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Oct 24, 2021 9:06 PM
White Base crew + Char and co explore a new world after semi-accidentally getting a one way ticket out of the solar system
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"We have several months worth of food, water, and air but not enough to last until we expect resupply or rescue. So we need to acquire more. Preliminary scans indicate that the planet probably has breathable air and clearly has water so our main limit is going to be food."

"We need to either find existing food sources or create new ones. We don't have any farming equipment, but should be able to improvise. This is where I expect people to volunteer ideas from the equipment they've been using."

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"We can grow potatoes from what we have, and might be able to get some of the tomato seeds to grow but some of our food is sterilized and most of it doesn't have seeds to begin with.  

Same with the the peppers, and actually I think the onions. The organic trend means that a lot of the officer food hasn't been too heavily treated, but I also cooked the less preserved stuff first. We have fresh oats but I don't know if they'll grow. I'm a cook not a farmer.

Between the sterilization and growth time I don't expect much luck with fruit seeds, but since we don't eat most of them anyway its probably worth a shot. We have a lot of vacuum sealed apple and pears plus some berries and rock fruit.

We'll also need a source of salt."


"Our medical lab can partially test samples of local wildlife for edibility but with completely alien biology we can't know for sure."


"I know how to test it. We just feed it to Char." *snickers*


"Shouldn't we test food on more expendable pilots first." Char quips back and looks pointedly at Kai, making it clear who he thought was expendable. He went through the war academy verbally sparring with jelous nobles, this boy was nothing compared to that.

"Part wear and tear will build up pretty fast, we should do an inventory to know our supply of parts, and know what parts we cannot manufacture using the tools we have with us. You might have spares for the Gundam and Guncannons but nothing for my Gelgoog and the other Zeon suits my squad has for example.


"Cut it out you two. Char's right about the inventory though."

"We'll reconvene once we have updated an updated inventory. In the meantime I want engineering to rig up a communications relay so that if we get any messages from the solar system we'll still be able to receive them from the planet."


A basic probe is quickly modified and sent out to sit just outside the relay, there to capture any communications from sol and send them to the White Base. Not at all a complicated task for the engineering team.

The various departments are called up and asked for a rough inventory. The results are collacted into a report for Bright that quickly finds its way to his terminal. The inventory from the engineering section is very... thourough, as if the engineers wanted to show off their mobile suit knowledge to everyone else.




Combat Technology:

Federation machines:

1x RX-78-3 Gundam

An upgrade to the RX-78-2 Gundam that Amuro piloted during the One Year War. The RX-78-2 was the most powerful mobile suit of its time when it was created, outshining every mobile suit of the One Year War until the Zeonic MS-14A Gelgoog was created. It was jam-packed with every advancement the federation could think of, designed to be a jack of all trades unit for Ace pilots and to collect data to design future mass production models with. To protect that data the cockpit could eject as an FF-X7 Core Fighter that could fly to safety. The revolutionary Luna-Titanium armour it was equipped with also made most physical rounds ineffective against it. The RX-78-3 that replaced it is almost twice as maneuverable as the RX-78-2 due to an improved laser accelerator in the reactor and a better self-learning combat computer. As with most Federation mobile suits, it has an internal Vulcan gun hidden in the head.

Standard external equipment:

2x Beam Saber
 The standard beam saber, emits plasma that is contained within an I-field that shapes it into a sword-like blade.

1x Beam Javelin
 The alternate form to the beam saber, with a longer handle and a three-pronged trident-like tip

1x XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle
 A mega particle firing, medium to long range weapon. Though a skilled pilot can hit targets of surprising distance with one. Uses E-cap energy capacitors to store mega particle for firing and becomes dead weight once the E-caps are depleted. Fires beams as powerful as those of a battleship cannon, only for use by "Ace" mobile suit models. Has a large external sensor on the top that can link up to a mobile suits own sensor suite. 

1x XHB-L-03/N-STD Hyper Bazooka
 A mobile suit scale rocket launcher of the bazooka design. Mostly used to pummel slower targets like ground or asteroid bases, or warships from medium range so they don't have time to dodge. The Gundam can equip two at once for increased firepower. Not generally suitable for use against mobile suits due to their speed and ability to dodge.

1x RX*M-Sh-008/S-01025 Shield
 A luna-titanium shield, made of the same material as the Gundams armour, its structure is designed for impact diffusion and absorption, is also highly heat resistant and can be used to protect the Gundam during atmospheric re-entry.

