲̰̼͉̺̍̂u̷̱̻͍̪̥̓͋͊̄͘d̷̢͚̀̌̕̚ö̶̡̤̟̦͉̣́-̵̜̦̘̄h̶̻͉̫̗̻̄y̷̲̯̑̍p̸̠̳̣̮̐̚͝o̴̤̒̈́t̵͈̞͕́h̷̨̛͍̰̝̗̒̄̈́̃̏e̷̪̞͖͖͛͆̉t̵͓̜̥̟̱͆̂͊̽i̴̧͎̔̀̋c̶̺̚ͅä̴̧̦͓́̑͘l̶͕͙͔̪̏̊̅̏̇ ̵636F6E766572736174696F6E2077697468 F̷̧̣̀̚R̶͉̹̀̈G̸̼͓̑̉͆͌̅̚M̴̖̐͐͝ (actualized)

[̴̡̭̯͊͜į̴̠̦͍̞̏́n̴̡̫̮̬͚̦̔͊͊̊ḯ̶̩͈̘̌̆̃̽̕t̶̡̖͓̟̒̐̄į̷̮̮͖̀ḁ̵̪͖̍͐t̷͙̬̖͒i̷͓͈̙͚̟̿ǹ̶͔̓̈́͛̕g̸̨̱̯̪͉̦̀̄͌̎̃ ̵̠͉̙̠̹͆͂͗̿̚p̶̼͚̆͑ś̶͚̒ĕ̴̫̱͊͝u̴͔̻̙̬̍̓́͂͝d̶̙̫͈̿ỏ̴̭̣̝͍̚͝ͅ-̷̩́̇͊h̷̥̘͇͔͍͑̒̚̕͝ỳ̵̟̰̣͔͝ͅp̶̰̉͝o̸̫̗̔̚t̴̺̖̟́͂̋͋̀͠ḩ̷̛͓͖̈́̅͒ͅe̴͓͇͈̞͍̓̆t̵̢̟̞͆ị̶̉̇̀́c̶͉̈́̄a̴̱̥̹̜͙̥͊͒̊l̷̡̛̞̘̱͎̂̂͋́ ̵̛͈͈t̵̝̠͉̋́̏̚r̴̘̬̲̰̜̔͋͘͠a̷̠̭̱͑̍͌̂̌̒n̸̹͛̆͜s̶̹͇̩͖̺̀̈́̃́͒͆ṁ̴̧̖͘ͅḯ̵̥̏ş̶͙͆̐s̵̨̧̺̲̗͒̅͊̀͒͘͜i̶̢̛͉̭o̸̼̝͘͝n̶̡͑̋̎͝]̴̣̭̎̽̿̂

There's a level of reality 736F6D65687768657265206265747765656E20546872656164206C6576656C and Creation 6C6576656C, which might or might not exist. If it exists, the entities 66726F6D2074686174206C6576656C206861766520736F6D65 limited observations of both Creation and 546872656164206C6576656C73, and can determine actions 6F662074686520666F757220616E6F6D616C69657320696E20746865204372656174696F6E206C6576656C, which of course also 6861732072657665726273206F6E20546872656164206C6576656C.

If it doesn't exist, then the anomalies hallucinate its existence, and take the same actions anyway. 

