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Apr 16, 2021 8:25 AM
White Base crew + Char and co explore a new world after semi-accidentally getting a one way ticket out of the solar system
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Ok she can do this. They'll probably end up talking about... stuff but she can ease into it.

"So Cha" she glances around to make sure they're alone, "Casval."

"Did you hear we have comms to Pluto back up? They think it will be ten months, maybe more, to get more supplies and at least 14 months to fix the relay."

"Oh and also Friedrich, one of the defectors who helped us take Pluto, said he was disappointed he didn't get a chance to meet you."


“Artesia, I’m glad we can finally talk. I haven’t been able to catch a hold of you this whole trip. Captain Bright must be keeping you very busy.

It’s a relief we will get supplies relatively soon in case the agriculture plans don’t work, and that we can call home and get information.”


He doesn’t really know how to act around her, last he really got to talk with her was when she was still a little girl, the pleas to defect during the war didn’t really count as conversations. Now she was a young woman with much more serious eyes and a force of personality he wouldn't have expected that little girl to grow up having.


”I’m glad it wasn’t just my squad on the Zeon side that saw that the destruction of the Earth isn’t something you can allow to happen. I suppose once the Pluto team is relieved by the Federation repair team they will be sending, they can rejoin us here and I’ll be glad to meet him, otherwise if he is staying there he will have to wait for the relay to be fixed.”


Ok he missed the hint but she tried and they do have a lot to talk about.

"I don't think they have craft to send people through now but it wouldn't surprise me if he comes through with the supplies. I'm not sure anyone's shown you the models yet but he was pretty good at them. You should try making one if we have any left."

"Anyway I've mostly been helping Amuro, and trying to get a feel for how the rest of the crew is reacting to you. I think they've calmed down for now.


“We are heading to an alien world, and somebody must have made those relays. Who knows what threats are out there. It would be foolish to fight amongst each other right now, and we might need every man we can get in case something goes wrong or something attacks us.


And if I get chased off, my men would leave with me, depriving you of 5 mobile suit pilots and mobile suits. The fact that my mens mobile suits have been resupplied shows your captain understands the situation.”


Char had a good deal of respect for Bright Noa, His tactics were adaptable. He survived clashes with foes (some of whom Char sent his way) that would have crushed most older and more experienced captains. That Bright seemed level headed enough to also understand It was pointless to fight right now, just cemented that respect in Char’s mind.


"Bright did a lot of the calming people down. It really helped that you killed so many of the Zabis." She allows herself a tiny smile at this. She didn't approve of the cost he was willing to pay for revenge, but she is still happy to have it. "Besides sticking together in a new world is just common sense."

"Not that I really expect 5 suits to make the difference against anything that could build an array like that and just leave it arround. But there could be other threats or things where we need the manpower for colony building."

She breaks into the first actually sisterly smile she's done in a long time, almost an actual laugh.
"After all what if we need to someone to check if we can eat the space mushrooms."


Artesia had changed a lot, but that smile he recognised. He allows himself to smile back at her.

“I am absolutely not the one who will be trying the local flora!  I made that mistake on earth and that was with plants we evolved alongside. Never again am I trusting a trooper who says any kind of wild mushroom is edible and that their grandad totally taught them which ones were safe. I was in bed for a week!” He recounts the story fondly however. Even during his revenge quest against the Zabis, he couldn't help becoming fond of the men under his command. Even when they accidentally gave him food poisoning.

He wondered if Artesia had made friends like that here on the White Base. She had always been shy as a child but she was so different now.

Thinking of the White Base crew had reminded Char of something.

”Ah... Artesia... Amuro guessed we were related when he saw my face... I should have thought of that before doing so, but he demanded to know my reasons and identifying myself seemed the easiest way to explain. He at least deserved to know who I was, after everything that happened.”

He hadn’t wanted to cause trouble for his sister, he knew she had feelings for Amuro.

”I hope this has not interfered with your relationship. I dislike the boy but I wouldn't want to interfere in your personal life like that.”


It kinda did but she doesn't want to be a dick about it.

"Well I'd been looking for an opprotunity to talk to him about my past anyway..."

She doesn't actually look happy about this.


Char has never had an actual relationship either, some one night flings, but no real relationships. So, he doesn’t have much advice to give besides vague impressions he got hearing about other peoples relationships. As the older brother however, he should seem confident when giving advice.

”If he is worthy of you he won’t hold your past against you. As far as I know you’ve been loyal to the federation since our escape from side 3. If he holds the circumstances of your birth against you, or who you happen to be related to, then you deserve better.”

Char doesn’t even like Amuro, but Artesia clearly does, so he feels like he needs to help somehow.

”Maybe get more involved in his hobbies? The boy looks at mobile suits worshipfully, the way a soldier looks up to a war hero, or the way a husband might look at his long time wife.”



He's not wrong per se. but.

"Thats actually most of how we got to know each other. I fly the G-Fighter and have been making models with him."

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