1x Hyper Hammer
 A controversial part of the Gundams equipment, a weapon seen by much of the federations design teams as archaic or barbaric. The Hyper hammer is a spiked titanium ball attached to a chain, a melee weapon to be swung for causing crushing damage, vernier thrusters installed between the spikes allow it to change direction mid-swing or impart more force to a blow. 

1x RX-77-2 Guncannon (Other Guncannon still on the other side of the relay)

A medium-range support unit, and the first true mobile suit designed by the federation. Many of its advances would be later used in the design for the RX-78-2 Gundam, like its core block system for example, where the cockpit could be ejected as an FF-X7 Core Fighter that could fly to safety or even engage enemies. It has two 240mm shoulder-mounted cannons built into the frame that can be swapped for missile launchers with a capacity of 24 missiles. The design emphasized heavy armour over mobility and thus has thicker armour plates than the Gundam. As with most Federation mobile suits, it has an internal Vulcan gun hidden in the head.


Standard external equipment:

1x XBR-M-79a Beam Rifle
 A beam rifle similar in design and using the same E-cap technology as the XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle, but tuned for a much longer range. Pilots report it is harder to aim than the 07G model.

1x YHI YF-MG100 100mm Machine Gun
 A mobile suit sized machine gun, with a smoothbore barrel, folding stock and box magazine. Can use HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank), Armour-piercing Sabot rounds or HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) rounds. While this machine gun might draw less on a mobile suit reactor than a beam rifle, older physical round weapons have trouble hitting faster Mobile suit designs and are unable to penetrate Luna-Titanium armour without sustained fire on a single spot.

2x Hand grenade.
 A mobile suit scale grenade is stored in a compartment in each leg

1x RGM-79SP GM Sniper II

The RGM (or just referred to as GM) line of mobile suits was directly inspired by the combat data collected by the Gundam and shares much of its basic parts and design, though made much cheaper and easier to mass-produce. The Gm sniper II then is the GM line trying to return to the roots of an Ace pilot machine that the Gundam laid down. Powerful sensors and laser sensors in the head are geared for extreme range sniping but the machine itself remains a versatile mobile suit with high manoeuvrability. In overall specifications, it can on paper even be considered more powerful than the RX-78-2 Gundam, though it lacks the self-learning combat computer that enabled the Gundam to pull off the wild maneuvres it did. It even has pieces of expensive Luna-Titanium in its armour. As with most Federation mobile suits, it has an internal Vulcan gun hidden in the head.


Standard external equipment:

2x Beam saber
 -See RX-78-3 Gundam equipment

1x HWF GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun
 A mobile suit sized bullpup rifle, uses special ammunition for faster bullet speed. Equipped with its own sensor module, that paired with the GM sniper IIs own sensors allow for a surprisingly good target acquisition system and level of accuracy. Its faster bullet speed and better targetting allowed even this physical round firing weapon to stay competitive against faster mobile suits. 

1x HWF GR·MLR79-90mm Long Rifle
 The HWF GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun's construction allows it to transform into a dockable-type long barrel rifle by attaching a barrel attachment. The added longer barrel combined with the already good sensors allows it to be used as a sort of sniper rifle, though with the ability to attach a 120 round box magazine this defies the standard design sensibilities of a sniper rifle.

1x NFHI RGM-M-Sh-AGD Shield
 While not made of the expensive Luna-Titanium that the Gundams shield is made from, Its Titanium and ceramic composite armour coating with anti beam coating still holds up very well against enemy fire. Its curved shape helps deflect fire rather than absorb the impact.

1x YHI YF-MG100 100mm Machine Gun
 -See RX-77-2 Guncannon equipment

1x hand grenade
 A mobile suit scale grenade is stored on the waist.

1x XBR-M-79E Beam Rifle
 Almost identical to the Gundams XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle, the only difference being a newer model of external sensor that was smaller was installed. Meant for medium to long ranges.

1x BR-M79L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle (R-4 Type Beam Rifle)
 This weapon is based on the Guncannons XBR-M-79a Beam Rifle, with enhanced beam convergence and is specifically designed for precision shooting. It has minimal built-in sensors and is instead designed to rely on a sniper type mobile suits own sensor and fire control systems.