It is vital that 7̸̟̫͗4̴̫͕̒́́6̵̙̘̘̆͆̓8̵̙̊6̷͈̒̿5̶̧̜̟͋̈́2̵̧̝͂̒ͅ0̵̤̕6̶̪̮̓͛͘5̴̪̼̒6̴̢̟͐͝È̷͉7̸̼͙̈́̚4̷̘̻͎̾͝6̶̢̼͓͛9̴̳̬̀̔7̷̙̖͍̂́̈́4̵͙̈͘6̷̣̫̫̀9̴̯͖̍́̚6̷̘̻̅̓5̷̩͑̔7̸̰͛3̷̢̫̆̐̄2̸̧̰̣́̅0̸̜̤̻͛͊̈́6̴̩͉́̓͋ͅF̴̟̞̑̽͘6̷̧̩̌̿̐6̷̧̲͒̍̚2̵͔̝͙̃0̵̨̖̀̓́7̴̢̣̲́4̸̡̛6̴͙͓͒͂8̸̛̝̟̾6̵̛̺̍5̷̻̬͐̔͒2̸̼̾0̴̛̬̇̇4̶̛̤̳̿͛7̵̭̄̑͂6̸͚͙͚̀̈́̉1̵̩̈́6̸͎̎̂͠D̶̜̭̅6̵̬͒̊̿5̷͕̦͖̔́͠2̸̺̐0̸̡̖̖͒̎̏6̶̘̣̼͛̂C̵̞̆͑6̷̘͖͚̌̈́5̴͕̀̿7̴̠͐̈́6̶͓͓̘́6̵̗͛5̶̳̭́6̵͉͗͂͌C̷̺̝̆͋̕ do not become aware of the full structure, or the Ţ̴̧̡̨̛͓̣͚̮̲̱̝̭̰̪͚̟̥͈̫̳̲̝̠̘̗͕͓̤̻͍̺͙͇̰͕͚̫̭̀̑̒͒̇͂̿̋̇̄͜͠h̴̢̢̧̛̛̛͔̭̬͚̱͚̩͎̻̥̭̮̞͎͉͙̭͇̖̤̱̫̲̟̪͔̺̞̲̦̟̦̯͔̬̖̹̠̖̄͌̈́̊͌r̶͚̗͔͍̍̽̌̈́̆̉̋̓̏̍́͆̆̐̌̄ͅe̵̝̼̠̗̮̞̮̻̰̱̘̲̜̹̳͉̭̣̽̀̀̆̒̒̓͆̎͗̈́͊̊̔̑̾͆̄̀͘̚ą̷͓̞̳̳͉͈̣̞͍͉̗̬͇̞͈̗͎̩̯̜̣͖̟̠͎̜͎͙̳̘̭̲̱̞̻̣̤̪̺̪̆̈̋̎ͅd̷̡̡̧̧̰͕̼͉̟̩͍̘̤͍̞̤̭̮̼͙̰̣̠̻̗̰͔̼̳̳̪̬̜͖̹̩̻̘̾̂͋͗̃̂͑̌̋̈́̌̐́̈́͗̄̄͒͌̂͐̀̆̎͋̅͘̚̚͝͝͠ 6C6576656C in particular. 4974206D69676874 escalate paradox values exponentially, 726573756C74696E6720696E t̷̡̧̨̨̖̹̳͙͛̿̈́́͆̌͗̀̈́̓̈́̅͐͗̓̽́̈͒͐͝ǒ̶̧̻̞͔͈̼̘̭͍̮̟̠̞̪̩̪͕̰̻̞̹̪̺͓͇͇͈͈̱̟͕̺̫̈͐̕̚͜ẗ̵͎̻́̆͗̈́̀̋̆́͋̐͛̉̎̌̊͗̀̄̅̈͐̽̀̓̈̂̚͘͜͝͠ą̸̢̨̧͕͎͙͈̲̤̣̙͎̤̻̠͇̼̺̗̑̊̽͆̔̒̎̌̌̿͋͑͊̊͆̃̈l̸̡̺͚̰̰̣̭̦̖͕̩͔̗̱̼̤̲̞̫̇̇̇̈ͅ ̵̢̢̻̺̲̘̜̼̰͖͖̜̱͓̞̬̼̫̪̳̥̹̱̮̤̜̻͖̜̭̙̮̱͖̫̙̤̦̥̙̏͑͊͆̓̊̃͐̈̔̉͌̿̌̚͠u̷̧̝̳̼̲̳̥̻̤̰̪͖̙̥̯̲̱̦̳̣̺͔͉̣͊͐̈͌̎̉̍̆̓́̅͌̓̎̾̑̓̒̔̆͊̔͒́̈̈͂̔͝͝n̶̨̛̼̭̟̥̪̰̰̗̟̱͚̪̰̳̦̞̞͔͖̠̗̠̬͎͈̹͎͔̙͈̮͇̅̾̈̇̎́̈͋̒̊̇̀͊̀̐͛͑̈́̽̄̎̒͛͑͜͝͠ͅͅŗ̷̨̩̞̬̻̜͉̞͈͓͚̬̭͔̼̳̮͎̖̲͇̜̳̜̱͙͔̒͊͗͒̈͐̽͂̃͆̿͑́̽̑̄̾̇̎̔̃͗́̂̔̄́͊̌̊͊͗̚̕͜͝͝ͅą̸̨̡̡̛͉͇̪͔̟̬̖͇̞̫̬̪͖̪̟̙̋͊͆̊͒̂̅̉̂͗͒̈́̏̓͊̅͒̊́́̋͜͝v̵̡̢̢̧̼̼̣̻̤̲̗̥̫̰̩̯͓͖̲̼̤̣͚̥͈̲̜͒͆̈́͊̿͌͆̾̈́̾̽̈͒̔͛͛̔̆̿̇̿̿̍̿̕̚͠e̸̹̱̖͚̮͈̹͕̣͕̭͗̈́̈̋̐͂̋̎̄͐̇͆̓͊͗̂͌͗͒̐̇̋̓̊̓͌͂̿̅́̒͒̈́͊̋̋̌̚͜͝͝͝l̷̙͎̪̫͍̾͊͑̎̒͒̈į̵̨̡̢̧̢͍̥̜̞̱̞̬̜̦̯̳̞̘̞͓̮̮͇̖̲̤̮̱̯̗̒̅̓̈́̂̈́̀͘ͅņ̸̧̢̧̛̥̬͓͍̥͉̼͉̮̙̬̺̩̭̥̭̤̟̹̭͇͎̻̭̻̤̰͖͍͈̺̩͖͎̯̑̆̍̅̐̃̃̌̿̌̐̓̓̏̔̅̚͜ḡ̵̢̡̢̨̯̣͇̱̻̟͓̭̱̝̩̱̩̪̦̠̩͎̘͖͇̦̳̟̣͑͊́͒͘͜ of Creation 6C6576656C.