1x XBR-X-79YK Long-Range Beam Rifle
 Another long-range beam rifle design. The power for shots was able to be supplied in two ways. In standard firing mode, the rechargeable E-cap of the rifle is charged for a while by the mobile suit's reactor and then it can only fire a few shots, but the E-cap can then recharge for further firing. Or, in its alternate powering mode the E-cap is bypassed completely and the rifle is hooked up via power cable to an external power supply. When hooked up to an external power supply the rifle has increased range and output, able to destroy even armoured ships with one shot. This mode does limit the maneuverability of the mobile suit almost completely.

1x YHI ERRL-TYPE.Doc-04/380mm Rocket Launcher
 A Mobile suit scale portable rocket launcher, similar in design to the N-STD Hyper Bazooka. Designed for use on earth and in gravity, it has a shorter than normal barrel to make jungle use easier. Comes with 6 round banana-shaped magazines for repeat firing and is compatible with more munition types than the Hyper Bazooka. Also comes with its own built-in targetting systems that can link up with the mobile suits sensors.

1x BG-M-79F-3A Beam Gun
 Sitting between the short-range rapid-firing beam spray gun, and the medium to long-range beam rifle, the BG-M-79F-3A Beam Gun occupies a new niche in ranged beam weapon designs. Accurate at medium ranges, this weapon has a large beam accelerator and extra battery pack that changes the beam shots into a type of beam that would cut through and disrupt internal systems as it passed through the target, making shots that did not destroy a target much more likely to cripple it anyway. 

1x G-fighter

A support unit for the Gundam. Acts as a scout or harassing fighter when on its own. It is equipped with powerful Beam cannons and a 2 tube missile launcher. But, its true power shows when combined with the Gundam and other support modules to create the G-armor. The G-armor form is a way to transport the Gundam towards the battlefield quickly, and with the combined reactor power of the G-fighter and Gundam, its Beam cannons could be fired for much longer than the Gundams XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifles E-cap would allow. But the G-armor is not a suitable form to use during mobile suit combat due to its slow turn speed.

Standard external equipment:

2x RX-M-SH-008/S-01025 Shield
 -Only in combined G-armor form.

2x FF-X7 Core Fighter (spares in case of damage, but fully functioning)

The core fighter is a space and atmosphere fighter that was designed to double as the cockpit of the RX line of mobile suits: the RX-75-4 Guntank, the RX-77-2 Guncannon and the RX-78-2 Gundam (and RX-78-3 Gundam). In fact, it is more accurate to say it is a cockpit that doubles as a fighter. It is equipped with 25mm Vulcan guns in the nose that are not suitable for use against the heavy armour of mobile suits. And a 4 shot missile launcher that can be fitted with different kinds of missiles. It can go toe to toe with Zeonic fighter craft but should not be used to engage enemy mobile suits. 


1x 6×6 Cargo Truck

A 6 wheel drive cargo truck, with a mounted machine gun on top of the cabin. Has an enclosed armoured cabin that seats 2. Used to transport cargo. Runs off of its own reactor. Is currently stored in parts and needs to be assembled.

2x civilian model electric buggy, modified.

4 wheel drive 4 seater buggies built for rough terrains like sand or mud. Modified with a roll cage and a more powerful engine. The buggy does not have an enclosed cabin and seating is open to the elements, but a specially fitted tarp can be fitted over the roll cage to protect passengers from the elements. Has a small space behind the seating for storage and carrying supplies. Runs on a battery that needs to be recharged.

1x Fast buggy.

A smaller 4 wheel drive vehicle, only 2 seats, built for speed rather than rough terrain. Also does not have an enclosed cabin and is open to the elements. Battery-powered.

Zeonic machines:

2x MS-09R Rick Dom

The space version of the MS-09B Dom. The MS-09R Rick Dom is a heavy, but high mobility space type mobile suit. It became the main space type mobile suit the Zeon forces produced later in the One Year War. The very thick flared legs and large armoured skirt of the Rick Dom contain thermonuclear rockets enabling it a sustained 40-second acceleration of 6Gs, and its manoeuvering thrusters are nothing to scoff at either. It has a chest-mounted scattering beam gun that is very weak for a beam weapon, due to its mega particles being scattered, but it can blind enemy pilots and knock out sensors.

Standard External equipment:

1x Heat Saber
 Based on the Heat Hawk of the Zaku line of mobile suits, the Heat Saber superheats a sword-like metal blade to incredible temperatures, enabling it to melt through standard armour. It can also send electrical discharges down the blade to damage the internal systems of mobile suits it hits. The I field stopping the metal from deforming too much can briefly deflect a Beam Sword during duels. The blade however does degrade quickly with use and is normally discarded after the metal degrades too much.

1x H&L-GB05R/360mm Giant Bazooka (Rick Dom #1 has 3 rounds remaining, Rick Dom #2 has 6 rounds remaining)
 A bazooka with a 10 round magazine. Built specifically for the Zeonic MS-09R Rick Dom mobile suit. Uses powerful but expensive warheads that are meant to be used at a relatively short distance by a fast mobile suit, this tactic is to prevent dodging.

1x M-120A1 120mm Machine Gun (ammo can be manufactured)

 A physical round firing automatic rifle scaled for mobile suits. Relatively accurate, can switch between semi-auto and automatic firing. Cannot penetrate Luna-Titanium armour.



1x MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type (Char's custom)

The MS-14A Gelgoog was designed as a direct response to the RX-78-2 Gundam and RGM-79 GM line of mobile suits, those mobile suits could handle powering beam weapons, while Zeonic suits could not, giving the federation mobile suits a distinct advantage. But the Gelgoog was designed from the ground up to support beam weaponry just like Federation mobile suits could. It was the first Zeonic mobile suit to have the requisite reactor output to be able to be equipped with a beam rifle and beam sabers. It was also a very high spec mobile suit that could match even the RX-78-2 Gundam in speed and power, but not in armour since it lacked the Luna-Titanium armour of the Gundam. It is also one of the few Zeonic mobile suits with an ejectable cockpit. The MS-14S Gelgoog Commander Type is an improved version of the MS-14A Gelgoog for Ace pilots that is designed to be even faster and has an even more powerful generator than the MS-14A. Char has further customized his Gelgoog with the thruster backpack from an MS-14B Gelgoog High Mobility Type, making his suit even faster but draining the reactor faster and giving him a shorter operational time. The Gelgoog has no built-in weaponry at all and suffers from a risk of being disarmed.

Standard external equipment:

1x Twin Beam Sword (Beam Naginata)
 Uses an I-field to shape emitted plasma into a sword-like blade. The Twin Beam sword is a beam sword that can emit a blade from both ends of its handle at once. Can be used as a normal beam sword by only emitting a blade from one end if desired.

1x Beam Rifle ( Zeonic XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle Knock-off)
 -functionally identical to the XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle, see RX-78-3 Gundam equipment

1x M-120A1 120mm Machine Gun (NONE AVAILABLE IN STOCK)
 -see MS-09R Rick Dom equipment

1x H&L-GB05R/360mm Giant Bazooka (NO REMANING COMPATIBLE AMMO)
 -see MS-09R Rick Dom equipment

1x Gelgoog Shield
 Its curved shape and anti beam coating let it deflect a surprising amount of fire before breaking. It cannot sustain head-on heavy fire for very long though. But it is not meant to, the Gelgoog should always be in motion and be taking glancing shots whenever possible. It is mounted on the arm of the mobile suit rather than held, and its connection point can pivot and adjust the angle the shield is held at. Can also be attached to the back.


1x MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type

The last production model of the MS-06 Zaku II line of mobile suits. Very few MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type were made before the end of the war, however, seeing as how the main production space unit for the Zeon military was made the MS-09R Rick Dom during the later stages of the war. While being descended from the MS-06 Zaku II, the MS-06R-1A Zaku II High Mobility Type shares little in internal design with its ancestor. Its internals reworked to increase fuel capacity and thruster count and acceleration and a new more powerful reactor fitted to power it all. The leg thrusters even have a new fuel cartridge system to improve resupply and operational time. Its cockpit has also been changed to a revolutionary ejectable one, an advancement that was later carried over to the MS-14A Gelgoog.

Standard external equipment:

1x Shoulder Shield
 A high tensile steel shoulder-mounted shield with a rectangular flat shape, easy to produce even if its defensive qualities were not very high.