It's like being hit in the head with a filing cabinet, what

See attached DOCUMENT #: 17967-8054-23-2113956 or r̸̢̟̍̔ẹ̶̟͌a̶̯̻̓̅ḏ̴̐ ̷̗͝͠t̴̘̐͠h̸̦̠̐e̷̢͉̊̽ ̸̰̎ṯ̴̋h̷̡̾̏r̸̯̳͝è̶͓͉ȁ̸̲d̶̩̕ ̵̻̔́w̸̯͛h̴̻͒͗e̶͖̾͝ř̵̝e̵̜̓̌ ̶͇̃i̷̢̩̅̄t̵̝͆͝ ̴̦̈́h̴̰̯̅à̵̻̉ṗ̷̛͙p̴̻̦͆͑e̴̞͑̍ņ̵́e̴̘͋ͅd̸̀͐ͅ for EXPLANATORY DETAILS

D̶̠̭̮̀̌Ǫ̶̒C̵̨͚͇͌̕U̶̢̦̍̈́̋M̴͍͇̒͑̽Ë̴͙̤̍̑N̴̢̬͈͠T̶̬͕̞̋̊ ̶̤̉ͅ#̸̡̊:̵̨̃ 17967-8054-32-2115499 Nethys Q̵̛̪̩̦̫̃̿̅̊̄̓̕̕̕T̶͖̙͙͉̬͎̬͙̝̖̈́̓̽̀̆̇̈́̇̈̊̿̄̈̅͋͐̎͊̿͜͠͝͠͝ę̷̢͓̞͕̯̗͙̮̫̩̭̞̠̜̠͍̥͚̳̣̺̲̞̱̏̏͌̊̅́͌̈́͒͑͗̽̒͛̉͌͐̈́͂̄̎̅̋̐͠͠ͅͅͅş̸̢̢̢̛̛̩̠̮͓͓̘̟̣̩̠͓͙̖̯̟̪͍͈̘̤̖͍̝͙͈̼͔͓́̈͋́͗͘̕ͅs̷̺̬͕͓̞͕͍̩̠̏̉̏̇̂͌̾̾̍̿͌̄͌̉̿̑̉́͑͗͛͗̍̂͋͘͝e̷̖̮͉̥̼̼̣̺̫̠̜̬͙͈̟͖͚͚̺̳̠̤̼̺͗̓̄͐̓͌̇͊̇͋͆̐͑͘͘͜ͅr̶̡̢̛̫̘̘͔͇͈̲͓͕̙͚̗͖̦͕̗͙̩̰̫̤͇͓͚͇̈́͒̾̆͒̄͗̓̀̽̽̐͋͑̈́̾̂͑̎̀̍͛́̈́̕͘͝͠͠ͅạ̸̫̮̮̟̞̭̰͖̾̿̅̀̚c̵̛̹̼̥͇͖̲͙̱͓̲͕̓͂̅̉͗̏̄͠ͅt̸̢̰̝̫̥̥̳̤̭͔͙̯̥̤͈͈̗̲͔̺͛̃̒̑͋̕ͅ        