1x M-120A1 120mm Machine Gun (Ammo can be manufactured)
 -see MS-09R Rick Dom equipment

1x H&L-GB05R/360mm Giant Bazooka (4 rounds remaining)
 -see MS-09R Rick Dom equipment

1x Heat Hawk
 The classic Zaku Heat Hawk. An Axe shaped weapon that superheats a metal edge to incredible temperatures, enabling it to melt through standard armour. More bulky and resilient than a Heat Saber but is powered by the heat from a mobile suits reactor that is transferred into the Heat Hawk through the palms of the mobile suit, a design unique to Zaku mobile suits.

x4 MIP-B6 Cracker Grenade (Only 2 remaining)
 A grenade designed to be thrown by mobile suits, the "cracker" explodes into several smaller munitions after being thrown, covering a wide area in explosions. alternatively also comes in a flash variant to blind mobile suit sensors. Attaches to the waist armour of Zaku Mobile suits.

1x MSM-07 Z'Gok (space custom)

An amphibious mobile suit, the MSM-07 Z'Gok relies entirely on internal weapons. It is a very heavy mobile suit trading versatility and speed for performance in a few specific areas. Instead of hands like other mobile suits, the Z'Gok has huge rounded arms with large claws at the end that it can use in close combat, as well as a pneumatic metal spike it can drive out of its "palm" into enemy suits. It has such a focus on close combat because water resistance slows down physical rounds and scatters mega particle beams. It also has six 240mm missile tubs on the top of its head, used to fire at enemies when the head is above the surface like a submarine of old. When it does have to fight above water, its main short to medium ranged weapons are mega particle cannons fitted in the "palms" of its "hands" that hook up directly to its very powerful reactor, but the reactor cannot support the rapid-fire of these mega particle cannons. This particular model has been modified to work in space by adding a few external thrusters.

Spare mobile suit equipment:

2x XBR-M-79-07G Beam Rifle
5x Beam Saber
1x Beam Javelin
1x XHB-L-03/N-STD Hyper Bazooka
2x RX*M-Sh-008/S-01025 Shield
2x YHI YF-MG100 100mm Machine Gun
10x Mobile Suit hand grenade.
2x HWF GMG·MG79-90mm Bullpup Machine Gun (with HWF GR·MLR79-90mm Long Rifle attachment parts)
1x NFHI RGM-M-Sh-AGD Shield
1x XBR-M-79E Beam Rifle
1x YHI ERRL-TYPE.Doc-04/380mm Rocket Launcher
2x BG-M-79F-3A Beam Gun
1x BR-M79L-3 Sniper Beam Rifle (R-4 Type Beam Rifle)
1x Twin Beam Sword

Spare mobile suit parts:

1x full set of replacement limbs for RGM-79SP GM Sniper II
1x full set of replacement limbs for RX-78-3 Gundam
1x replacement RX-78-3 Gundam right arm.
1x damaged RX-78-3 Gundam left arm in need of repair.
1x replacement RX-78-3 Gundam right leg
1x replacement RX-78-3 Gundam left leg
2x full set of replacement limbs for RX-77-2 Guncannon
3x replacement shoulder cannons for RX-77-2 Guncannon
1x replacement missile launchers for RX-77-2 Guncannon
1x Replacement treads for RX-75-4 Guntank (found hidden behind other parts in storage)
1x replacement RGM-79 GM head (compatible with federation suits in inventory)
1x damaged MS-09R Rick Dom chassis with unrecoverable left limbs and little armour. (Friedrichs mobile suit.)

Other technology supplies:

•The engine booster contains 26 remaining functioning mobile suit reactors in various states of repair. Going full burn using the booster has worn out critical internal components in 4 reactors and made them nonfunctional, but could otherwise be used for spare parts and materials.

•The stock of Luna-Titanium armour plates remains strong, enough to re-armour all the parts of the Gundam once.

•The stock of titanium-ceramic composite armour plates remains strong, intended to repair critical parts of the White Base. Luckily the White Base has taken negligible damage in the last few encounters and thus we haven't had to dip into the supply.

•The stock of steel remains strong. There will be enough to repair or build whatever you want unless you want to start building buildings out of it.

•The machine and repair shops, in general, remain well-stocked with fibre optic cables and sensors and other components we cannot make ourselves.

•Gunpowder and chemical stocks have enough remaining to resupply the basic ammunition for the Zeon machine gun weapons if we produce some ourselves. but we fear we will run out quickly if we get into a lot of combat. Also, the rounds won't be very powerful since we are just making them ourselves without knowing the specific chemical blends used for those rounds.

•No current stock of high explosives to produce missile or rocket warheads to resupply the Zeon rocket launchers with. Or our own once we run out of spare munitions for them.