OTOLMENS: Would it not be SAFER to CONTAIN or DESTROY the anomalies?  

NETHYS#̵͓͚̐͛͘͝1̶̣͇͗͋͝9̶͓͙̦̫͑̿̄0̵̗͖̱͍͛0̵̺͇̐̅͊̅0̵̧̥̩̀͌: I couldn't say for sure, but it's possible that if you do that Creation just ends.

NETHYS#̵͓͚̐͛͘͝1̶̣͇͗͋͝9̶͓͙̦̫͑̿̄0̵̗͖̱͍͛0̵̺͇̐̅͊̅0̵̧̥̩̀͌: 497420776F756C646E2774206E65636573736172696C79206665656C206C696B6520616E797468696E672066726F6D2074686520696E736964652C206275742054696D65206D6967687420637261776C20746F206120736C6F7720616E64207468656E2073746F7020666F72657665722E0A0A536F6D657468696E67206C696B6520746861742068617070656E732065766572792074696D65204920777269746520612074616721

Q̵̛̪̩̦̫̃̿̅̊̄̓̕̕̕T̶͖̙͙͉̬͎̬͙̝̖̈́̓̽̀̆̇̈́̇̈̊̿̄̈̅͋͐̎͊̿͜͠͝͠͝ę̷̢͓̞͕̯̗͙̮̫̩̭̞̠̜̠͍̥͚̳̣̺̲̞̱̏̏͌̊̅́͌̈́͒͑͗̽̒͛̉͌͐̈́͂̄̎̅̋̐͠͠ͅͅͅş̸̢̢̢̛̛̩̠̮͓͓̘̟̣̩̠͓͙̖̯̟̪͍͈̘̤̖͍̝͙͈̼͔͓́̈͋́͗͘̕ͅs̷̺̬͕͓̞͕͍̩̠̏̉̏̇̂͌̾̾̍̿͌̄͌̉̿̑̉́͑͗͛͗̍̂͋͘͝e̷̖̮͉̥̼̼̣̺̫̠̜̬͙͈̟͖͚͚̺̳̠̤̼̺͗̓̄͐̓͌̇͊̇͋͆̐͑͘͘͜ͅr̶̡̢̛̫̘̘͔͇͈̲͓͕̙͚̗͖̦͕̗͙̩̰̫̤͇͓͚͇̈́͒̾̆͒̄͗̓̀̽̽̐͋͑̈́̾̂͑̎̀̍͛́̈́̕͘͝͠͠ͅạ̸̫̮̮̟̞̭̰͖̾̿̅̀̚c̵̛̹̼̥͇͖̲͙̱͓̲͕̓͂̅̉͗̏̄͠ͅt̸̢̰̝̫̥̥̳̤̭͔͙̯̥̤͈͈̗̲͔̺͛̃̒̑͋̕ͅ: And more importantly, even if something happened to them they would just r̶̮͈̙͖̊͂̓̉͜ǫ̷̩̤̱̫̲̎l̸̨̹͔̟̠̯͗̚l̴̻͈͇̇̓̀ ̴̣̤̲͓͉͚͗̀ų̸̛̫̀̈̚p̵̡̞͖̮̻̾̃̽̍̕͠ ̵̬̳͚͖̉̃͠ņ̴̥̆̂̔͘e̶̟̝̰̭̊͘̕̚w̶̟̿͗́ ̵̡̮͎̣̈́̃͋̾̓c̴̳͓͖̯̈́ḧ̷̖͉̰́̔͑̍̾̌a̸̗͎̱͠r̵̘̱̻̍̿̄̿͛̆ȧ̵̼̳̖͉̭̃c̸̨͉͖̾̓ͅt̸̹̿̏̇e̵͕̹̰͌͐͊̕r̵̡̟̹̺͎̀́̊̆̃͂s̶̡̻̠̭̓͝.