•Just so much ammo for the Federation weapons. Not in danger of running out soon. They really oversupplied us, maybe they expected a siege at the superweapon.

•Enough personal arms to equip 30 of the crew with a main weapon and a sidearm. Mostly assault rifles, some LMGs and a few Sniper rifles. Enough regular service pistols to equip everyone with. Also found a box of old emergency survival laser pistols that fire very few shots before needing to be recharged but don't require ammunition.

Food supplies (Measured in how much time the crew could survive eating only that):

•4 months of emergency calorie bars.

•2 months of standard rations. Various varieties. (Will stay good for another year at least) The majority are sandwich-style, the sandwich-style rations that deplete the fastest are the Pork cutlet and Egg salad varieties due to popularity. The BLT deplete the slowest due to the tomato and lettuce not surviving as well through the vacuum seal process, making them unpopular.

•3 months of officers dinner kits. (But much of it will expire within the next 2 months unless otherwise preserved) Various varieties. Includes fresh fruit and vegetable ingredients. Includes alcohol.

•3 weeks of various bags of dry snack foods. Including granola, trail mix, roasted nuts, sunflower seeds, etc.

•2 weeks of junk food. (Guestimating due to the crew having personal supplies) Salted chips, chocolate bars, various candy, pretzels. Recommend the salted snacks be kept for a salt supply, the rest are recommended to not be requisitioned from the crew for morale reasons.

•Enough vitamin and mineral supplements to last 16 months with a sufficient calorie supply.



"It looks like our main constraint is calories. Extra nutrition won't hurt but 16 months should be enough for us to expect resupply. Tamura has indicated that potatoes are the best option for this. The ship's encyclopedia indicates that they need warm weather ideally with moderate to high rainfall. So that is what we will be searching for. The same areas should also be reasonably suitable for most of our other crops. Ideally we can find an area that also has access to an ocean or salt lake but that is less important. 
I'm asking engineering to see if any of our chemical supplies can be used as fertilizer but we will likely be relying on manure."


"You mean poop."


"Since you clearly understand you can help organize it."

"We'll need the engineering team to start building plows and other farming supplies but have some time while we search for sites."


"It looks like there is abundant life on this world that looks so similar to ours. Let us not assume the wildlife will be safe to be exposed to, it could be dangerous in ways we can't even imagine. Just think of the stranger insect species on earth that burrow into living animals to lay eggs in them that burst out later, or plants that create acid to digest insects with. Alien creatures could be stranger still." Char gives specific details because he knows much of the White Base crew is from side 7 and might never have been to earth, and not learned about its dangerous creatures. While the colony cylinders mimicked an ecosphere, they were totally devoid of any species dangerous to human life.

"There are also an awful lot of resources just slowly floating away, plenty of good metal and possible parts in that ship wreckage. It should at least be collected to together so it doesnt disperse too much before we go to the planet, so we can collect it later if we need to. We don't know that the relay will stay online and that we wont be stuck here for considerably longer than a year. We might need all that already machined titanium and steel later." It would be dangerous to allow the plans to proceed that were simply assuming they could be resupplied in a year. Char had survived this long by planning for the worst.


One of Chars squad speaks up. "If the Pluto team ain't using them. Maybe they could send some mobile suit wrecks through the relay? For spare parts?" Sounding unsure about suggesting something Char did not think of, not wanting to disrespect him.


All of the crew has been to Earth, but typically for a short enough time to still be pretty shocked by just how bad the wildlife can get.


"We still haven't re-established communication, but I'll ask them to send through what they can if we do. I'll send some of the mobile suits to corral the wreckage."

"We'll start with aerial surveillance and wear normal suits until the site has been secured. We'll do some mixture of ground clearing and fortification but I want a site before we get bogged down on details." 

"If there isn't anything else we'll head to the planet as soon as the debris is handled."


Nobody has any objections to that plan. So some of the mobile suit pilots go out and collect larger peices of ship wreckage and tie them together, then tie that collection of metal to the relay so it can't get too far.

So, off they go towards the planet. If Bright wants to conserve fuel and the integrity of the engine boosters reactors, travelling without the booster at normal ships speeds to the planet will take a week and a half. The FTL relay on this side is much closer to the habitable planet than the Sol FTL relay is. The FTL relay on this side just orbits the star, instead of orbitting another body, unlike the one in Sol that orbits Pluto.