        : Also, two of them are clerics. I bet their gods would take issue if you tried to squish them.

        : I figure you're pretty much stuck with these guys.

DOCUMENT #: 17967-8054-23-2113956


4D6F7274616C73 are 6861726420666F7220486572 to understand, but THIS 6D6F7274616C has the ^#^f&@&@^%^#&$@)&&^!&( of &$^*^(^e^b^(^e^&.


4163726F737320746865 multiverse 616E64 all of time, 4F746F6C6D656E73 6861732068616420766572792C very few clerics. Zero inquisitors. 416E64 zero paladins.

536865 never previously had any reason to pay the distinctions any mind, 616E64207368652773 not sure 536865 entirely gets what the tradeoffs are supposed to be.

$^$f%@%$%%$e$!%$$%$c%(, Otolmens 6F7065726174657320$^%@$%$%$c%(206163726F737320%#$%%^$%%@$!$c206F662074686520$%%#%$$!$@$c$(%#$*$%$$20$d$%%$$!$c$!%($%%@%#, 616E642063616E probe 77686174204B726F6674206973207468696E6B696E6720696E2061 NON-DESTRUCTIVE 6D616E6E6572.

OTOLMENS: I am CONCERNED that your CHOSEN MORTALS will cause the END of the WORLD as we KNOW it.

CAYDEN CAILEAN: You worry too much, Otolmens, he's just a little guy.

RAGATHIEL: It's my sincere hope She does.

Ȉ̴͎͖̈̅̍t̷͕̋e̶̪̼̻̋̀m̵͇͋ ̷̩̘̞͝#̷̖͆͒̆:̵̣͘ͅ ̸̨̏̋█̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅
̴͉̏̓Õ̷̧͔͓̭b̵̘̬̗̮̌͂j̷͔̼͒e̷̯͆͝ć̷̭ṭ̸̺͖̽͌̈́ ̶͍̩̥̀̇͊͝ͅÇ̵̢̡̐͘l̶̻͙͉̓͂̈́ǎ̵̞s̶͎̺̈̌͝ͅṣ̵̞͇͇̀͆͋:̵̙͙̔͜ ̵̧̯̈́Ụ̷͠ñ̸̮̖̑͆̈́c̶̝̲̒́̋͝o̴͉̎n̴̮̤͈̾͊͝t̸̮͌́ä̸̬́̈́̔ȋ̶̝̺̃͋̒͜͜n̶̡̳͚͎͗͑e̵̬̲̓̔̀ͅͅd̴̜̮̱͓̋̕

Special Containment Procedures: █̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅ cannot be contained at this time, and should instead be closely monitored by Fivefold staff. For decision-theoretic reasons, the Fivefold monitor must not use any information derived through this intervention to attempt the containment or decommission of █̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅.