He'll take the slower trip. Without a clear timeline on how long it will take potatoes to grow this is a bit of a risk, but the food timeline looks more promising then their chances of getting new boosters.


Now all the emergencies and combat and meetings are all over, Char is left just akwardly hanging around on a Federation ship. The soldiers he was with have all left to go see what can be done about refilling their Mobile suits ammunition with the White Base engineers, but Char's mobile suit only uses beam weapons so that isn't something he needs to join them in.

He decides to go see his sister, Sayla, or as he knew her, Artesia. The war is now over and he avenged their father, they no longer have to be on opposite sides of the war anymore and he doesn't need to hide the fact he is related to her anymore, everything keeping them apart has been resolved. He doen't actually know where she is stationed, but it's not a particularly large ship outside of the mobile suit bays, so he just wanders around looking for blonde hair.


A number of other people also seem to be wandering around.

As a group.

With rather more weapons than are usually issued when not expecting a boarding action. Though at least all of them are holstered or shouldered as appropriate.


"Hey Char I have a question for you. You're supposed to be all about Spacenoid rights right? So why'd you destroy our side but save Earth? Don't get me wrong I'm glad we saved earth but all my stuff was on Side Se-"


"Forget your stuff my familly was there! And they didn't make it off because you fired a rocket into the evacuation line."

There was definitely a explosive fired into the evacuation line by a member of Char's command. Char shooting up part of the side, and her family not making it out also happened. She may be conflating some of these details, but it turns out having your town turned into a war-zone and your family killed isn't the best circumstance for forming 100% accurate memories.


He responds to Kai. "That was the Zabi family's propaganda to stir up the troops, if you recall I blew up two of the Zabi family and got another one killed. If you don't know why then ask your captain, I am pretty sure he knows the reasons. Do not assume me a fanatic loyal to the cause. "

And as for the girls claims. She was probably talking about Gene, that glory hound idiot, got himself killed for it too. He turns to her. "I never actually fought at side 7, I was on foot taking pictures. But, one of my men initiated combat, against orders, during a recconaisance mission and then the fight escalated further when another one of my men stayed to back him up. But he was under my command so some responsibility does lie with me." He says calmly. "But the Federation had hidden a military research facility on your civilian colony, had cilians evacuating nearby military weapons that were targetting my men, was launching a warship that I had to fire at. Who put you more in danger really?" Glaring at Fraw. There were no good sides to this war, while he retains some responsibility the Federation were essentially using them as shields.

"However, I still understand why you might all hate me, I was your enemy for much of the war, but everything I did, I did to defeat the Zabi family. Your anger is understandable, but I will defend myself regardless." He readies himself, he doesn't yet reach for his sidearm but he is prepared to doge and take one of the crowd hostage.


While Fraw takes a second to consider things reasonably one of the peanut gallery with less listening comprehension contributes:

"There wouldn't have been a research station if you hadn't started the war."


"I didn't start this war, I have spent longer than any of you have fighting the people who started this war, If I hadnt shot Ghiren and Kycilia as they were trying to retreat this war would still be happening. And if you dont blame the Federation for using you as human shields, you dont get to blame the other side for hitting the shields when trying to shoot at them." Some anger edging into his voice, the calm mask of Char Aznable slipping a little, and the angry little boy Casval Rem Deikun showing his face.


Kai is many things, most of them negative. But he is not stupid, or particularly loyal to the government that exiled his family to space on top of all the things Char said. He is however argumentative.

"Nobody said we like the Earthnoid elite, but we had to pick a side and the Federation was it."

"As for all of that other stuff, it makes sense but we basically just have your word. Some of it checks out, like it not being a red suit that fired that shot. But saying that the fight started against orders or that you were against Zeon from the start sounds like stuff I'd expect you to say either way. Do you have any actual whats the word proof?"


He could bring up Sayla, she knows who he is, why he did what he did, but he doesn't want to bring her into this. They might blame her for the war too if they knew their true identity, knew who their father was.

"Ask your captain. I am reasonably certain he knows why I did what I did, and I am quite sure Federation intellgence knows everything at this point, and if you haven't been told then it must be classified." He knows that wont satisfy them. But he has been Char so long and hidden his real identity so long he instinctively flinches from telling people. Though he hadn't been all that careful about information security since the end of the war, that he had killed Kycilia and Ghiren because he hated the Zabis was something he was fine sharing, even if that was a hint to who he was. 

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