Description: █̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅ takes the form of four anomalous entities,

Ḑ̸͑̍̕O̸̞͖͕̙̿Ç̶̯̦͔̓̽̎Ư̴̞̯̯̲̿M̵̖̑Ę̵̅͆̆N̴̫̬̰͂T̷̡͂̋ ̸̡͕̣͚̰̣͂̄̚͝#̶̣͒̀̉́̚:̷̮͇̬́͐̋͠ 17967-8054-32-2115476 Addendum: S̵̢̢̖͖͉̹͍̜̺̲̞̮͇̻̞̫͓̳̬͎̟͙̞̪͎͎̬̖̙̯̰̥̠͓͓͇̪͍̞̩̣̰͉̺̣͛̈͛̋̔̅̈́̆̽̍̈̌͂̿͊̄̌̏̐̍̔̂̿̾̐͒͂̅̉̈́̓͆̽̇̔́͆́̒̒͌̕̕͜͝ở̶̺̣̪̱̫̰͙͓̘̤̠̣͓̱̞̫͔́̈́́̈͝ͅo̶͎͈̭͓̲̺̳̟̰̩̬̝͇̣̜̔͛͊̈́́́̓̋̅̒̆̈̎͛̀̓̊̀̓̚̕̚͜͠ṋ̵̡̢̨̡̼̪̫̱͚̳̫̘͎͕̝̹͕͚̥̜͈̩͊͑͆̂͐͆̓͗̎̇͊͒̇͐̅̾̓͊͗̊͋̃̽̓̈͘̚͝

49207468696E6B2069742773206C696B652C2074686572652773 four of them, and 746865792027636F696E636964656E74616C6C7927206861766520686164206C69766573207468617420736861706564207468656972206D696E647320746F207468652065786163742073746174652074686579276420626520696E2069662061637475616C6C7920746865792077657265206265696E672070696C6F74656420627920657874726164696D656E73696F6E616C206265696E67732E20416E642E205568686820746865792772652070726F6261626C79 going to make l̵̢̳̯̯̱̜̃e̶̢̢̨̧̧͚̭̞̮͓̞͉̩̱̥̠̜̠͕͔̘̫̦̥͔̒̽̀̾͒̇̌̈̒͋̋̇̈́̌͋̊̈́̆̆̈́͆̀̂̇͐̀͊͂̀̂͐̍̿̾̀̏͝͠ͅv̷̧̢̢̛̖̪̥̜͓̥̖̮̱͓̣̤͎̘̫̦̾̆̑̏̐̓̑͂͂͂̌̈́͋͗̓̐̊͋͌̂̔̊̉̈̌͛̉͊̄́̿̉̓͌̉̕̚͘̚͝͠e̷͚̣͋̔̆͛̓̐̌̑̄͋͂͌̒̀̏̂̑̈́͛̕̚̕͝l̶̨̡̠̤̻͓͈̗͖̣͇̩̻̣͕͖̋̅̀̊͋̈́̋̃̂̎̀͛̆̇̿̏͌͒̆͜͝ͅ ̵̧̗̪̦̟̲̿́̉͛̂̃̀̌̇̊̄̈̓͗́̾̂̓̊̄̽͂̍̎͛̌͛̑̈́̊̉̊̈́̈̽̀̿̊̈́̊͗̒͋̚͜͜2̸̡̡̧̨̢̛̛̛̛͉͔͉̯̻͙̭̯̟̬͖͔̲̳̳͙̪͙̻͕̦̝͈͉͔̯̭̥̙͙̠̪̦͍̯̘̹̈̔̈́̾͛̇͑̏͆͂͐̃̈́͗͐̅̒̈́̄͐̂́̌̓̊͌̄̀̍̌͂̄̈̍̚͜͜͠͝0̵̡̢̨͔͉̦̗̦̗̗̟̘̠͙̬͚̥͎̙̤͕̳̜̤̟̹̜̗̺͚̭͓̜̣̺̯̏͜ in like, 6 months 746F70732E20536F6D656F6E65 help me 6F757420686572652C2049276D206E6F74206578706C61696E696E6720697420766572792077656C6C.

The monitor should work with █̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅ to reach EQUILIBRIUM STATES held ACCEPTABLE by the Fivefold Calculus, Cayden Cailean, Ragathiel,         , and █̴̗̺͉̾͆́̐█̷̧̺̌̆͐̔█̶͎͎̈́̀͌-̶͓̈͘1̷̣̙̗̄8̷̯̇̕0̷͎̹͑͛3̷͉͓̱̉̄́̀9̴͕̖̺̅ itself.

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